Great Lunch @ 胖胖河畔小吃 on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)


GY brought us to a nice restaurant 胖胖河畔小吃 by riverside looking out at fangsheng bridge 放生桥.

weather was hot & one easily tires so it was good time to relax & chill & have lunch.

we sat at level 2 aircon by window..unfortunately next table was smoking like chimney right before a large no smoking sign..lots of progress in shanghai in terms of cleanliness, spitting, smoking still room for improvement


GY ordered 2x the food we needed as usual in was good, especially 油爆河虾,扎肉, 马兰头.. wife liked the 河鳗 braised eel dish as well.

i thought price was a bit expensive at rmb490 for 4pax lunch..

lotus @ pangpang restaurant

the lotus root was well done dish..a bit sweet not my favourite though.


油爆虾 was good.

it’s a dish i had many times previously. always good, and a common favourite dish served at many eating places, even at street stall.

and it was very good here. we all liked it! you can literally eat everything shells & all, very fresh & sweet. just be careful with the shells a bit la…

扎肉tied pork

the 扎肉tied pork was better than i expected.

it was a very good braised fatty pork, tasty & quite tender, though some parts were “older”..


the 白斩鸡 not to singaporean taste. i didn’t mind it but wife & i prefer the singaporean style smooth 滑白斩鸡.

here they prefer the tough texture, and this first preparation did not satisfy GY so she asked to be changed for a tougher 白斩鸡…

i actually quite like the tough, sweet chicken, and in swatow & chenghai when i visited my relatives, they actually purposely went to buy 老鸡母, and it was sweet & tasty..this one here…i didn’t think much of it…


lala or 蛤蜊 was done well. a great dish! fresh, succulent, just the right timing…


马兰头 is a bit bitter 涩 a cultivated taste. i like this dish..

luffa gourd ?

the luffa gourd? dish was ok, not bad…

bamboo shoot

bamboo shoot is the sweet sticky sauce preparation, ok for me, not my favourite..


the braised eel 红烧河鳗 was good. wife liked it..i didn’t mind it too.

an immensely enjoyable lunch thanks to my good friends WT & GY. ^^

c.h.e.f andy



  • 地址:朱家角北大街186弄2号(美周弄新风路)
  • 021-59248034

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