Super Delicious Chicken Laksa with Pong’s Laksa Paste on 5Jul2019

chicken laksa

made 7pax pong’s laksa today on 5.7.2019, with my OPS and RI bros WT,WM, HC, LKY, LKH and HAB. ^^

HC had lunch with brother still came over at 2pm. I made a bowl for him. 🙂

i love curry chicken noodles.

  • according to makansutra this dish was famously created by teochews in singapore exemplifying singapore’s chumchum 参参 mixed heritage ..the 3 famous teochew nang stalls are ah heng and heng kee at hong lim food centre and da po at golden mile food centre.

pong’s laksa

pong’s laksa 

I don’t have the secret recipe to make the curry chicken noodles gravy..

so i approximate using pong’s laksa paste and added the important secret ingredient haebee, and laksa leaves, AND and very tasty chicken stock, excellent taste. ..

and the usual taupok, teochew fish cake, and fish potatoes for me..

cannot c/w ah heng etc of course but still very shiok! haven’t learn how to make the dried shrimp sambal yet..

made 白斩鸡 and 白猪肉. & had lots of taupok, teochew fish cake and fish cake.




i think my 白斩鸡 is smoother, chicken breast more moist, and sweeter & tastier than ah heng. ^^


1/2 chicken, salt in fridge overnight, clean thoroughly, placed in boiling stock (chicken bones, carrots, scallions, whole bulb garlic cloves, ginger, red onions) boiled covered 12mins, off fire poached 24mins, placed in ice water bath, then in fridge for 1 hr, then debone.

drizzle sauce

for the 白斩鸡 drizzle sauce, i added 1tbsp flat sugar, 2tbsp light soy sauce, 1tbsp sesame oil, 6tbsp stock or water. taste it!


and 白猪肉 also very tender and tasty…


boiled in stock 1.5hrs. placed in fridge. and cut & added stock to warm up when serving. hence very tender yet cut neatly no fraying.

and i added the 白斩鸡 drizzle sauce, w/o sesame, very nice. 🙂

fish cake 

i had had lots of taupok, teochew fish cake…. and fish cake.

chicken laksa

i think it approximate quite well in that laksa broth was wonderful, only thing not spicy, need to add some haebeehiam sambal next time, and my 白斩鸡 and 白猪肉 were excellent texture and taste. but of course it is still NOT the same ah heng curry chicken gravy…

WT’s haebeehiam fried rice and durian fried rice

WT’s durian fried rice

WT’s haebeehiam fried rice 

WT made very nice msw fried rice and haebeehiam fried rice..

WT not feeling so well, and i likewise so we took plain soup and less noodles..




lovely 白斩鸡 eaten on its own…

tangkak msw

tangkak msw

my OPS gang brought msw from tangkak, frozen and thawed, super flavourful better than the msw i had recently..

chicken laksa

the guys stayed and chatted quite tilled quite late.

really good time together with the bros chit chat and sharing.

c.h.e.f andy


Delicious 8pax Home 海底捞Dinner on 1Jul2019

wife’s home 海底捞

wife decided this morning to make home 海底捞 dinner today on 1.7.2018.

all came – JH, PT, ervin and we had 8pax dinner. full house.

wife’s home 海底捞

i had some crispy bean curd.

beef shabu

and some beef shabu. 500g packet.


and cut 2 medium white pomfret.

kurobuta shabu

kurobuta shabu

wife ordered some kurobuta from qbfood earlier.

cheese and fish tofu

and bought some cheese and fish tofu and a ‘her kiao’ fish dumpling.

mushrooms and veg

and we had shitake and shimeji mushrooms and baby corn..



most important are the sauces, like if you go 海底捞or huating steamboat.

i made the 沙茶酱mixed with 麻辣chilli with lots of chopped garlic and chinese celery. wife made fried onion oil. scallions and light soy sauce.

wife’s home 海底捞

steamboat is the easiest food to prepare. aunty bes made the ikan bilis and yellow bean stock. all the other ingredients just buy and we had a wonderful 8pax family dinner. no effort.

c.h.e.f andy

鲳鱼煲 Claypot Pomfret Soup 5pax Home Gourmet Dinner on 19Jun2019

claypot pomfret soup 

made 5pax family home dinner this evening-

  1. 鲳鱼煲 – super tasty as good as fragrant gardens
  2. tanhoon prawns- usual very tasty dish especially with haebee
  3. white beehoon- excellent dish with very tasty chicken stock…prawns, cuttlefish, lala all done just right
  4. aunty bes made nice french beans with minced pork

5pax home dinner 

pomfret soup

first time i made 鲳鱼煲 Claypot Pomfret Soup, inspired by the excellent dish recently at  fragrant garden.

it was very good. soup was very very tasty, flavourful, from lots of fish heads and bones leftover from filleting, and lots of chinese cabbage, and also radish, ginger, garlic, red onions, scallions.

and the 斗鲳 really nice, firm and very sweet.

a super tasty dish! 🙂

claypot tanhoon prawns 

today’s claypot tanhoon prawns also very tasty.

i added good quality haebee and the usual aromatics like coriander, scallions, ginger, red onions etc, and black pepper…

and i had teh same intense chicken stock i also used for the white beehoon.

this evening, texture of tanhoon was perfectly, moist and very well infused with the stock and aromatics. quite perfect!

white beehoon with prawns, lala, and cuttlefish

and likewise for the white beehoon.

just the right amount of stock, ingredients, beehoon, so beehon also very well infused, cooked just right texture, moist and tasty, and all the ingredients were not overcooked.

aunty bes minced pork long beans

aunty bes always make nice olive minced pork with long beans. 🙂

large pomfret 斗鲳

a large pomfret 斗鲳, cut into large pieces.

the soup base

very tasty soup.

