Excellent Fine Dining Appetisers @ The Lime Tree Restaurant Fort Williams on 9Jun2017 (Day 1 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

tian of orkney brown crab in clear gazpacho £6.95

the lime tree restaurant & crannog were 2 restaurants recommended by our b&b host.

wife innitially booked the lime tree at 8pm. we were uncertain of our schedule as we were driving to fort williams from glasgow & stopping by a few places, so we canceled it.

in the end we arrived early & checked in around 5pm+ at our b&b gantocks, and decided to go to fort williams town centre & walked a bit.

the lime tree fort williams

Crannog was fully booked. we managed to get a table at the lime tree, which also filled up quickly!

menu=the lime tree fort williams

the menu looks ok…

amuse bouche = smoked salmon

was surprised that the restaurant served amuse bouche, the practice of fine dining restaurants.

amuse bouche = smoked salmon

presentation was great!

the smoked salmon was competent, not very salty, not the lightly cured type, still a good smoked salmon, and a great start to dinner.


bread was ordinary…

tian of orkney brown crab in clear gazpacho £6.95

the tian of orkney brown crab was outstanding…very wow dish! 🙂

later i had chance to compared with the very good crab dish as part of a degustation menu at three chimneys at isles of skye, a one star michelin in 2014. i think this still came out better!

crab meat was very fresh & sweet & a large helping, and the clear gazpacho was excellent, the combination superb.

smoked haddock soufle £6.95

the smoked hadock soufle was an unusual dish as usually soufle is dessert & not savoury, so quite inventive!

this turned out really good. wife liked it a lot. so do i. 🙂

smoked haddock soufle £6.95

i guess if i had to compare, the tian of crab was still better for me, but this was really quite an excellent dish.

salmon fillet £19.95

the salmon fillet was good standard, very competent, but i guess not really a stand out dish.

scottish highland salmon £19.95

presentation was good too.

pheasant breast with chicken haggis £19.95

pheasant breast with chicken haggis £19.95

the pheasant breast was more pedestrian.

pheasant breast with chicken haggis

wife found one portion of it dry. the other pieces were quite ok actually, but they are not the very tender chicken breast you get in a goof=d french restaurant.

the lime tree fort williams

dinner for 2pax was £64, quite ok.

we did not care much for the mains, but the 2 appetisers were outstanding.

the next day after hiking at steall falls, we actually came to see if we could have lunch & just eat the appetisers but alas lime tree was closed.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

Glencoe Lochan Lakeside Stroll on 9Jun2017 (Day 1 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

carpark @ glencoe lochan

weather is the greatest determinant of a great holiday??

i traveled with 2 RI bros last month on a 9-day driving holiday to Wales (llandudno, conwy, snowdownia, pembrokeshire & cardiff) 30apr-8may2017…and everyday we had glorious sunchine.. 🙂

now in scotland the weather is as wet & damp as we had read about & planned for. the sots were saying – we only noticed the weather when it is sunny, meaning otherwise it is always raining & wet, and rain was what we had throughout our 6 days driving holiday.

we were driving from glasgow to fort williams, having picked up our car at avis glasgow. the journey is 108miles & 2hrs 21mins, so the plan was to stopped at various places along the way to see the scenery & hike if possible.

we knew glen etive is a beautiful drive along a single track road & takes about 2hrs.

we were contemplating if we could hike the lost valley..that is like a 4hr hike.

after glen elective, we stopped at a few places & was at the 3 sisters at 3.20pm, so not quite enough time to hike & it was drizzling/wet..

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

it was too early to go to fort williams as there is little to do there.

so we did the next best thing, and went to glencoe lochan to take a stroll around the small lake.

glencoe lochan is a tract of forest which baron donald alexandra smith transplanted from canada for his homesick wife isabella after they moved here from canada…

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

family of ducks creating a nice wave pattern..

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

it’s a beautiful lake to walk around…

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

it’s lake on one side & wooded foliage on the other..

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

& a wonderful home for the ducks.

glencoe lochan lakeside walk

beautiful creatures….

it’s only a 1/2 hr walk & we were done by around 4.20pm.

next we drove to fort williams & checked in at our b&b. the gantocks.

c.h.e.f andy

An Ceann Mor & Falls of Falloch at Inveruglas on 9Jun2017 (Day 1 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

an ceann mor 

after luss, we came to an ceann mor at inveruglas, still alongside loch lomond. 🙂

an ceann mor

it was a short drive, under 20mins.

an ceann mor

an ceann mor

an ceann mor 

an ceann mor at inveruglas is the final installation of the first phase of the Scottish Scenic Route Pilot Project… 

the art pieces showcase the young creative talents..

an ceann mor

an ceann mor

an ceann mor 

& always the presence & beauty of loch lomond..

falls of falloch 

another regular stopping place is falls of falloch, still at the village of Crianlarich….

falls of falloch 

this just a 12mins drive from an ceann mor..

falls of falloch 

nice fall, if a small one…

falls of falloch

falls of falloch 

there was also a creative artifact here, part of the scenic route pilot project…

falls of falloch 

a serene place, quiet, isolated…

falls of falloch

falls of falloch 

the path from the carpark to the fall…

a nice place for a rest stop & picnic.

c.h.e.f andy

A Nice Walk in the Rain @ Luss on 9Jun2017 (Day 1 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

loch lomond

the journey from glasgow to fort williams is a scenic drive for a large part alongside the lake within loch lomond & the trossachs national park.

