Forgettable Meal @ Kilo at Pact on 21Nov2013

belly pork rice bowl

belly pork rice bowl

a quick post. 3 of us had dinner after movie at kilo at pact on 21.11.2013. 🙂

nothing much to be said about this place. its a place i would not go & would not go back. that’s just me & my choices. nothing wrong with the place. guess it is kind of hip. kilo is co-located with a boutique fashion? retail shop & a salon. no idea what is “pact” in the name? food i guess is jap-western?

3 of us were watching Thor The Dark World (2013) 4.30pm show at orchard cineleisure taking advantage of the S$4 ticket for “senior citizens”. well, i for one much preferred watching the late evening show using maybank 1 for 1. as i told my friend, it cost S$9.70 (S$2.40+S$1.40+S$1.40+S$4.50) to park at cineleisure & S$1 to get into cbd at 4pm+. completely made no sense to me but i figured my friend is thrilled by the thought of paying S$4 as senior citizen, not the $ (whether tickets or parking but just the thought) – i am shaking my head – & so be it! 🙂

kilo at pact

kilo at pact

belly pork over rice (like japanese don)

belly pork over rice (like japanese don)

kilo at pact

kilo at pact

the belly pork don was pretty good & tasty actually. it was very small portion – 1 friend said “jiak boy pa” (not filling) – & cost S$17++=S$20nett. 🙂

the belly pork was soft, just slightly sinewy (not the texture i like) unlike the smooth texture of dongporou or kongbakpao. the braising sauce which was also drizzled over the rice was slightly sweet (japanese style) & made it quite tasty. so it was good actually but a “nothing” kind of meal for me, like a foodcourt dish but good tasting & cost S$20. not something i would try myself & certainly not go back. however the place maybe hip or cool & people may like it. cannot tell. 🙂

c.h.e.f. andy


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