鲳鱼煲 Claypot Pomfret Soup

superb 鲳鱼煲 Claypot Pomfret Soup.

prawns and tanhoon prawn stock

the prawns and tanhoon prawn stock to make a great dish!

lala clams

white beehoon with prawns, lala, and cuttlefish

white beehoon with prawns, lala, and cuttlefish

and putting together the white beehoon with prawns, lala, and cuttlefish.

claypot pomfret soup

had a really good enjoyable family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy





Great Tapas 5pax Dinner for Wife’s Friends on 14Jun2019

spanish omelette – tortilla

wife invited her friends MW & thomas (also my RI friend) and WG (Dorothy) for 5 pax dinner this evening on 14.6.2019. ^^

we had-

1 (wife made) salad and grilled brussel sprouts
2 spanish omelette
3 miso teriyaki salmon belly
4 chorizo prawns
5 seafood tagliatelle
6 australian wagyu 6/7 striploin

wife’s mesclun salad 

mesclun salad was excellent, with agave nectar and the usual extra virgin olive oil and balsamic and some crunchy bits.

spanish omelette – tortilla

the spanish omelette – tortilla were excelelnt this evening. don’t make this often, but this evening it was tasty and the egg, potatoes were onions were just the right texture. 🙂

wife’s friend all loved this tapas dish. 🙂

wife’s brussels sprouts

and i loved the sprouts.

miso teriyaki salmon belly

miso teriyaki salmon belly good as usual, and the fresh gill from my garden was great.

chorizo prawns

they all loved the chorizo orawns very flavourful and succulent prawns, and wonderful chorizo sauce.

pangrilled wagyu MBS 6/7 striploin 

pangrilled wagyu MBS 6/7 striploin 

pangrilled wagyu MBS 6/7 striploin 

wagyu was a good cut, marbled and flavourful not my best rendition though not getting the right temperature and timing with this pan..

still it was very tasty and tender, and quite restaurant standard.

seafood tagliatelle

pasta was al dente and very tasty.

i used the same intense tasty chicken stock made from chicken bones, carrots and aromatics like ginger, red onions, garlic, scallions.

both had white wine reduction, browned whole garlic cloves in olive oil and basil, only that chorizo prawn sauce also had sliced chorizo so another layer of taste. and most appreciated by wife’s friends.

had a great fun dinner with good friends together.

c.h.e.f andy




12pax Home Zichar Dinner for Kluang Buddies on 6Jun2019

dinner spread

made 12pax dinner for kluang buddies this evening on 6.6.2019. ^^


1 claypot chicken rice
2 braised duck
3 braised belly pork and trotters
4 taiwan 咸猪肉
5 salted fish minced pork
6 minced pork tofu
7 tanhoon prawns
8 nonya steamed seabream (angkorli)
9 nonya sauce kang kong

meimei brought her homemade tapioca cake. all the bros brought wine, fruits, ice creams, egg tarts and pastries.

CJ did a great debrief of kluang mission organised and led by QTC…

a wonderful memorable evening with great friends, missing LCH who is visiting son in australia.

dinner spread

all the 9/10 dishes were very good this evening. ^^

braised duck

braised duck

braised duck was superb, very “pang” and meat very tender and moist. very easy to make, just 1hr 15mins braising with tai hwa chicken marinade with all the aromatics.

braised trotters and belly pork

braised trotters and belly pork

braised trotters and belly pork were excellent too.

braised trotters and belly pork

braised trotters and belly pork

trotters kwl favourite. just the right texture, gelatinous and very flavourful. likewise the belly pork

claypot rice

claypot rice

claypot rice always good. good texture and always very tasty. the bottom bits were very tasty.

wife said not my best. indeed i have done better but this was very ok la…:-)

today was great challenge as i did 4 cups for 12pax, usually i do 2cups to 3cups rice.

