Nice Dinner at Brother’s House on 11Oct2022

had nice dinner at brother house on 11.10.2022.^^

great dishes!

c.h.e.f andy


Sulin Early Birthday Celebrations on 23Jul2022

sulin early birthday celebrations on 23.7.2022.^^

sunil & linda, sulin’s PIL, k k & nicole all joined 😎

everyone cook 😎

lisa did the chirashi don & tako sonomono (octopus salad)

aunty bes made grilled veg & tako calamari

ervin bought vietnamese platter from so pho

sulin MIL linda made the satay, mayo prawns, fruit platter, & the bestest salted caramel cream!

I made the other prawns, flamed sous vide aussie pork tomahawk, & rack of lamb, wenyu cooked the tochigi Jap A5 wagyu from meatlovers

a most joyous and wonderful family dinner and birthday celebrations for sulin.

c.h.e.f andy

Very Nice Family Dinner at Brother’s Place on 19Jul2022

nice family dinner at brother’s place on 19.7.2022.^^

brother delivers homecooked dinner to my place very on some tues we come over his place to have dinner instead. 🙂

very nice dinner..

brother’s steamed crab always good…matter of getting good meaty crabs..he goes to Jurong East market regularly and has good supplier..

prawns, shells and cuttlefish kang kong all good.

and fish head was very good. slightly fried and steamed…

c.h.e.f Andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 17May2022

brother delivered homecooked dinner on 17.5.2022.^^

nice comfort food-

  1. curry chicken
  2. claypot braised fish
  3. fried large prawns
  4. enoki & shimeji mushrooms
  5. poached kailan

c.h.e.f andy

Wonderful Indian Dishes Family Lunch @ Sunil & Linda Place on 16May2022

Sunil & Linda, sulin’s in-laws, organised a family lunch at their house on 16.5.2022.^^

Linda cooked the rogan josh, prawn masala and pilaf rice

very nice lunch & fellowship

we had zoom with shevaun who is at Hawaii doing training before mission to pacific islands

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 22Mar2022

brother delivered homecooked dinner on 22.3.2022.^^

brother always buy huge and very fresh prawns and crabs from the wet markets.

Teochew chilled crab was big, fresh and sweet..

fish was braised nicely..

nice comfort food.

c.h.e.f andy

Ivy Made Excellent CNY Lunch for RI Bros on 11Feb2022

ivy made excellent CNY lunch on 11.2.2022.^^

-算盘子, wax duck & top quality Chinese sausages


-very flavourful steamed 腊味饭


very nice lunch indeed, the abacus & 腊味, and the flavourful rice…金钱袋 quite unique dish…don’t see often in homecooking and very competently done …

had roast duck too…

brothers all had a great time…

CJ brought selection of bak kua, NCL cut fruits & LKH nice pear dessert👍🏻

c.h.e.f andy

Chinese New Year Day 1 Breakfast at Brother’s House on 1Feb2022

CNY Day 1 breakfast at brother place on 1.2.2022.^^

it’s a tradition.

this year reduced number and separate scheduling decos of covid.

nice comfort food and get together.

as usual practice, brother took family photo portraits after breakfast.

c.h.e.f andy

Wen & PT Joined Early Reunion Dinner at Brother’s Place on 28Jan2022

early reunion dinner at brother place with wei chuan, wenyu, PT on 28.1.2022.^^

brother made peng cai 盆菜, steamboat, leeks with 发菜

wan sing made char siew, siew yoke & also dumplings.

WC brought his GF.

had a great CNY eve family get together and wonderful evening…

c.h.e.f andy

Daughter & SIL Joined Family Dinner at Brother’s Place on 11Jan2022

Sulin & ervin joined dinner at brother’s place on 11.1.2022.^^

Nice dishes homely comfort food…

my brother specially made breaded pork cutlet for Ervin! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy