Very Shiok Salted Veg Toman Fillet @ 万蓉城老坛酸菜 L4 Crystal Galleria on 17Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)


our return flight to singapore at 1235am

we still have some time to kill so we walked around and decided to have dinner at 万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼 at L4 of crystal galleria, before going back to puli to collect our luggage & took a cab to the airport. ^^

万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼32 mins queue no A33

every restaurant at the different floors have long queue.

we took a queue number for 2pax table A33 & waited 32mins.


万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼 was of course super crowded. 🙂

menu @ 万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼

we were attracted to the signature 老坛酸菜鱼 salted vege toman (snakehead)黑鱼 fillet soup.

free sour plum drink

we got a free jug of sour plum drink, but it was sweet sugary, quite undrinkable so we just took a few sips.

黑鱼 aka snakehead, toman fish

luckily the dish was served quickly….

the 黑鱼 阿 aka snakehead, toman fish was just super!



fish was rmb49.8/斤(500g)..i asked for the smallest fish, but restaurant said smallest fish 2.8斤(1.4kg)..whatever!

they didn’t cheat it was a monster pot & serving for 2pax..

not complaining really…1.4kg for 2pax and we ate everything! ^^

super delicious la!




we didn’t need other food really so just try the 凉粉 …

it was very good too, as expected..


really shiok!

my son later told me the 4 of them went to another restaurant & took the same thing & they all loved it!

c.h.e.f andy



地址: 愚园路68号晶品4楼22号
电话: 021-52993739

Xintiandi 新天地, Taipingqiao Park 太平桥公园 and Madanglu 马当路 on 17Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

xintiandi 新天地

we had late check at puli out till 4pm on 17.6.2018. ^^

so stayed at hotel room, away from the afternoon heat, rested, chilled, watched movie, eat peaches etc, then after checking out puli & keeping our bags, we took a cab to 新天地 with WT.

S Engine=best coffee in shanghai

unfortunately S Engine which has the best coffee, had a very long snaking queue so we gave the best coffee a miss.

xintiandi 新天地

xintiandi 新天地

xintiandi 新天地

xintiandi 新天地

we strolled along the streets of xintiandi 新天地. good ambience… 🙂

taipingqiao park 太平桥公园

taipingqiao park 太平桥公园

taipingqiao park 太平桥公园

& strolled through taipingqiao park 太平桥公园 next to xintiandi 新天地. 🙂

madanglu 马当路

then walked along madanglu 马当路 where there are nice shops. 🙂

korean embassy @ madanglu 马当路

saw korean embassy from the outside along madanglu 马当路

after that we entered xintiandi 新天地 mall where the metro station is located.

had the best durian dessert at honeymoon dessert 满记甜品 inside xintiandi 新天地 mall 👍. wife’s steamed egg 蒸蛋dessert also super nice..

walking street along nanjing west road

after that WT left..we took metro to nanjing west road & walked back to hotel puli.

passed by 南京路步行街(Nanjing Road Walkway).

along nanjing west road 

and we passed by one of the oldest restaurants in shanghai, 梅龙镇酒家. wife & i ate there like 15yrs+ ago, they served us a cold steamed fish, not great!

along nanjing west road 

a pleasant walk, weather was cooler in the late afternoon.

we still have some time to kill so we went for dinner before going back to puli to collect our luggage & took a cab to the airport.

c.h.e.f andy


The Best Durian Ice Cream @ Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品at Xintiandi Mall on 17Jun2018

steamed egg 蒸蛋@ honeymoon dessert 满记甜品

after strolling at xintiandi 新天地, taipingqiao park 太平桥公园 & madanglu 马当路, we entered xintiandi 新天地 mall where the metro station is located.

went to honeymoon dessert 满记甜品, a hong kong chain.

i had this 2 times at hong kong langham mongkok, and once in shenzhen. not going to miss it if there is one here la…

wife took the steamed egg 蒸蛋 dessert. very nice! ^^

unlike hong kong where double scoop durian was in the menu, and at shenzhen, where they were flexible to offer us double scoop, here in shanghai they very rigid and refused.

