Son’s Crabmeat Pasta and Sous Vide Ribeye 6pax Home Dinner on 19Jan2019

son’s crabmeat pasta 

son made very nice crabmeat pasta for 6pax home dinner on 19.6.2019. ^^.

good canned crabmeat, lots of cherry tomatoes, heavy cream and herbs, parsley and basil! ^^

son’s crabmeat pasta

taste was wonderful, delicious. pasta could have been more al dente.

the creamy texture almost like a roe pasta…i like it!

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method 

i did the reverse sear sous vide ranger valley balck onyx boned-in ribeye J gave us. 🙂

reverse sear method = sous vide 53.5degC for 2hrs then high heat pangrilled + flamed..

really excellent steak so tender & tasty..super nice

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice 

I made salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice.

wife and son both said it was really flavourful “pang”! ^^

prawns in chinese wine sauce

& a prawn in chinese wine sauce dish.

i used leftover sauce from my chinese wine chicken for teban gardens yesterday. 🙂

aunty bes calamari 

aunty Bes made usual nice calamari. texture just right, not rubbery & too salty.

son’s crabmeat pasta

had a wonderful family home dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy




3pax Home dinner with Sis & BIL on 16Jan2019

spicy black bean sauce song fish head

made 3pax dinner for sis & bil

I made-

  1. spicy black bean sauce song fish head
  2. orh lua – almost hawker standard
  3. egg white minced pork fried rice – definitely imperial treasure standard
  4. some leftover vegetables

spicy black bean sauce song fish head

spicy black bean sauce song fish headmy usual good zi char standard.

sauce was tangy and sweet, fish meat was tender and tasty.

orh lua

orh lua

and i made an almost hawker standard orh lua with big and plump oysters. ^^



i used leftover vegetables in the fridge – leek spring onions, yellow onions, celery and some potatoes. just fried with oyster sauce, added some chicken stock and reduced while cooking the potatoes, thickened to a very tasty sauce.

this dish was a champoh put together thingy,but it was also very tasty!

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

and i made the perfect salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice this eveninng.

this was imperial treasures restaurant standard, excellent fried rice with wonderful wek hae.

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

3pax dinner dishes

dinner was quite last minute.

it was also very enjoyable and tasty food! sis stayed to make gongfu tea and watched some tv series, then i sent them to mrt to catch a ride home.

wonderful family time together with sis & bil.

c.h.e.f andy


Excellent 18pax Family New Year Dinner by JH’s Dad on 28Dec2018

buddha jumped over the wall

JH’s dad PK invited us over for 18pax family dinner on 28.12.2018. ^^

his dad is the resident chef for a company, managing the daily meals for 100+ employees.

his dishes are restaurant standard. we came for dinner last year, so our family were all looking forward to this evening excellent dinner –

1 buddha jump over the wall
2 topshell salad
3 assam red garoupa
4 scallops with asparagus (forgot to take photo)
5 salted egg prawns
6 vinegar pork trotters (by JH’s mom)

every dish was delicious! 🙂

I contributed a braised 1/2duck, slow braised angus beef boneless short ribs, and tofu cheesecake.


the buddha jump over the wall was excellent. soup was very tasty, flavourful and with good ingredients – small abalone, fish maw, pig trotters, pig tendons, sea cucumber, thick mushrooms and chicken. SM who is quite picky, also enjoyed the soup like everyone else.

i think i will make this for family CNY dinner.

topshell salad

the topshell salad was very nice, very refreshing with a great tangy sauce, just slightly on the sweet side.

salted egg prawns

the salted egg prawns was restaurant & good zi char standard. great salted egg flavour and slight powdery texture, quite perfect!

SM said the one PK made last week was even better..anyhow this one was very good liao..

i think i will make this dish too, lazy me will only be using ready made salted egg sauce.

i didn’t take photo of the scallop dish. it was very well done. the stock was very tasty, and the scallop texture was perfect, and so was the asparagus. many restaurants & zi char made this dish, and not all can produce this standard…

i may try making this dish, but this i have less confident doing it as well…

vinegared trotters

JH’s mom KY made the vinegared was very good too. texture was great, gelatinous and flavour was very slight vinegared and great taste and umami..

sambal red garoupa

the sambal red garoupa was very well done.

PK filleted the meat in large bite pieces and served the whole fish so it was great presentation and convenient to eat. he made the sambal sauce himself.

for lazy me i will only use ready made sauce la. lol! :-p

my braised duck

for this evening i contributed 1/2 braised duck. didn’t want to make too much food as PK would have prepared many good dishes, but 1/2 duck was just a bit too little.

duck was very tender and flavourful with the braise, one of the better braised duck i made.

my braised boneless beef short ribs

braised boneless beef short ribs (2hrs in 130degC oven) was my new experimental dish.

i made this for 13pax dinner for my RI makan group just a week ago on 20.12.2018.

it was good enough, tender and quite tasty, though the braise was still some distance form the excellent braised beef ribs at halia and at akira back.

i think i will try one with boned-in short ribs to see if i can produce a tastier version of this dish.

my tofu cheese cake

my tofu cheese cake was very good this evening. JH’s mom KY loved it.

the digestive base was just right thickness and the texture of the cake was perfect this time, not too soft, very smooth. and taste was quite fabulous, slight tangy slight sweet, light cream cheese taste with yogurt and tofu.

tofu cheese cake is a no bake cake so really easy to make & JH’s sis can easily make this anytime… 🙂

we had a wonderful evening, excellent food and afterwards we adjourned to SM’s room upstairs to have coffee chat.

a great family time together.

c.h.e.f andy



2018 Year End Celebrations 11pax RI bros Home Dinner on 27Dec2018

2018 celebrations 11pax RI bros home dinner

made 11pax 2018 year end dinner for RI bros this evening on 27.12.2018-


1 chicken rice
2 1/2 braised duck
3 braised pig trotters
4 claypot liver
5 white belly pork
6 steamed salted fish minced pork
7 steamed nonya sauce tilapia
8 salted egg bittergourd
9 fried kang kong
10 fried manila clams
11 tofu cheesecake

CCG brought 汤圆..HK brought 2 mumm champagne
TKF brought a red…WL brought haagen dazz ice creams
TCH brought strawberries ….HAB brought very sweet longans

#1 白斩鸡chicken rice & #2 braised 1/2 duck

my 白斩鸡 chicken rice chicken very good standard now better than most outside. and i also made good chilli and a very good drizzling sauce.

so chicken was nothing less than excellent, but the rice today not that great..not sure why. the guys said it was ok, but of course it was distinctly not as good as before when the fragrant was so evident even before you ate it.

braised duck i had not made for many years. but today’s was excellent as well. i served 1/2 and kept 1/2 for next day dinner at my in laws place (& it was just as excellent everyone loved it just that 1/2duck was a bit little).

#3 white belly pork

i did a very good white belly pork this evening.

as i had braised hock & trotters i decided to have a different serving just plain boiled belly pork in chicken broth.

the texture was very good, taste wise of course it did not have the intensity of the braised meat, but like the 白斩鸡 chicken rice chicken, it was perfect with the chicken rice chilli.

#4 braised pork trotters

i somehow managed to forget to serve the braised hock and trotters though it was in the kitchen the whole time, until we all finished the dinner.

anyway the guys decided to just ate it, so we finished about 3/4, and CL packet home the remaining 1/4.

