Chocolate Lava Cake (Revisit on 3Oct2015)

choc lava cake

oozing choc lava cake

chocolate lava just happened to be the first dessert i picked to try out 3 yrs ago, shortly after i started “seriously” cooking in mar2012.

web recipes are always too sweet for the asian palate (usually i used only 1/3 of the sugar quantity). for chocolate lava cake, it’s like too large serving, too much effort adding cocoa etc, so i basically experimented & created my own recipe –

I was successful in my 3rd attempt in creating the oozing chocolate lava cake, and thanks to Facebook for being such a faithful repository of memories, that was on 22.8.2012!

after lava cake, i went on to do a few very good cakes –

  1. tofu cheese cake
  2. tiramisu
  3. banoffee (banana toffee) cake
  4. jam crumb cake
  5. apple pie

my popular cakes are the first 3.

the jam crumb cake was good, but not so special, the apple pie was tedious & ok, again no wow.

recently, did the lava cake again for a 9pax dinner on 28.9.2015.

choc lava cake x 6 (muffin trady)

choc lava cake x 6 (muffin trady)

& it wasn’t that great, so i thought i gave it a try again.

it is really very easy to make. i use the same chocolate lava cake recipe i created previously

  • beat 3eggs + 2 egg yolks with 1 tbsp flat sugar & 1 tbsp flat sifted normal flour
  • melt 100g cadbury old gold 70% cocoa with 60g unsalted butter (i use 1min 10secs in microwave & stir to melt the chocolate)
  • add slowly while beating the egg (i use a hand whisk)
  • grease bottom & sides of muffin tray with butter & add the cake mixture
choc lava cake

choc lava cake

then it’s just 3mins 30secs in a preheated 210degC oven on the grill function.

choc lava cake

choc lava cake

i timed on phone timer & removed immediately.

choc lava cake3

oozing choc lava cake

the cake would have lifted from the side near the top. i use a knife to move round the edges to separate the cake from the tray.

choc lava cake

oozing choc lava cake

then i inverted the muffin tray over another flat try & served the cake with ice cream.

the taste was wonderful! ^^

that i knew as i had tasted the cake mix before baking. there was certainty & confidence on the taste & flavours. the flowing lava was somehow an unknown though previously i did not have much difficulty reproducing the oozing lava.

i am still not satisfied this time. will probably try one at 3mins 15secs to get more oozing lava.

c.h.e.f andy


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