海底捞 Simple 3pax Home Hotpot Dinner with SIS & BIL on 5Mar2018

海底捞hotpot dishes

did a simple 3pax home 海底捞 hotpot dinner with sis & bil on 5.3.2018. ^^

funny thing is i have never try the 海底捞  restaurants here in singapore but went to a very good one in shanghai on sep2017! lol!

with sis & bil

with sis & bil

hotpot of course is the simplest of makan, no skill no cooking required, just do it at the table yourself. 🙂

beef & mutton

so i bought some beef & mutton from sheng shiong…both not so good…better to buy iberico collar & good usda beef shabu shabu…


some prawns…


had some leftover beef balls my brother brought back from our relatives in china..

海底捞hotpot dishes

& all the accompaniments like teochew fish cake, fish paste (not so good, better to get fish balls), beancurd rolls, shimeji & enoki mushrooms, and vegetables etc)..

a very enjoyable dinner with sis & bil, except i won’t get the beef & mutton next time, only iberico pork & usda beef…

c.h.e.f andy



USDA Prime Ribeye & Ika Sugatayaki 3pax Family Dinner on 4MAr2018

usda prie ribeye steak

got back from HCK’s RI buddies afternoon chinese tea appreciation to make 3pax family dinner this evening..

1. usda prime ribeye 1” steak 375g
2. Japanese ika sugatayaki 👍👍👍
3. vegetable sides

steak & ika with veg sides include jap sweet potato

tagliata di manzo – steak & ika with veg sides include jap sweet potato

steak was in chiller had to makan soon anyway…simple dinner just 375g 1′ thick usda prime ribeye shared by 3pax plus vegetable sides.

also jap ika sugatayaki (which just means grilled whole squid)…this was supernice, will write-up a recipe separately…

roasted onions & sweet corn

i had sweet corn, onions, garlic, whatever leftover stuff in the fridge…

tagliata di manzo – usda prime ribeye steak

the tagliata, sliced usda prime ribeye steak on a bed of rockets (no cherry tomatoes ) was fabulous…

though it was medium more than medium rare, still super tender, marbled so flavourful, and melt in the mouth including the fat..

ika sugatayaki

ika sugatayaki was superb this evening, primarily because it was japanese quality squid, so big & thick, and in a way cheaper than sheng shion during CNY, where the squid price was like S$21.90/kg..

ika sugatayaki

steamed to cook 90%-95%, then dry in fridge & with kitchen towels, then added olive oi, sea salt, coarse black pepper & agave nectar (or honey) and flamed!

wonderful bbq flavours, thick, succulent sweet squid.

jap squid

squid price was just $7.80 for i estimated 400g-500g large squid! 🙂

ika sugatayaki

really good, imo standard of restaurants outside! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Chinese Tea Appreciation 品茶 at HCK’s Home on 4Mar2018

HCK’s tea pavilion

HCK invited us for a chinese tea appreciation session at his home on 4.3.2018.

we had 5 different tea-

1 龙井
2 碧螺春
3 单从
4 兰贵人
5 普洱

I left before 普洱 so did not taste that…🙂🙏..had to cook 3pax family dinner this evening.🙂

HCK’s tea pavilion

i am coffee & chinese tea drinker, but i lazy to do 功夫茶at home so used to take big cups of chinese tea..

my sis come often & she always made 功夫茶 at my place & also bought me many茶具 tea sets, including very useful travelling ones.

so these days i do 功夫茶  often enough & sometimes for my friends too, but really limited to 4pax.

HCK’s tea pavilion

so don‘t have the elaborate tea sets and the ambience of the tea pavilion 古色古香 :-)..this a very refreshing experience for all of us to have exquisite tea tasting 品茶 at HCK’s home

RI gang tea tasting

i brought some 铁观音for HCK.

other friends brought some makan tidbits.