& this was our planned leisurely drive after picking up our car at avis glasgow at 9am on 9..2017. 🙂

pay & display

our first stop was at the pretty conservation village of Luss. it was just 45mins into the journey.

we arrived 10am & did the park & pay, £1 for 1hr, then a stroll through the village.

street @ Luss

it was a pretty place alright, but it was overcast & soon began to drizzle. would surely be even nicer in glorious sunshine. 🙂

residence @ Luss

& pretty houses. we passed a few on the way to the lake & jetty.

shop @ Luss

there were souvenir & other shops.

loch lomond

loch lomond

loch lomond

loch lomond is a large (long) & serene lake.

sky was overcast with a slight drizzle.

loch lomond

loch lomond

loch lomond

a calm & peaceful place to sit down, relax, meditate, or just to absorb in the natural beauty.

the cold & wet dampened the mood somewhat…

church @ Luss

we strolled round the tiny village, past a church.

church @ Luss

the rain became heavier, so we took shelter at the coach house coffeeshop, & enjoyed a very tasty & homely carrot soup & took out a flat white.

c.h.e.f andy

Tasty, Homely Soup @ Coach House Coffeeshop on 9Jun2017 (Day 1 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

carrot & parsnip soup £4.75

Luss a tiny place. it started to drizzle soon after we parked. then the rain got slightly heavier.

coach house coffeeshop= makan stop @ Luss

our park & pay was for 1 hr. so we just had a little time for a makan stop at coach house coffeeshop to stay out of the rain.

carrot & parsnip soup £4.75

we ordered one carrot & parsnip soup £4.75 to share. it was a nice & homely soup & very nice crusty brown bread.

we also ordered a flat white to take away our car park was expiring,

it was a nice makan break, soup very sweet & homely & we thoroughly enjoyed it.

c.h.e.f andy



Our 6-Day Avis Rental = VW Golf 1.4TSI Brand New Car (Only 11miles) 9-15Jun2017

our avis rental car VW Golf 1.4TSI

we booked a mid-sized automatic car for this trip.

safety is paramount! so we wanted a mid-sized car, and unless you are F1 driver, you don’t want to keep changing gears on a single track road at 50mph!

we have our giffgaff & three.com sim cards, but many places we were going had no network. adding GPS to car rental is very expensive so we brought along our own GPS (my wife’s friend lent it to us).

cab from glasgow central to avis glasgow office

we booked & prepared avis car online.

though they put the car hire location as glasgow central, as you were checking out to go to the payment page, a message appeared that actually avis NOT at glasgow central, but you can hail a cab from glasgow central to avis glasgow office & claim back the cab fares.

so we hailed a cab!

cab fare £5.40

cab fare was £5.40, but i forgot to claim!

i have written to avis after returning the car at Inverness. let’s see if avis will refund me the £5.40.

avis glasgow office

service was quite good otherwise at avis glasgow office.

we were early about 8.15am, but we did not want to return the car earlier than 9am at Inverness on 15.6.2017.

so the avis staff waited till 8.45am to book us in & they put on the contract that return will be 9am at inverness.

VW Golf car key

got the car. we got a brand new VW Golf, the mileage only 11miles!

we paid for full cover so zero excess payments. no need to inspect car as fully insured.

this time though we didn’t have the same luck to land a jaguar XF i had with my 2 friends for our trip to wales in 28apr-8may2017. then we had 9 days rental and started out & returned at same london location.

this time we started from glasgow & returned car in inverness. with all the additional charges our 6-day car rental maybe equal or more expensive than my last 9-day jaguar XF rental.

can’t be lucky all the time la…a new VW Golf is good enough already! very good car to drive…

c.h.e.f andy

Caledonian Sleeper London Euston to Glasgow Central on 8Jun2017

caledonian sleeper double-decker bunk beds 

we took the caledonian sleeper (7.5hrs journey 2350hrs to 0720hrs) from london euston station to glasgow central station on 8.6.2017. 🙂

this marked the start of our 6days tour of fort williams & isle of skye, scotland from 9-14Jun2017.