CCG was next to me the whole time in the kitchen watching over with me while i get ready other dishes, waiting for the rice to slowly cook, about 45-50mins.

taiwan fried belly pork

taiwan fried belly pork

taiwan fried belly pork was an experiment after having lovely taiwan 咸猪肉 at 花莲热炒stall.

my own recipe…almost there i would say…crispy outside tender inside…

salted fish mined pork

salted fish mined pork

salted fish minced pork LCM favourite. always good. will do some garnishing with cut chilli and scallions next time. 🙂

claypot minced pork tofu

claypot minced pork tofu

minced pork tofu can be improved. tofu was great, just need to infuse the gravy flavour a bit more.

claypot tanhon prawns

claypot tanhoon prawns was excellent, among my best, quite perfect texture of tanhoon, moist, full of flavours and cooked just right, and likewise the prawns.

claypot tanhon prawns

this time i added haebee and substantially enhanced the flavours. the bottom bits of tanhoon were super tasty.

nonya sauce angkorli seabream

took photo too late. 🙂

the nonya sauce angkorli was good as usual thanks to the tasty tangy gimson nonya sauce.

nonya sauce kang kong

nonya sauce kang kong

i added gimson nonya sauce also to the fried kang kang, sedap. 🙂

meimei made tapioca cake

meimei brought really nice tapioca cake..i had a piece while i was getting dinner ready..liked it more when i took second piece after the food..same nice texture and not too sweet, as what jessie made..

LCM brought red wine.

NCL brought grapes

NCL brought grapes..

LCJ bought magnum ice cream

CJ brought magnum ice cream,

KWL & June bought ice cream

KWL & June bought ice cream

KWL and june brought 2 tubs of msw and salted caramel ice cream.

CCG brought tong heng pastry

CCG brought tong heng pastry

CCG brought tong heng egg tarts and pastries.

braised duck

LCJ did a good debrief of the kluang mission led by QTC.

good that while enjoying the fellowship the RI brothers also helped in some small ways with the community in kluang which ROCK House has been working and caring for.

c.h.e.f andy


12pax Home Zichar Dinner with In-law’s Family on 1May2019

白斩鸡 with chicken rice

daughter arranged for her in-laws, JH’s family, to come over for dinner this evening on 1.5.2019.

i made 11 dishes for 12pax dinner

  1. chicken rice & 白斩鸡
  2. braised trotters
  3. braised belly pork
  4. salted fish minced pork
  5. char siew
  6. tofu prawns
  7. nonya steamed golden snapper
  8. HK steamed halibut/flounder?
  9. wok fried lala
  10. nonya sauce fried baby spinach
  11. poached hk kailan with shitake (by aunty bes)

& wife made nice cheng tng dessert


chicken rice chilli

chicken rice, 白斩鸡 and chilli were excellent, quite a standard preparation for me.

braised trotters

braised trotters and belly pork (photo at bottom of page) quite perfect too, very tender, and gummy lots of collagen.

the belly pork(photo at bottom of page) i chilled for 2 hrs and cut and warmed up in the reheated sauce when serving.

char siew

char siew was ok tasty as usual texture not my best rendition.

salted fish minced pork

the salted fish minced pork dish very good this evening…wife liked it too.

tofu prawns (stock photo)

i did not take photo of tofu prawns so used a recent stock photo.

today’s tofu prawns ok not as good as my last, not as infused. i think using a deeper claypot better so tofu will be more infused.

nonya steamed golden snapper

nonya steamed golden snapper tangy sauce always good.

HK steamed halibut

J said halibut flesh tasted better, sauce wise the nonya sauce better.

wok fried manila clams – stock

wok fried manila clams also recent stock photo.

today slightly overcooked, not as good as the last.

orh lua – stock photo

similarly for orh lua. it was good but not as my best recently.

braised belly pork and pig skin

a great family time together!

c.h.e.f andy


8pax Sous Vide Iberico Pork Rack, Tomahawk Family Dinner on 7Apr2019

iberico pork with potato mash and salad

made 8pax family dinner this evening-

1 (wife made) buttersquash soup
2 sous vide 62degC 4hrs flamed iberico pork rack (first attempt supernice) ..served with homemade ginger butter and potato mash
3 prawn arrabiata tagliatelle 
4 vongole linguine
5 sous vide 56degC 3hrs flamed & pancharred black onyx tomahawk

uni sashumi

salmon, amaebi etc sashimi

wife had some sashimi.

teriyaki miso salmon belly

i made the usual teriyaki miso salmon belly. nice!

vongole linguine

vongole linguine

vongole linguine was great!

prawn arrabiata tagliatelle

prawn arrabiata tagliatelle

arabiatta was a new try, tasty, can be improved.

4hr 62degC sous vide iberico pork rack

iberico pork rack

4hr 62degC sous vide iberico pork rack

iberico pork rack was a first time, AND it was excellent! the best!

now cannot find on QB, will wait until they have stock again…

iberico pork with potato mash and salad

iberico pork with potato mash and salad

iberico pork with potato mash and salad

the meat was perfect tender and very tasty.

i marinated first 2 tbsp mustard, then sea salt, pepper, olive oil, honey…then sous vide, then drizzle honey and flamed.

and i had nice potato mash and wife made salad for sides.

3hr 56degC sous vide black onyx tomahawk

3hr 56degC sous vide black onyx tomahawk

3hr 56degC sous vide black onyx tomahawk

tomahawk was perfect this evening, at 56degC perfect consistency, and grilled and flamed.