RI gang tea tasting

HCK also had some nonya kuehs to go with the tea…

RI gang tea tasting

& some dessert from ivins like pulut hitam, bobor chacha etc..

RI gang tea tasting

a bit blur phto, but we all enjoyed the tea & the chats…


on the tea,

1 龙井 was somehow too light? didn’t really feel much of it…
2 碧螺春 was quite popular, every one liked it..though it is a much cheaper green tea than 龙井 and quite often served in jiangsu area..
3 单从 is a stronger tea & can serve 冲 many rounds..
4 兰贵人 is a very fragrant flowery tea, no need to 洗茶wash the tea, and can serve right away…i had a very good one like 20 years ago given by some business contacts in shanghai & after that did not manage to buy it..after HCK 
‘s tea tasting i asked my relatives in china…they said it is very expensive…
5 普洱 – i missed this part as i had to leave to prepare 3pax dinner at home...anyway, nowadays they sell small one serving 普洱  mini tea cakes, and i take that often enough, very smooth tea like XO.

very fun afternoon for all of us, sharing & enjoying the company & little joys in life.

c.h.e.f andy

Supremely Good Chapgomeh 元宵节 5pax Home Dinner on 2Mar2018

claypot chicken rice 

made excellent 5pax chapgomeh 元宵节home dinner this evening. ^^

1 claypot chicken rice – the best!
2 scallion baked salmon fish head
3 prawn tofu
4 eggwhite scallops brocoli 赛螃蟹

scallion baked salmon fish head & prawn tofu were tops, superb this evening.

赛螃蟹 my first attempt after reading from Internet earlier only when cooking eggwhite i realised forgot to add milk! Anyway, son, daughter & sil all loved it!

claypot chicken rice

my claypot rice always good, and this evening it was specially good!

very tender, sweet chicken, and tasty, smoky, flavourful rice, and very little burnt parts..quite perfect!

tofu prawns 

tofu prawns very good too…


medium, fresh prawns…


tofu well infused (very importantly) with very tasty chicken stock…

tofu prawns

tofu prawns 

to make a very tasty tofu prawn dish…

scallion baked salmon fish head 

i used salmon fish head as proxy of 鸦片鱼 (a flat fish)头.

we had 鸦片鱼头 in shanghai at old jessie & also 陈记,

and my OPS bro brought back 2 for me from shanghai which i made recently.

鸦片鱼头 has firm, flaky, sweet flesh like cod, and a softbone structure for the head like salmon…really excellent dish…

this time, i bought 3 salmon fish heads from song fish star vista for only S$3each. so i used this as a proxy of the 鸦片鱼头! ^^

scallion baked salmon fish head 

i covered the salmon fish head with scallions, then the usual 2tbsp olive oil, 3-4tbsp light soy sauce & squeeze 1 lime (1 tbsp lime juice), and roast in a 250degC ove for 10mins.

roasting makes the flesh firmer & a dryer more intense sauce condiments c/w steaming…

赛螃蟹egg white brocoli 

this the first time i made 赛螃蟹egg white brocoli .

will write up a separate recipe later…

赛螃蟹egg white brocoli 

i googled online recipe…7 egg whites, trawling in oil for a min etc, not difficult to do..

赛螃蟹egg white brocoli

however, after cooking a few other dishes, and starting the 赛螃蟹egg white brocoli dish, only at the moment the eggwhite hit the oil did i realise that i forgot to add milk to the egg white.

anyway, result look like fried egg white omelette…i added good black vinegar, very flavourful…everyone liked it, the nice, “pang”, slight sour flavour of good vinegar.

though we do not normally celebrate chapgomeh 元宵节home dinner, and so this dinner was rather kind of impromptu, anyway the dishes turned out mostly perfectly, so everyone was happy with the food & spending the evening together with family!

c.h.e.f andy

Fun & Delicious 18pax CNY Family Lunch on 25Feb2018

CNY lisa family makan dishes

wife organised a 18pax CNY family makan & chill gathering.

