Very Good Italian Dishes 6pax Family Dinner @ Rosso Bianco on 3Sep2018

lobster ravioli S$22.80

daughter arranged dinner at rosso bianco at greenwood on 3.9.2018. ^^

the children have entertainment app & they had wanted to use that but the promotion was over. so we bought instead the off peak 50% off chope vouchers. jolly good! 🙂

red wine S$55

they had wine promotion this month. JH & son selected a S$79 wine now S$55.


restaurant served some bread. nothing special, still good bread with good extra virgin olive oil.

lobster ravioli

daughter ordered lobster & crab ravioli.

i not ravioli person. it was good standard for ravioli but nothing special for me. i prefer the other 2 pasta dishes. 🙂

squidink pasta S$25.80

squidink pasta was good standard, al dente, nice squidink flavour, tasty. i guess not the very best.

squidink pasta 

good serving & ingredients.

seafood linguine S$25.80

seafood linguine very tasty too & good amount of seafood.

fold over pizza

the fold over pizza was unusual & really excellent, great aroma, taste & texture.

i will sure order that again next visit. 🙂

when the server was taking order & describing to us we thought it was a calzona, but it was as described a foldover pizza. lol! 🙂

chargrilled ribeye steak S$39.80

we ordered a few meat to share.

the chargrilled ribeye steak was good tender meat, though not served tagliata as stated in the menu.

lamb rack S$42.90

lamb rack was likewise a very nice dish.

like the steak it had the grid chequered look but not really fully charred. i thought charring it would make it taste a lot better.

iberico pork rack S$39

the iberico pork rack looked anemic not well charred & dry but actually it was quite tatsy & tender.

lava cake S$12.80

lava cake S$12.80

lava cake also very good standrad…the dark chocolate flavourful & lots of lava, perfect texture.

iberico pork rack S$39

so for dinner we had-

  • 3 pasta
  • 1 pizza
  • 3 meat
  • 1 lava cake
  • 1 wine

dinner was S$321 for 6pax. we had S$300 chope voucher which we paid S$150. so total was S$171nett for 6pax include $55 wine the best deal la 👍👍👍

really great dinner with family.

c.h.e.f andy


Rosso Bianco


2 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore (289189)

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday from 11am-11pm
All day dining


Recipe = Good Steamed Red Garoupa with Nonya Sauce & with Taujeon Lime Sauce on 12Sep2018

nonya steamed red garoupa head

i bought a S$7 red garoupa head when i went to chinatown to get red garoupa for my cooking demo & sharing at teban gardens last week on 5.9.2018. ^^

i decided to do a nonya sauce steamed fish head on 11.9.2018 & a taujoen lime fish head on 12.9.2018. ^^

nonya steamed red garoupa head

nonya steamed red garoupa head

the nonya sauce fish head was better tasting.

recipe wise it was same as my nonya steamed red snapper fish head on 31.8.2018 = just 1 heap tbsp gimson nonya sauce, 1tbsp each light soy sauce, mirin & 2tbsp olive oil.

fish head was delicious, but i think my red snapper head previously was better in terms of texture.

taujeon lime red garoupa head

for the taujeon lime recipe quite straight forward =2tbsp taujeon pounded in mortar, 1tbsp each light lime juice, soy sauce, mirin & 2tbsp olive oil. 🙂

taujeon lime red garoupa head

taujeon lime red garoupa head

combination of taujeon & lime giving a tangy taste was good.

but it was quite far & not really comparable with the zai shun’s taujeon lime sauce for the delicious sharks cartilage dish.

c.h.e.f andy

Very Expensive S$7 Beef Kway Teow Soup on 12Sep2018

mixed beef + tendon soup

went to get something & stopped by kovan market on 12.9.2018

curry chicken noodle gravy

passed by a long queue at yami mee the teochew noodle stall.

they also sells curry chicken noodles, and surprisingly the curry gravy looked authentic like ah heng curry chicken noodles at hong lim.

yami mee the teochew noodle stall

i was not going to queue so would try this another time.

cheng kee beef kway toew

saw the beef kway teow stall at the coffeeshop on the way back to my car… well there were 5pax before me so still queue 10mins..

beef kway teow

ordered no. 5 the  $7 mixed beef + tendon soup..

mixed beef + tendon soup

serving was real meagre..totally not worth the price..soup & beef etc average & all teeny weeny cuts nothing to eat for $7👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

sorry won’t eat at this stall again.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

(2) Yam Mee Teochew Noodle Stall

Shiok! Scrumptious Tapas 5pax Dinner @ Sabio Duxton on 10Sep2018

serrano ham with asparagus S$17

GY is back after settling some matters in shanghai. she will stay till late oct early nov this time.

