Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 2Aug2021

brother delivered homecooked dinner this evening on 3.8.2021.^^

  1. 1/4 roast duck (today nephew wei chuan birthday..happy birthday to wei chuan)
  2. braised pork belly (Japanese chashu style)
  3. braised tofu
  4. dumpling
  5. sambal kang kong

excellent dishes this evening.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 20Jul2021

brother delivered homecooked dinner on 20.7.2021

nice comfort food.

chicken rice by Yule was fragrant, tasty.

egg omelette and spinach dish dome nicely and soup with seaweed nice too.

c.h.e.f andy

Wonderful Homecooked Family Dinner on 16Jul2021

children came back for dinner on 16.7.2021.^^

wife made salad. always tokkong!

aunty bes made chicken wings & octopus calamari & halibut….chicken wings and calamari always good..

grilled halibut I prefer to brown & crisp, wife liked this as she thought inside more’s easy to crispy and still inside tender…

I will make this for SL’s birthday dinner next Friday.

I made oven sous vide reverse sear pork collar…children loved this pork super tender & tasty and the ratatouille was excellent!

for ratatouille I browned garlic then added 1 peeled chopped fresh tomatoes, the added chopped red pepper and zucchini …then chicken stock and red wine and reduced, add to pork chop in oven dish 90degC oven 1 hr about 65degC meat temp, then pangrilled…

recipe see here.

this cheap frozen pork collar from chinatown market…next Friday will use the Atas Aussie pork ribs.

& seafood squidink pasta

& youngest daughter SL mirin angus ribeye steak.

wonderful family dinner & time with grandson mr K.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 13Jul2021

brother delivered dinner on 13.7.2021.^^

  1. 花蟹 flower crabs
  2. 黄尾鱼(俗称番薯鱼)
  3. 秋葵 lady fingers
  4. 冬粉虾 tanhoon prawns
  5. 青木瓜汤(这个木瓜太生、太硬了

very nice homecooked dinner. tanhoon prawns and ladyfingers delicious! brother’s vegetables always very nice!

c.h.e.f andy

Family Celebration Homegourmet Dinner for PT on 30Jun2021

wife organised family dinner to celebrate important event for PT on 30.6.2021.^^

Lisa made salad & grilled lamb fillet. son cooked angus ribeye

I made a duck leg confit ragout bucatini..

c.h.e.f andy

Home Gourmet Dinner with SM & JH on 24Jun2021

had 5pax family dinner with sumin & JH on 24.6.2021.^^

wife made-

1 salad

2 grilled king salmon fillet

3 grilled lamb fillet

I made

4 slow roast belly pork

5 miso glazed large prawns

6 vongole linguine

7 squid & scallops squidink pasta

& wife made

8 excellent chocolate tart 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

E’s mom came by and taught wife to make the chocolate tart, so first time, tasted no different from cake shop. very good indeed!

great evening and family time.

c.h.e.f andy

Wife and Children Organised Wonderful Father’s Day Lunch on 20Jun2021

children organised Father’s Day lunch on 20.6.2021.^^

wife prepared some vine tomatoes & cheese

youngest daughter SL cooked excellent lagsana & shashouka

PT made delicious kimchi pancake and bought msw durians

son WY ordered pizza

SM & JH bought banana cake plus pair of shorts for me

aunty bes made sausage pasta

thanks to wife, children & aunty bes!😘very blessed!

c.h.e.f andy

Wife Organised Family Celebration Dinner on 11Jun2021

JH passed an important exam..

wife organised a celebration, prepared several dishes and ordered takeout from 8picure..

& visit grandson mr K on 11.6.2021.^^

  1. salad
  2. burrata with home made pesto
  3. panseared king salmon
  4. & cheese & port
  5. & ordered 2 crab cakes and 4 lobster pasta from 8picure

a joyful evening family togetherness.

c.h.e.f andy



Address: 428 River Valley Rd, #01-04, Singapore 248327

Located in: Loft @ Nathan 7RVH+R4 Singapore   

Contact: 6677 1075   

Opening hours:

Tues to Sat (closed sun, mon)12–2pm 6–10pm

Brother Delivered Dinner on 2Jun2021

brother delivered dinner this evening on 2.6.2021.^^


梅菜扣肉made by wan sing

my brother tried out a pork ball soup..

daughter SM liked the soup & fish.

c.h.e.f andy

Wife Made Excellent 5pax Family Dinner on 29May2021

wife made excellent 5pax dinner on 29.5.2021.^^

  1. tokkong salad
  2. burrata with pesto sauce
  3. grilled long stems cauliflower by aunty bes
  4. calamari by aunty bes5 oven sweet corn
  5. crayfish bucatini pasta (superb)
  6. miso glazed eggplant by me
  7. sous vide reverse sear pork rack by me

very nice family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

Son & PT made Sukiyaki Dinner on 25May2021

son & PT made sukiyaki dinner at their new home on 25.5.2021.

had beef,pork and also kagoshima wagyu…all good…turned out that the pork was very good…

bought nice sashimi too.


c.h.e.f andy