Genuine HK Standard Roast Meats & Beef Noodles @ Noodles Restaurant on 6Sep2013

roast duck & char siew (S$18)

roast duck & char siew  – S$18

a friend organised lunch at noodles place restaurant at centrepoint on 6.9.2013. it’s a prima group restaurant, i could hardly recall when i last visited.

beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 - S$8

beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 – S$8

roast duck & char siew - S$18

roast duck & char siew – S$18

we were only 3pax so we went with the classic hong kong fare. each of us ordered a beef brisket noodles 牛腩面, and we ordered a roast duck & char siew combinations (双拼) to share. 🙂

we were there at 1pm & the open cafeteria styled restaurant was only 1/2 full, but it filled up a bit more later. i must say i was pleasantly surprised that the food was really genuine hk standard. the roast duck was fatty but really flavourful, perhaps even better than some places in hk. the char siew was also top quality in texture & taste, though the bbq pork collar at imperial treasure teochew was more marbled & textured.

the beef brisket noodles 牛腩面. i was lamenting that we were missing hk standard 牛腩面. the shanghainese/ taiwanese version 牛腩面 at crystal jade lamian xialongbao & sicc were well & good, but not my preferred hk version. the ones here though were excellent. they did not quite serve the beef belly type cut, but the brisket was indeed very good & it is true that most Singaporeans would prefer this leaner cut. 🙂

my friend bought lunch. i estimated the price would be about S$48nett for 3pax. i liked the roasts & the noodles and i will back for sure. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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