so WT took the durian & vanilla.

durian & pulut hitam @  honeymoon dessert 满记甜品

i took the durian & pulut hitam.

durian ice cream was so good, out of this world la! pulut hitam not really ice cream just a dollop of pulut hitam…

durian & vanilla ice cream @ honeymoon dessert 满记甜品

satisfaction guaranteed! ^^

c.h.e.f andy




地址: 马当245地下1层106室地时尚购物中心

电话: 021-63130563

Opening Hours:

营业时间:周一至周日 daily 10:00-22:30 

Great Dimsum @ 苏小柳 at Crystal Galleria 晶品Mall on 17Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

thai durian ridiculous price

this our last day in shanghai, flying back to singapore past midnight flight ie 18.6.2018. 🙂

after a great breakfast at puli hotel, went with wife to the supermarket at kerry centre across the road.

saw thai durians at ridiculous can see these too along the roadside stalls also all split open & zero flavours!

thai durian ridiculous price

the thai durian were selling ridiculous price (who eats thai durians?) like S$18 for 3 seeds.

white peaches 水蜜桃

wife later bought some white peaches 水蜜桃 to bring back singapore.

苏小柳 dimsum at basement of crystal galleria mall 晶品

wife meeting son for lunch.

WT arranged to meet our OPS schoolmate LH & her hubby P (working & living in shanghai) 11.30am for dimsum lunch at 苏小柳, basement of crystal galleria 晶品.

place was packed at 11.30am, and WT came earlier to get a 4pax table. 🙂

pig trotters

pork trotters the best perfect texture..superb = best dish for me….

pig trotters

i must try making that..

garlic ribs蒜香骨

garlic ribs蒜香骨

pork rib 蒜香排骨good but usual standard. 🙂


小笼包excellent! soup so very tasty among the best i had.


锅贴 also very soup inside also very tasty.

drunken crab 六月黄

drunken crab 六月黄

drunken crab 六月黄 was incredible for the price = 3 for 2 promo so 3 crabs for RMB30!

how to beat that?


黄鱼春卷spring roll is their signature dish. it was very good indeed, very sweet 黄鱼fillings & crispy skin…still a spring roll is a spring roll for me…

fried vege

nice vege, not sure what it was…like heng chye…chinese spinach?

葱油饼-waste of time

葱油饼-waste of time

葱油饼-for me a waste of time la…

RMB246 for 4pax dimsum lunch @ 苏小柳

RMB246 for 4pax dimsum lunch @ 苏小柳…

very good price i would say for the food..



after lunch LH & P went to 朱家角, WT & i walked around went to 刘长胜故居..a very good historical display👍

after that we went back to puli hotel drink coffee & watch movies..

wife had lunch with son & they came back to puli shortly.

we rested & chilled, then 3 of us took a cab to xintiandi.

c.h.e.f andy




地址: 愚68晶品LG1-33A

电话: 021-62400077

Opening Hours:

营业时间:周一至周日 daily 10:30-22:00



Excellent 鸦片鱼头and 4pax Dinner @ 陈记 on 16Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)


we walked from the bund 外白渡桥to another wonderful meal at 陈记, a neighbourhood 大排档,looking forward to the 鸦片鱼头

WT & GY took me here during my last trip in nov2017, so this was my second visit here.

GY as usual ordered lots of food…

best was 鸦片鱼头. excellent! wife & i agreed that the 葱焖鸦片鱼头 老吉士天平路still better than this..

口水鸡,海瓜子,凤尾鱼,臭豆腐,炸猪皮,槽头, 酒酿圆子👍

鸦片鱼头, a flatfish head, was excellent!

this the HK steam style 港蒸,and the fish was excellent, fresh, very sweet with flesh like cod & soft head bone structure like a salmon head.

WT had brought this 鸦片鱼头 back singapore & gave me 4 pieces (2 full heads) over 2 occasions & i have cooked it for friends & family. such an excellent fish but cannot get this in singapore.


the 口水鸡 was very good also.

it’s a dish often served in singapore restaurant, so nothing special but very well done, very competent.