CK took the cabbage which was used to shield the bottom from getting burnt. braising turned connective tissues and released the flavours to very tasty collagen which was starchy, and will sticked and burnt when reheat so i placed a few cabbage before reheating to serve, and the cabbage became very tasty with the infused braises.

#5 steamed salted fish minced pork

today i made steamed minced pork with salted fish, a very traditional dish served in many zi char. quite shiok!

#6 steamed tilapia with gimson nonya sauce

my steam oven went on strike, failed on me, so i had to replate the 2 tilapia and steamed eahc separately 8 mins.

this dish is always delightful with the gimson nonya sauce. made a cheap fish with mud taste quite exquisite, as the meat was fresh and smooth and few bones and the tangy taste of the sauce combined well with the hk steam flavourful light soy sauce.

#7 claypot liver

claypot liver i seldom cook. everyone loved it. i use one and a half pieces becos i did not want to crowd the dish. after that i cooked the other 1/2 piece as the guys quite happy to have it.

#8 fried manila clams lala

the lala manila clams very good. i cooked with curry leaves and oyster sauce, and a bit of stock. timing/texture was perfect but it was easy in any case, just cover, make sure opens up and don’t overcook.

#9 fried kang kong

fried kang kong as usual..just oyster sauce, do not add water…very nice & fragrant.

#10 salted egg bittergourd

and today’s salted egg bittergourd very good.

i fried the salted egg and bittergourd first, and set aside. when serving i fried 3 eggs, let them firmed with a tasty fried layer, then added back the bittergourd and folded the fried egg over and mized. very nicely done today. ^^

tang yuan 汤圆

tang yuan 汤圆

tang yuan 汤圆

CCG brought nice tang yuan 汤圆, some with ginger sauce, some with peanut soup.

we split among the 11 of us.

#11 tofu cheesecake

tofu cheesecake

i made tofu cheese cake.

this evening it was excellent! i didn’t do this for last few years and the one i did on christmas eve was not so good. base was too thin as a different brand of digestive had different weight and 7 pieces was not the right amount, so this evening i used 9 pieces.

this time it was perfect, thicker just right base and a good mild tangy sweet smooth cake.



rock melon

haagen dazs

haagen dazs

2018 celebrations 11pax RI bros home dinner dishes

and we adjourned to the tv room for karaoke, and had fruits and ice creams. HCK the standout cantonese & chinese crooner…

a fun evening for all and a wonderful time with RI bros to celebrate 2018 and to welcome the new year.

c.h.e.f andy




A Close Family Christmas Eve 8pax Dinner on 24Dec2018

christmas eve dinner dishes

wife organised a christmas eve dinner. E could not make it, so we had 8pax including aunty bes on 24.12.2018. ^^


1 pumpkin rocket salad
2 wife’s crayfish pasta
3 beer can chicken 
4 grilled snapper
5 herb crusted rack of lamb
6 wife’s grilled vegetables
7 pangrilled vegetables

daughter organised a gift exchange. she let us draw a no. earlier. it happened that i drew my wife’s no. and she drew mine. i not into buying christmas gift. buy a gift for my wife that’s quite fine..zalora to the rescue! haha! ^^

christmas eve dinner dishes

this evening wife made some dishes herself.

i made a pumpkin rocket salad. the children loved the salad.

wife’s crayfish pasta

her famous crayfish pasta.

crayfish very fresh and creamy tomato sauce nicely done. aunty bes prepared the capeillini. it was slightly overdone. later the children took the tagliatelle i made which were al dente for the crayfish pasta, so i didn’t make my tagliatelle dish…:-)

sliced ham

the ham which came in a hamper was quite nice, but not much taker. so i took a few pieces.

grilled sweet potatoes

wife bought sweet potatoes from red mart and i bought the purple ones from sheng shiong (japanese sweet potatoes from vietnam???)..

mine was 1/2 the price at S$3/kg and it was really quite nice. but the expensive ones were softer and nicer.

grilled sweet corn

grilled sweet corn always nice.

pan-grilled brussel sprouts

and we all loved brussel sprouts.

grilled vegetables

i also made some pan=grilled vegetables – red & yellow peppers and zucchini. and wife did the portobello mushrooms.

beer can chicken

beer can chicken

beer can chicken

i made again the beer can chicken.

it was just as lovely as what i made few evenings ago for my RI makan group friends. chicken was tender, moist, sweet and flavourful, and grilled skin specially a nice flavour.

rack of lamb

i also made a lamb rack this evening.

this rack was frenched but not denuded, so i had to cut away lots of fats.

it was very well cleaned so no much gamey taste.

browned rack of lamb

i charred it on the pan before putting on the herb crust.

herb crusted rack of lamb

lamb crusted and ready for grill 22mins at 210degC for medium rare.

herb crusted rack of lamb

we ate the lamb forgot to take photos. lol!

grilled snapper

grilled snapper

today the grilled fish didn’t come out so well. the oven was different one so timing and temperature somehow did not produce the same effect…

marinade was nice. i flamed the fish, and we took the top part which was quite nice. the part nearer the bones were not cooked through so i left it in the oven.

grilled snapper

& it actually came out very nicely bbq, and very flavourful…

christmas eve dinner dishes

so, a very enjoyable family dinner and as good food as eating out really. and after dinner we took photos around the christmas tree and shared the presents.

a memorable & close family evening together. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


“Dem” Shiok! HK String Noodles with Beef Balls on 23Dec2018

hk string noodles 

cooked beef ball noodles for wife.

beef balls from my relatives in bro & sil visited them earlier this month dec2018, and brought back many vacuum packs.

hk string noodles 

noodles the excellent hk type and prawn flavoured..really good.

china beef balls and tsuyu sauce soba soup 

i use tsuyu which basically is used in soba soup, plus some mirin.

so no effort no need to prepare stock for soup, can basically cook right away like preparing instant noodles.

hk string noodles 

this hk noodles really stringy, totally qq, and i added the crispy haebeehiam chilli which is “dem” nice! ^^

hk string noodles with beef balls 

wife enjoyed the simple noodle meal.

i did not eat. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


13pax RI Makan Group Delicious Tapas + Pasta Homegourmet Dinner on 20Dec2018

13pax makan group

pete in town again. i think this 3rd time he visited singapore from london, missing his RI bros. 🙂

i made 13pax Christmas makan group dinner on 20.12.2018. ^^

suresh came at 10.30pm after 3 dinner functions at gardens by the bay & MBS. he told me not to prepare food for him.🙂

pete brought excellent 10yr pot & too much cheese!

