Delicious 7pax Homecooked Chicken Rice Dinner for OPS Bros on 28Jul2017

made one of my best chicken rice this evening for my OPS bros on 28.7.2017. ^^

wife also joined dinner this evening so we had 7pax.

chicken was smooth, tender, sweet & moist…lagi best la! 🙂

chicken rice very flavourful 

& chicken rice was very flavourful.

both chicken & rice were much better than what i did at the 12pax dinner for JH family on 16.7.2017.

i had 3cups rice for 7pax, fried in chicken fat & cut ginger & lots of garlic, added 1/2tsp salt & added 3 cups very intense chicken stock…& the rice was really flavourful & tasty…i finished all the remaining rice the next day by myself, without any meat, just rice & the sauces.

chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡 

i cooked the chicken just right – 12mins simmering, 25mins off fire poached, then ice bucket, and placed in fridge.

when i deboned the chicken, i could feel the smoothness & tenderness of the chicken.

beautiful to look at & very tasty with the sauces…

chicken rice chili 

i made the chicken rice chili – 6 red chilli, 1 chili padi, 5 tbsp chopped garlic, 3cm chopped ginger, 1tbsp flat sugar, 1/2 cup intense chicken stock 1/2 tsp salt..

really nice chili…as good as outside stalls…

chicken rice ginger sauce 

ginger sauce as well…i chopped the ginger as blending does not give the right texture, becomes ginger juice…

added 3 tbsp olive oil, a dash of salt…

i also made a nice sauce that was perfect with the chicken rice = itbsp flat sugar, 2tbsp dark sauce, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 3tbsp water…that’s it..super supernice…go try it! ^^

i had 1/2 duck in the freezer, so took out 2 days ago, marinated with the spice mix & sealed in container in chiller compartment.

took out this after & poached like the chicken – 15mins boiling, and 30mins off fire poached.

still not as good as my best in the photos here. 

duck was smaller – <2kg from giant soi reduced the salt (can be lesser next time). spice flavours were good…

even my best cannot compare with the quite excellent benson’s 盐水鸭  at toa payoh lor 1 of course, but still this was a pretty good rendition.

spiced duck 盐水鸭 

this time duck was just nice & not overdone…

when i deboned the duck, i knew…

just a small 1/2 duck, so all finished in fact..

tofu prawns 

tofu prawns quite a practiced delivery nowadays..

prawns for tofu prawns 

prawns were done just right, and set aside so not overcooked, succulent, sweet & bouncy.

fried tofu in gravy – tofu prawns 

tofu was fried earlier, set aside and added to the very tasty gravy with egg before serving. then garnished with coriander.

tofu prawns 

tifu were infused with the tasty gravy, so a very tasty prawn tofu dish.

S$15 duck master whole roast duck 

my OPS bro bought the S$15 duck master duck from chinatown.

i told him earlier that since i already had the 1/2盐水鸭 let’s not served the roast duck & just let someone bring it back…

but the duck was small, looked tasty, and ther papers were just talking about duck master & we would all want to just try it, so i deboned the duck & served.

anyhow the roast duck & the 1/2盐水鸭 were all finished.

nonya steamed red snapper 

my friend brought a 800g red snapper.

it would have been a very nice dish…was good every time…

unfortunately this time we were feasting?? and i forgot about the fish & left it in the steam oven until we like finished dinner & all the other food…

sauce was ok, but fish meat was overcooked & such a waste la!

cuttlefish kang kong 

cuttlefish kang kong with the excellent gimson nonya sauce was very good as usual, and all my friends liked it.

my dining aircon was not working. after dinner, we migrated to the aircon room & chatted about another OPS bro’s recently bought audi car, hong kong, next food tour & others..

my OPS bro who brought the duck & snapper also brought a very nice korean musk melon, bought S$5,99 from sheng shiong, very sweet melon.

another fun evening with very good OPS friends.

c.h.e.f andy



Great Ribeye Steaks @ Portico Prime Dempsey on 30Jul2017

chilled truffle angel hair with sakura prawns & caviar=S$30 

went with wife to portico prime @ dempsey to have a good steak this evening on 30.7.2017. ^^

tunglok group had pulled out of amex lovedining so lesser dining options. we always like the steaks at prime…

this though the menu has changed & there were no menu page on steaks but instead all the burgers…is portico prime morphing to like the other portico or like relish & bistro type? don’t know.

anyhow we asked the server & she said there is only 1 cut, the USDA ribeye, 200g at S$46. it is NOT on the menu. i recalled from previous that it was USDA choice ribeye & anyway the aussie rump steak etc were not great, so this was the only cut previously (other than the japanese wagyu which has no discounts) that was the really good steak, so it suits us fine.

we ordered 2 ribeyes.

chilled truffle angel hair with sakura prawns & caviar=S$30 

& we ordered the truffle chilled pasta to share.

it was very good as expected. price was very steep at S$30, basically a fine dining degustation price, so with amex lovedining 50% discounts for 2pax still S$15++

USDA ribeye 200g medium rare = S$46 

the ribeye steak was very good, though somehow i thought previously it was better.