caledonian is one of only 2 sleeper service, the other being the night riveria to penzance, which we took in 2015 when we toured cornwall. 

on first look, the tiny cabin with double-decker bunk beds at 2x£120, seems expensive. however our return flight from inverness inluding shuttle bus & train from luton to st pancras cost £100, and the cheapest evening off-peak ticket for a 4.5hrs train journey london to glasgow cost £68.

more importantly the caledonian sleeper saves time, and allow us to start our drive journey from glasgow to fort williams at 9am! so full marks for wife for arranging the sleeper!

sleep advise 

they gave you some sleep advise.

eye shield, egg plugs, towel, soap 

& the whole paraphernalia of eye shield, ear plugs & what nots.

was joking with my friends on whatsapp that i had eye shield, ear plus & mouth guard – quite funny la!

the ear lugs were useless, no change in the chugging noise, i did w/o them. anyway i sleep easily.

glasgow central terminal 

i did not book breakfast. they gave us a complimentary coffee powder coffee.

glasgow central terminal 

train arrived as scheduled at 7.20am.

glasgow central terminal 

pretty ok for both of us. wife went to buys some nuts & wraps (so we could stop & picnic).

glasgow central terminal 

and then we took a cab to avis glasgow office to collect our rental car to commence our driving holiday.

c.h.e.f andy

Delicious Guotie 锅贴 from London Chinatown on 8Jun2017

cooked guotie 锅贴

we all like the frozen guotie锅贴 iin london. somehow they seem much more delicious than the CP brand i get from singapore sheng shiong.

we don’t bother to eat much in singapore but in london, this very useful to have.


frozen guotie锅贴 from chinatown

so after our excellent £29 3-course express lunch at l’atelier joel robuchon, we walked over to chinatown.

wife bought a packet each of the frozen pork & chicken dumplings (guotie 锅贴).

cooked guotie锅贴

so this evening in addition to enjoying the really nice four seasons roast duck, i made some guotie 锅贴.

this very easy to do-

just take out the frozen guotie 锅贴. put some on a non-stick pan. add oil AND water. turn stove to high heat & cover.

so as the water evaporates, it cooks the guotie. after water evaporated, the oil browned the guotie 锅贴 to produce very delicious crispy guotie 锅贴, with the tasty broth still inside the dumpling!

simple & truly super treat!

c.h.e.f andy

Real Nice!! Four Seasons Chinatown 1/2 Roast Duck Takeaway = £14.50 on 8Jun2017

four seasons chinatown 1/2 roast duck = £14.50

had a really nice four seasons chinatown 1/2 roast duck takeaway for £14.50 on 8.6.2017. 🙂

taking the 2350hrs sleeper from euston station to glasgow central station arriving tomorrow at 7.20am. so no plans to eat out this evening.

after our excellent £29 3-course express lunch at l’atelier joel robuchon, we walked over to chinatown to buy some frozen pork & chicken dumplings (guotie 锅贴).

and decided to takeaway 1/2 roast duck from four seasons.

the last time i came to four seasons with son was on 25.8.2014!

four seasons chinatown 1/2 roast duck = £14.50

duck was really fragrant (“pang”) & the dipping sauce was excellent too.

really, really shiok!

c.h.e.f andy




Best Ever & Best Value £29 3-Course Lunch @ L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon on 8Jun2017

beef medium rare – main course 

l’atelier joel robuchon at covent garden is serving a £29 3-course express lunch.

i was here last month when traveling london/wales with my 2 RI bros and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

it was supposedly 45mins express lunch, and hence you have to prebook & pre-select each course online, rather than choosing from the menu at the restaurant.

chefs at l’atelier joel robuchon 

wife had been here several times on previous occasions but not for this express lunch, so we booked this lunch here today on 8.6.2017. ^^

l’atelier joel robuchon 

i booked the entire restaurant!

sad that they are serving these fabulous food & even with this £29 promotion, there are very few patrons…must be making lots of money elsewhere?

only 2 other customers came during the entire lunch!

chefs at l’atelier joel robuchon 

the atelier (workshop) concept is you can see the chefs preparing your meal. more interactive? not really…maybe participative?

chefs at l’atelier joel robuchon

whatever…but it’s quite fun to watch the dishes taking shape.

bread basket 

the bread were the really good restaurant category…

burrata in tomato gazpacho 

my burrata in tomato gazpacho was simply fabulous,

the food here are not just that they look like works of art!

there are combination of many different ingredients & mostly importantly the taste & texture combine perfectly, so exqusite & fine!

salmon cured in beetroot 

wife had the slamon cured in beetroot.

i had this last time & it was really good..still is. this time though i like the burrata even better.

beef medium rare – main course 

the beef was like last time, very competently done.

it was not the best cut of beef (very decent already for this price), so it’s not in the prime portico or top steak restaurant category…but it was ery good class for this beef cut.

seabream – main course 

my seabream dish was what my RI bro had last time.

it was very very good. like the best seabream i had? almost, anyway among the best,,,

seabream – main course 

& so beautiful to behold..