CCG brought nice grapes, cherries and strawberries


1 pumpkin rocket salad
2 beer can chicken
3 crackling german knuckles
4 flamed red wine belly pork
5 slow braised beef short ribs
6 baked/grilled whole red snapper with own tomato herb marinade (1st time)
7 grilled vegetables
8 vongole linguine
9 tagliatelle fruiti mare
10 funghi risotto

the bros brought all the crisps, wine etc

CL showed his flying with geese & kilimanjaro summit videos & our london/wales arsenal stadium & abba videos

homegourmet dinner dishes

i made 10 dishes. happy to report they were all good! lol! ^^

today about the only time i was late with the dishes.

all because stupid apple qcd wheelock queue system. i guess unavoidable. my appointment at 1pm and 1 finished at 3pm (just as well i arranged to have lunch with OPS bros, don’t have to wait around).

i had to go sheng shiong to buy lala for vongole linguine so got home 4pm -ish. even with the best planning & scheduling, still tight to get all dishes ready by 7pm.

late so late lor…no stresses la…

#1 pumpkin rocket salad

CCG helped me with tossing the pumpkin salad. he was great help throughout the dinner.

salad can only toss when serving, otherwise rockets will lock soft & wilted when soaked in olive oil etc for too long. for some reason it appeared that way, so i added more rockets and tossed again. and it was good.

they all loved the salad, commented many times over…

#2 beer can chicken

#2 beer can chicken

my beer can chicken now very good standard, very flavourful.

i recently picked up a new marinade recipe for chicken using lime and olive oil etc, so i had the chicken marinated in the fridge is kind of brining..will do a recipe 2.0 later.

the same tender & moist chicken including breast meat, and very “pang” & flavourful now with the new marinade.

#3 red wine belly pork

#3 flamed red wine belly pork

#3 flamed red wine belly pork

did a flamed red wine belly pork. i created this dish after a lunch at foc.

not as good as when i did with mash and kale previously, nevertheless a very good dish.

the belly pork texture was tender but could have been more tender. the flamed bbq flavours were good.

#4 german knuckles

#4 german knuckles

the crackling german knuckles was pretty good though not my best.

i had it really crackling previously. today some parts crackling not as good.

the meat was tender & tasty, so that was good!

#5 grilled red snapper in ginger herb sauce

#5 grilled red snapper in ginger herb sauce

the baked/grilled red snapper was a new experiment.

i had a “large” 800g red snapper. the marinade was new, and also i have not done this grilling whole fish western style previously.

the fish was good, tasty and met fresh and tender…i can certainly improve on the grilling though. this time i used flaming to give it more “pengkang” look & flavours.

i had a second fish, a seabass with intention to use another marinade, but didn’t have time to prepare it. lol! 🙂

#6 slow braised boneless beef short ribs

the slow braised boneless beef short ribs was another new adventure.

i did an experiment on a 200g cut but this was like 1.2kg piece. 🙂

slow braised boneless beef short ribs

CCG could see i was quite pleased with the texture and taste.

it was very tender piece and also very tasty..i am not fully satisfied though as it was still quite far from the flavourful braised beef at akira back or at halia. maybe i will experiment with boned short ribs instead.

#7 grilled vegetables

#7 grilled vegetables

i actually had plans for grilled sweet potatoes, sweet corn and potatoes. those would take 30mins in the oven, but i just didn’t have time to do.

the grilled vegetables were very good – red & yellow peppers, zucchini and portobello mushrooms. CL especially liked the portobello mushrooms. 🙂

#8 tagliatelle fruit mare

the pasta this evening were all fabulous!

that’s the going standard for my pastas these days, perfect al dente & very tasty sauce fully infused.

#8 tagliatelle fruit mare

#8 tagliatelle fruit mare

& of the fruiti mare also, the prawns & sotong were just the right texture, succulent and tasty.

YF mentioned that the squid were so large pieces here, you have to fish around for them when you eat outside. not exactly la…must bring YF to nice italian restaurants in singapore…there are now too many…

#9 vongole linguine

#9 vongole linguine

#9 vongole linguine

the vongole linguine was very good too, same al dente and la la done just right perfect texture…

for vongole i did not use chicken stock so just white wine reduction. i asked my friends which pasta they prefered. they like both as vongole had its unique taste which i did not want to overwhelm with stock, but i guess overall, fruit mare was tastier but different.

funghi risotto

funghi risotto

i liked the funghi risotto this evening. i had not done this for a really long time, like a few years.

it was perfectly al dente. the mushroom flavours were intense and tasty. everyone liked the risotto except SCG and Kiok preferred softer more cooked rice. SCG has lactose intolerance so someone suggested and i did a small portion w/o butter. rest of us all like the one with butter.

CCG brought cherries strawberries

CCG brought cherries strawberries

CCG brought grapes

CCG brought sweet strawberries, large and sweet cherries and grapes.

pete brought excellent pot

pete brought excellent 10yr pot to go with cheese.

pete brought cheese

petes cheese platter

petes cheese platter

not so many cheese takers among our group. i cut 1/2 but it was much already.

i enjoyed the cheese and the pot too, but really i could only take a few sips.

funghi risotto

we gathered after dinner for the fruits, cheese & pot, and CL shared with us photos of his conquest of kilimanjaro (a true feat at our age), and his other treat of flying with geese in southern france.

we had a wonderful time together…pete is off to myanmar and we will meet for makan when he returned.

c.h.e.f andy



Lovely Early Christmas Dinner with Teban Garden Friends on 12Dec2018

christmas dinner for teban gardens

made early 8pax christmas dinner for KF, A & their teban gardens colleagues R, MH & HW on 12.12.2018. ^^


1 pumpkin rocket salad
2 nobu miso cod
3 teriyaki salmon belly
4 chorizo prawns
5 ika sugatayaki (flamed whole squid)
6 Dubrovnik orange jam chicken
7 grilled vegetables
8 vongole linguine
9 tagliatelle fruiti mare
10 tiramisu

the last time i had dinner with KF and A was before their croatia trip and after ours on 14.5.2018.

that time we had croatia brodet (a fish stew) and grilled fish…this time i decided to do more tapas and pasta, since i just returned from amalfi coast family trip..haha!

pumpkin rocket salad

did my usual pumpkin rocket salad.

just baked pumpkin 20mins in 250degC oven, added sea salt, black pepper, olive oil & honey.

when serving added rockets and cherry tomatoes, sea salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar & honey (or agave nectar) to taste, an tossed.

teriyaki salmon belly & nobu miso cod2

teriyaki salmon belly & nobu miso cod2

teriyaki salmon belly

nobu miso cod

and the nobu miso cod, and teriyaki salmon belly.

nobu miso cod just marinade with 2 tbsp miso, 1/3cup mirin, 1/3cup sake, 1tbsp flat sugar, placed in double ziploc bag in chiller for 3 days. then dried with kitchen towels & grilled 15mins in 250degC oven.

teriyaki salmon belly marinade with 1tbsp miso, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp mirin, 2 tbsp sake, 3cm chopped ginger, 5 cloves chopped garlic, placed in double ziploc bag in chiller for 3 days. then dried with kitchen towels & grilled 15mins in 250degC oven. served with dill from my garden.

both were excellent! this group of friends all preferred the salmon belly over cod.