HQ is flying back to tokyo where he is studying & likewise WW returning to shenzhen on friday.

today was a good time to get everybody for a tapas eat & chill at sabio duxton on 10.9.2018. ^^

i parked at pinnacle & we met at essen & then walked over to sabio.

sabio duxton

a cozy place..

sabio duxton

nice tapas bar to chill & relax, and eat some tapas. not much business through the evening…

bellota jamon iberico

they had the whole leg of bellota jamon iberico with machine that can slice very thin prosciutto slices.

eggplant caviar S$12

i ordered 9 tapas + a churros + a spanish fried rice mixta, and GY & WW ordered a beer each.

first dish was asparagus with serrano prosciuto (top photo). the thin asparagus so so, cannot c/w la taperia. & a bit ex at S$17.

ham croquette S$14

the ham croquette was good. 🙂

chorizo S$16

chorizo i liked. WT family so so with it. a bit ex at S$16 but i guess chorizo are expensive.

galician octopus S$22

galician octopus always good, very tender & nice garlic & herbs.

prawn ceviche  S$18 + S$2 tacos

prawn ceviche was good. i like the salsa, lightly vinegared. WT cannot take sea prawns. teh others ok with this dish. it is light so not as flavourful as the other dishes.

garlic prawns S$18

the garlic prawns was good standard spanish gambas al ajillo, a common tapas dish.

in fact my chorizo prawns kind of inspired by this dish here.

scallops in white wine sauce S$22

ordered scallops first time.

a nice dish, especially the white wine sauce, quite delicious. we ordered additional bread S$2 to eat with this sauce & from the other dishes. 🙂

sotong ala plancha S$14

the squid ala plancha (hot plate) was good as always. GY don’t take squid much though she tried some.

churros S$11

S$125nett for 5pax include 2 beers

spanish seafood mixta fried rice S$26

to finish off we had the carb item spanish seafood mixta fried rice S$26.

not the al dente paella type (they said they didn’t have the paella oven), but a very nice dish with loads of ingrdients, many large prawns, chorizo & lots of squid pieces.

& also the churros, just nice 1 piece each.

the bill came out to S$247 for 9 tapas + spanish fried rice + churros including 2 beers (S$18). actually quite ok prices overall for 5pax.

there is an ongoing chope 50% off peak (5.30pm to 9pm) vouchers so i bought S$250 vouchers for S$125.

so the dinner was just S$125 for 5pax. so shiok! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



Hong Kong Claypot Rice & Steamed Red Garoupa 2pax Home Dinner on 9Sep2018

HK claypot rice 

made hk claypot rice & steamed red garoupa for 2pax home dinner with wife on sunday 9.9.2018. ^^

HK claypot rice 

didn’t want to spend too much time, and a sausage claypot rice easier than chicken claypot rice.

& of course i still have lots of pork & liver sausage from hong kong la. 🙂

i washed pork & liver sausages thoroughly…then dried with kitchen towels…i think they very unclean hanging around & stored at wet markets…

HK claypot rice

HK claypot rice 

the i just fried 2 slices of salted fish with chicken fat & added 2 tsp chopped garlic, then added 1 cup rice, fried then added 1 cup water, placed sausages on top and cooked for 20mins thereabout.

took out the sausages & cut & put back then garnised with coriander.

HK claypot rice 

i do this when i am lazy to do claypot chicken rice.

very much easier, and still very fragrant, with the salted fish & sausage flavours & claypot aroma. quite perfect dish.

steamed red garoupa 

i also steamed a small red garoupa i thin about 300g+ about S$5.

steamed red garoupa

steamed red garoupa

super fresh & tender & sweet, and the hong kong steam was perfect for this fresh fish, light soy sauce was wonderful.