凤尾鱼 i don’t see in singapore except eons ago (like 50yrs back when we sometimes take canned 凤尾鱼. maybe it is still selling now.


海瓜子again something i don’t see in singapore, certainly the live, fresh version. but i think i have taken the marinated/cured version before..


the deepfried pigskin was very well done.

the soup was very very tasty…


草头 a bit “siap” astringent.

not a favourite but i guess i am ok with it.


a salad, ok.


the yellow croaker soup 小黄鱼汤 was very sweet & tasty..


the 锅贴 was good too.


and i quite like the 酒酿汤圆, sweet but not too sweet.


dinner for 4pax was about rmb380.

this a much more worthwhile meal than what we had at 胖胖河畔小吃@朱家角 lunch yesterday.

c.h.e.f andy



外白渡桥 Garden Bridge and 上海人民英雄纪念塔on 16Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

东方明珠from 外白渡桥 

WT & GY arranged to meet us at nanjingxilu station at 4pm on 16.6.2018. ^^


we walked along yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路 which is a pedestrian walking street, to 外白渡桥, where 黄浦江 meets 苏州河.

usually i go to the bund 外滩 from nanjingxilu. this the first time i came by 外白渡桥.

黄浦江from 外白渡桥

a shot of huangpu river 黄浦江from 外白渡桥.

东方明珠from 外白渡桥

东方明珠from 外白渡桥

东方明珠from 外白渡桥 

and of course 东方明珠 and the impressive pudong skyline is just across the river.

上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥

there is a shanghai peoples’ hero memorial 上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥, commemorating those who helped to free China from foreign occupation.

上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥

上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥

this is at the huangpu park, the oldest and smallest park of the city & the first to be open to public.

the park was closed to Chinese people between 1890 and 1928, and according to a popular story telling, a sign at the park’s gate read “No dogs or Chinese allowed”.

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge is the first all-steel bridge.

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge, with unique design & a rich history, is one of the symbols of Shanghai and a landmark bridge.

yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路 which is a pedestrian walking street 

we came by this yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路, which is a pedestrian walking street.

former union church @ 外滩白渡桥

former union church @ 外滩白渡桥

former union church @ 外滩白渡桥

 at the end of yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路, there is the former union church at the corner with south suzhou road.

we found a cafe opposite the church. the a joint that WT & GY come sometime for coffee.

we had a cuppa & chillax before taking a walk to our dinner place, 陈记。

c.h.e.f andy

Excellent Unagi Kebayaki @ B2 Reel Mall Food Hall on 16Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

joel robuchon le salon pastry shop

there are 3 malls next to our hotel puli at jingansi station. ^^

reel mall is right by the hotel, and it connects underground past the metro station to crystal gallery. lippo centre is across the road.

after a good hotel breakfast, we walked over to reel mall. joel robuchon is located here, and le salon, joel robuchon’s pastry shop, was the first shop as we entered reel mall..

JR just closed shop in sentosa..chinese much richer & prices no doubt higher than singapore!

B2 food hall of reel mall

there was a food hal at B2 of reel mall, with good standard food specialty stalls..

braised goose @ B2 food hall of reel mall

braised goose @ B2 food hall of reel mall

the teochew braised goose stall looked good.

payment at the mall are mostly by QR scanning no cash. this stall didn’t know how to use the credit card machine for foreign cards, so we were not able to buy.

cake shop @ B2 food hall of reel mall

cake shop @ B2 food hall of reel mall

cake shop @ B2 food hall of reel mall

thee are interesting cakes, tiramisu etc at one cake stall..

piccolo latte

seesaw cafe @ L5 reel mall

on the higher floors there are restaurants & cafe..we had a good piccolo latte at seesaw cafe (a chain) at level 5….

it was pretty good, though not better than tiong hoe in singapore.

cafe at L4

there was a spacious open area, so we sat there to sip our coffee.

cafe at L4

there were restaurants at every level.