Dubrovnik orange honey chicken (not the best this evening)

orange honey chicken (not the best this evening), slightly overdone so not as tender.

the best i did for wife’s friend on. that was “exquisite”, tender & tasty, as her friends noted.

chicken in orange juice marinade

deboned 1/2 chicken marinated in  fish sauce & white pepper and soaked in the juice of 2 oranges overnight in fridge. the pangrilled, then covered and cooked with orange juice, added jam. reduced the orange juice to serve as dip.

chorizo prawns

chorizo prawns was very good as usual. prawns succulent & tasty and the chorizo white wine sauce very flavourful.

chorizo and white wine sauce for chorizo prawns

the key as in many dishes was the sauce/stock.

i used very intense, tasty chicken stock (prepared with chicken bones, carrots, red onions, garlic, spring onions), fried chorizo, sweet basil, chilli padi, garlic, then chicken stock and white wine and reduced.

ika sugatayaki (flamed whole squid)

ika sugatayaki (flamed whole squid) is a ‘laku’ dish with my family and friends.

today it was a bit over done. ch helped to cut the squid for serving.

steamed whole squid for flaming afterwards

steamed squid >90% cooked, dried in fridge.

when serving, added sea salt, black pepper, drizzled with honey and olive oil, then flamed.

pangrilled red & yellow peppers and zucchini

oven grilled sweet corn, sweet potato and potatoes.

in addition to the pumpkin salad, i served 2 grilled vegetables. the peppers and zucchini i pan-grilled. just added butter, sea salt and pepper. can also tossed with a bit hoeny to finish. today i did not.

the sweet corn etc i grilled in 250degC oven for 1/2 hrs. added olive oil, sea salt and butter.

vegetables were all good.

seafood tagliatelle

white wine sauce for seafood tagliatelle

seafood tagliatelle

both the pasta this evening were excellent!

texture was important. i made my pasta more al dente after our recent amalfi coast trip. previously i did them al dente too, but the recent trip my family felt the pastas there in general evne more al dente than singapore.

and taste was the key. i had a very tasty white wine sauce using the usual browned whole garlic in live oil, fried with chilli padi & sweet basil, then added white wine & intense chicken stock & reduced.

when serving, added prawns, then squid (both seasoned with fish sauce and white pepper), then off fire and tossed pasta, added 1tbsp butter and tossed.

vongole linguine

vongole linguine

for vongole pasta, i do not use stock so as to have a purer taste of the sea. lol! dictated by children who are the best connoisseur of food and flavours.

just browned whole garlic cloves, chilli padi & sweet basil for aroma, then white wine and reduced, then the lala & covered till they open, then off fire and tossed.



did my usual tiramisu. i don’t do dessert much the last few years.

this container was not the usual i used, slightly bigger so needed maybe 25% more biscuits. i thought the tiramisu a bit dense than my usual, taste was still good, cake was still moist even if denser.

R didn’t like it because too much liquor. i used brandy (whatever i have). wife & i ok with it.

seafood tagliatelle

it was a great dinner with friends.

my RI friend KF and his church PPHBC started teban gardens community service centre in 2002 and these friends here have been serving the residents, and i cook a dish every friday breakfast when i can. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Great Seafood Miso Nabe 4pax with OPS Bro WM & J on 2Dec2018

4pax seafood miso nabe dinner

made seafood miso nabe for WM & J 4pax dinner this evening on 3.12.2018. ^^

丹港水产shinjuku seafood miso nabe

we had seafood miso nabe @ 丹港水产shinjuku on 14.11.2018 during our recent tokyo koyo 红叶trip. see above photo.

over dinner at 丹港水产shinjuku  was overall below par, but the seafood miso nabe was very good!

chicken miso soup base

i had intense, tasty chicken stock in the fridge so i made chicken miso soup for the hotpot. ^^

seafood miso nabe

and assembled the ingredients like how they served the dish at 丹港水产shinjuku . 🙂

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

i had cabbage, brocoli, shitake and shimeji mushrooms in the fridge, good use of leftovers.



vegetables and tofu. 🙂

snapper fillet & toman fillet




i also had tofu, oysters, prawns, fish and whole sotong. 🙂


i also bought 500g lala from sheng shiong.

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

my stock was very tasty. but after adding meat and vegetables to the steamboat, it was somewhat diluted and nit as tasty!

anyhow after we took the meat and vegetables and reduced the stock a bit, it again became very tasty.

msw durians S$19/kg

wm brought some msw durians.

not quite the best but still good.

seafood miso nabe

we had a great dinner and great sharing time this evening. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Claypot Rice, Drunken Chicken 醉鸡 and Saliva Chicken 口水鸡 for 8pax Wife’s Friends Dinner on 5Nov2018

8pax dinner dishes

made 8pax dinner for wife’s friends this evening on 5.11.2018. ^^

LT & WG brought jane’s chocolate cake and tiramisu cakes for wife.

WG also brought some nice char siew and braised pork…both were nice. i like the char siew better..i think she said she used pork loin and the texture was very good, it’s like sous vide almost.

wife told me last evening her friends including CM who we visited couple times in UK were coming, CM from UK and LK visiting from australia. she said she would buy chicken rice.

she didn’t want to ask me to cook as i just cooked tapas for her other friends 9pax dinner 2 days back on 2.11.2018.

anyway i make chicken rice also so no point to buy from outside. we decided i should make claypot rice and drunken chicken and saliva chicken instead of 白斩鸡. and a prawn tofu dish. aunty bes will cook the romaine lettuce

so i went to buy 1 large chicken for claypot rice and 1 kampung chicken for drunken chicken and saliva chicken, and romaine lettuce for aunty bes. i debone the large chicken and boil the bones with carrot, ginger, red onions, spring onions, garlic to make intense stock for the prawn tofu dish.

clapot chicken rice

the claypot rice was not my best, but it will do, flavourful, i think quite ok texture. chicken were tender & tasty.

i made a mistake in the process, not one i normally make. i forgot to fry the rice before adding water. to the claypot rice. lol! this dish does not need stock as the whole deboned chicken already very tasty.

drunken chicken 醉鸡

for drunken chicken 醉鸡 and saliva chicken 口水鸡, it was the usual 白斩鸡 preparation, but becos kampung chicken is 1-1.1kg c/w large chicken 1.4-1.6kg, i have to adjust the timing = so boiled 9mins & poached 20mis.

last evening, i salted the chicken and dry in the fridge and washed thoroughly this morning before boiling in the chicken stock.

so the usual ice water treatment to produce the smooth taut skin and chill in fridge, then debone, and place 1/2 chicken in each dish.

for drunken chicken 醉鸡 i added 1/2cup huatiaojiu, 1/2 cup chicken stock, 2 tbsp fish sauce and 1 tbsp sugar. mixed well then added to the chicken and placed sealed in the chiller.

saliva chicken 口水鸡

or saliva chicken 口水鸡, i added 2tbsp 老干妈 mala sauce, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp sugar, mixed well and added to the chicken, sealed and put in the chiller.

both dishes were quite excellent. all the friends liked them. wife especially like the drunken chicken.

steamed minced pork with light soy sauce

they all liked the steamed minced pork dish. it was smooth (added corn flour) and very flavourful from the good light soy sauce, simple dish and everyone like in all my dinners. 🙂

prawn tofu

i shallow fried the tofu and made the very tasty gravy from the chicken stock.

when serving, i added one egg, drew with a chopstick then added prawns and covered to cook. a great dish and nice presentation. unfortunately i did not take photo.

steamed red snapper fillet with gimson nonya sauce

the red snapper fillet was fresh and sweet, and they all loved the gimson nonya sauce, tasty, tangy, great combination of taste with the hk steam light soy sauce, olive oil & mirin.

drunken chicken

we also had WG’s char siew & braised pork. unfortunately i did not take photos.