3hr 56degC sous vide black onyx tomahawk

great tomahawk!

4hr 62degC sous vide iberico pork rack

but everyone liekd the iberico prok rack even better!

very shiok family dinner! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


OPS Buddies 9pax Homecooked Claypot Rice Dinner on 29Mar2019

9pax homecooked dishes

made 9pax dinner for OPS bros & sis=with WM, HC, KS, CH, FM, WH, CF, KY, missing M on 29.3.2019-

1 claypot rice 沙煲饭
2 hk steamed garoupa 港蒸石斑
3 garlic steamed sotong 蒜蓉蒸花枝
4 salted fish steamed minced pork 咸鱼饼
5 tofu prawns 豆腐虾
6 char siew 叉烧
7 mala belly pork with veg 回锅肉
8 oyster sauce hk chye sim 蚝油菜心
9 salted fish minced pork eggwhite fried rice 咸鱼肉碎蛋白炒饭

FM brought ice creams WH brought korean strawberries CH brought yamashita doughnuts

char siew pretty ok despite major error of mixing up and applying red chilli oil instead of red fermented tofu..

garoupa was fresh just bought from teban gardens wet market this morning but slightly lor kor “rough texture”

forgot to take photo of cooked garoupa and garlic steamed sotong.

9pax homecooked dishes

i made 9 dishes for 9pax. 🙂

claypot rice

claypot rice always good. 🙂

a bit harder making for 9pax. i used 3cup+ rice and 1 whole chicken. i usually make 3 cups for 6pax with 1/2 chicken…estimating the amount of water to add etc is a bit less certain, needs judgement there is substantial marinade and water in the chicken.

hk steamed garoupa

garlic steamed sotong

i forgot to take photos of the cooked garoupa and sotong.

friends all commented garoupa fresh and my timing was good, however the fish was lor kor with tough texture, quite a disappointment!

char siew

i made a mistake on one dish the char siew. instead of red fermented beancurd i marinated with red chilli sauce. the bottles and content looked similar. i did not check properly.

fortunately the char siew was still very tender and the flavours were ok enough as char siew, but one could detect the red chilli oil taste which was kind of odd.

prawn tofu

my prawn tofu always good. stock very tasty and prawns excellent, bouncy and tasty, great texture and taste. i think i will try the egg tofu again see if tofu texture is better.

salted fish minced pork

salted fish minced pork is dish that everyone likes. 🙂


the 回锅肉 mala belly pork with carrots and potatoes is the least tokong dish…belly pork very tender…still it was heavy dish and belly pork not most popular with the ladies.

egg white fried rice

made the egg white fried rice specially for CH in case not enough claypot rice.

fried rice was ok. i think though not salty enough, can do with a bit more fish sauce.

fried chye sim

could get hk kailan so made do with chye sim. usual stir-fry with oyster sauce. good enough.

claypot rice

i steamed the whole sausages then cut them and added back to the claypot rice.

salted fish minced pork

salted fish minced pork really a grandma kind signature dish and can eat often outside at zi char and teochew muay stalls.

char siew

char siew

char siew turned out ok, despit i anyhow hatam added wrong wause, then the bun

tofu and stock ready for tofu prawns

shallow fried tofu and stock with egg all ready for kyoto station.

salted fish minced pork fried rice

for the fried rice, i first fried salted fish and minced pork then set aside and fried the egg white then fold over the rice and then mixed the small pieces of egg whites thoroughly.

claypot rice

we had a great evening sharing and fellowship among old freinds from primary school. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Delicious Kurobuta Belly Dry HK Noodles on 16Mar2019

kurobuta belly hk dry noodles

i bought some dry stingy hk noodles from sheng shiong a while back.

there were 2 types i know – dry scallop flavoured and prawn flavoured.. i thought prawn flavoured better but that day there was only scallop flavoured so i bought that.

this evening i made a simple 1pax dinner.

just boiled noodles about 2 mins in water and drained. poach chye sim in boiled water. make sure qq and not overcooked.

mixed 1 tbsp flat each of oyster sauce, chilli, ketchup, 1 tsp fish sauce and toss.

i placed 4 strips kurobuta belly on plate, drizzle with tsuyu and microwave 1.5mins.

then add kurobuta belly and poached chye sim to the qq noodles.

kurobuta belly hk dry noodles

quite perfect!

noodles qq and tasty with the sauces a standalone.

kurobuta belly very taste and flavourful.

for this evening i also added some leftover toman fillet.


c.h.e.f andy

Great Evening, Delicious Food with Good Friends on 14Mar2019

5pax dinner dishes

made 5pax dinner for my good friends this evening on 14.3.2019.^^

for J for her special diet-
1. poached seabream fillet ikan bilis soup
2. oven grilled saba with sea salt
3 pan grilled portobello with sea salt

for 4 of us-
1 poached seabream fillet chicken broth
2 claypot rice
3 tofu prawns
4 fried romaine lettuce
5 fried hk kailan

J brought vinegared saba from japan.