JR famous for their mash 

JR famous for their mash. it was very good, just that i don’t take much & didn’t…

rum baca outstanding cos rum was excellent 

the rum baba was excellent, because of the rum, really fragrant & nice.

rum baca outstanding cos rum was excellent 

the texture of baba infuse the rum well …

wild berries tart like work of art but just ordinary good taste 

wife had the wild berries tart. looked like work of art but just ordinary good taste…

They gave complimentary petite four becos i had to wait for the rum 

They gave complimentary petite four becos i had to wait for the rum. nice too!

well, i think handsdown this the best ever & best-value £29 3-course lunch. i had anywhere la..

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

Great Find Korean Food 3pax Dinner @ Kimchee Restaurant on 7Jun2017

very nice korean food at kimchee 

son booked a cab for us from heathrow terminal 2 to king’s cross.

took us 1.5hrs through the evening traffice. we arrived apartment about 7.05pm.

decided to go for dinner, so we could retire after dinner to recover from the jetlag. 🙂

kimchee restaurant opposite google building 

i saw that there were several new restaurants around the google building when i was here last month.

son had tried the kimchee restaurant & thought it was good, so we walked over to pancras square.

kimchee restaurant opposite google building 

kimchee is oppostie google building at king’s cross st pancras.

very nice ambience, high ceiling & quite a large place well patronised. 🙂

kimchee’s menu 

the menu is quite comprehensive.

kimchee’s menu 

has bbq meat, also bibimbap. bibimen etc.

galbi £10.80

we ordered 2 meats.

the galbi was very good, very nicely barbequed & nicely flavoured, tasty meat.

ribeye £12 

the ribeye was also very good. a good steak restaurant quality.

& served korean style, they came with lettuce & a mildly sweet chilli paste so you could wrap the bbq meat with the lettuce.

kimchi jjigae 

the kimchi jjigae was quite authentic flavours.

it was good, though our favourite singapore restaurant aburiya is unbeatable in this department, so this one still not comparable! 🙂

seafood pancake 

the seafood pancake was very good too.

this the crispy & starchy version, which we like. but anyhow this dish not really my favourite item.

jap chae 

the jap chae was tasty but a bit on the salty side.

wife thought it was alright when taken with rice.

fried chicken 

we also had fried chicken.

this was the poorest dish, nothing like korean fried chicken, more like a pedestrian sweet sour chicken with too much batter!

the bill

galbi & ribeye 

wife & son shared a large beer. i as usual didn’t drink.

the bill for 3pax included beer came to £64. very good price actually for the dishes we had, and cheaoer than greek larder & dishoom.

i can come back here for dinner! will do la when we return to london after iceland!


c.h.e.f andy


Kimchee Restaurant


2 Pancras Square, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4AG


Telephone: 020 3907 8474
Email: kimchee_pancras@kimchee.uk.com


Monday – Saturday, lunch: 11:45am – 3pm
Monday – Friday, evening: 5pm – 11pm
Saturday, evening: 5pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: 12pm – 9pm


Sin-London by Singapore Airlines SQ308 on 7Jun2017

SQ308 Sin-London 7Jun2017

this time i was able to get SQ economy return at S$1382 for my travel dates.

for my last trip to london & wales 27apr-11may with my 2 RI bros, i had to travel by qatar airways as SQ fare for the dates were S$2200! and qatar was S$1034 for the same dates, no brainer la!…

too bad now qatar has all these problems, airspace etc…

SQ A380 seat leg space & screen is smaller than qatar’s A350-900

SQ A380 aircraft aging…economy leg space & screen much smaller c/w qatar’s A350-900 aircraft i took last trip for the sector Sin-Doha..

breakfast -dimsum items

for breakfast, they served dimsum.

it was quite poor la…

breakfast -dimsum items

siew mai i supposed edible, carrot cake less so, the lor mai gai i took the mushrooms & chicken just a bit of rice.

how to describ this breakfast? pedestrian?

anyway for me considered edible, not by much…

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

for lunch, i chose rogan josh.

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

this was good!

nice herb flavours, mutton was tasty with the gravy, tender enough, more so c/w qatar’s mutton meal.

bismati rice was good, loose & fragrant..

vegetables also good!

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

i had a tomato juice.

the salmon was quite ok too.

