Funghi Linguine

funghi linguine

funghi linguine

did a fungi linguine on the second day of chinese new year on 20.2.2015.^^

my wife has a tradition of inviting our families over for homecooked dinner on CNY second day. we had 26pax.

my niece & her husband are buddhist & take vegetarian though they are not picky & will take vegetables even if they were done with meats. 🙂

in 1 of the dinners previously i made them a spanish omelette, a potatoes & onions egg omelette. this time i made them a fungi linguine.

funghi linguine

funghi linguine

funghi linguine

funghi linguine

i would prefer button mushrooms but i only had shitake. still, the mushroom flavours were very intense. the linguine was al dente & just the right texture. i added about 3 tablespoons of heavy cream to about 200g pasta. it was smooth & not too creamy. pasta was quite excellent. my sister-in-law was also vegetarian, and my niece’s husband took a second helping, so it managed 4 average portions & 1 portion left shared by my nephew & wife.

recipe was straightforward, basically same as preparing fungi risotto-

  1. mushrooms were first slightly caramelised with pinch of salt over medium heat.
  2. then chopped onions added & softened.
  3. linguine was done just slightly below al dente, placed in ice water to halt cooking & drained.
  4. when serving, add browned garlic with olive oil to pan, add mushrooms & onions to pan, add white wine, add linguine & cream, off the fire & toss.
  5. add sugar & salt if required to taste.

c.h.e.f andy


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