HK claypot rice

a quick, simple & delicious 2pax home dinner, easy to do & delicious for the palate.

c.h.e.f andy

Very Good Hokkien Mee @ Tan Song Heng Meiling Food Centre on 7Sep2018

S$6 hokkien mee

went with wife to meiling food centre.

the hokkien mee at tan song heng is very good, so i queue 15mins for it.

went over to xinlu fish ball noodles but they already closed at 1pm..

there were loads of ingredients – 5 large prawns & many sotong pieces.

most importantly the stock was very good, and so the hokkien mee was so very tasty & shiok!

tan song heng hookien mee

labour intensive & took quite long because he had to start a new lots of noodles.

piccolo latte

S$6 hokkien mee

we really enjoyed this S$6 hokkien mee shared by 2. no need lots of money to have good food.

i think i will try this again at home. my own fried hokkien noodles not too bad too but will try it again.

after lunch we walked over to tiong hoe & enjoyed a nice cuppa.

c.h.e.f andy


Tan Song Heng

Stall #02-40

Meiling Street Food centre

Daughter Bought Lunch – Happiness Seafood White Bee Hoon & Jin Xiang Ding Mutton Soup on 7Sep2018

white beehoon

daughter arranged 2pax lunch today on 7.9.2018. ^^

i fetched her at lunch time & we went to nearby kovan food centre.

daughter likes the white beehoon a lot. she bought S$5 WBH with sliced fish & clams to share. 🙂

the prawn based broth was tasty & there was quite a bit of sliced fish. larpok (crispy lard) was nice..overall a very pleasant dish.

for me, actually it was a very average dish…competent, tasty & nice enough certainly.

happiness seafood white beehoon

we sat next to the stall there was steady orders & food took 15 mins to arrive.

jin xiang ding pig organ mutton soup

menawhile i queued at jin xiang dig pig organ soup stall which sells a variet of double boiled soup & also chinese herbal mutton soup.

jin xiang ding mutton soup

was uncertain about the mutton soup as it does not appear to be a specialist stall selling too many other dishes.

but it was good, not cheap though for S$6 i counted like only 7 pieces of small ribs, like 2/3 of less of what cha chuan tou serves for same S$6.

but the ribs were very good, very tender, tasty, not strong gamey taste, and the soup also very good, mildly herbal & sweet.

i still prefer chai chuan tou at bukit merah view food centre of course! 🙂

very enjoyable lunch with daughter. i was picking up 3 packets of frozen prawns i bought on qoo10 from causeway pacific near here, so it was good arrangement to meet up with daughter for 2pax lunch.

the yutiao stall looked good, so i went to buy a S$0.80 yutiao & daughter & i shared the excess carb…worthwhile calories?? really shiok!

c.h.e.f andy


(1) Happiness Seafood White Beehoon


Kovan Market and Food Centre, 209 Hougang Street 21, #01-20

(2) Jin Ding Xiang Pig’s Organ Soup
Kovan Market and Food Centre, 209 Hougang Street 21, #01-08
Opening hours: 11am to 11pm

Pongs Laksa 7pax OPS Bros Lunch on 6Sep2018

6pax lunch dishes

got my OPS bros to come for pong’s laksa 7pax lunch on 6.9.2018. ^^

WT brought son HQ, who studied history of arts at waseda & returned singapore for summer break.

my RI bro brought me 4 packets of pong’s laksa paste recently & i did a 5pax pong’s laksa dinner recently on 24.8.2018. 🙂

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa (leftover i took next day)

for today, i prepared salt baked chicken and some prawns to add to the laksa.

pong’s laksa

pong’s laksa is really easy to prepare. the key though is the stock so i made really intense chicken stock from bones of one chicken with added carrots, red onions, ginger & spring onions.

1 packet pong’s laksa serves 4-5pax. all you do is to add laksa leaves & fry, then add 1 litre chicken stock. i then boiled the cut taupok for 40mins in any case to soften it, then i added 300ml coconut milk & 2 tbsp crispy chilli, everything to taste of course. 🙂

then i off fire & added the sliced teochew fish cake. meanwhile i grilled & cut 3 fish cakes and set aside.

when all arrived & ready for lunch, i heated up the laksa gravy, added 50ml evaporated milk, then served.

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa

i served total 11 bowls (7+3 at lunch and 1 bowl leftover i took next day) instead of 4-5 because i added very little gravy. usually gravy were left wasted & really no need to add that much. my friends all ok with small serving of gravy. 🙂

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa (leftover i took next day)

laksa was excellent! tasty, flavourful as always, with nice chicken & prawns. fish cake, taupok & teochew fish cake all great complements.