& aunty bes fried nice romaine lettuce.

afterwards wife had her birthday cakes and photos.

i left a little earlier as david is in town visiting from cupertino and the guys were meeting him for a drink at hopscotch.

c.h.e.f andy

Great Friends Delicious Dinner = Superb 8pax Homecooked Donburi Dinner for Wife’s Friends on 2Nov2018

tapas & donburi homecooked dishes

made tapas + donburi dinner for Lisa’s friends, 2 couples CSS & hubby LF and B & hubby L.

9pax home tapas + donburi dinner

daughter SL, son & PT joined dinner so 9pax dinner.

I made-
1 teriyaki salmon belly
2 nobu miso cod
3 ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)
4 japanese chashu
5 tamago
6 chorizo prawns

wife served sashimi from kuriya, and made sushi rice for donburi & cooked the mirin steak..aunty bes made very nice charred brussel sprouts.

L’s friends brought very good sake = kokuryu 黑龙 sake & another more expensive sake, and dessert wine almost ice wine standard..also brought le tau cheese cake 👍

teriyaki salmon belly & nobu miso cod

food was excellent this evening, exquisite actually!

teriyaki salmon belly

the teriyaki salmon belly perfect charring and texture, and very tasty marinade combined well with the oil belly and dill. par excellence!

nobu miso cod

nobu miso cod was very good too.

the hilarious thing was i never been to nobu, while CSS and LF went to nobu nextdoor years ago & tried the real nobu miso cod.

japanese tapas


i made very good tamago this evening too, good taste, not too sweet & well rolled even w/o a tamago pan.

japanese chashu

the japanese chashu was excellent this evening.

in a way it was the first time i did with an entire 1 kg slab. and it made a subtle difference that the slab was fully rolled with only skin outside instead of having one whole side w/o skin exposed for the 3.5hrs.

japanese chashu

the texture was perfect, tender still crystalline.

the ends were a bit frayed but it was still good. son said it tasted less porky that it should be.i think that partly because of the japanese marinade mirin, tsuyu etc not the teochew type braise.

ika sugatayaki (steamed, chilled & dried, before flaming)

ika sugatayaki

ika sugatayaki was the usual, flamed with agave nectar, olive oil, sea salt & coarse pepper. 🙂

chroizo prawn gravy (add prawns when serving)

chorizo prawns

chorizo prawns very good with very tasty, intense chicken stock, chorizo, basil, chilli padi flavours. the prawns were just frozen prawns. my eldest daughter (not with dinner this evening) actually prefer the frozen prawns to fresh ones. for me i still prefer fresh.

beef donburi

wife made sushi rice and served beef donburi.

beef donburi

usda prime ribeye mirin steak by wife

usda prime ribeye mirin steak by wife

wife made mirin steak using qbfood usda prime ribeye. it was very good. the mirin caramelised and increased the charring of the steak, and of course impart flavours too.

beef donburi

it was a wonderful beef donburi.

for me, i still prefer plain steak to the mirin steak, though mirin steak was very nice too.

i don’t drink much, so only had sips of wife’s sparkling sake, and the good expensive sake and dessert wines her friends brought, the light le tau cheese cake were very good.

this a very good group of friends, totally natural & direct – if you want something just say it! exactly what i do too…

and i actually knew L’s dad was a respected elder in my past engagements many many years back, small world it is. and when memories came calling, then i realized they looked so alike. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Recipe = Crayfish in Cheese & Butter 3pax Home Dinner on 28Oct2018

cray fish in cheese & butter

made crayfish in cheese & butter, and linguine vongole for 4pax home dinner this evening on 28.10.2018.^^


had some 1kg crayfish in the decided to cook them..

coated 1/2crayfish with 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp dijorn mustard, 2 tbsp cornflour, 1 egg yoke, white pepper.

then shallow fried in pot with a layer of oil..

cray fish in cheese & butter

when serving, brown garlic in olive oil, add cut chilli padi, add milk & reduce, then add crayfish & add chopped cheese from 3 pieces of packet sliced cheese.. & fry..add more butter at the last off frie & before plating.

it was a ok dish for first try, some cheese & butter fragrance, sweet crayfish..i think i need to brown the crayfish more (shallow fry) to give more flavours..

wife & children prefer the crayfish pasta as that gave more shellfish flavours to the pasta sauce. 🙂

fried chicken wings

I had some oil leftover so made fried chocken wings & some thigh fillet. run of the mill stuff. but obviously i don’t make fried chicken wings as well as my helper haha!

vongole linguine

vongole linguine

vongole my daughter’s favourite.

i went to sheng shiong to grab 1 kg just before cooking dinner.

my pasta now much more al dente than previously before our recent family amalfi coast trip. everyone loved the linguine and the la la (vongole) were excellent, just the right texture, fresh, succulent, and great taste. 🙂

cray fish in cheese & butter

simple dinner. i tried out a new crayfish recipe. it was good dish too just need to see how to improve it.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe for Crayfish in Cheese & Butter


  • 1 kg crayfish
  • 2tbsp butter (melt 1 tbsp)
  • 1tbsp dijorn mustard
  • 1 egg yoke
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 2 tbsp cornflour
  • white pepper
  • 1 cut chilli padi
  • 100ml milk
  • 3 packet sliced cheese


  1. mix 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp dijorn mustard, 1tbsp melted butter, 2 tbsp cornflour, 1 egg yoke, white pepper.
  2. coat the crayfish halves with the batter mix.
  3. shallow fry in pot with a layer of oil.. set aside.
  4. when serving, brown garlic in olive oil, add cut chilli padi, add milk & reduce
  5. turn high heat, add crayfish & add chopped cheese from 3 pieces of packet sliced cheese.. & fire, add more butter at the last & before plating.

Joyful Evening Home Celebrations and Delicious Homecooked Meal with Family on 26Oct2018

4 tapas dishes – watermelon salad, chorizo prawns, dubrovnik chicken, ika sugatayaki

we already had birthday celebrations at alba last evening attended by my family, close friends/RI & OPS bros and godsis & hubby.

so decided to have dinner at home today on 26.10.2018. ^^

I made 8pax dinner, 8 dishes comprising 4 tapas, 3 pasta & 1 meat-

  1. watermelon feta cheese salad
  2. Dubrovnik orange jam chicken
  3. ika sugatayaki 
  4. chorizo prawns
  5. tagliatelle fruiti mare 
  6. vongole spaghetti 
  7. seafood paella
  8. tagliata di manzo (aussie wagyu MS4)

4 tapas dishes – watermelon salad, chorizo prawns, dubrovnik chicken, ika sugatayaki

4 tapas dishes – watermelon salad, chorizo prawns, dubrovnik chicken, ika sugatayaki

ika sugatayaki was best, and everyone loved the chorizo prawns and the watermelon salad.

for this evening, i messed up my dubrovnik orange jam chicken a bit cos i forgot it was in the oven resting when i used another compartment of the oven. still it was good taste just texture was not perfect as it should be. 🙂

tagliatelle fruiti mare

tagliatelle fruiti mare

my pasta were all par excellence.

stock was very tasty, and pasta now always perfectly al dente.

vongole spaghetti

vongole spaghetti

i went to get 1kg lala clams for the vongole 1hr before cooking, so la la clams were fresh. and perfect in texture.

daughter said tagliatelle was a bit spicy so i did not add chilli padi to the vongole. for myself i think spicy always better tasting.

seafood paella

seafood paella

seafood paella also had very tasty stock.