on L4, there was a place for painters/artists to practice on their palette, and sip coffee.

view of jingansi from reel mall

this photo of jingansi was from i think level 4.

bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall

we went to look around at crystal galleria which is connected underground to B2 of reel mall past the jingansi metro station.

after that we bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall & went back to our hotel room to enjoy the food. 🙂

sashimi RMB118

the sashimi rmb118 were relatively ex..2 botan ebi were good..the others hotate, salmon, atlantic surf clam below par can get better in singapore supermarkets like donki!

sashimi RMB118

other than the 2 botan ebi, sashimi was otherwise mediocre = hotate ok but not as good as the ones we bought from donki singapore, and salmon was not the better belly cuts.

grilled prawns

grilled prawns also so so.

bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall

the live unagi 河鳗 – really good whole unagi kebayaki for rmb108.

excellent! top draw, the best! ^^

live unagi

these were live river eel in the tanks.

unagi kebayaki RM108

they grilled on the spot…quite fabulous unagi kebayaki!

bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall

we decided to relax & chill at our hotel room, drink coffee & watch movie.

weather was hot, and we were meeting WT & GY later at nanjing donglu station to go to 外滩, and then to 陈记for dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Excellent Stay & Hotel Breakfast @ Puli Hotel (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018

puli hotel corner room weekend package

wife booked online a weekend package corner room with puli hotel located at jingansi station 15-17.6.2018. 🙂

it’s expensive but package was good. ^^

puli hotel corner room weekend package

a very large quite luxurious well appointed room.

puli hotel corner room weekend package 

very spacious walk in wardrobe & toilet bath areas.

and the minibar items were free – beer, soft drinks, mineral water, nespresso, snacks like tablone & cookies.

and we had welcome fruits & some pralines.

and we were given late check-out till 4pm, and later we got a free moet champagne courtesy of hotel…

reception + bar 

the lobby reception is very nicely appointed.

the check in/out counter service, concierge etc were integrated with the bar area, double volume ceiling & great ambience.

bar & reception

nice bar with great privacy bar counter table layout.

bar counter with swimming pool as backdrop

swimming pool 

and  swimming pool as backdrop.

puli hotel breakfast buffet spread 

hotel semi buffet breakfast was very good & included in the package. ^^


the semi buffet included ala carte orders of cooked breakfast dishes.

the pancake was the best, served with very nice smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, ikura (salmon roe) & poached egg top.

that was the best dish.

egg white omelette

egg white omelette 

the eggwhite omelette was usual ompetent dish, came with choice of cheese & mushrooms etc..

egg benedict 

egg benedict was good but not as good as the pancake.

croissant, salad, smoked salmon

croissant, salad, smoked salmon

cheese, salad, bread, smoked salmon

we didn’t take the chinese dimsum both days.

the bread, croissant, cheese, smoked salmon, salad etc were all good.

portuguese egg tart, cheese 

& there were portuegese egg tarts etc..

fruits 杨梅

& nice fruits. 杨梅 especially juicy & sweet, were in season, and white peach too 水蜜桃!

fruits 杨梅


it was a wonderful breakfast!

pancake was specially good. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


puli hotel



Superb Dishes & Ambeince @ 顺风港湾(兰生大厦店) Lansheng Mansion Huaihailu on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

顺风港湾level 37 reception

GY arranged for 4pax dinner at 顺风港湾 this evening on 15.6.2018. ^^

this a great restaurant spanning 3 levels L37-L39 at (兰生大厦店) Lansheng Mansion near 大世界.

food was good class, refine, & tasty. we had a wonderful time.

my host had some problems with the reservation though, and it tokk like 15mins to resolve. the restaurant gave away the table WT & GY came down personally to reserve, and they try to wriggle out & put the blame on us.

in china, sadly one still need to be pushy to get results…so WT & GY got us a 4pax table on L38, not the best view by the window like the one they came here to pick at L37 because restaurant claimed L38 was full, but a table next to the the aisle on L38, but L38 & L39 are rotating, L37 is not. there were several empty tables on L38 though the huge restaurant was quite full…