(these fresh prawns not as good as the frozen prawns from causeway pacific though. my family & all my friends love the frozen prawns).

& i had chopped laksa leaves to add to the laksa. for me the laksa leaves & the crispy haebeehiam chilli really enhanced the taste of the laksa.

WT’s delectable dish

WT mad a delectable dish of fish roe, fish naw, sea cucumber, sotong, fish balls, la la clams..👍👍

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

to complement the laksa, i made 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken).

the usual recipe here.

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

chicken was tasty, but not as good as last time. today i was lazy so did not make the ginger scallion sauce (like for samsui chicken).

the sauce was a great taste & experience enhancer. i served that for my best 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken) for 10pax RO bros dinner on 27.8.2018.

i will make that again next time for my chicken.

braised pig trotters

i also made soem teochew braised pig trotters, recipe here. 🙂

braised pig trotters

braised pig trotters

i liked the trotters, very gelatinous especially the pig skin also.

& nice flavourful braise.

salted egg chicken fried rice

salted egg chicken fried rice

our friend CH cannot do w/o rice. so i made salted egg fried rice.

very easy. fry chopped garlic & chopped salted egg. add overnight rice & crispy haebeehiam chilli. off fire. when serving, add a bit oil, add 2 eggs to wok & let eggs spread & formed, then spread over the rice & mix. voila!

quite tasty & flavourful fried rice.

6pax lunch dishes

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa

had a wonderful time with my OPS bros. nice laksa lunch & great dish from WT. HC brought a red wine.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe 2nd Sharing & Demo = HK Steamed Red Garoupa, Steamed Minced Pork, Salted Egg Bittergourd @ Teban Gardens on 5Sep2018

sharing with teban garden residents

teban gardens PPHCSC (pasir panjang hill community service centre) arranged a cooking demo & sharing with residents on 5.9.2018.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens PPHCSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

i cooked a breakfast dish for teban gardens every friday unless i am travelling or otherwise unavailable. i did my 71st friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre on 7.9.2018.

450g red garoupa

I shared the following-

  1. hong kong steamed red garoupa
  2. steamed minced pork with light soy sauce
  3. salted egg bittergourd

I chose the 3 dishes as they are practical everyday dishes with simple ingredients, tasty dishes & very easy to make.

very good interactions with many questions & interests from the residents.

quick recipe for hong kong steamed red garoupa here-

  1. clean with salt & wash red garoupa (450g)
  2. add 2tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp olive oil (or vegetable oil) & 2 tbsp mirin (optional)
  3. add sliced ginger, chopped spring onions & cut chilli padi
  4. steam for 8 mins..check to make sure fish is cooked.


  • use top quality light soy sauce will make the dish very fragrant & tasty
  • washing with salt thoroughly helps to remove fishy taste

steamed minced pork

quick recipe for steamed minced pork with light soy sauce here-

  1. add 1tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp olive oil (or vegetable oil) & 1tbsp cornflour to 300g minced pork & mix thoroughly
  2. add another 1tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp olive oil (or vegetable oil) to the minced pork in the dish (see photo above)
  3. steam for 12mins, make sure the minced pork is fully cooked…


  • adding cornflour will make the minced pork very smooth
  • adding & mince together a bit of fatty pork makes the dish more tasty but less healthy
  • use top quality light soy sauce will make the dish very fragrant & tasty

salted egg fried bittergourd

quick recipe for salted egg bittergourd here-

  1. wash cut bittergourd with salt, clean thoroughly & soak in clean water for 3 hrs. wash thoroughly. can also repeat the process.
  2. fry 2tsp chopped garlic & a whole minced salted egg in 1tbsp oil
  3. add bittergourd & fry high fire till it is fully cooked
  4. add 1tbsp oil & crack 2 eggs. wait till eggs fully formed, then fold the eggs over the bittergourd & mix thoroughly.