for this i added prawn head & shell stock to the chicken stock. so paella was excellent in taste and al dente texture also.

for mussels and razor clams, i used frozen ones…for me, the mussels were very good even though frozen, the razor clams were doable, and as my sil said these did not need the tough cleaning (which razor clams need, and really laborous).

the difference between paella and risotto primarily, risotto more wet and paella like claypot rice you just leave it and it’s ok to be slightly burnt though mine wasn’t. and risotto a bit more refine, usually you do not add so many items on it so the one big colourful plate ones with lots of ingredients kind of usually paella.

tagliata di manzo

wife bought wagyu MS4 i think 50% off from cold storage, so we made tagliata di manzo with nice perino cherry tomatoes and rockets.

it’s not as good cut as usda prime ribeye or aussie grain fed angus ribeye, a bit more fat and tendon, so i charred it more PLUS cross cut to make the steak more tender…

birthday cake

PT brought the chateraise birthday cake. we all liked the light japanese cakes. 🙂

tagliata di manzo

it was a very joyful evening for me.

after the memorable evening and excellent dinner last evening, it was good to just celebrate at home enjoying a delicious homecooked meal with family. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

8pax Tapas & Pasta Home Dinner for Wife’s Close Friends J, H & M on 20Oct2018

#1 watermelon salad

wife arranged for her good friend close friend J, and family H & M to come for dinner this evening on 20.10.2018. ^^

my daughter, SIL & youngest daughter joined for 8pax dinner..son forgot he has RI 10yrs get together so missed this home dinner.

i made 10 dishes-

  1. watermelon feta cheese salad (my first attempt)
  2. Dubrovnik orange jam chicken
  3. ika sugatayaki (japanese grilled whole squid)
  4. chorizo prawns
  5. grilled vegetables
  6. tagliatelle fruiti mare
  7. squid ink risotto
  8. vongole spaghetti
  9. herb crusted rack of lamb (celery, mint)
  10. tagliata di manzo (USDA Prime corn fed ribeye and black angus 150days grain fed ribeye)

& J brought her wonder platter of delicious fruits.

my first time making watermelon salad. kind of tired of pumpkin & quinoa salad.

i googled. bought a watermelon S$6.99 from sheng shiong. the guy selected a ripe one for me and luckily it was very sweet.i cut about <1/3 melon into cubes, added 100g feta cheese cut smaller cubes, and  2 stalks of chopped mint. and chilled.

when serving added 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, squeezed 1 fresh lime, added 1/2tbp salt.

it was really refreshing. everyone loved the salad. ^^

dinner 5 tapas dishes

i served the 5 tapas dishes first.

#2 dubrovnik orange jam chicken

the dubrovnik orange jam chicken not my best.

the non-stick property of the pan i used was failing so did not do the browning very well, and texture not the best.

still quite a tasty dish & all finished.

#3 ika sugatayaki

everyone loved the  ika sugatayaki.

steamed 95% cooked, then added agave nectar, a bit of honey, gourmet butter, sea salt & pepper & flamed.

absolutely delicious la! 🙂

#4 chorizo prawns

& everyone loved the chorizo prawns, so tasty, delicious even though i used frozen prawns.

#5 grilled vegetables

grilled vegatables was a good complement to the meat dishes. the corn especially good becos i added gourmet butter.

i should hvae flamed the vegetables too la!

#6 tagliatelle fruiti mare

the 3 pastas were quite superb because of the tasty intense chicken stock.
and they were all al dente. i made the pasta dishes more al dente after the recent amalfi coast trip. my children, whole family all liked it al dente.

good tagliatelle, with prawn & squid, and basil from my garden.

#7 squid ink risotto

likewise the squidink risotto, very flavourful form the stock & special squid ink flavour & totally al dente.

very nice indeed!

#8 vongole spaghetti

and a vongole spaghetti specailly for my youngest daughter. she ate vongole like everyday during our recent amalfi coast trip.

#9 herb crusted rack of lamb

#9 herb crusted rack of lamb

the rack of lamb was very good. i lazy to do pistachio crusted so just used chopped fresh celery (could not get parsley) and chopped mint from my garden).

H told J and my wife (who don’t take lamb) that it was like a good chicken. indeed no gamey taste, very tender & moist, adn nice flavour. M loved the crust too.

#10 tagliata di manzo (corn fed usda prime ribeye)

i sued 2 beef from mmmm this evening, an australian black angus grain fed ribeye S$69/kg and a more expensive USDA prime corn fed ribeye S$100/kg

.the usda prime was more marbled and fat flavoured. the black angus was more beefy. actually M and i both preferred the more beefy black angus and i think H as well.

J’s wonder fruit platter

and of course nothing c/w J’s wonder fruit platter, so beautiful to behold and all the sweet tasty fruits including a special kiwiberry, and of course yellow dargonfruit, persimmon, honey jackfruit, cherries, blueberries etc, no fig this evening.

we had a wonderful evening, dinner and sharing among good friends.

c.h.e.f andy



Yummy Japanese Chashu over Rice on 4Oct2018

chashu over rice

made some jap chashu & pork soft bones for 6pax dinner with OPS bro & friends on 3.10.2018. 

but haha! i forgot to serve them. luckily got WM to tapao the soft bones & 1/2 the chashu back. lol! 🙂

chashu over rice

i got like 2/5 the chashu strip in the chiller so decided to slice and steam over white rice in the rice cooker (after rice cooked). added some crispy chilli. lazy to do sushi rice so not quite donburi haha! 🙂

chashu really tasty & tender, yummy yummy, very shiok la!


i used the usual method for jap chashu by

130degC for 3.5hrs.

braising sauce –

  • 1/2 cup mirin
  • 1/2 cup sake
  • 1/2 to 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 4 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 4 cloves peeled garlic
  • 1 shallot quartered
  • 1 stalk spring onions
  • 3cm ginger (sliced)

c.h.e.f andy

OPS Bros and Friends 6pax Dinner on 3Oct2018

7 dishes for 6pax dinner

GY’s close buddy 闺蜜 PY is in town for 2 weeks.

PY bought us dinners at 荣 expensive ala carte buffet and at 海底捞 when WM & I visited shanghai in nov2017. 🙂

this time i was away on family holiday for 2 weeks+ in sep, so arranged to have one dinner at my house & one outside with OPs bros, GY & PF.

for this evening, i made 6 dishes for 6pax home dinner on 3.10.2018. ^^

1 腊味煲仔饭 sausage claypot rice
2 剁椒红鲷鱼头 steamed red snapper head with chopped chilli & garlic
3 nonya sauce steamed red snapper head 
4 醉鸡 drunken chicken
5 口水鸡 saliva chicken
6 prawn tofu
7 fried long beans

actually i made 2 other dishes = japanese chashu & a chashu method braised soft bones. but haha! i forgot to serve them. luckily got WM to tapao the soft bones & 1/2 the chashu back. lol! 🙂

腊味煲仔饭 sausage claypot rice

claypost rice my usual, very flavourful, rice texture & moisture just right.

only adjustment was since i not adding chicken to the claypot rice, to make the rice more tasty other than having the flavourful sausage, i used intense chicken stock boiled from chicken bones & a bit more of salted fish. i did not add salt.

i cooked 2 cups for 6pax. it was enough. we all don’t take too much carbs.