鲥鱼 (shad) is very expensive in china/shanghai, i think ridiculously expensive.

this 1/2 fish is like RMB360 (S$75). it was excellent fish, very very sweet though lots of tiny bones tricky to eat. they always say fish with tiny bones are very sweet! the steaming sauce was fantastic, very tasty, flavourful shaoxing wine taste.

i saw the look alike in sheng shiong 沙捞越“鲥鱼”刺壳鱼. not sure if it was so did not buy & anyway, all the gills were dark brown not fresh…when i googled, it seems that this is in fact one of like 30 types of 鲥鱼, so maybe if i find a fresh one i will try cooking it la..

ice veg 冰菜 & crab 六月黄

the ice veg 冰菜  was quite exquisite, frozen, crunchy & importantly sweet. i tried a chinese lettuce in singapore, freezing it before serving, didn’t work the lettuce was slight bitter not sweet like this.

ice veg 冰菜

we liked it so much we ordered a second helping! 🙂

crab 六月黄

the crab 六月黄 was also marinated in shaoxing wine. a small crab with good amount of roe, quite like a hairy crab, meat was firm & filling the shell and quite sweet.

roast pigeon

the roast pigeon apparently a popular dish here, saw on some reviews, skin was crispy & overall good taste…wife & i don’t particularly fancy roast pigeon though, and these also not the best i had,  like say in hong kong…

french escargot 法国蜗牛

GY asked if we wanted french escargot 法国蜗牛 or beef. wife didn’t want beef so she ordered the escargot.

it was very well done though i could also do without this dish, would rather have more 本帮菜. GY herself didn’t take much of this.

tiny cucumbers

the tiny cucumbers very interesting too, not as stand out as the ice veg 冰菜, but intriguing too – crunchy, sweet & very 爽口。i like this!

黄鱼羹yellow croaker thick soup

黄鱼羹yellow croaker thick soup

the黄鱼羹yellow croaker thick soup was very tasty, looked wonderful & refine.

some fish meat fried pancake

the fish meat pancake was very good too.



WT ordered one 葱油面 for us to try…it’s a simple dish. noodles was done well, qq, and the scallion flavours were very “pang” ie flavourful. a nice noodles, good to try if not particularly a carb dish i would order usually.

complimentary fruit plate

dinner ended with a complimentary fruit platter from the restaurant.

顺风港湾 level 38 dining

GY went to settle the bill, & the restaurant gave 20% discounts (they don’t usually so i guess this was for messing up our reservation & a good strategic pushy quareling by GY earlier. lol!

the service culture will level up in due course, but today shanghai, hong kong etc not too bad already.

4pax dinner was like RMB800nett, pretty ok for the standard of food & ambience.

c.h.e.f andy




Great Lunch @ 胖胖河畔小吃 on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)


GY brought us to a nice restaurant 胖胖河畔小吃 by riverside looking out at fangsheng bridge 放生桥.

weather was hot & one easily tires so it was good time to relax & chill & have lunch.

we sat at level 2 aircon by window..unfortunately next table was smoking like chimney right before a large no smoking sign..lots of progress in shanghai in terms of cleanliness, spitting, smoking still room for improvement


GY ordered 2x the food we needed as usual in was good, especially 油爆河虾,扎肉, 马兰头.. wife liked the 河鳗 braised eel dish as well.

i thought price was a bit expensive at rmb490 for 4pax lunch..

lotus @ pangpang restaurant

the lotus root was well done dish..a bit sweet not my favourite though.