just looking at the photos for my dinner with son on 24.5.2017, somehow the ribeye looked bigger, maybe flatter & the colour & grilling looked better? maybe just psychological.

this steak was ok, but didn’t stand out…

USDA ribeye 200g medium rare = S$46 

wife was saying the steak we bbq ourselves during our recent trip to iceland on number of occasions were like the same or perhaps better.

certainly i can make this at home just panfry, and just as good…

reconstructed blackforest cake2-S$18 

the reconstructed blackforest very small helping & very ex at S$18.

the chocolate mousse was very good. but then i have no special affinity to this now.

reconstructed blackforest cake2-S$18

dinner came to $97 nett for 2 inclusive of a glass of red wine for wife at S$13, no discounts.

was really ok for this quality of steak but also not like compelling…

maybe i should go back to la brezzato try again, but they have also upped their prices there, the last time i went with son on 22.4.2017! 

c.h.e.f andy


Braised Belly Pork (Kong Bak) with Taupok – 37th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 28Jul2017

braised belly pork – kong bak 

i did a simple & fast braised belly pork (kong bak) and taupok for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 28.7.2017. ^^

this my 37th friday breakfast community meal at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

crowd of residents at teban gardens friday community breakfast 

the residents joining breakfast grew to almost 130.

when i first came in jan2016, there were like about 80 attendees for the breakfast.

braised belly pork – kong bak & taupok 

i bought about 1.6kg+ of belly pork and decided to make a simple & quick braised belly pork (kong bak) and taupok.

Tai Hua chicken marinate (大华鲁鸡汁) 

i used tai hua braising sauce to save time & effort.

braised belly pork – kong bak & taupok 

fried 2 cinnamon bark, 4 star anise, 2 cloves, 1 whole bulb of peeled garlic cloves in oil till fragrant.

then added the belly pork and browned all sides a little.

added 1/2 cup braising sauce, then 1 cup of water, and boiled & covered the wok pan.

then just braised for 2hrs, adding water as required, and checking the texture. i like it to be tender but with some bite, and not overdone so the lean parts are not old…

braised belly pork – kong bak & taupok 

the kong bak came on nicely. i removed & set aside.

2 packets taupok 

then i added 2 packets of hara taupok.

these were 12 to a packet & i cut eahc into 4 strips so i had 2x12x4=96strips..

2 packets taupok

boiled the taupok in the sauce for 30mins or so, till the right texture.

braised belly pork – kong bak

as i have to leave the house by 8.15am to deliver the dish to teban gardens, it would be too late.

so for this breakfast dish i braised the kong bak the evening before & kept in a sealed holder in the fridge. & after taking it out the next morning from the fridge, i placed it int he steam oven & steamed for 15mins to give it the right moisture & texture before plating them in the aluminium carrier.

then i added the taupok on top & some braising sauce to keep warm & moist & covered with aluminium foil.

c.h.e.f  andy


Early Birthday Lunch for a Friend @ Paradise Dynasty on 26Jul2017

xiaolongbao 小笼包 

had lunch with a friend at paradise dynasty westgate mall on 26.7.2017. ^^

i run with my RI buddy at ulu pandan joggin track at faber heights.

usually i stayed for 100plus and coffee chat at his place near there.

so it was quite convenient to go to paradise dynasty at westgate mall. 🙂

we were at this outlet previously on 25.7.2017 when we visited a friend’s mother who was hospitalised at ng teng fong hospital, and we walked over to westgate for lunch!

we ordered the normal xiaolongbao 小笼包. it was good, the standard of good dimsum restaurants. good soup inside, nice skin & tasty pork fillings. 🙂

chilled salad 凉拌 

the  凉拌 chilled salad was competent, nice tanhoon & spinach…

i don’t really need this appetiser though. for me the mala 麻辣夫妻肺片type or drunken chicken or pork trotter terrine type appetiser would be more compelling.

fish filet 

we ordered a fish fillet.

it was nicely done, steamed with ginger, carrots and cloud fungus…very good indeed!

tofu & mixed vegetables 

the mildly spicy tofu with vegetable dish was quite good too, quite matching the other food orders.

spicy dumplings 抄手 

we ordered the spicy dumplings 抄手 noodles.

spicy dumplings 抄手 

spicy dumplings 抄手 a dish i always liked.

this dish combined the nice spicy dumplings with the noodles…very good indeed. i enjoyed the noodles thoroughly.

after lunch we walked over to lady M cake shop and bought 2 slices – the natural & also the greentea millicrepe..

c.h.e.f andy


6pax Early Family Birthday Day for Daughter @ Tapas Club on 23Jul2017

meat & cheese charcuterie 

had 6pax early family birthday dinner for daughter at tapas club at level 2 orchard central this evening on 23.7.2017. ^^

we had done tapas at foc (good!) several times, and foc’s sister restaurant pimpam (of which i am unimpressed). we were game to try another new place ya..

the charcuterie was low quality, not good cuts of prosciutto, salami & chorizo & cheese was also cheap stuff.

tapas club @ orchard central level 2 

restaurant was quite well taken up so quite popular place for diners on a sunday night.

tapas club men

tapas club men 

the photo menu were quite helpful, easy to make orders.