口水鸡和 醉鸡 saliva chicken & drunken chicken

both the 口水鸡和 醉鸡 saliva chicken & drunken chicken were very tasty & texture of the kampung chicken excellent. my friend finished the drunken chicken & only 2 wingstick of the saliva chicken left so they were well received.

GY doesn’t like singapore chicken rice chicken much as it was (genuinely) soft & tasteless w/o the ginger & ginger scallion sauce, so i was deciding whether to make salt baked chicken 盐焗鸡。

anyhow i decided to make 1/2 口水鸡saliva chicken & 1/2drunken chicken 醉鸡 so i used the chicken rice poached method & added the sauce.

WM thought the wine was too strong tasting. GY preferred the drunken chicken to be stronger wine tasting & saltier otherwise it was ok. 🙂

steamed red snapper head with chilli & garlic 剁椒鱼头

WT caught a 3.5kg/4kg red snapper 1 month ago, and chopped into 3 portions for me.

we were finding an occasion to have a fishy dinner 全鱼宴.

couldn’t really do that with just 6pax so i cooked only the fish head…still a big problem for me to chope the fishe head in 1/2.

the steamed red snapper head with chilli & garlic 剁椒鱼头 was quite competent, so they all liked it. its the smaller 1/2 so i steamed for 10mins. meat texture quite perfect & basically it was the top quality light soy sauce that did the trick, bring out great flavours.

nonya steamed red snapper head 娘惹红雕鱼头

the nonya steamed red snapper head 娘惹红雕鱼头 was even better tasting with the tangy sauce, and something new for PF.

my friends finished most of the 2 fish heads.

prawn tofu

the prawn tofu was ok. i have done better.

today the fried tofu not that good, not done well. otherwise it was ok and the dish was cleared out.

fried long beans

my fried long beans didn’t look great. but taste was pretty good, with oyster sauce and a bit of mala chilli. the dish all finished too.

腊味煲仔饭 sausage claypot rice

for the preparations, i fried chicken fat & ginger, off fire & added 3tsp chopped garlic and 2 slices of salted fish & fried in the residual heat.

then added 2 cups rice, 5 thick chinese mushrooms quarterred, fried & added 2 cups intense chicken stock & set aside.

& time it to cook about 20-25mins ready for dinner at 7pm.

poached kampung chicken

i salted the kampung chicken overnight in fridge.

first time i did poached chicken method for kampung chicken 1.1kg (usually 1.4kg-1.6kg battery chicken).

so i reduced 12 minutes boiling to 9mins & poached in the boiled wtaer for 20mins instead of 25mins.

then plunged in ice bath.

deboned poached kampung chicken

the poached chicken came out quite perfect. 🙂

for the saliva chicken, i added 2tbsp mala chilli sauce, 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1tbsp sesame oil, 2tsp sugar and tasted. it was quite perfect. i added to the 1/2 debone chicken & covered with clingwrap in fridge.

for drunken chicken i added 1/2 cup hua diao jiu, 1 cup chicken stock, 1.5 tbsp fish sauce & 1tsp sugar.

2 fish head dishes

the fish heads were the usual – basically 2-3 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp mirin, 2tbsp olive oil.

and for the nonya style, 2 tbsp gimson nonya sauce.

fried tofu with gravy for prawn tofu dish

today fried tofu not good.

had to change non stick pan a my usual one losing non stick property…texture of tofu not ideal after frying twice.

chicken stock & gravy was ok. so taste was ok.

fried long beans

i did the long beans a bit earlier as i did not want to rush when guest were here.

but it became a bit old (earlier photo) when i reheat. luckily taste was ok.

6 dishes for 6pax dinner

was a fun dinner entertaining good friends & spending a wonderful evening together.

WT brought a very sweet pomelo from SKC. we had that & did a bit of karaoke in the room after dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Good Steamed Red Garoupa with Nonya Sauce & with Taujeon Lime Sauce on 12Sep2018

nonya steamed red garoupa head

i bought a S$7 red garoupa head when i went to chinatown to get red garoupa for my cooking demo & sharing at teban gardens last week on 5.9.2018. ^^

i decided to do a nonya sauce steamed fish head on 11.9.2018 & a taujoen lime fish head on 12.9.2018. ^^

nonya steamed red garoupa head

nonya steamed red garoupa head

the nonya sauce fish head was better tasting.

recipe wise it was same as my nonya steamed red snapper fish head on 31.8.2018 = just 1 heap tbsp gimson nonya sauce, 1tbsp each light soy sauce, mirin & 2tbsp olive oil.

fish head was delicious, but i think my red snapper head previously was better in terms of texture.

taujeon lime red garoupa head

for the taujeon lime recipe quite straight forward =2tbsp taujeon pounded in mortar, 1tbsp each light lime juice, soy sauce, mirin & 2tbsp olive oil. 🙂

taujeon lime red garoupa head

taujeon lime red garoupa head

combination of taujeon & lime giving a tangy taste was good.

but it was quite far & not really comparable with the zai shun’s taujeon lime sauce for the delicious sharks cartilage dish.

c.h.e.f andy

Hong Kong Claypot Rice & Steamed Red Garoupa 2pax Home Dinner on 9Sep2018

HK claypot rice 

made hk claypot rice & steamed red garoupa for 2pax home dinner with wife on sunday 9.9.2018. ^^

HK claypot rice 

didn’t want to spend too much time, and a sausage claypot rice easier than chicken claypot rice.

& of course i still have lots of pork & liver sausage from hong kong la. 🙂

i washed pork & liver sausages thoroughly…then dried with kitchen towels…i think they very unclean hanging around & stored at wet markets…

HK claypot rice

HK claypot rice 

the i just fried 2 slices of salted fish with chicken fat & added 2 tsp chopped garlic, then added 1 cup rice, fried then added 1 cup water, placed sausages on top and cooked for 20mins thereabout.

took out the sausages & cut & put back then garnised with coriander.

HK claypot rice 

i do this when i am lazy to do claypot chicken rice.

very much easier, and still very fragrant, with the salted fish & sausage flavours & claypot aroma. quite perfect dish.

steamed red garoupa 

i also steamed a small red garoupa i thin about 300g+ about S$5.

steamed red garoupa

steamed red garoupa

super fresh & tender & sweet, and the hong kong steam was perfect for this fresh fish, light soy sauce was wonderful.

HK claypot rice

a quick, simple & delicious 2pax home dinner, easy to do & delicious for the palate.

c.h.e.f andy

Pongs Laksa 7pax OPS Bros Lunch on 6Sep2018

6pax lunch dishes

got my OPS bros to come for pong’s laksa 7pax lunch on 6.9.2018. ^^

WT brought son HQ, who studied history of arts at waseda & returned singapore for summer break.

my RI bro brought me 4 packets of pong’s laksa paste recently & i did a 5pax pong’s laksa dinner recently on 24.8.2018. 🙂

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa (leftover i took next day)

for today, i prepared salt baked chicken and some prawns to add to the laksa.

pong’s laksa

pong’s laksa is really easy to prepare. the key though is the stock so i made really intense chicken stock from bones of one chicken with added carrots, red onions, ginger & spring onions.

