Good Average Value Nyonya Food @ Curry Wok on 6Feb2014

pig trotters 元蹄

pig trotter 元蹄

had not dined at curry wok for the longest time. it is located next to thai noodle house at coronation arcade.

used to like the great value set which included fish head curry & 元蹄 (stewed pig trotter). i knew the prices had gone up a few years back. anyway i went with sis & b-i-l & a chinese friend to try it on 6.2.2014. 🙂

curry fish head

curry fish head

ngoh hiang

ngoh hiang

chilli sotong (squid) S$10

sambal sotong (squid) S$10

chap chai

chap chai

the set, now S$56 (+1o% service & no GST), included the pig trotter, a small fish head curry, a ngo hiang & a chap chai dish.

the pig trotter was really very good, very tender, gelatinous w/o feeling too oily 肥而不腻, quite excellent! for comparison, i would say it was equal or better than the S$28 pig trotter 元蹄 dish at shin yeh.

the fish head curry was also very good, however my b-i-l commented this was the smallest fish head curry he had ever eaten, and it was! the ala carte menu said the price was S$22 (S$26 for large). it was more like S$12 (for this tiny size)!

the ngo hiang S$10 was pretty good. the chap chai S$8 was another small dish & ordinary.

we were greedy so added a sambal sotong (squid) for S$10 ala carte. it was good but portion was too small.

overall the food was good especially the pig trotters, and the fish head curry was likewise an excellent dish if it came in a more decent size. it was too expensive at S$22. as we took the set for 4pax, the total bill came to about S$77 w/o drinks (just water), so it was not really expensive but it was also not any special value. likewise the ala carte pricing for the sotong, ngo hiang & chap chai – ok not great.

i would come back for the pig trotters though when i have the kakis. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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