ham croquette 

we had ham croquette, for me a far cry from the excellent intense flavourful ham & also mushroom croquettes at foc.

spanish omelette 

the spanish omelette or tortilla was excellent. daughter said better than my own..haha!

squid ink paella 

squid ink paella had not much squid ink flavours too dilute & indistinct…overall taste was ok, just not the flavourful squid ink.

there were cut pieces of squid. clams were ok.

fpr me a very mediocre paella. i think i do better squid ink sometimes, though not always.

seafood paella 

the seafood paella was quite good..

though for me foc’s paella & fiduea were just so much better.

iberico pork shoulder 

the pork shoulder were ok but not too great.

again, foc’s iberico pork ribs was so good this was like just an average passable do.

lamb ribs

lamb ribs were good.

my son & daughter liked this though. it was too strong gamey taste for wife. i knew when i tasted it. but it was good lamb. but foc’s lamb rack was for me, miles better.

beef steak 

beef steak was ok. it’s not expensive cut so just an average steak tagliata but done quite well.

crackling suckling pig 

the suckling pig had good crackling skin & overall good taste.

for these i think western suckling pig are double the price of chinese ones & not even 1/2 as good.

it was overall a good dinner for daughter & all of us, spending time together & enjoying a great meal that was not too costly.

if i not compaing with foc, this was ok for me. c/w foc this would not be my preferred dining location.

c.h.e.f andy


Tapas Club @ Orchard Central


Opening Hours:

Good Chirashi Not so Good Don @ En Sakaba on 22Jul2017

chirashi don S$28 

this place was discovered by daughter. she shared the chirashi don photo in the family whatsapp.

wife & i decided to drop by en sakaba at orchard central mall for dinner on 22.7.2017.

en sakaba @ orchard central 

i reserved a table for 2pax at 7.30pm. the other tables were filled when we arrived.

en sakaba @ orchard central 

service was kind of haphazard.

we waited long time for the menu. nobody came to the table.

i picked up 2 menus myself, and had to signal like 4 times, even though each time it was acknowkedged, the 3 servers managed to find other things to do & took a while to come just to take orders.

beef tataki S$13

beef tataki S$13 

we ordered the beef tataki…it was good! 🙂

sweet & tasty, with a touch of ponzu sauce…very nice beef tataki..

kaki furai – deepfried oysters 

we tried the kaki furai – deepfried oysters…it was ok, competent i guess, nothing special, can skip this.

chirashi don S$28 

we ordered a chirashi don each. quite good for S$28.

of course it did not have toro or uni (just a real tiny, tiny piece)…

the anago (conger eel) was good. there was no hotate only the cooked ones, no comparison with hotate sashimi. unagi was good, the others like maguro, salmon, tai etc average..negi toro ok though wife said it could be just maguro…

there was no botan ebi, but the aka ebi was almost as good, couldn’t really tell much difference, certainly better than small amaebi at other places.

chirashi don S$28 

not sure about the crab claw, no much meaning la…

the pink rice was supposed to be a special thingy…but it was NOT good..the next time i would ask for normal sushi rice.

don’t mind this place.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

Good Teochew Muay @ Yelaixiang 夜来香 Teochew Porridge Bukit Merah View on 22Jul2017

yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge 

went with sis & bil to yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge for early lunch at kim san leng bukit merah view on 22.7.2017.

this was the spot vacated by the former 夜上海which had moved to lengkok bahru.

steamed red garoupa S$10 

i have never tried 夜来香. the display of food looked mighty similar to the former 夜上海.

we asked about the fish. garoupa was S$10 & mullet 乌鱼was S$12. my first reaction was expensive as 夜上海 used to sell at $8, and now S$9 at lengkok bahru.

“sis ordered a teochew chilled mullet 冻乌鱼 (S$9) and 6 vegetable dishes + one porridge for S$14.60” – from our recent visit to 夜上海.

anyhow my sis ordered 2 cheaper fish – a selar & a kee fish plus like 6 or 7 veg dishes for S$14.20. so quite ok, though perhaps still more ex a bit than 夜上海. but ok la..

aftewards sis went to add a red garoupa S$10. very fresh & sweet, quite ok also as a 350g-400g red garoupa would cost like S$6-S$7 at chinatown wet market.

yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge at kim san leng bukit merah view

yelaixiang 夜来香 teochew porridge at kim san leng bukit merah view 

we were ther at 11.20am on a saturday.

there was no queue, crowd had not arrived.

later at 12pm there was a longer queue but not like 夜上海 where it was here previously.

c.h.e.f andy


夜来香 YelaixiangTeochew Porridge (夜来香潮洲糜)


#01-217, Boyang Coffee Shop, Blk 117 Bukit Merah View, 151116


2pax Dinner with Son @ Mikuni on 21Jul2017

prawn crackers

went with son to mikuni for dinner this evening on 21.7.2017. ^^

mikuni chirashi don S$90

son ordered the usual chirashi don. this time he asked for aburi (flamed), which we have not taken before.

the server said it was the same. however, it came without the usual botanebi, not very satisfying.

the serving of uni was quite good though, 3 portions & more below. the other sashimi cuts quite the same, except also no hotate & kajiki which they usually serve.