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

the movie program on board quite poor, not many newer movies, noothing exciting to watch.

had some peanuts & coffee in between. it’s a day flight, did not sleep much.

we arrived maybe 19mins late at heathrow terminal 2.

we had our red fastlane card. the normal lane no much queue so looked about as fast.

we had 3 checked in luggage. so we prebooked a cab. took about 1.5hrs to get to king’s quarters apartment, about 7.05pm.

after that we went dinner with son at kimchee opposite google building at king’s cross st pancras.

c.h.e.f andy


Asia Treasures Terminal 3 Lounge – Leaving for London on 7Jun2017

lontong @ asia treasures lounge T3

leaving for a long 1-month trip to london, fort williams/Isles of Skye, Iceland 7Jun to 7Jul2017. 🙂

this my longest overseas trip, not counting a 1 month JICA trip to japan long, long time ago in the mid 80s while working in the government.

asia treasures lounge T3

today’s flight is at 9am.

wife & i were checked in & past immigration at 8.45am so just a short break at the asia treasures lounge at T3. 🙂

wife travelling SQ business redemption. we both prefer the asia treasure lounge, haha!

lontong @ asia treasures lounge T3

there’s no laksa or hae mee (prawn noodles) so we shared a lontong, and other dishes. 🙂

the lontong was good standard. but laksa or hae mee would have been better la..

fried carrot cake @ asia treasures lounge T3

the fried carrot cake here is always good.

very fragrant, tasty & very good with the crispy chilli. not better than the good hawker stalls, but pretty good standard.

fried beehoon @ asia treasures lounge T3

last item i tried was the fried beehoon.  wife did not want too heavy makan. i took 1/2. a very good beehoon, well infused with tasty stock & nice mushrooms.

for drinks, we had the kiwi fruit blended juice. they don’t serve the popular berries slush any more. afterwards we had cappuccino.

a great rest stop before boarding… 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


DBS Asia Treasures Terminal 3
Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3
Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Airport Boulevard)
Operating hours:
7.00am to 1.00am daily

A Tasty Prawn Capellini Aglio Olio Nice and Easy on 6Jun2017

prawn capellini aglio olio

one RI bro said he would come by to get together before my UK trip tomorrow.. wanted to drive me out for lunch on 6.6.2017.

i find it takes more time & hassle to go out for lunch. so i did a quick capellini pasta with what i have…faster than eating out..more time to chit chat…

prawn capellini aglio olio

we had coffee after pasta & 功夫茶after coffee…chatted for a while till 2.30pm…as i have lots of personal admin to attend to before trip..

i had wanted to so a johnsonville beddar with cheddar cheese sausage spaghetti but there was no spaghetti, no chilli padi, no stock…

and no johnsonville..few packets my helpermust have cooked for my son this period 😀 so what’s left just garlic, olive oil, frozen small prawns, regular chilli, a bit of thai basil….

still a very tasty pasta in 10mins la…

c.h.e.f andy

Nonya Steamed Song Fish Head 松鱼头 on 5Jun2017

nonya steamed song fish head 松鱼头 

tried gimson nonya paste on song fish head 松鱼头 today on 5.6.2017. ^^


nonya steamed song fish head 松鱼头 

pretty good but still cannot c/w spicy black bean sauce…


nonya steamed song fish head 松鱼头 

so this nonya paste excellent for snapper & seabass..

for song fish head 松鱼头 good too but spicy black bean paste even better…

so its the usual hong kong steam ie just 2 tbsp light soy sauce & 2 tbsp olive oil. i added 1 tbsp mirin (optional)..then i added 1 heap tbsp gimson nonya paste & spread.

normally i would add the garnishes like lots of sliced ginger, cut chilli padi & chopped spring onions.

today just trying out so did not add all these things, and anyway some i don’t have in the fridge..

still a very enjoyable fish head, for teochews especially!

c.h.e.f andy

So-So Korean BBQ @ Seorae on 28May2017

1 for 1 beef belly S$22.90 

 went with family 4pax to seorae for korean bbq dinner on 28.5.2017.

the last time i came with my 2 buddies before our london/wales trip on 30.3.2017 & we quite enjoyed it. 


this time though somehow the arrangements were different, the vibes were different….

there was no queue at 12pm lunch last time. this time we were there 7.30pm there was a short queue like 10mins.

more importantly last time we asked the server questions & he helped us order the food we wanted. this time it was a paper like dimsum you tick off.

for me that makes a huge different, don’t like to guess what i am ordering & not being able to make small changes…eg last time we did not take 3 in 1, but server help us to organise the same dish as 2 in 1.

banchan – replenishable side dishes 

banchan was still good. we had 3 rounds.

last time with my friends who could just go on, we ordered 5 rounds.

banchan – replenishable side dishes 

daughter likes seafood pancake.

this was pretty good, better than what we had at abuirya a week later.

US beef S$29 

we ordered a US beef S$29.

with all the korean names it was hard to order what you are ordering with more personalised service advice from the server.