I made a fun & delicious tapas+pasta+steak lunch-

1 teriyaki salmon belly
2 flamed miso belly pork
3 red wine oven slow braised fresh prime ribs
4 grilled chicken thighs with thai red curry onions dip
5 oven grilled vegetables
6 chorizo prawns
7 tagliata di manzo – pan-grilled usda prime ribeye

aunty bes made her famous dishes-
8 deepfried chicken wings
9 cheese sausage spaghetti
10 chicken & prawn alio olio

aunty bes chicken wings

wife’s nephew K has 4 teenagers & pre-teens, so aunty bes chicken wing is a regular popular item.

i made the usual teriyaki miso salmon belly. everyone’s favourite dish today! ^^

salmon steak too chunky & satiating, so belly with oil & roasted, making it less oily & very flavourful (oil spread over) and firmer texture, is just the perfect preparation..

& nicely garnished with dill from my garden! ^^

just light soy sauce, miso, chopped garlic & ginger marinade 2-3 days in chiller then grilled in 250degC oven for 15mins…

i made a pan roast chicken thigh with thai red curry…no thai yellow curry so i used thai red curry, which is spicier!

it was just frozen boneless leg (no effort to debone & just costing S$7.95 for 2kg 8 pieces large thigh + leg). seasoned, fried skin down golden brown, perfect tender & juicy & the thai chilli with coconut milk an ideal dip/condiment…

i made red wine pork ribs…good too..all walloped finish! ^^

browned on non-stick pan, seasoned with mustard, red wine, coarse black pepper, korean yuzu jelly (can use honey), garlic, red onions, scallions etc, and slow braised in 95degC oven for 6hrs…

same slow braise 95degC oven 6hrs method for miso belly pork..just that i flamed it before serving…nice bbq/smoked flavours & more tender than pork ribs..

chorizo prawns another crowd favourite….wonderful, wonderful dish…

& so easy to prepare…

fry garlic cloves, sliced onions, chilli padi, 12 pieces sliced chorizo..off fire…add white wine & intense chicken stock, then reduce…add red pepper of red chilli for colour & vegetable balance…

when serving, just add prawns (seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper & cover while pan/pan heats up. cook the prawns just right, bouncy, fresh, sweet, not overcooked.

aunty bes alio olio 

aunty bes did her 2 pastas – cheese sausage pasta (forgot to take photo),  and the alio olio..

a great round up after the tapas dishes…

& as the highlight & curtain closer for the great fun family makan, i had usda prime ribeye served as tagliata di manzo, on a bed of cherry tomatoes & rockets…2 servings of 350g 1′ ribeye steak. ^^

the steaks were super, tender melt in the mouth, even the fats…everyone loved this!

a memorable lunch for family..good food great time together…

c.h.e.f andy

OPS CNY2018 Makan & Chill at CH2 House on 24Feb2018

huat ah!

had a wonderful OPS CNY makan & chill at CH2’s place..

pot luck & many great dishes – CH2’s yummy mushroom soup, j’s 蚝豉发菜-very thick japanese mushrooms & nice dried oyster flavours 👍, & CH’s irresistible curry chicken…& HC brought roast duck..long queue..WT’s mala spaghetti etc….

J & LH also made kueh ubi kayu & kueh kosui…


first thing first for CNY celebration – Huat Ah!


nice lohei…


& CH2 “poured” in lots of salmon sashimi….

OPS CNY2018 makan & chill

OPS CNY2018 makan & chill

CH2’s home

spacious & great ambience…

OPS CNY potluck dishes

so much food…i didn’t try many dishes…haha! 🙂

CH’s yummy mushroom soup

mushroom soup yummy & delicious…maybe should have taken another bowl..

first time i took J’s bakut prawn mee, took one bowl…second time threw caution & calories to the wind & took 2 bowls..next CNY la..

WT’s mala spaghetti

WT’s mala seafood spaghetti..