  • washing cut bittergourd with salt soaking in water reduces the bitterness
  • let the eggs fully formed before folding & mixing give the dish better texture & looks ie presentation

sharing with teban garden residents

sharing with teban garden residents

i do not myself attend cooking lessons. just my idiosyncrasy.

the reason being that my impression is that dishes taught at cooking lessons are mostly dishes that require many ingredients and condiments/spices/sauces & one is not likely to acquire the condiments/spices/sauces just to replicate the dish at home.

hence i chose the 3 dishes that are everyday dishes one can do at home, very easy to cook & require very few ingredients & yet produce really tasty & enjoyable dishes for the family, friends, one & all…..

c.h.e.f andy

Delectable S$38 3-course Set Lunch @ La Taperia on 4Sep2018

galician octopus

my RI bro CL bought 3pax lunch at la taperia on 4.9.2018. ^^

all the dishes were delicious & exquisite. thoroughly enjoyed the lunch. & service was good too, polite attentive & responsive. 🙂

the galician octopus was excellent, very tender & tatsy. 🙂


baguette was good too. we asked for a second serving. here there was slight blemish on the service, as the server did not inform us that they charged an extra S$4 for the bread.

this is NOT a good practice, you should always inform your customer & let them decide if they want to pay for it. we were ok to pay the additional S$4.

chacuterie board

chacuterie was the usual, good enuf standard, and also a good serving. chorizo & parma ham were good & the tomato salsa was very good. 🙂


asparagus was again excellent like the galician octopus. very tender & sweet, nice tasty bacon wrap & excellent bearnaise sauce.

lamb rump excellent

for me the lamb rump was the best dish, really tasty & tender.

lamb rump excellent

quite perfect, wonder if i can do this dish. must google & see any good recipes…

really love this dish, even more than the octopus & asparagus.

seafood stew

asturia seafood stew

asturia seafood stew was very good too. CL & CM liked it very much.

for me, it was not the best. stock was primarily shellfish based, though ingredients included rock fish, a very deep flavoured lobster bisque like veloute. i like it to have more sweetness of fish like bouillabaise.

grilled USA pork

grilled USA pork

the grilled USA pork was tasty & tender enough. it was lean meat & not iberico so not as flavourful & marbled but really very good pork.

dessert – churros & pavlova


pavlova was nicely done, light, well baked, tasty.

think i will try making this i think “simple” dessert. let’s see. 🙂


churros with chocolate sauce was good. 🙂

bill S$142 for 3pax after $20 off

the very enjoyable 3pax lunch was S$142 with the supplemnets & after stanchart S$20 discounts.

lamb rump excellent

sure to come back again, especially for the lamb rump.

a really great lunch with my RI bros.

c.h.e.f andy


La Taperia

Opening Hours:

Nonya Curry Chicken with Potatoes – 71st Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 7Sep2018

curry chicken 

made nonya curry chicken for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 7.9.2018.^^

this my 71st friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

curry chicken 

so the usual washed with salt then dry in colander in fridge.

then marinated with heng’s nonya curry chicken paste & 3tbsp fish sauce in fridge overnight.

curry chicken 

in the morning, fried 1 stalk curry leaves with 1tbsp oil & 3tsp chopped garlic. then added the marinated chicken.

fried high fire for several minutes turning the chicken fillet thoroughly, then covered on low fire for 5mins.

then added 200ml coconut milk. chicken has lots of moisture no need add water.

curry chicken

then removed chicken & added cut potatoes, & drained back the chicken gravy to the pot.

curry chicken 

cooked for 6-8mins anyway checking if potatoes are cooked by breaking it against the wall of the pot or poking through the potatoes.

curry chicken

curry chicken

curry chicken

then transferred the cooked chicken & potatoes to aluminium carrier.

i tasted the curry . it was excellent – intense & flavourful. chicken looked succulent as usual i didn’t try this time.

later MH messaged “They love 💕 the curry chicken all gone – thanks a lot

c.h.e.f andy

Delicious Sharks Cartilage and Salted Egg Bittergourd 5pax RI Buddies Lunch@ Zai Shun on 3Sep2018

5 lunch dishes

had 5pax lunch at zai shun on 3.9.2018. ^^

4 of us went in one car. HK came separately himself, after dropping son at jurong east mrt.

long queue @ zai shun

long queue @ zai shun

we arrived & parked before 11.30am. still there was a queue of 8pax or so, and the queue became longer & remained so during lunch hour.

we got a table but later arrivals have to wait for tables in the large coffesshop space.

opening hours

they closed on wed. open other days 7am to 3pm.