油爆虾 was good.

it’s a dish i had many times previously. always good, and a common favourite dish served at many eating places, even at street stall.

and it was very good here. we all liked it! you can literally eat everything shells & all, very fresh & sweet. just be careful with the shells a bit la…

扎肉tied pork

the 扎肉tied pork was better than i expected.

it was a very good braised fatty pork, tasty & quite tender, though some parts were “older”..


the 白斩鸡 not to singaporean taste. i didn’t mind it but wife & i prefer the singaporean style smooth 滑白斩鸡.

here they prefer the tough texture, and this first preparation did not satisfy GY so she asked to be changed for a tougher 白斩鸡…

i actually quite like the tough, sweet chicken, and in swatow & chenghai when i visited my relatives, they actually purposely went to buy 老鸡母, and it was sweet & tasty..this one here…i didn’t think much of it…


lala or 蛤蜊 was done well. a great dish! fresh, succulent, just the right timing…


马兰头 is a bit bitter 涩 a cultivated taste. i like this dish..

luffa gourd ?

the luffa gourd? dish was ok, not bad…

bamboo shoot

bamboo shoot is the sweet sticky sauce preparation, ok for me, not my favourite..


the braised eel 红烧河鳗 was good. wife liked it..i didn’t mind it too.

an immensely enjoyable lunch thanks to my good friends WT & GY. ^^

c.h.e.f andy



  • 地址:朱家角北大街186弄2号(美周弄新风路)
  • 021-59248034

Qing Dynasty Post Office 大清邮局 @ 朱家角 on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

i read about the 大清邮局 @ 朱家角.

we had just chillaxed at a riverside cafe & planning to return to puli hotel to freshen up. wasn’t particularly looking for it but WT saw it first.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

there were various groups taking photos.

we decided to visit.

RMB5 entrance fee -大清邮局 @ 朱家角

entrance fee was RMB5pax.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

back river view 大清邮局 @ 朱家角

building was by the riverside.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

there were exhibits showing how mails were collected & dispatched in the olden times.

like what you see in movies speed delivery where horses died from exhaustion.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

afterwards we walked back to zhujiajioa station & took line 17 & changed to line 2 back to puli hotel.

our room was ready. WT & GY joined us. we had the free coffee & tea & snacks, and freshened up a bit, afterwards we proceeded to 顺风港湾for a nice dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


zhujiajiao 朱家角 getting there

Delightful Water Village Zhujiajiao 朱家角古镇 on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

zhujiajiao 朱家角

there are many 古镇(old towns)水乡 (water villages) near shanghai. i went to 乌镇 and a tiny one七宝 last trip. for this trip we decided to visit zhujiajiao朱家角.

now metro line 17 connects to zhujiajiao朱家角, so it was convenient for us to take line 2 from jingansi station to change at hong qiao station (just walk over the platform). the journey took about 1hr 5mins.

WT & GY met us at puli hotel at 10.30am on 15.6.2018.

we were soon on our way to zhujiajiao朱家角.

they also brought 2 white peach & a bag of 杨梅. both were in season & so very sweet & juicy.

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao朱家角. was what they say it is., quite beautiful!

delightful waterways, glimmering water, relaxing ambience, ancient buildings, narrow streets, street food.

圆津禅院(Yuanjin Buddhist Temple) @ zhujiajiao 朱家角

the 圆津禅院(Yuanjin Buddhist Temple) was first built during the power of Zhizheng in Yuan Dynasty, that is, 1341.

quite a scenic landscape setting in zhujiajiao 朱家角.

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

street vendors selling tied pork 扎肉, a specialty here, basically a braised belly pork, braised trotters; and as it is nearing 端午节dumpling festival, also lots of dumplings.

fangsheng bridge 放生桥 @ zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

fangsheng bridge 放生桥 @ zhujiajiao 朱家角

fangsheng bridge 放生桥 @ zhujiajiao 朱家角

we walked across the fangsheng bridge 放生桥 & took lots of photos. 🙂

it was hot & one tires easily, so lunch was a great idea!