CL brought flores birthday cake for CCG.

vinegared saba

i like the vinegared saba. japanese cured and pickled stuff all added sugar and a bit sweet. wife and CCG didn’t take.

seabream soup

for J’s seabream soup i used only ikan bilis, so i added a larger seabream fillet to give it natural fish sweetness.

when serving i poached sliced seabream fillet and added few leaves of organic chye sim per J’ request.

seabream soup 

for the 4 of us, i used chicken broth, intense chicken stock, added sliced ginger.

and poached sliced seabream fillet and added organic chye sim.

fish was fresh and the broth was very tasty. ^^

grilled saba

grilled saba

i did grilled saba, first time for me.

the saba i bought from sheng shion was very fresh, could feel pressing on the flesh and belly – firm and bouncy.

i rubbed sea salt inside cavity and outside and grilled on a rack in 250degC oven for 15mins. quite perfect – natural taste of the sea, very fresh, sweet and tasty. J, CL, i all enjoyed the grilled saba.

(i had 1 more saba in the chiller so i made another for J the next day)

pangrilled portobello

pangrilled portobello

the pangrilled portobello had only sea salt so a bit lacking in taste.

could do with the usual olive oil, balsamic and drizzle of agave nextar. the dish mainly prepared for J so didn’t add.

claypot rice

made claypot rice for CCG. he mentioned during our recent 10pax dinner.

today’s claypot rice was excellent, great aroma and great, and super tender, moist, tasty chicken, breast and all.

claypot rice

quite perfect claypot rice. 🙂

prawn tofu

today’s prawn tofu also among my best.

nicely shallowfried tofu well infused with chicken stock, and prawns perfectly done, just cooked, succulent and bouncy.

fried kailan

fried kailan

romaine lettuce

romaine lettuce

fried kailan and romaine lettuce were quite regular stuff.

seabream soup

seabream soup

for preparation, just ikan bilis stock with large seabream fillet for taste, then poached sliced seabream fillet and add organic chye sim when serving.

fried tofu for prawn tofu dish

prawn tofu

for prawn tofu just shallow fried 300g tofu cut into 12 pieces.

then fried chopped garlic, cut chilli, add 1cup chicken stock and 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1tbsp flat corn flour and reduced to taste, then add 1 egg, let it formed then draw out the egg.

when serving, add prawns, mix and cover to cook prawns, about 3mins, serve!

flore cake

CL brought a nice birthday cake from flore.

claypot rice

had a wonderful evening, nice food and great company and conversation. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Tasty Bean Paste Chicken 豆签 on 13Mar2019

豆签 bean noodles with bean paste chicken

made some bean paste chicken 豆签 this evening on 13.3.2019. ^^

looks like tagliatelle pasta 😜

豆签 bean noodles with bean paste chicken

豆签 bean noodles with bean paste chicken

i had some bean paste sauce which i made spicy bean paste pork cubes for teban gardens friday community breakfast last friday on 8.3.2019.

i stored some leftover sauce in the fridge and used to make a 1pax 豆签 bean noodles with bean paste chicken.

just boil 豆签 bean noodles about 2.3mins. remove and drained.

fried cut chicken pieces with the bean past sauce for 5 mins till cooked. off fire add back 豆签 bean noodles and toss.

bean paste cook anything also nice la…and i really like 豆签 bean noodles ..very light and soothing.

c.h.e.f andy

Jessie Hosted OPS 8pax Popiah Party on 11Mar2019


jessie made very good popiah.

today we gathered at WM place for 8pax OPS buddies popiah part on 11.3.2019. ^^

popiah party

popiah party

popiah party

ingredients were all good.

i loved the chiili and garlic. must have the sweet sauce.

the skin was on the thicker side for me, prefer thinner ones.

popiah ingredients

my diet popiah.





with lots of chilli.

i made 2 popiahs.


and ate 1 kongbakpao. nice braised pork.


and fruits.

WM’s birthday cake

FM and KS bought birthday cake for WM.

my char siew

my char siew

my char siew

today i made about 800g+ char siew, 5 strips.

there were too much food today so we decided not to serve the char siew, so i dropped 2 strips at WT place on the way, and passed 3 strips to WM.


missed WT and M today. and unexpected welcome attendance by SG and Ma. 🙂

very fun OPS popiah party thanks to J & WM

afterwards i brought 3 popiah and 2 kongbakpao and some soup and passed to WT

c.h.e.f andy



4pax Homecooked Lunch with Bro, Sis BIL on 11Mar2019

4pax lunch dishes

today bro, sis & bil came over for lunch on 11.3.2019. ^^.

i made 4 dishes.

mullet and large yellow croaker

mullet and large yellow croaker

chilled mullet and yellow croaker are teochew favorites, perfect taken together with taujeon.

not much difference in quality eating out or homecook (i would say my homecooked mostly better). just a lot cheaper homecooked.

i bought 2 mullet for S$9.80 and the very large yellow croaker (>50% larger than normal size) for S$8.90.

very fresh and sweet. both very good, myself i still prefer the mullet.

garlic hk steamed sotong

garlic hk steamed sotong

garlic hk steamed the easiest to prepare and super nice.

sotong these days more ex than fish. at sheng shiong it’s like S$15.90 to S$18.90.

today’s large sotong >300g so i would be cost >S$5 ie more expensive than the mullet.

fried shitake mushrooms with mala sauce

i made some fried shitake with mala sauce. this was excellent and perfect the other day. today, not enough mala sauce.