King Galmaegisal 3-in-1 S$29

& we ticked the 3 in 1, too bothersome to ask the server with this ticking system..

korean charcoal bbq

the hearth is same as at aburiya, quite effective.

kimchi jjigae

kimchi jjigae was not 1/2 as good as aburiya & i think cost like S$16 instead of S$13.

kimchi jjigae 

maybe a bigger serving, but cannot compensate for less yummy dish.

to be fair this was ok dish, just that aburiya’s was far better!


the naengmyeon was also no comparison to aburiya’s bibimen!


again it was ok dish. just NOT as good by comparison.

and likewise the meats were no comparison with aburiya, quite a different league altogether la.

see our recent excellent yakiniku dinner at aburiya on 3.6.2017.

after 2 tries, don’t think i am coming back here again la…

c.h.e.f andy


Seorae Korean BBQ


#02-01 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, 238839

+65 91812709
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu: 11:30 – 22:00
Fri – Sat: 11:30 – 23:00

Ever So Good Yakiniku @ Aburiya 烧屋on 3Jun2017

hokkaido beef platter S$35

no need to say aburiya our favourite restaurant..

most recently i came with my OPS bros for 4pax dinner then durians on 28.2.2017. 

just that my family come here even more than i do. this evening 5 of us came for late dinner at 8.45pm on saturday 3.6.2017.

place was renovated, no more outside boardings, nice.

& apparently price has gone down?? according to the affable jap owner. nice to hear, nicer that it is true!

the hokkaido beef platter was S$45, now it is S$35! owner said he sourced large quantities at lower cost now.

we also ordered the iberico platter S$23 (forgot to take photo). previously S$25.

both the platters always nice.  we liked the beef more so we ordered 2 platter.

wagyu jo karubi S$16

i guessed we were like very hungry or greedy, so we ordered another 2 wagyu jo karubi S$16. in a sense this even better than the platter! of course the platter had 4 different cuts some better than others, though all were good.

yakiniku smokeless hearth

yakiniku smokeless hearth

the whole dining experience was quite wonderful. always enjoy a yakiniku.

wagyu beef sashimi S$18

the owner told us the wagyu sashimi was fantastic!

we were sold! even more sold after tasting it. perfecto!

shabu sirloin S$29

& he said the shabu beef (sirloin) was the best. bbq very short time, dip in the ponzu sauce dip

so again we ordered, and indeed the best! melt in your mouth perfection….

shabu i think is just 刷, which means to just poached in hotpot for some say 8 secs. so it just means a thin slice of meat. and i have taken shabu wagyu steak at japanese steak restaurants.

seafood pancake S$12

seafood pancake was ok tasty, but so so dish for me.

buta kimchi chigae S$13

the buta kimchi chigae S$13 excellent as always.

bibimen S$11.90

the bibimen we all loved.

bibimbap S$12

& the bibimbap very good here. everyone enjoyed the dishes.

green tea parfait S$10.90

the greentea parfait was ok, not not really a parfait without the greentea cake, green & white mochi, warabi mochi etc.

no comparison with what we get in japan, or even sun with moon.

complimentary vanila ice cream

we ordered too much food, plus a whole bottle of 720ml sake, so they gave us complimentary vanila ice cream.

it was very good quality ice cream. the milk so smooth & creamy & tasty, like hokkaido ice creams.


& the price was actually quite ok. minus the sake, it would be like S$280nett for 5pax & we ordered a lot of meat.

very enjoyable dinner, as always here at aburiya.

c.h.e.f andy



Still the Best Teochew Muay @ Ye Shanghai 夜上海潮州糜 Blk 55 Lengkok Bahru on 3Jun2017

teochew muay dishes

sis called me said she on the way to the new ye shanghai place, whether i wanted to join her for lunch on saturday 3.6.2017.

ye shanghai reopened 2jun2017

ye shanghai reopened 2jun2017

she told me couple weeks back, & my OPS friend also, that ye shanghai had moved from bukit merah view to lengkok bahru.  i later checked with an employee clearing the tables & he said yes this the second day they reopen here.

constant queue at ye shanghai

i was not planning to have lunch but agreed to join her anyway, so i fetched her from commonwealth MRT, and 2 of us were at blk 55 lengkok bahru at 12.33pm. there was a queue of maybe 10pax took about 10-15mins.

one great thing was there’s lots of parking, unlike bukit merah view where it is quite hard to get parking next to the stall.

teochew chilled mullet 冻乌鱼

sis ordered a teochew chilled mullet 冻乌鱼 (S$9) and 6 vegetable dishes + one porridge for S$14.60.

compare this with the exact same fish at seng kee bakuteh, AMK ave 10 selling at S$18!!!