GY found the restaurant 胖胖河畔小吃 she was looking for.

we had a great lunch. GY ordered too much food, as usual, lol! 🙂

zhujiajiao 朱家角

zhujiajiao 朱家角

after lunch, we walked some more along the streets.

zhujiajiao 朱家角

圆津禅院(Yuanjin Buddhist Temple) @ zhujiajiao 朱家角

圆津禅院(Yuanjin Buddhist Temple) @ zhujiajiao 朱家角

圆津禅院(Yuanjin Buddhist Temple) @ zhujiajiao 朱家角

we walked on the the river side of  圆津禅院(Yuanjin Buddhist Temple).

the we retraced our steps to the entrance.

it was hot, we decided not to enter & opted to chill at a riverside cafe. i took a nice cool ice lemon tea.

zhujiajiao 朱家角

there were lots of nice wood carvings & sculpture on the old buildings.

we then passed by the qing dynasty post office 大清邮局 & went in for a tour.

after that we walked back to the metro station & got back to our hotel by about 4pm & got our room.

c.h.e.f andy


zhujiajiao 朱家角 getting there

Jingansi 静安寺 (Worthwhile Visit) on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

jingansi 静安寺 

we still had 1/2hr to kill before WT & GY met us at puli hotel.

jinganshi 静安寺 entrance fee was RMB50pax. we decided anyway to enter, just consider donations for upkeep which it is…wouldn’t take long to look see.

jingansi 静安寺 

jinganshi 静安寺 is one of the most famous temples in Shanghai located at West Nanjing Road, the flourishing downtown area of Shanghai.  more importantly next to our hotel puli.

In 1983, it was put on the list of key national protection.

temple has a history of more than 780 years, starting in the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). In the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), it was moved to the present location. shanghai’s first tramcar was built with jinganshi 静安寺 as its starting station.

jingansi 静安寺

3 legged shrine @ jinganshi 静安寺 

there is a 3 legged shrine @ jinganshi 静安寺.

not easy to throw a coin into the tower/shrine for well wishes. Or i was just really bad at it! lol!

I threw like 10 times to get the first one in..the second was easier.. 🙂

jingansi 静安寺

dragon stone slab carvings @ jingansi 静安寺

fish stone slab carvings @ jingansi 静安寺 

there were 2 beautiful dragon & fish stone slab carvings on the steps leading to mahavira hall 大雄宝殿.

the Mountain Gate (山门), the Mahavira Hall (大雄宝殿), the Hall of Heavenly Kings (天王殿), and the Hall of Three Gods (三圣殿) are the four major architectures in the temple.

3.87m jade buddha @ mahavira hall 大雄宝殿 jingansi 静安寺 

3.87m jade buddha @ mahavira hall 大雄宝殿 jingansi 静安寺

3.87m jade buddha @ mahavira hall 大雄宝殿 jinganshi 静安寺

the 3.87m jade buddha at the mahavira hall 大雄宝殿.is the tallest in china today.

original temple bell @ mahavira hall 大雄宝殿 jingansi 静安寺 

there is the original temple bell @ mahavira hall jinganshi 静安寺 at the side.

view looking out from mahavira hall 大雄宝殿

the view looking out from mahavira hall 大雄宝殿 facing the hall of the 4 heavenly kings. the temple entrance is on the left side in the photo.

guanyin@jingansi 静安寺

guanyin@jingansi 静安寺 

the guangyin statue is loacted at another building to the right on level 1.

四大天王@jiagansii 静安寺

& the hall of the 4 heavenly kings 四大天王 is next to the entrance.

jingansi 静安寺 

we went to level 2 & walked one round…a nice elevated view of the temple.

4 face gold lion @ jingansi 静安寺 

the 4 face gold lion.

laughing buddha @ 4 face gold lion @ jingansi 静安寺

& laughing buddha.

jingansi 静安寺

4 face gold lion @ jingansi 静安寺 

a close up of the 4 face gold lion.

jingansi 静安寺

all in all a quite enjoyable visit. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Chinese name: 静安寺 (Jing An Si)
Location: No.1686 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai.
Ticket: CNY30, free on incense days (the 1st and 15th days of every lunar month)
Opening time: 07:30-17:00; 04:30-17:00 during the temple fair
Temple fair date: starts from April 8th of Chinese lunar month and last for three days
How to get to Jing’an Temple:
– By buses No.21, 825 and get off at the terminal, Jiaozhou Lu (胶州路); or No.37, 62, 562, 838 and get off at the terminal, Mei Li Yuan (美丽园); or No.40 and get off at the terminal Guoji Guidu Hotel (国际贵都大酒店); or No.15, 20, 45, 71, 76, 93, 94, 113, 138, 506, 824, 830, 831, 921, 927, 925, 939 and airport line No.6 and get off at Jing’an Temple;
– By subway No.2 and get off at the station of Jing’an Temple.

