Delicious Guotie 锅贴 from London Chinatown on 8Jun2017

cooked guotie 锅贴

we all like the frozen guotie锅贴 iin london. somehow they seem much more delicious than the CP brand i get from singapore sheng shiong.

we don’t bother to eat much in singapore but in london, this very useful to have.


frozen guotie锅贴 from chinatown

so after our excellent £29 3-course express lunch at l’atelier joel robuchon, we walked over to chinatown.

wife bought a packet each of the frozen pork & chicken dumplings (guotie 锅贴).

cooked guotie锅贴

so this evening in addition to enjoying the really nice four seasons roast duck, i made some guotie 锅贴.

this very easy to do-

just take out the frozen guotie 锅贴. put some on a non-stick pan. add oil AND water. turn stove to high heat & cover.

so as the water evaporates, it cooks the guotie. after water evaporated, the oil browned the guotie 锅贴 to produce very delicious crispy guotie 锅贴, with the tasty broth still inside the dumpling!

simple & truly super treat!

c.h.e.f andy


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