teochew chilled yellow croaker 冻小黄鱼

she then decided to order a second fish=teochew chilled yellow croaker 冻小黄鱼, also S$9.

these 2 fish were excellent, best i had outside=very sweet & tasty & fine texture.

didn’t think that chilled mullet & yellow croaker would be much better than what i made often at home, most recently for a 7pax homecooked teochew muayfamily breakfast after 清明on 14Apr2017. 

but they were!! and at this price, just as well to eat outside here at ye shanghai.


and all the simple small plate vegetable dishes were very good!

okra crunchy and tasty.


leeks sweet, not mushy, with ikan bilis & bit of cloud fungus.

hairy gourd毛瓜

hairy gourd毛瓜 sweet, great texture.

another gourd

another gourd, don’t know the english name (bottle gourd??) very sweet & tasty.

egg plant

egg plants, good!


and bittergourd, good too!

with 2 fish for S$18 and another 6 small plate vegetable & 1 porridge, total was S$23.60 for 2pax.

like i said, mullet & yellow croaker are not much cheaper from sheng shiong so just as well to eat here la..

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

Anniversary Homecooked Dinner & Anniversary Book 7pax Family on 31May2017

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

having 2pax anniversary dinner with wife on the actual date, so did an earlier anniversary dinner for the family so the children & also our helper can join 7pax dinner on 31.5.2017.

2 live lobsters = 1.25kg

poached lobster = 2 for S$75 at sheng shiong

i got 2 live lobsters from sheng shiong, poached them & then short braised with superior broth just before serving.

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

lobsters was tasty, all liked it. it was though a bit overcooked & not perfect like what i did recently for mother’s day when i did one single lobster for 3pax dinner on 14.5.2017. 🙂

prawn tofu similar to sek bao sin

i did prawn tofu which everyone likes. also son had not tried it before.

for this evening everyone liked this dish best. it was not my best delivery actually but still a very tasty dish. prawns were just right texture, sweet & fresh & deep-fried egg tofu soaked up the delicious stock with the smoothness of the egg.

golden deepfried egg tofu

for the prawn tofu dish, i made the deep-fried egg tofu. usually i will shallow fry this not to waste the oil.

this time i had 2 dinners then the teban garden preparation in succession, so managed to use the oil over 3 occasions.

prawn tofu similar to sek bao sin

the dish, though not quite my best, was still a very good, tasty & smooth (the egg) prawn tofu.

wok fried lala

the wok fried lala was a very tasty dish too, and the clams were well cleaned & done just right NOT overcooked. great as lala dish.

not quite as good as my really tasty manila clams of course.

i lazy to go chinatown & sheng shiong did not have manila clams when i went to get the 2 lobsters this morning.

claypot vegetables with siobak

the claypot vegetables were overcooked. stock was tasty. roast pork also overdone & a bit stronger porky taste.

ok dish but not quite good.

claypot vegetables with siobak

i was trying to recreate my excellent claypot fish head for my OPS bros & wives few days back but w/o the fish head.

unfortunately though the claypot vegetables looked good on photo, it was overcooked when served & roast pork was also overdone & a bit porky. this would count as failure la…

white beehoon WBH

the white beehoon WBH dish was ok, also not near my best preparation.

too many dishes requiring stock. got to do a dedicated WBH dish next time & use intense stock to get best results.

white beehoon WBH

i only used prawn head & shell stock & just little of the chicken stock as i was reserving the stock for lobster.

also it was difficult to juggle the amount of stock, amount of beehoon & cooking time to reduce the stock & infuse the beehoon. anyhow the prawns were overcooked (whereas the same prawns for the prawn tofu were quite excellent), and the beehoon alos a bit overcooked.

white beehoon WBH

there was also some timing problems as heavy downpour & daughter came back like 50mins after scheduled 7pm, and it was difficult to estimate the time to serve the several dishes.

anyhow the beehoon was still ok, just not among my best.

and when wife & i added the lobster stock to the beehoon, it was very tasty.

crispy lard – larpok

i made some larpok – crispy lard to top off the WBH.

very easy to make. bought like 70cts packet of already chopped fat from sheng shiong, washed & cooked low heat on non stick wokpan. love it!


to be honest, i was just a little deflated la!

doing the lobsters – buying them on the day, freeze, poach, cut, shell, make stock etc was quite tedious work (apart from being quite expensive at S$75 for 2 lobsters), so the result was quit below expectations.

the other dishes were not too difficult, but the claypot vegetables was an abject failure & the WBH also much below expectations, even though the prawn tofu & the lala were good. and it all still took a whole day’s work but not returning the satisfaction…a bit sian la…

anniversary book present

well, luckily there was still the anniversary book to rejoice.

this my RI bro who was one of 2 travelling companions for my recent london/wales trip took a lot of time & effort to co-ordinate for me to get the book done.