the sushi rice has improved but still not as good as many other places.

kagoshima wagyu don S$48

i ordered the kagoshima wagyu don.

only 4 cuts of wagyu, but it was nice la…marbled & flavourful…

lobster uniyaki S$48

lobster uniyaki S$48

i ordered the lobster uniyaki to share.

it was good, mostly the case, though once it was like overcooked & not bouncy.

boned-in belly pork robatayaki S$40

i also ordered the boned-in belly pork robatayaki S$40.

son is more health conscious than me, like many young chappies, so i took a bit more of the the fatty meat…

we had some long chats & sharing, father & son. food & ambience were great & we had some treasured moments together this evening.

dinner was S$134 for 2pax…

c.h.e.f andy


Mikuni @ Fairmont Level 3


80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Hotel 3/L, Raffles City, Singapore 189560


6431 6156

Opening Hours:

Mon-Saturday: 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm (closed sunday)

Best Value 3-course Lunch @ Top Table Temasek Polytechnic on 20Jul2017

salad with croutons & cherry tomatoes

my RI friend (& her hubby) organised a 5pax lunch at top table at temasek junior college on 20.7.2017. ^^

we did this a few times over the years. i counted maybe this the 3rd time at top table, once with CIA downstairs for asean cuisine in the classrooms & once at sugar loaf.

all these are by students of CIA-Temasek Poly Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management and CIA-SIT Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Food Business Management programs…

cream of cauliflower soup

the 3-course set lunch with coffee & cookies at S$13.80 is the best value meal anywhere i guess. ^^

there was a choice of salad or cream of cauliflower. i had the salad which was good, refreshing. did not try the cream of cauliflower but it looked pretty good, the right color & texture of a dish done right….

chicken with mushroom sauce, french beans & rice

the chicken looked like a chicken roulade pressed friend it was like the one i made quite a while back..a chicken ballotine..

chicken with mushroom sauce, french beans & rice

of course this one was beautiful served with the entire gamut of sauce & sides, so really quite a different proposition altogether.

ribeye roast of the day

they had limited servings of roast of the day.

we managed to get our order of ribeye roast, medium rare for me.

ribeye roast of the day

it was done excellently, basically like a prime rib, cut from an entire ribeye roast, hence the charring was on the rim & not on the flats like a grilled or pan-charred steak.

ribeye roast of the day

the steak itself was not the best cut, to be expected for a S$13.80 3-course set lunch. so there was some tendons & just a little bit tough for some parts, but basically a restaurant standard preparation, almost perfect! 🙂

pair of dessert

the pair of dessert was pretty good too, though not really my interest…

LS’s macadamia shortbread

LS the organiser made me some macadamia shortbread…very nice cookies…

LS’s macadamia shortbread

we had a wonderful lunch & great time catching up, and planning to come back for another lunch in a few weeks, during this period where the students are actively outting their their culinary & hospitality training to good practical use…

c.h.e.f andy


Top Table @ Temasek Polytechnic


Opening Hours (for a short period where the program is putting out actual lunches by students):

Another Delicious 12pax Homecooked Dinner for JH’s Family on 16Jul2017

daughter invited JH’s family over this evening on 16.7.2017. ^^

i cooked 10 dishes + tiramisu for 12pax dinner. 🙂

excellent dinner & great company, everyone enjoyed the good & the evening

i made-

#1 claypot chicken rice

#2 chicken rice, & 1 poached chicken 白斩鸡 + chilli & ginger sauce

#3 1/2 盐水鸭 spiced duck

#4 miso cod

#5 teriyaki salmon belly

#6 tofu prawns

#7 tanhoon prawns

#8 steamed minced pork with light soy sauce topped with egg

#9 nonya steamed golden snapper – ang kueh

#10 cuttlefish + 2 kang kong

#11 tiramisu


my first dish was claypot chicken rice. made this many times always good…

today’s was very good, very flavourful “pang” & chicken was sweet, moist & tender. JH’s family, everyone liked it.  still not my best, my family knew it…

i also made chicken rice, together with chili & ginger sauce.

JH liked it a lot, so did his family…unlike claypot rice which was near my best, this chicken rice though was not quite my best chicken rice, in look, texture, smoothness and taste…still it was pretty good, ok la.. 🙂

they also found the 盐水鸭 spiced duck ok, and the 1/2 duck was all finished.

like the chicken, i erred on the cautious side & cooked both chicken & duck a little longer, so it was not quite the best texture & smoothness…viz a viz my usual 盐水鸭 spiced duck

to mix things up a bit, i planned a couple of western/european/japanese dishes, nobu miso cod & teriyaki salmon belly.

the advantage being also that of the 10 dishes plus tiramisu i made on this day, only the steamed snapper fillet & the cuttlefish kang kong required cooking when guests arrived. the other dishes could be done & ready beforehand, or a few could be heated up & served.

so i was able to bring all the dishes to the serving table in 10, maybe 15mins of guests arrival. pretty good eh?

the nobu miso cod was quite excellent.

even though i have not done miso cod for a while, this was very nicely executed, as it has been always la —usually this good…

quite a few, including JH’s sis, liked the teriyaki salmon belly even better.

