Very Good Hokkien Mee @ Tan Song Heng Meiling Food Centre on 7Sep2018

S$6 hokkien mee

went with wife to meiling food centre.

the hokkien mee at tan song heng is very good, so i queue 15mins for it.

went over to xinlu fish ball noodles but they already closed at 1pm..

there were loads of ingredients – 5 large prawns & many sotong pieces.

most importantly the stock was very good, and so the hokkien mee was so very tasty & shiok!

tan song heng hookien mee

labour intensive & took quite long because he had to start a new lots of noodles.

piccolo latte

S$6 hokkien mee

we really enjoyed this S$6 hokkien mee shared by 2. no need lots of money to have good food.

i think i will try this again at home. my own fried hokkien noodles not too bad too but will try it again.

after lunch we walked over to tiong hoe & enjoyed a nice cuppa.

c.h.e.f andy


Tan Song Heng

Stall #02-40

Meiling Street Food centre

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