4pax lunch dishes

and i had some hk kailan.

bro liked the kailan. he commented kailan was really lush green. and it was succulent and sweet.

c.h.e.f andy

Family Homecooked 7pax Dinner on 28Feb2019

family 7pax homecooked dinner

daughter wanted to eat at home on 28.2.2019. 🙂

aunty bes was cooking this 7pax dinner..wife made ribeye steak.

family 7pax homecooked dinner

i had 1/2 chicken in the chiller so decided to make chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡.

my grilled pork ribs

and i wanted to experiment grilled pork ribs.

it turned out quite beautifully. i was quite sure the texture would be great…i did 180degC for 1hr 40mins and 250degC for 20mins.

i wasn’t sure if my marinade would be ok.. i used 2 tbsp mustard, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp olive oil, and rubbed sea salt, black pepper and sprinkled dry parsley and rosemary…

it turned out quite tasty. son said nice a few times. maybe i will try less herb and just a tad more honey. mustard was great!

my 白斩鸡

my 白斩鸡 was the usual, nice, not my best but good enough with the chilli and the sauce dip.

wife’s ribeye steak

wife’s ribeye steak was great especially over japanese rice, like donburi. 🙂

aunty bes sambal pranws

and aunty bes made a tasty sambal prawns. she cooked all the other dishes this evening.

cuttlefish kang kong

and cuttlefish kang kong.

grilled brussel sprouts

we all love brussel sprouts.

prawn omelette

and wife’s prawn omelette recipe, which aunty bes made this evening.

aunty bes lady fingers

and lady’s fingers. very good!

my grilled pork ribs

simple nice dinner.

enjoyable food and time together. youngest daughter coming back late so we kept food for her. 🙂

c.h.e.f quak

Sous Vide Black Onyx Ribeye Delicious Homecooked 7pax Dinner on 24Feb2019

buddha jump over the wall

wife home this morning from japan trip..

we had 7pax dinner.

wenyu made funghi pasta..very good! restaurant standard!

I made buddha jump over the was very good..wife children all loved it…JH had 3 bowls…

made also grilled scallops, a flamed belly pork with potato mash..the mash was really good….. wife children all loved it..

got a piece of bkack onyx boned in ribeye which CNM brought during cny get together..her niece brought from australia..

so i made flamed sous vide ribeye 👍👍👍

buddha jump over the wall

buddha jump over the wall

this time no pencai 盆菜.

so i packed all the good ingredients for the buddha jump over the wall 佛跳墙 = abalones, fish maw, sea cucumber, pig tendons, chicken breast and belly pork.

buddha jump over the wall

eveything was done to perfection – the fish maw, sea cucumber, belly pork, chicken breast all superb texture and tasty.

soup was trotters, belly pork, SKINLESS chicken whole leg base, gelatinous and sweet, very flavourful, so children topped up soup, and JH had 3 bowls. 🙂

will write up a recipe for this dish.

son’s funghi tagliatelle

son’s funghi tagliatelle

wen yu made a superb funghi tagliatelle, very tasty, perfect texture of pasta and beautiful mushrrom flavours.

i think i will do this dish for my dinners. 🙂

giant scallops and black onyx ribeye

i had giant scallops. decided to pangrilled and add some sides.

belly pork before flaming 

grilled scallops, flamed belly pork, veg and mash

i decided to make a mash…it was very good, everyone loved it. i just used one large potatoes will make more next time. will write up a separate recipe for this.

also added a flamed belly pork. the same belly pork i did for the buddha jump over the walk, braised in the stock 2hrs so very tender..then added seasalt, black pepper, olive oil adn drizzle with honey, then flamed. superb!

black onyx ribeye 

CNM brought black onyx ribeye from australia during the CNY day2 get together, so i decided to make reverse sear flamed sous vide ribeye.

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

this evening the ribeye piece was too large to pangrilled & flamed, so i flmed a bit more.

my sous vide machine 

sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

like last time i set to 53.5 degC medium rare for 2hrs.

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare

flamed sous vide black onyx ribeye medium rare 

& the ribeye was beautiful..everyone loved it…

i think i will do it a bit just very slight more done less rare (say) 54.5degC next tiem to try out.

c.h.e.f andy

Sumptuous Post CNY Homecooked 10pax Dinner for RI Bros on 21Feb2019

#2 pencai 盆菜

made 10pax dinner for RI bros this evening on 21.2.2019. ^^ 🙂

tai kor LCM helped organised the dinner.

LKH brought cheng tng 👍👍👍

CCG brought premium nuts.

LCM brought 4deg white wine.