it was very, very good, the nice flavours of light soy sauce with miso, and the chopped garlic & ginger combined very well with the fatty/marbled salmon belly.

i enjoyed this very much myself too, so i indulged in a couple pieces myself.^^

i shallow fried the silken beancurd first. then prepared the gravy, and cooked the prawns nicely, about 5mins & 90% cooked, which imparted shellfish flavours to the stock…& set aside.

when serving, i just combined the items, heated up &  served…

an excellent dish – prawns were fresh, succulent & bouncy & gravy so tasty…^^

#7 tanhoon prawns

i also did tanhoon prawns. JH’s brother & sil especially liked this dish…again fresh, bounxy prawns & tasty stock, and nice peppery aroma…too peppery for wife though…

#8 steamed minced pork

i also had steamed minced pork 蒸肉饼 topped with an egg. quite a nice comfort food.

this a dish i picked up at HK’s daipaidong 大拍档,very easy to make & the flavours of the light soy sauce gave it an added dimension…

the steamed red snapper was an excellent dish as well.

so easy to prepare, just use the usual 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp mirin, & most importantly one huge dollop of gimson nonya sauce…

#10 cuttlefish kang kong

the cuttlefish kang kong was another wonderful dish.

the trick was also gimson nonya sauce. & of course doing the cuttlefish doneness & texture just right.

it was a very enjoyable get to know better you dinner chat for all of us…JH’s father said he would do a dinner as well at a later date. ^^

JH’s sis & family brought sake & wine, so we finished off a bottle of sake & 2 red wines during the course of dinner…wow! 🙂

to round off the dinner, i also had my usual tiramisu, a simple to make, delicious dessert that is everyone’s favourite! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

The Best Homecooked Early Birthday Dinner for Very Close Friend on 14Jul2017

#1 teochew fried crayfish egg onions

i cooked a 7pax early birthday dinner for a very close friend this evenin gon 14.7.2017. ^^

did 5 wonderful, delectable dishes.

5 dishes for homecooked birthday dinner

this one of the best dinner i made, every dish was par excellence –

#1 lobster yeemeen in superior stock 上汤焗

#2 teochew fried crayfish with egg onions

#3 sek bao sin tofu prawns

#4 wine chicken with taupok

#5 kang kong with cuttlefish in nonya sauce

i had red garoupa but decided not to do as a lot of food😜

5 dishes for homecooked birthday dinner

once all friends arrived, the food were ready on the table within 10mins. ^^

#1 teochew fried crayfish egg onions

the teochew fried crayfish egg onions was really “pang”, fragrant with good wok hae.

crayfish from chinatown market

wife said some crayfish weren’t the freshest. i got those from chinatown market, no choice from the stall which i thought was not honest, but no choice, only crayfish that day.

still quite ok la…

#1 teochew fried crayfish egg onions

i did the dish beforehand. fried with chili padi & chopped spring onions & garlic, softened the onions, then added 2 eggs, added some oyster sauce, fried fragrant & set aside.

then i fried the crayfish with cut chili padi, sliced ginger & chopped garlic, a little fish sauce, and set aside.

when serving, i heat up the egg onions, added the crayfish, stir-fried, the served.

#2 tofu prawns

the tofu prawns, i shallow fried the silken tofu earlier.

for the gravy, i fried cut chili padi, chopped spring onions & garlic, then added very tasty, intense chicken stock, one tbsp of cornflour to thicken. then i added one egg in the boiling gravy, waited a while & used chopstick to draw out the egg…

i seasoned the shelled prawns with fish sauce & white pepper, cooked the prawns like 90% in the gravy & removed. when about to serve, i heated up the gravy, added the tofu & the prawns, and voila!

#2 tofu prawns

gravy was very tasty & prawns were just right texture, succulent & bouncy, not overcooked. 🙂

#3 wine chicken

the wine chicken dish was very popular too. my friends took more rice to go with the chicken gravy. 🙂

i deboned 1/2 chicken, & seasoned with 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp shaoxing wine. i fried cut chili padi, chopped spring onions, garlic, then added the chicken, fried, & added the intense chicken stock. i cooked the chicken for about 5-6 mins, just tender not overcooked. then i removed the chicken & cooked cut taupok strips in the gravy.

#3 wine chicken

when my friends arrived, i just heat up the dish & served.

#4 lobster yeemeen in superior broth

the lobster yeemeen this evening was the best i had made, so very tasty, fantastic.

3 smallish frozen lobsters from phoon huat delicatesen

this were smallish frozen lobsters from phoon huat delicatesen, about 350g-375g, so i used 3 pieces, shelled the pincers & cut each lobster tail into 3 pieces.

#4 lobster yeemeen in superior broth

i fried cut chili padi, chopped spring onions & garlic, then added the remaining intense chicken stock. then i cooked the lobster head first, then added the pincers & lobster tail pieces, and removed them about 90% cooked.

when serving i boiled the stock, added the lobster and the yeemeen, off the fire & braised the noodles in the superior broth.

so nice! very shiok!