teochew steamed treadfin head S$35

i ordered 5 dishes for 6pax, cos DP was going to join us. but he couldn’t find the place and after going through much trouble & inconveniences he turned back, so we had 5pax lunch.

the treadfin fish head was done teochew style. it was competent, ok just didn’t stand out, something i can easily do at home & most zi char place can do. treadfin head also ok, lot of meat but not specially tasty like ang kueh (red snapper) or 幼 like soon hock or red garoupa.

fermented beans (taujeon) lime steamed sharks cartilage S$40

though the shop is called zai shun curry fish head which should be good, very few tables took the curry fish head..i think the steam fish here more popular.

the most popular dish is doubtless the taujeon lime steamed sharks cartilage.

very tasty tangy sauce & excellent gelatinous texture, though quite a bit of bones so not that many pieces of gelatinous cartilage for 5pax, but enough. 🙂

pig trotters S$16

pig trotters S$16

first time i tried the trotters. actually this the hock (元蹄), so S$16 was quite ok.

it was good, great texture, great braise (lor), not the best most fragrant but preety good standard. 🙂

salted egg bitter gourd S$10

the salted egg bitter gourd was the other favourite dish here. everyone orders it. & it comes only in 1 size for 1-2pax or in our case 5pax..again good enough portion.

very tasty. in my opinion better than my own, though HK said this a bit wet & mine was better.

fried spinach S$6

spinach was ordinary, not great actually. but also because it was cold.

we waited for DP, and only started when the last dish, the steamed treadfin fish head, was served, so maybe 15-20mins in between after the spinach was served.

fermented beans (taujeon) lime steamed sharks cartilage S$40

lunch was S$110. good food great lunch & good time for all, enough for 6pax so a great time for 5pax la. 🙂

after lunch we adjourned to IMM for a cuppa. i took teh halia gosong. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char


253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-205, Singapore 600253

BTNR Dairy Farm Walk + Adam Road FC Makan on 2Sep2018

5.5km 1hr 38mins

went with wife to walk BTNR & dairy farm loop this afternoon on 2.9.2018. ^^

we only started dairy farm loop last week. today my 3rd time. this time endomondo recorded 5.5km & 1hr 38mins. there was an accidental pause during the walk & i adjusted the time & distance. not sure if accurate. will doublecheck next walk.


we take our usual route from visitors’ centre via southview path to summit.


today reached summit later after 26mins because longer break at the hut.

rengas path to dairy farm

went down rengas path to dairy farm loop.

dairy farm loop

not that easy for 1st timer. we did this 3rd time so quite ok.

dairy farm exit route

this way leads back to the jungle path joined near the summit & then down the paved road back to the visitors centre.

S$3 + S$1 cockles char kuay teow

we went to adam road hawker centre and put back all the calories immediately afterwards 😂😜

char kuay teow always good though not as good as the other day.

the stall was crowded though & waited at least 15mins…many foreigners/westerners tapao also.

ice kachang

ice kachang

S$5 orh luah

had the S$5 orh luah also ok not that good, maybe need to order S$8 to have enough oysters.

took the usual ice kachang. ok but now i find the ice kachang at tanglin halt koufu better,

and the ice kachang (also chendol) we had at great world city B1 food junction on 25.8.2018 also better.

c.h.e.f andy


Expensive Still Very Good Dimsum @ Imperial Treasure Nanbei on 2Sep2018

har gao

family decided to have dimsum today at imperial treasure nanbei on 2.9.2018. ^^

crowded before 12pm. we were told to put on waitlist 30mins got table in about 15mins on a sunday. 🙂

last time we came here was 1yr ago dinner on 26.8.2017. not that satisfying!

this time lunch dimsum better la… 🙂

har gao was good as always.

carrot pastry

carrot pastry wife likes. 🙂

charcoal roasted pork collar

charcoal roasted pork collar wife’s favourite. we all liked it.. 🙂

very smooth, tender, flavourful…maybe i will try to make this..

xo fried carrot cake

the xo fried carrot cake was S$14 c/w S$5.50 on the order chit, but it was a much larger serving & quite different. a tasty dish so quite worth/ 🙂

steamed pork ribs

steamed pork ribs among the best here.

meaty, tasty here, not like other places lot of fat or just bones. 🙂

the steamed chicken feet also one of the best. but i did not take photo.


xiaolongbao very nice broth inside. skin is thin & held up well. stuffing was tasty.

fried fupijuan

the fried fupijuan not as good as some other places, a bit oily, old.

fried rice

fried rice now S$28 for small!????

but small was enough for 4pax still very ex. nice enuf for me but wife & children though today not as good as usual.

