Cheap & Good Thai Food @ Le Wu Cafe (乐屋) on 10Dec2013

$6 tomyam noodles (student price)

tomyam noodles – S$6 (student price)

thinking of where to go for some simple cheap food & daughter suggested le wu cafe (乐屋) which the children had been talking about. it was nearby so we went there for a quick dinner on 10.12.2013. 🙂

le wu (乐屋) cafe

le wu (乐屋) cafe

le wu is located along bukit timah road off queen’s road, and served thai & western food. it is a small place with alfresco seating.

tomyam soup - S$8

tomyam talay (seafood) soup – S$8

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beef noodle soup

beef noodle soup – S$8

my daughter ordered her favourite tom yam noodles at S$6 student price. my wife & i ordered a stir-fry beef basil rice set (S$9), a beef noodle soup (S$8) plus a tom yam talay (seafood) soup (S$8) to share.

the tom yam noodles tasted good & ingredients generous as in the photo. i am not one for tom yam noodles & prefer to take the more intense fragrant soup on its own. the tom yam talay (seafood) soup was good, and definitely much better than thai noodle house (which we often frequent to get our thai beef noodle soup fix). the beef noodle soup at le wu was again very generous with 5 beef balls & quite good serving of sliced beef (but no braised briskets). the soup flavour was quite good though i thought the lemongrass taste was slightly strong & my wife thought it had too much msg. i guess thai noodle house’s is better but not by much. the basil beef set was good though a bit salty but was thus excellent when taken with the rice. I would come back for this beef basil set & tom yam soup & i really didn’t mind the beef noodle soup. 🙂

the simple, nice dinner was S$31 for 4 dishes w/o service & GST.

c.h.e.f andy


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