it was made of maple wood & presents a cover with photo, a back page & 2 pages of text inside. & it came with a rose wood case. excellent stuff! wife was suitable impressed. children took some photos for us.

c.h.e.f andy

The Best!!! Early Birthday Dinner for Brother & Sister 7pax @ Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant on 2Jun2017

bamboo clams with tanhoon 竹蚌蒜蓉蒸 S$5.50 each 

had the best seafood dinner =7pax early birthday dinner for brother & sister @ ah yat abalone forum restaurant at hotel grand central at victoria street on 2.6.2017. ^^

this was even better than the 5pax lunch i had here just last week with my OPS bros on 26.5.2017!

seafood promo @ ah yat abalone forum restaurant 

ah yat abalone is having this super offer of S$29.80 for each 500g live boston lobster. that explains why i chose ah yat again so soon for my brother & sister’s early birthday dinner..haha!

i had a prior arranged makan day out wuth my OPS bros but because this dinner was confirmed a bit late, i cut short my OPS makan & just joined the canton paradise dimsum tea. 🙂

the bamboo clams with tanhoon 竹蚌蒜蓉蒸 S$5.50 each (top photo) was among the best i had. wonder why it was better than lunch, like should be the same. maybe better chef for dinner?? the texture ie donesness was perfect & the garlic light soy sauce was really very fragrant..quite superb.

2xboston lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗 S$29.80 each 

the lobster was very good too. maybe still tastier than lunch but i guess less different from the lunch. i noticed that the plating was different from lunch. i like the dinner plating better. lunch used a nice plate but presentation looked squeezy.

steamed turbot 多宝鱼港蒸 1 kg S$48 

the steamed turbot 多宝鱼港蒸 1 kg S$48 was very good this evening.

wife, brother, sister, all like the fish..very幼 (light, tender texture) & sweet, much more fine than tiger garoupa.

steamed turbot 多宝鱼港蒸 1kg S$48 

and the 港蒸 light soy sauce very fragrant…really good!

crab tanhoon claypot螃蟹冬粉煲 S$70=1 kg crab @ S$98/kg less 30% 

brother ordered the crab tanhoon claypot螃蟹冬粉煲. it came to about S$70=1 kg crab @ S$98/kg less 30%.

we all thought it was a bit expensive c/w other ah yat items…eg ah yat grandstand has a S$38 claypot alaskan crab tanhoon which is very good. here alaskan crab is S$248/kg & this crab is S$98/kg.

but this is birthday & the other dishes were heavily discounted & restaurant need to make some money also la..so quite happy to add the dishes.

turned out this was another truly excellent dish…the tanhoon so very tasty & crab wa very fresh & sweet..though we wonder afterwards for 1kg crab, we didn’t seem to see any of the 2 pincers..maybe someone ate & forgot haha!

but i would say i am happy to order this dish again at S$70. it was much bigger dish & overall even better tasting than the S$38 alaskan crab tanhoon at ah yat grandstand.

ginger fried kailan 姜炒芥蓝 S$27 = very good just far too ex 

the ginger fried kailan 姜炒芥蓝 was very good too. can taste the ginger sauce, didn’t know it flavours the vegetable so well, must try this at home next time.

this one of the times where everyone exclaimed how nice the vegetable was.

at S$27, it was just far too ex for a vegetable? like S$29.80 for lobster & S$27 for kai lan.

anyway for this dinner i was happy to order it as it complemented the other dishes very well and that’s what counted. sometimes you get through a meal every dish except 1 or 2 very good, whereas this was an occasion every single dish was good! so well worth it!

probably won’t order this when i come again..

seafood horfun 滑蛋海鲜河粉S$30 = wok hae superb +very good ingredients 

wife too busy to have lunch today wanted to add a horfun.

this seafood horfun 滑蛋海鲜河粉  was fantastic=wok hae superb +very good ingredients, large prawns, scallops, lots of sotong & also lots of fish.

i think the best horfun i had.

seafood horfun 滑蛋海鲜河粉S$30 = wok hae superb +very good ingredients 

again this another dish i don’t mind paying for S$30 when i come again.

only thing is that sometimes taste not always consistent & hopefull these dishes will be just as good when i come again.

dinner for 7pax with all these excellent dishes was S$341nett.

of course they charged S$2.50/head for tea=S$17.50.

and also 2xS$3.50 for peanuts & towel. if you don’t do this, you don’t get towels..haha!

the ala carte items were expensive but we were very happy with the overall dinner, that what counts! like i said, restaurant got to make some money, so give & take la…

had a wonderful early birthday dinner with my brother & sister. their son came along & thoroughly enjoyed it. so i joked with him to look forward to the next makan, outside or at my place haha!

c.h.e.f andy