S$133 for 4pax lunch

crispy prawns cheong fun

we had a prawn cheong fun. it was good too. i forgot to take photo.

then wife ordered this crispy prawn cheong fun. it was excellent, the best dish today! great texture & taste, will absolutely order again!

4pax lunch was S$133 rather ex i guess but we enjoyed it.

c.h.e.f andy


imperial treasure nanbei

opening hours:

Shiok! 2pax Dinner @ Ah Yat Grandstand on 30Aug2018

alaskan crab tanhoon + boston lobster

after a 1hr 50mins walk at BTNR, wife & i were too quick to reward ourselves with 2pax dinner at ah yat on 30.8.2018…lol! ^^

S$29.80 boston lobster superior stock

S$29.80 boston lobster superior stock

the S$29.80 boston lobster superior stock was very good as usual.

i think it is tastier when ordering just 1 lobster. when we had several lobster, somehow the taste of the superior stock was diluted? they did not apportion accordingly???

3xS$4.50 frog ginger scallions

tired of gong bao so we had frogs with scallions & ginger.

very tasty dish albeit the sauce quite similar to superior stock.

S$38 alaskan crab tanhoon

S$38 alaskan crab tanhoon

and the S$38 alaskan crab tanhoon was simply fabulous.

& today we seem to have a very substantial helping of crablegs!

3 dinner dishes

dinner was excellent though costly at S$100 for 2pax but it was not expensive for the quality of the dishes we had.

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Yat Seafood @ Grandstand


#03-01/02, The Grandstand, 200Turf Club Road, 287994


+65 6884 6884
+65 68832112

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:30 – 14:30

Daily: 17:30 – 22:30

Recipe= Gimson Nonya Sauce Steamed Red Snapper Head on 31Aug2018

nonya steamed red snapper head

eating alone this evening on 31.8.2018.

had 1/2 red snapper (ang kueh) fish head in freezer. decided to make nonya steamed fish head. 🙂

nonya steamed red snapper head

very easy to make.

just washed fish head with salt.

placed on steamer dish. this a small fish head, so i reduced the condiments.

added 1 heap tbsp gimson nonya sauce, 1 tbsp each of light soy sauce, mirin & olive oil.

then added the cut chili padi, sliced ginger & cut spring onions.

steamed for 6mins.

nonya steamed red snapper head

such a perfect, lovely dish. fish meat was fresh, sweet, tasty with the slight tangy gimson nonya sauce & soy sauce gravy.

really good!

c.h.e.f andy

Very Good Char Siew & Wanton Noodles @ Lee Hon Kee Tiong Bahru FC on 31Aug2018

S$3.50 wanton mee + S$8 roast duck & char siew

went with my OPS bro WT to tiong bahru food centre for lunch on 31.8.2018. ^^

i was just back from delivering my friday community breakfast dish to teban gardens this morning.

WT messaged that he was at apple centre & they replaced his iphone 8 which was overheating with a new one. i picked WT at wheelock anguilla park & we decided to go tbfc. 🙂

lee hon kee roast meats + wanton mee

lee kon kee sells cantonese roast meats & also wanton mee.

S$3.50 wanton mee

WT bought S$3.50 wanton mee each.

S$8 roast duck & char siew

and S$8 roast meats = roast duck + char siew. 🙂

the char siew here was truly excellent, very “pang” flavourful.

the roast duck was poor. good flavour crispy skin but very tough & salty meat. below par for a stall specialising in cantonese roast meats???

S$3.50 wanton mee

and served a good helping of char siew for S$3.50 wanton mee.

the noodles were excellent! qq, stringy & chili was very good. a really good wanton mee overall.

the wantons also ok, but the soup was super sweet & totally undrinkable..really odd, ironic! it’s like every wanton mee stall would have a simple tasty soup, but not this one when its char siew & noodles were so good.

c.h.e.f andy


Lee Hon Kee Cantonese Roasted Meats

#02-60,, 30 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 168898

Opening Hours:
daily  (closed thurs) 9AM–8PM