#5 cuttlefish kang kong

the last dish for the evening was cuttlefish kang kong.

this i cooked on the spot when friends arrived.

just fried the cut stems with chili padi & garlic, added oyster sauce, then added the cuttlefish & the jang kong leaves, & 1 heap tbsp gimson nonya sauce. and stir fried.

#5 cuttlefish kang kong

a really tasty dish, great cuttlefish texture & special flavours of the nonya sauce made the dish quite unique & different. excellent ending to the dinner.

of course dinner was overflowing with wine, jokes, laughter, sharing.

& my god-sis brought a cake for the birthday boy. my youngest daughter was having her birthday couple weeks later. she also joined this dinner so we sang happy birthday for both of them. ^^

c.h.e.f andy

RI Brotherhood Birthday Bash @ J Gateway Condo & Roof Garden on 11Jul2017

seafood roll & dragon beard S$32 

we celebrated 2 birthdays this month at a RI friend’s condo & clubhouse on 11.7.2017. ^^

1 bro was travelling, the rest 13pax attended.

i went early with 4 others who played tennis.

the rest joined around 7pm & we went to the roof garden. 🙂

my seafood house 珍阁 at blk 130 next to JCube

the organisers ordered & picked up the food from my seafood house 珍阁 zi char at blk 130 next to JCube.

surprise, surprise, the food was really good! much owing to the good selection too by our organiser who also the games convenor.

herbal chicken soup $36 

the herbal chicken soup very competent. tasty & nice herb flavours.

seafood roll & dragon beard S$32 

seafood roll & dragon beard combo was quite standard. still, they were crispy & tasted good.

pork fritters & deepfried big intestines S$36 

the pork fritters were good.

the deepfried big intestines were pretty ok though one friend found it strong taste. quite ok for me.

calamari S$25 

the calamari was surprisingly quite good too. crispy & sotong not overdone, not rubbery..

salted egg pork ribs S$24 

salted egg pork ribs were ok, competent, not the most juicy rendition..

kailan S$15 

kailan was ok..

sambal kang kong S$12 

& sambal kang kong was good zi char standard…

bill = S$234.50 for 13pax

crispy trotters S$28 

the crispy trotters was quite excellent, especially the skin, but also tendons & gelatinous bits.

there was another dish of tofu, pretty ok forgot to take photos.

overall cost was quite good = S$234.50 for 13pax…we enjoyed the dinner very much.

it was fun too having makan at the open air roof garden.

after makan, we played several games, about 4 or 5 games.

it was a great evening with the boys…

c.h.e.f andy


Excellent 6+1pax North Indian Dinner @ Chat Masala on 10Jul2017

very good starters platter – veg samosa, pakora, fish vadais, yogurt?

my RI friend organised a north indian cuisine dinner @ chat masala on 10.7.2017. ^^

we had 6pax. another friend who is vegetarian joined later at 9pm.

i hardly had north indian food as no kakis…except in london my family went to dishoom a few times…food at chat masala is better & the range of food many times more.

very good starters platter – veg samosa, pakora, fish vadais, yogurt?

my friend made excellent orders for this evening.

we thoroughly enjoyed the food. i shall be back! ^^

the starters were all very good – veg samosa, pakora, fish vadais, yogurt?

coriander cheese triangles – cheese naan with eggplant dip

& the coriander cheese triangles – cheese naan came with an excellent eggplant dip.

coriander cheese triangles – cheese naan with eggplant dip

really nice indeed!

tandoori roti, romali (hankerchief) roti & garlic naan

we ordered 2 tandoori roti, 2 romali (hankerchief) roti & 1 garlic naan…

tandoori roti, romali (hankerchief) roti & garlic naan

the romali (hankerchief) roti was the best! tandoori roti dry & the garlic naan also dry out a bit over the course of dinner.

butter chicken

butter chicken was very good. chicken was tender & gravy was excellent!

butter chicken

this a favourite dish when my children were young…we had home parties then & sometimes we ordered from delhi restaurant & went to pick up the food for small 10-15pax parties.

kerala fish curry

kerala fish curry was very good too. gravy was very tasty & fish had firm texture.

dhal makhni – black lentils

one friend like this dish – a must order for her.

dhal makhni – black lentils

this was black lentils, different from the usual yellow mung dhal…

palak paneer – cottage cheese in spinach gravy

we also had palak paneer – cottage cheese in spinach gravy…nice too…

palak paneer – cottage cheese in spinach gravy

cottage cheese in north indian cuisine tastes kind of like tofu…

mutton briyani

for me the best dish was the mutton briyani.

mutton briyani

briyani was loose, individual grains, just next texture, not oily, but the best was the mutton – so good! &large serving of mutton…

at this carb-less age, we finished the rice & there were still mutton pieces to enjoy.

gulab jamun, baileys kulfi, mango kulfi

i not into indian dessert…they usually overwhelmingly (sickeningly came to mind) sweet!

gulab jamun

these ones here were a tad better.

but gulab still far too sweet.

mango kulfi

the kulfi were better, both mango kulfi & also baileys kulfi..

baileys kulfi

very small helping though & prices quite ex…

dinner for 6pax +1 came to about S$175, really good price for the excellent food we had…

i would say this chat masala food is much better than the dishoom dishes we had in london.