Jam-packed Metro Line 2 from Pudong International Airport on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai 15-17Jun2018)

early morning rush hour on metro line 2 from putong airport

there was some delay due to a new requirement to digitally capture all finger prints. there was a ok receipt which could be reused in future.

otherwise immigration was quite smooth.

we were deciding whether to take airport transfer as we had 6pax, just nice for RMB340 transfer advertised..but we thought it might be quite jam in morning rush hour, so decided to take metro line 2.

as it turned out, it took us 1.5hrs. train was empty at pudong international airport. we were all seated & when the train got really packed like 6 stations into the journey (it was really packed like no standing place) we thought we were lucky until we heard announcements that had to change train at guanglan road station 广兰路! even though it was same line 2.

there was a long queue, we managed to got on but decided to get out & queue in front for the next train. good decision, but still i had to get up the train even while passsengers were alighting to grab the seats.

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

puli hotel page directions were not clear. we walked through the mall as directed but there were no signage & we were lost, and finally came up across the orad from kerry centre. later WT told us we should go by exit 9 next to hotel.

our puli hotel room was not ready, and WT & GY were meeting us at 10.30am so we had 1 hr to kill.

hotel was good enough to let my son & his friends leave their luggage though they were not staying at puli..their airbnb was nearby but they had no place to leave luggage until 1pm check in..

wife & i walked to nearby jingan park 静安公园..they were lots of people dressed up & dancing to music, including what looked like turkish/middle-eastern music & costumes…

there was a pond nice place to chill but otherwise not much to see…

after that we still had 1/2 hr. we decided to go to jingan temple 静安寺..

c.h.e.f andy

Poor Deteriorating Food Offering & Quality at Asia Treasure Lounge & SQ Biz Class Order The Cook on 14Jun2018

char kuay teow

wife arranged a last minute weekend trip to shanghai 15-17.6.2018. ^^

there was a 30% discount for SQ biz class redemption, so it was 49000 miles instead of the usual 70000 miles.

carrot cake

our first choice lounge usually DBS asia treasures T3 lounge (for SQ departures) because more quiet.

however food offering had been deteriorating.

this evening worse than meagre, no smoothies & only char kuay teow & carrot cake..nothing to talk about lor…

krisflyer gold lounge

SQ biz class ticket also allow one to enter the krysflyer gold lounge opposite asia treasures.

krisflyer gold lounge food

krisflyer gold lounge nuts

more food choices like 6 dishes or more & there were nuts & crisp…all not available these days at asia treasure.

so in a sense asia treasure is now like any priority lounge & in fact the SATS priority lounge at T2/T3 connection is much better in terms of food offering.

braised belly pork – SQ Silver Kris Biz lounge

this evening, SQ biz lounge had much better food offering.

there was the excellent braised belly pork first time i see here.

SQ Silver Kris Biz lounge food

SQ Silver Kris Biz lounge food

& there was mee soto, which was good..

since having biz ticket, no harm to look see, never know what you may find la…

lobster thermidor

we were on the 1.15am flight, arriving in shanghai 6.35am.

about SQ served the meals about 1+ hrs into the flight. there was book the cook, so i ordered lobster thermidor. usually it was very good.

garlic bread was good.

lobster thermidor

lobster thermidor

lobster thermidor

unfortunately today the lobster thermidor was almost not edible, such a waste of good ingredients..

lobster was “nua nua”, not bouncy & fresh & sweet. the concoction was somehow unappealing visually & taste wise.

used to be excellent not so long ago…won’t order this again..go for the chilean seabass

c.h.e.f andy