Aunty Bes Cooked 8pax Family Dinner on 9Oct2020

prawns and onions
chicken in red thai chilli
fermented beancurd chicken wings
sambal spinach
fried kang kong
sambal egg specially requested by SM

aunty bes cooked 8pax family dinner on 9.10.2020.

daughter especially requested sambal eggs. aunty bes also made that curry chicken and prawn dishes.

I added 烧肉crackling & moist tender tasty inside.

simple, nice family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

Wonderful Sumptuous Dinner by Friend’s Daughter on 3Oct2020

13.82km 1hr27.5mins cycle route

went cycling with KH at ECP CP E2 to fort road & back 13.8km in 1hr 27.5mins on 3.10.2020.^^

steamed razor clams on tanhoon

the daughter cooked a sumptuous yummy dinner 👍👍👍 true michelin star meal…most enjoyable👍

first was the razor clams. huge succulent razor clams, done just right, over a bed of tanhoon and lovely garlic soy sauce. excellent!

actually i not supposed to eat the dark colour liver bits – quite true as these absorbed all the chemicals and toxins…but in the past i ate everything, so today lagi finished all before i thought of it…

next was geoduck sashimi, using an ice pack which is better than using ice..very good!

the sauteed teriyaki cod with shimeji mushrooms, or perhaps steamed and drizzled over with sauce, was very good. perfect texture and taste.

青龙菜with shitake added a nice finish.

afterwards we had chinese pears.

very good evening, cycling, wonderful dinner and sharing with friends of many years, recently able to spend more time together.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 29Sep2020

brother delivered homecooked dinner on 29.9.2020.^^

nice homecooked dishes.

i ate a lot of mussels. lol!

nephew queued up to buy Goodwood Park durian & msw mooncakes👍 they were good.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Nice Homecooked Dinner on 15Sep2020

brother delivered homecooked dinner on 15.9.2020.^^

  1. Kimchi 炒饭
  2. 山药排骨汤
  3. ayam penyet 烧鸡肉
  4. 蒸鱼

very nice, especially kimchi fried rice, very flavourful.

c.h.e.f andy

Super Yummy Hainanese Beef Noodles @ J’s on 8Sep2020

J’s excellent hainanese beef noodles

after delivering HCA 25oax lunch we went over to WM’s place…on 8.9.2020.^^

WT HC LCM & me. 🙂

J made beef noodles super yummy 😋

HC bought roast duck from dunman fc.. really nice, flavourful, tasty roast duck..really enjoyable..& also char siew…

WM bought 4kg xo durians very nice.

after that we went to old airport road fc for the best chendol.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dishes on 1Sep2020

my brother delivered dinner dishes this evening on 1.9.2020.^^

..specially liked the Indonesian nasi pasang styled curry chicken..

similar to my kulai chicken

& fried veg very nicely done.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother made and delivered Dinner on 12Jul2020

brother delivered sunday lunch on 12.7.2020.^^
  1. roti prata with curry chicken
  2. grilled taupok
  3. rojak
  4. teochew chilled kambong

wife ordered don’s lala beehoon & we ate for dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered 5 Dishes for Dinner on 27Jun2020

5 dishes2

brother cooked and delivered 5 dishes

5 dishes

brother cooked and delivered 5 dishes

it’s my brother’s turn to cook this evening on 27jun2020.
he delivered dinner dishes this evening-
  1. panfried cod 煎鳕鱼
  2. panfried prawns 煎大虾
  3. steamed black bean pork ribs 清蒸豆豉排骨
  4. sakura prawns egg omelette .虾苗炒蛋
  5. eggplant with tofu 红烧茄子

all nicely done. wife and i liked especially the omelette and tofu..

I added some leftover 白斩鸡, & wife made kimchi fried rice

c.h.e.f andy

Children & Wife made Father’s Day 6pax Dinner on 21Jun2020

SL made lemon yogurt cake

SL made lemon yogurt cake

SM made brazilian seafood stew2

SM made brazilian seafood stew

son making crabmeat pasta

son making crabmeat pasta

son made black angus 100day grainfed ribeye3

son made black angus 100day grainfed ribeye

wife made black angus 100day grainfed ribeye

wife made the other piece of ribeye

son made lamb fillet2

son made lamb fillet


son made creamy crabmeat pasta

son made creamy crabmeat pasta

children and wife made father’s day dinner this evening on 21.6.2020.^^

SM cooked brazilian seafood stew

Wenyu cooked black angus 100 days grain fed ribeye + lamb fillet (wife cooked the other piece of steak)

& crab pasta one creamy one alio olio.

seafood stew was very good. like the tomato flavour.

meats were always good. wife added mirin and served with sliced onions t soak up the juices.

son’s crabmeat pasta always good. i liked the alio olio version a bit more.

& SL baked a lemon yogurt cake. very good 👍

had a really nice father’s day dinner thanks to wife and children.

a very blessed and happy man indeed! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Brother made Dinner & Jessie sent YTF on 20Jun2020


my brother brought dinner this evening on 21.6.2020.^^

there were techoew steamed pomfret, chilled pek tor (rabbit fish), 3 steamed giant prawns, fried egg omelette with silver baits and fried bittergourd.

the children are out this evening , and wife and i had a quiet, nice dinner. 🙂

WMwai mun delivered yongatufu made by jessie..

really nice ytf! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Wife made Delicious Ribeye Steak for 4pax Dinner on 7Jun2020

pangrilled grain fed black angus ribeye3

pangrilled grain fed black angus ribeye

pangrilled grain fed black angus ribeye2

pangrilled grain fed black angus ribeye

wife cooked pan grilled grain fedblack angus ribeye today on 7jun2020. ^^

delicious! nicely medium rare and tender.

i made a prawn pasta.

c.h.e.f andy

My Brother & Yuli made nice Dinner for Us on 30May2020

my bro & yuli cooked 3 dishes

my bro & yuli cooked 3 dishes

my brother & his helper cooked dinner for us & delivered this evening – 3 dishes 蛋炒粉丝、咖喱鱼头、白灼肉on 30.5.2020.^^

the belly pork was nice with the garlic chilli vinegar蒜泥醋. and nice fish head and tanhoon. :-)

this period of covid , singapore implemented circuit breaker for 8 weeks. cannot eat out and visit, so mostly cook at home and order in meals.

i cooked for my brother’s 6pax family and delivered on 2 occasions, and my brother did the same for me last and this saturday.

it’s quite fun too. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Delicious Burrata, Steak and Crabmeat Pasta 5pax Home Dinner in 26May2020

burrata with iberico ham

wife’s burrata with iberico ham

my flamed sous vide 56degC 1 hr porterhouse steak3

my flamed sous vide 56degC 1 hr porterhouse steak

had 5pax home dinner thsi evenin gon 26.5.2020.^^

wife made salad and burrata, i made flamed sous vide porterhouse steak and aunty bes made crabmeat pasta.

  1. wife’s salad
  2. wife’s burrata
  3. bread & hummus
  4. my flamed sous vide 56degC 1 hr porterhouse steak
  5. aunty bes crabmeat pasta

very nice burrata with iberico ham, and salad…and the steak adn pasta were excellent too!

a nice enjoyable scrumptious family dinner during covid circuit breaker.

c.h.e.f andy