c.h.e.f andy


Chat Masala



Braised Sutchi Fillet with Leek & Onions – 36th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 21Jul2017

braised sutchi fillet with leek & onions

i did a simple & fast braised sutchi fillet with leek & onions dish for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 21.7.2017. ^^

this my 36th friday breakfast community meal at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

braised sutchi fillet

this really a fast & good dish! ^^

i bought 2kg of frozen sutchi fillet from sheng shion & cleaned with salt & dried laid on kitchen towels in the fridge overnight.

i started at 7am to prepare the dish.

basically i just fried cut ginger & 2 chili padi till fragrant, then added chopped garlic. then added the sutchi fillet. lastly i added the braising sauce = 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp olive oil & 2 tbsp mirin.

cooked fillet for about 6mins, test the taste & texture..

braised sutchi fillet

it was quite perfect, the nice flavour of light soy sauce & olive oil.

a firm & breaking out texture & excellent taste. ^^

braised sutchi fillet

i transfer to the aluminium foil carrier, then drained the sauce & used for frying the leek & onions.

leek & onions

a very nice vegetable dish on its own la…

leek texture was just right, not yet mushy, still with good bite, and very tasty with the sauce.

braised sutchi fillet with leek & onions

and so voila! dish ready..i tasted the fillet & leek, very good! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

OPS Singapore Food Tour Dinner @ Keng Eng Kee (KEK) Alexandra Village on 19Jul2017

min zhu rolls S$12.80

after tangs market sungei road laksa & cendol,  we retired to my clubhouse for coffee drink aircon & chat.

Keng Eng Kee (KEK)

the last makan stop was Keng Eng Kee (KEK)@ alexandta village. 

the last time i was here was with a RI friend on 2 yrs ago on 17.6.2017.

Keng Eng Kee (KEK)

we ordered some water chestnut drinks. 🙂

waterchestnut drink 

quite good not too sweet…

min zhu rolls S$12.80

i ordered the min zhu rolls, i think S$’s a specialty here, with prawns, ham, mushrooms, celery etc..

i thought it was quite good, outside crispy & inside ingredients quite nice, though one piece was enough for me. my OPS friend thought it was so so..

claypot duck with sea cucumber S$20

the claypot duck with sea cucumber turned out to be the best dish this evening.

the gravy was very tasty, and duck & sea cucumber were good. sea cucumber were quite thin though, the cheap ones…

good yes, but still far from the sea cucumber duck at beng thin la…

3 eggs spinach 

the 3 eggs spinach was competent, nothing special.

hor fun S$8 

the seafood horfun was pretty good, good wok hae & quite tasty…

my friend thought it was not as good as quan ji zi char at telok ayer market. i think he is right.

hor fun 

still, quite nice hor fun…

dinner 5 dishes for 4pax = S$79 & drinks about $6.40.

we agreed that the dishes weren’t great & that quan ji zi char at telok ayer market would be better.

i thought KEK has a wider range of dishes, whereas quan ji mostly carb dishes.

& i probably did not order the best dishes. there was a crab promo=2 crabs 1.2kg for S$78. perhaps i should have ordered that.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:


OPS Singapore Food Tour Tea @ Chateraise Ion Orchard on 19Jul2017

chateraise cakes 

after tangs market sungei road laksa & cendol,  we decided to go daiso to buy some stuff since our car was parked at ion orchard on 19.7.2017. ^^

chateraise cakes 

having done with daiso, we passed by chateraise cake shop. this a japan patisserie with what looked like nice japanese cream cakes.

i selected 5 different cakes – the best-seller legendary cream cake, its legendary chocolate equivalent, crispy chocolate cake, fruit bar cake & millecrepe.

best seller legendary fresh cream cake 

the legendary cream cake is their best seller, and it was very nice indeed. very light & wonderful cake.

legendary chocolate cake 

& so was the legendary chocolate cake.

the crispy chocolate cake was just as nice.

fruit bar cake 

& the fruit bar cake too…

green tea millecrepe

green tea millecrepe 

only cake not great was the green tea millecrepe.

somehow this didn’t taste right. lady M’s green tea millecrepe is a lot better.

chateraise cakes 

& the cakes were like S$4.70 etc…i had 5 cakes about S$24.

would have cost a lot more at flor or yamashita…& the cakes look better than yamashita.. 

don’t mind this cake shop…if i am in ion i would buy again.

c.h.e.f andy


OPS Singapore Food Tour Tea @ Tangs Market Sungei Road Laksa, & Cendol Stall on 19Jul2017

tangs mart sungei road laksa S$3.50

after guo hua’s hina street fritters at maxwell market, we drove over & parked at ion orchard  & walked over to tangs market on 19.7.2017 for tea…lol! ^^

tangs market sungei road laksa

we had sungei road laksa (good) & cendol (ordinary)…

tangs market sungei road laksa

the laksa gravy…

tangs market sungei road laksa

& fish cakes…

tangs mart sungei road laksa S$3.50

last time i went to sungei road laksa at jln berseh on 1.12.2016, laksa was $3 & i added $1 cockles.

here it was S$3.50. my friend who bought the 3 bowls of laksa asked for no cockles.

tangs mart sungei road laksa S$3.50

the laksa gravy was tasty ok, but..

for me, laksa is not laksa without cockles…

then, just looking at my photos then & now, the gravy looked different actually. this one here kind of yellow like many katong laksa. maybe it was the chili, but then i went to get more chili & added in.

basically i think nowhere near the yummy shiokness of “real” sungei road laksa jln berseh…

still i guess it was a rather good bowl of laksa..

tangs market cendol stall

we also bought the cendol..


while it had the kidney beans, which was better than red beans, it was no different from any average cendol stall at hawker centres, basically cendol that i would not take. no strong coconut milk taste, no strong gula melaka taste…

in fact i only started to take cendol again after taking the intense flavourful cendol at four seasons at toa payoh lor 8. that one real nice, never tired of it!

