Really Good Coffeeshop Zichar @ Leong ji on 15Mar2021

had 4pax OPS bros lunch @ leong ji kitchen punggol east on 15.3.2021.^^

we had passed by leong ji the last time during our walk along punggol waterway 1 year ago.

HC bought 5pax birthday dinner for WT with OPS bros + LKY on 12.10.2020.

leong ji is located in a coffeeshop. lunch was S$75 for 4pax zichar price and dishes surprisingly good.

the most unique dish was the rojak cuttlefish kang kong. quite delicious and wonderful texture. kang kong was deep-fried, with taupok etc and also cuttlefish & lots of hae kor aka prawn paste…very nice!

the next best dish for me was the hakka pork belly…this the best deep-fried pork belly I had…usually this dish is too salty and overcooked too dry and also oily..this one here was perfect.

I also enjoyed the excellent 生肠, crunchy and tasty…this actually the birth intestines or aka fallopian tubes lol!

the fish head curry was a average, competent dish for me. lots of vegetables & tau kee. curry was ok, fish meat was fresh…fish head kind of small..not much meat..WT liked it said better than other places.

chicken feet yeemeen also competent. there were 4 chicken feet one for each no need to fight..sauce was tasty yeemeen right texture..not quite the tasty infused入味 braised yeemeen in restaurants but really cannot “hiam” for S$6 yeemeen with 4 chicken feet I guess.

very good lunch we concluded and we will be back!

afterwards we went over to oasis food court & had ice kacang & chendol

c.h.e.f andy


Leong Ji Kitchen


658 Punggol E, #01-10, Singapore 820658



Opening hours:



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