TCH brought prunes and strawberries


1 piggy jump over the wall – fish maw, sea cucumber, pig trotters, belly pork, chicken

2 盆菜-prawns, broccoli, fish maw, sea cucumber, mushrooms, belly pork, abalones

3 hk steamed golden snapper (ang choe)

4 braised pig trotters & belly

5 salted egg prawns

6 braised scallop with leek

7 salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

8 orh lua

i recently made the best pencai 盆菜 for CNY eve reunion dinner at my brother’s house, so thought of doing that this evening for my RI bros.

#1 piggy jump over the wall

and to experiment with buddha jump over the wall.

since i am already having pencai 盆菜, so i used cheaper ingredients like pig trotters and belly instead and called it “piggy jump over the wall”. lol!

#1 piggy jump over the wall

turned out that this (the soup) was the best dish.

i think at least one bro had 3 bowls of soup.

so i had trotters & a SKINLESS chicken leg (thigh plus drumstick) to provide a very sweet, tasty, gelatinous soup base, then added belly pork, fish maw, sea cucumber, chicken breast and each at the right timing to deliver great texture.

#1 piggy jump over the wall

a truly delightful dish.

#2 pencai 盆菜

#2 pencai 盆菜

this evening’s pencai 盆菜 was good enough. everyone loved this dish.

#2 pencai 盆菜

#2 pencai 盆菜

the fish maw, belly pork and mushrooms perfect texture and very well infused and tasty.

the gravy was not as good as what i served at my brother’s place on CNY eve.

#3 trotters and belly pork

#3 trotters and belly pork

the teochew braised trotters and belly pork was very good.

texture was perfect, gelatinous and the braise was very tasty.

#4 salted egg prawns

the first time i made salted egg prawns using my own sauce.

#4 salted egg prawns

prawns were done the same, coated with egg yoke and cornflour and shallow-fried for 1 min to golden.

#4 salted egg sauce

the last time, i used a ready made sauce. it (the sauce) was not that good even though the prawns were done well.

so this time i decided to make my own sauce. this evening i served 15 prawns, so i decided 3 salted egg yokes would be enough, and it was. so fried the salted egg yokes with 2 twigs of curry leaves and 1 cut chilli padi.

the salted egg prawn dish came out quite perfect, with great salted egg flavours and slight powdery texture, just right! 🙂

#5 scallops with leek

i did the scallops and leek dish. was going to use broccoli but already had broccoli for pencai 盆菜 so use leek instead. my friends said the leek really tasty.

#5 scallops

i used 20 large scallops.

#5 leeks

for the sauce i fried leek with oyster sauce and added intense chicken stock.

#6 HK steamed golden snapper (ang choe)

#6 HK steam golden snapper (ang choe)

for the golden snapper (ang choe), i decided to do the usual HK steamed.

fish was good, the flavours of the light soy sauce very fragrant.

#7 salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

i made salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice. the colour and presentation very appetizing. more importantly wokhae was wonderful and teh salted fish flavours very pang!

i fried the the salted fish and minced prok first then added cooked rice high fire, mixed thoroughly and set aside.

when serving, i fried eg white (this time i used 5 egg whites), let it formed and then added the fried rice and folded in the egg whites. a lovely dish. i took 2 servings myself.

#8 orh lua – oyster omelette

and i made orh lua – oyster omelette. it was hawker standard? almost la.. still cannot quite compare. oyster and chilli was good, the crispy sweet potato flour quite ok.

LKH’s cheng tng

LKH’s cheng tng

CCG brought nuts

CCG brought nuts

TCH brought prunes


LKH brought cheng tng.

always good and especially this evening, not too sweet and combined very well with the dried persimon and melon. perfect la!

#! piggy jump over the wall

very satisfying evening for me.

the RI bros we had a great enjoyable evening together, and for me i had the opportunity to successfully deliver 2 new dishes (a very great satisfaction la!)=

  1. the buddha jump over the wall
  2. and the salted egg prawns.

for the bros also, the pencai 盆菜, egg white fried rice and orh lua were all new dishes.

a really fun evening! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

CJ’s Annual Abalones Treasure Hotpot and Bak Kua Tradition Lunch on 13Feb2018

CJ’s annual abalone treasures tradition

CJ invited RI bros for his signature annual tradition of abalones treasure hotpot and bak hua tasting lunch on 13.2.2019.^^ shiok shuok!!!

highlight of abalones and 3 types bak kwa tasting 👍🙂

TCH brought red wine & J brought homemade brandy umeshu ..YKK brought himalayan salt lozenges. LKY brught roast pork and a lucky prosperous piggy.