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours
daily 10:30-22:00

OPS Singapore Food Tour 2nd Lunch @ China Street Fritters Maxwell Market on 19Jul2017

nogh hiang S$6.10

after 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji, we went in one car for our 2nd lunch at china street fritters at maxwell market on 19.7.2017. ^^

china street fritters

china street fritter proprietor, guo hua, is my OPS friend’s secondary schoolmate, so he frequent this stall often. 🙂

nogh hiang S$6.10

i think he charged us like S$6.10 for 6-7items, on the low side.

the items/selection was a bit limited.

the ngoh hiang were a tad drier. guo hua said that he made everything himself. so not like the central supplies with fat ngoh hiang…hmmm…actually i preferred the fat nogh hiang..

he has regular customers who ordered the food without having to park & he would just packet for them & bring to their car (the stall is near the road)…

nogh hiang S$6.10

beehoon was soft, al dente, i guess quite standard for such stalls.

what stood out for me at this stall was the brown sauce. usually ngoh hiang comes with a gluey pink sauce which i don’t like. here the sauce was dark brown & tasty. i finished all the sauce. lol! ^^

the nogh hiang was pretty ok & not pricey.

fish soup

we were seated in front of this fish stall. it just happens that the stall holder was an army mate of our same OPS buddy, so he went to chat with him. such co-incidence.

guo hua said this stall fish soup very good, and during lunch hour, the queue is very long. he said many new stall holders bidded high for the stalls, but found it difficult to offer the same. so some packed up after a few months…that’s just the story of a market centre stall, isn’t it?

c.h.e.f andy


China Street Fritters


1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

OPS Singapore Food Tour 1st Lunch @ 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling on 19Jul2017

panfried dumplings 生煎包 S$5.50

my OPS bros decided to do a JB makan trip of sorts in singapore😜😎 on 19.7.2017. ^^

we started our food tour with our first lunch at 祥源记Xiang Yuan Ji at jalan besar.

first food tour lunch @ Xiang Yuan Ji

Xiang Yuan Ji Shanghai Pan Fried Dumpling

the first & only time i came here was on 1.12.2016, very good panfried dumplings 生煎包 indeed. 

then, we overheard the next table of chinese diners said “比上海还道地”more authentic than in shanghai. ^^

panfried dumplings 生煎包 S$5.50

the panfried dumplings 生煎包 here is the best i had.

very nice especially steaming hot – lots of tasty soup, thin skin, crispy at bottom & nice flavour, tasty & smooth minced pork inside

烤麸steamed gluten S$4.50

烤麸steamed gluten was good too, a little sweeter than what my versatile OPS friend made himself for our OPS new year gathering on CNY Day 7 – 3.2.2017, overall nice dish! 🙂

beef terrine 酱牛肉 S$5

my OPS friend liked the beef terrine 酱牛肉 best.

this dish so so for me, never my favourite. i prefer the teochew ter kar tan猪脚冻.

savoury beancurd S$4.50

the savoury beancurd was very good, very tasty & nicely flavoured with 芹菜???

pork cutlet S$6.50

pork cutlet was good too, and the sauce, little bit of it, was pretty good.

pork cutlet S$6.50

crispy outside, not old, and still tender inside…

4pax lunch = S$36.70

this first lunch was just S$36.70..

c.h.e.f andy


Hai Long bought 3pax Frogleg Porridge Lunch @ G7 Sinma Bukit Timah on 18Jul2017

g7 sin ma 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29

my chinese LED light supplier friend bought 3pax lunch at G7 sinma claypot live seafood at 5 cheong chin nam road today. ^^

we ordered 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29, one mild & one normal spicy. 🙂

my OPS buddy bought frogleg porridge (my first time here) on 11.3.2016. after that i came couple times, always good.

g7 sin ma 4+3frogs inc porridge = S$29

likewise today, very good lunch.

frogs were fresh & tender & very substantial serving of 7 frogs in 2 pots. sauce was tasty & not too sweet & porridge also tasty, went very well with the sauce.

both the mild & normal spicy were good.

i had very spicy ones with my wife here once. that was NO GOOD!

my 2 friends first time here thoroughly enjoyed it!

my friend ordered a fried baby kailan maybe like S$8.

very nice lunch chat with my 2 friends.

c.h.e.f andy



G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge (Cheong Chin Nam Rd)


AT , 599730


+65 64677317
12PM – 2.30AM