1 packet pong’s laksa serves 4-5pax. all you do is to add laksa leaves & fry, then add 1 litre chicken stock. i then boiled the cut taupok for 40mins in any case to soften it, then i added 300ml coconut milk & 2 tbsp crispy chilli, everything to taste of course. 🙂

then i off fire & added the sliced teochew fish cake. meanwhile i grilled & cut 3 fish cakes and set aside.

when all arrived & ready for lunch, i heated up the laksa gravy, added 50ml evaporated milk, then served.

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa

i served total 11 bowls (7+3 at lunch and 1 bowl leftover i took next day) instead of 4-5 because i added very little gravy. usually gravy were left wasted & really no need to add that much. my friends all ok with small serving of gravy. 🙂

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa (leftover i took next day)

laksa was excellent! tasty, flavourful as always, with nice chicken & prawns. fish cake, taupok & teochew fish cake all great complements.

(these fresh prawns not as good as the frozen prawns from causeway pacific though. my family & all my friends love the frozen prawns).

& i had chopped laksa leaves to add to the laksa. for me the laksa leaves & the crispy haebeehiam chilli really enhanced the taste of the laksa.

WT’s delectable dish

WT mad a delectable dish of fish roe, fish naw, sea cucumber, sotong, fish balls, la la clams..👍👍

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

to complement the laksa, i made 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken).

the usual recipe here.

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken)

chicken was tasty, but not as good as last time. today i was lazy so did not make the ginger scallion sauce (like for samsui chicken).

the sauce was a great taste & experience enhancer. i served that for my best 盐焗鸡 (salt baked chicken) for 10pax RO bros dinner on 27.8.2018.

i will make that again next time for my chicken.

braised pig trotters

i also made soem teochew braised pig trotters, recipe here. 🙂

braised pig trotters

braised pig trotters

i liked the trotters, very gelatinous especially the pig skin also.

& nice flavourful braise.

salted egg chicken fried rice

salted egg chicken fried rice

our friend CH cannot do w/o rice. so i made salted egg fried rice.

very easy. fry chopped garlic & chopped salted egg. add overnight rice & crispy haebeehiam chilli. off fire. when serving, add a bit oil, add 2 eggs to wok & let eggs spread & formed, then spread over the rice & mix. voila!

quite tasty & flavourful fried rice.

6pax lunch dishes

prawn & chicken pong’s laksa

had a wonderful time with my OPS bros. nice laksa lunch & great dish from WT. HC brought a red wine.

c.h.e.f andy

Scrumptious Zi Char Home Dinner for 10pax RI Bros on 27Aug2018

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡太棒了!

made a scrumptious 10pax RI 14bros zi char dinner on 27.8.2018. ^^ ..missing TC, HAB, CJ & BT.

1 gimson nonya sauce steamed tilapia 👍
2 spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head 松鱼头
3 yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 with ginger soring onions dip 👍
4 german knuckles
5 JB yawang 鸭皇 roast duck chong lee brought 👍
6 salted egg pork chop👍
7 salted egg bittergourd
8 white beehoon 👍

CM brought ching chow dessert

LCH brought daily scoop lai chee & salted mr brown oce creams

TCH brought cut hami melon

J brought grapes..others brought wine blueberries etc

really shiok dinner..missed TC…..

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡太棒了!best this evening. very tasty, tender & sweet. 🙂 everyone’s favourite.

and i was inspired by noodle place to make the minced ginger scallion sauce as the dip = minced 3 stalks spring onions, 2cm ginger, 3tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tbsp sesame oil, 1/4tsp salt.

JB yawang roast duck

CL returned from melacca today & bought yawang roast duck 十全烤鸭.

sauce was flavourful. duck was ok but a bit dry…i told CL next time buy the whole duck uncut, i will debone it.

german knuckles (recipe here) was really crackling,

the coke (i used coke cos it was S$0.85 vs like S$4.60 for beer) with red wine sauce & mustard also gave a nice flavorur to the meat. a successful dish.

salted egg pork chop

salted egg pork chop also very good. both CM & KK both commented.

i used the salted egg paste given to me by WM & J. ^^

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd was good too.

spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头

KK commented both fishes were steamed perfect timing & excellent texture.

a really lovely dish. the thickened sauce which is flavourful & tangy need to be taken with the fish in the correct amount.

gimson nonya steamed tilapia

everyone love the superb gimson nonya steamed tilapia.

this was the same excellent dish at restoran yawang at jln segget JB on 28.7.2018.^^

white bee hoon

today’s white bee hoon was superbly delicious. ^^

very well infused with intense chicken & prawn stocks.

for the dish preparations, yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (recipe here) was salted for 5hrs & washed thoughly, then stuffed with spring onions, red onions, cut ginger, 6 garlic cloves, and 2 tbsp huatio wine 花雕酒.

becos the salt baked chicken was wrapped in baking paper then aluminium foil & placed in 175degC oven for 1hr 45mins (1hr 15mins + open up wrapping 30mins), it was very tender & moist, and also sweeter with the salt & also all the aromatics in the cavity & the sweet huatiao wine,

more so than poached chicken 白斩鸡.

crackling german knuckles

my second try at german knuckles also very successful. recipe here.

very crackling becos salt on the skin pulled out the water content & 3hrs in 175deg oven, flavourful becos coke & red wine on a bed of onions also ensured that the meat is moist & not overcooked over 3hrs.

JB yawang roast duck

though sauce was still flavourful, the duck meat itself was a little dry &

not like the first time we had this yawang roast duck at sentosa JB. somehow even the colour also different.

spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head

spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head

i made the sauce with 1heap tbsp lee kum kee sauce, 1tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp flat sugar, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp mirin, 1tbsp corn flour to thicken & 1.5tbsp light soy sauce.

then heated & mixed over stove & just right to thicken the sauce.

i like this-

hk street chun ke commonwealth crescent level 2 thickened sauce

better than

hk street old chun kee wetter sauce also at commonwealth crescent coffeeshop.

gimson nonya steamed tilapia

gimson nonya steamed tilapia

all credits to gimson nonya sauce only availabel in malaysia? which my OPS bro WM, my sis & Jeanette all bought for me when they were in JB.

2 heap tbsp gimson nonya sauce, 1.5 tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp mirn, 2 tbsp oilve oil.

salted egg pork chop

salted egg pork chop

i used frozen pork chops from sheng shiong, sliced the 5 pieces to make 10, marinated with fish sauce, white pepper & 1tbsp corn flour.

then shallow fry…i hate deepfrying as waste a lot of oil after that no occasion to reuse. 🙂

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd also good this evening, though may not stand out among all the great dishes this evening. 🙂

minced one cooked salted egg, fried bittergourd with salted egg & set aside. when about to serve, heat up, add a little oil, fried 2 eggs on the side till eggs harden, the fold over the bittergourd. excellent zai shun famous dish!

white bee hoon

white bee hoon

white bee hoon

the white beehoon this evening was among the favourite dishes, very tasty very well infused, just right texture, lots of larpok (crispy lard) and prawns & squid succulent, done just right.

cut hami melon

TCH brought nice sweet hami melon.

CM’s cheng chow dessert

CM’s cheng chow dessert

tai kor CM now our regular tong shui 糖水supplier.

& LCH brought nice salted mr brown & laichee ice cream from daily scoop. ^^

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

and CL brought the nonya kuehs from melacca.

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡太棒了!

a very fun evening with RI bros, delectable dishes & wonderful time together, missed TC.

c.h.e.f andy