CJ’s annual bak kua and hotpot lunch

a big spread though we saw only one thing – the round white thing! ^^

shitake, shimeji and enoki mushrooms

good spread of beef, pork, fish, and veg. 🙂

LKY roast pork

LKY roast pork

LKY roast pork always good, but recently less practice so room for improvement. needs a lot more practice for our subsequent makans. ^^

yamazaki whisky

jeff’s umeshu

i love jeff’s umeshu…not good effect on me though..1/2 asleep the whole drive back home.better not do next time except maybe at home…

CJ’s annual abalone treasures tradition

the brotherhood is fully committed to safekeeping CJ’s annual abalone treasures tradition. ^^

beef & pork



beef and pork were great!

red garoupa fillet

CJ said maybe fish fillet was red garoupa. 🙂

red garoupa fillet

whatever it was, tasted good boleh la! 🙂


and prawns too.


tofu and some processed rolls.



and finsied off with some veg.

himalayan salt lozenges

KK brought some himalayan salt lozenges…he said a box (20 packets??) cost RM$18 in JB and S$18 here.

LKY prosperity piggy luck

LKY distribute his prosperity piggy luck. ^^

CJ’s annual bak kua and hotpot lunch

this is surely among the best traditions the brotherhood sworn to safeguard and protect. lol!

we had a great time and fellowship together. 🙂

(before coming here i met GYS at paya lebar square and picked up GCT’s book tall order…read it that week).

c.h.e.f andy

Very Good Wagyu Homecooked Shortrib (Kalbi) Dinner at C’s House on 10FEb2019

beef kalbi don

wife’s nephew C & J invited us for wagyu shortribs (kalbi) dinner on 10.2.2019. 👍👍

bbq wagyu shortribs (kalbi)

C got a new source. bought 4kg wagyu shortribs, bbq over a japanese charcoal stove, very flavourful.

and he had sous vide eggs, 2hrs at 62degC.

beef kalbi don

and australian short grain rice, much like japanese rice.

the kalbi was very good. i took maybe 8 slices. there were tough tendon oarts so better to cut to smaller pieces when eating.

army stew = hdl soup base

C prepared some soup using haidilao soup base. he called it army stew since we are sort of having yakiniku – japanese styled korean bbq 烧肉.

army stew = hdl soup base

a very pleasant soup.

beef kalbi don

nice dinner for the CNY family get together.

c.h.e.f andy

OPS 14pax Chinese New Year Get Together at CHH House on 9Feb2019

dishes = OPS CNY get together

this evening we had 14pax OPS outram primary school annual CNY get together at CHH’s house.

also celebrated KS’s birthday!🎉🎊🎈

i missed WT this evening. GY is recovering from a fall so they couldn’t join us. LCH also not ,CF and SG also not able to join us this evening.

it’s a pot luck thing…you can bring a dish, cook or buy…my contribution = teochew braised duck. 🙂

lohei – year of the pig

i think the best dish had to be the lohei.

look at the pig design, for the auspicious year of the golden pig.



taste wise it was like any lohei…CHH had lots of salmon and abalone slices t add to it.

dishes = OPS CNY get together

there were 14pax including Mr Yuen & wife.

we had lots of dishes.

orh lua – oyster omelette

WM brought orh lua – oyster omelette. it was good, large oysters, good taste, less good when cold.

grilled pork ribs

roast pork

i tasted teh roast pork, taste quite ok, skin not so crispy.

M borught the 2 dishes but she was cryptic about whether she bought or made them.

ho see fatt choy

J’s hoe see fatt choy always one of the best. i took 3 times.

braised duck

my braised duck was good this evening. very flavourful and tender. KS was literally standing by the dish. HH said it was good.

chilli chicken

CH made chilli chicken. it was good too. very spicy. i liked it. 🙂

crystal dumplings

HC brought crystal dumplings from boon kheng market stall. i love it. took 3 pieces. overeat this evening. J was also eyeing them. 🙂

ice jelly

lay hua made the ice jelly, very nice. very refreshing.

forgot to take photo of KH’s braised pork ribs. it was very good like the last time.

have a great evening with these childhood friends, brothers and sisters.

c.h.e.f andy


Homecooked Teochew Muay Dishes 3pax Dinner with Sis and BIL on 12Feb2019

5 dinner dishes 

郭记teochew muay better than 夜上海🙂

sis & bil stayed back after lunch to watch tv series 风在长林then have 3pax homecooked dinner 🙂

i made 5 dishes. 🙂

chilled yellow croaker 

chilled yellow croaker a typical teochew muay dish. typically called her bun 鱼饭.

just steam then chill in fridge, and eat with good as any at teochew muay stalls. 🙂

chilled sotong

likewise the chilled sotong, same preparation, steam then chill…& bil cut with scissors when we serving.

again, as good, and probably better than teochew muay stalls.

fried shitake with bit mala

the fried shitake with a bit of mala sauce was excellent.

really nice this, superb mushroom flavours enhance by just a bit if mala fragrance. best la! ^^

fried broccoli

standard oyster sauce fried broccoli.

fried china kailan

oyster fried china kailan.

5 dinner dishes

apart of chilled fish which i do just as well, key teochew muay dishes for me are the simple nice vegetable dishes they made.

and today my simple vegetables dishes were just as good, probably better.

3 of us had an excellent simple comfort food dinner.

c.h.e.f andy




郭记teochew muay better than 夜上海🙂

sis & bil stayed back after lunch to watch tv series 风在长林then have 3pax dinner 🙂