WT’s mala spaghetti

nice colour..

WT’s mala spaghetti

spaghetti was al dente..

CH’s curry chicken

my perennial favourite…drank quite a bit of curry..

J’s oyster fa cai  蚝豉发菜

J’s oyster fa cai 蚝豉发菜 was intended for her in-law family, luckily our accomplished lifter WM stole some…thick jap mushrooms & the dried oyster taste combined with fa cai texture, lagi shiok!

steamed pomfret

steamed pomfret

steamed pomfret looked great. i didn’t try though, wonder who did? CH2 is it?

HC brought roast duck

HC brought nice S$40 roast duck…long queue he said, forgot the shop name….

fried prawns with asparagus

took some asparagus, good…not sure who did?

sushi platter

didn’t try the sushi…don’t know who brought?

OPS CNY makan and chill

my food plate…


i like nonya kueh..J’s kueh ubi batu really good. LH’s kueh sosui too..cheating!!! sista made one!!!

angku kueh not sure from where? not so great…not so “pang” and too much infill tau sa…

my braised belly pork with mushrooms

my braised belly pork with mushrooms

my braised belly pork with mushrooms

i did a braised belly pork with cheap mushrooms (3 packets S$10)…can always rely on WM to steal the good thick mushrooms la…

c.h.e.f andy

CJ hosted Brotherhood CNY2018 Hotpot Lunch + Bak Kwa Tasting on 21Feb2018

CJ’s shih tzu doggy

CJinvited RI brotherhood for CNY hotpot lunch & bak kwa tasting on 21.2.2018…👍👍👍

also doubled as his birthday celebration! we had 12pax out of 14 missing CH & J..

bak kwa tasting

started with a bak kua tasting session….

bak kwa tasting

our friend collected too much bak kwa during CNY cannot finish la…

CJ’s hotpot lunch

a very good hotpot lunch!

induction heater was strong & fast!

CJ’s hotpot lunch

12pax gathered at the table.

CJ had good chicken stock. he used 2 whole chicken, i used chicken bones & feet, different class la! lol! :-p

CJ’s hotpot lunch

CJ’s hotpot lunch

some people knew to pick corner seats – got served the whole lunch & quietly finishing the bak kwa! lol!


pork collar

red garoupa fillet

CJ had red garoupa fillet, pork belly & beef all nice;

small abalones, quite big, & enuf for 2 each 🙂

& also quite big baby abalones enuf for 2 each!..

shimeji mushrooms

golden mushrooms enoki

tofu & ngoh hiang


& lots of nice vegetables…KH still talking about it the next day👍


& huge, sweet cherries.

CJ’s shih tzu doggy

CJ’s shih tzu doggy

CJ’s shih tzu doggy got special affinity to KH…TC eluded to some part of anatomy 😜

CL took all the beautiful camera shots! 🙂

brotherhood makan & chill are especially fun! i enjoyed every one of them thoroughly la!

c.h.e.f andy

Shiok! 7pax Home Donburi Dinner on 19Feb2018

kaisen don 海鲜丼 

wife brought back fresh sashimi from hokkaido last week. we finished the uni, ikura etc & had some salmon, amaebi, ika & tako left..

i made my usual tamago. also added a fried iberico shabu with onions & yakiniku sauce. 👍

& we got aunty bes to make some calamari from the tako….👍👍 

we had 7pax family dinner..

wa! the doburi looked so shiok right?

seafood donburi dinner

seafood donburi dinner 

all the good stuff…

salmon sashimi 

salmon was like lightly cured..would have prefered sashimi..

hotate & my tamago 

my tamago pretty good standard not too sweet. 🙂


hotate was like so sweet & fresh….shiok!


ika was excellent too….



amaebi or sweet prawns the usual good…


tako was pretty ok…

tako calamari 

& the calamari fritters were excellent!

fried iberico pork & onions

many greedy mouths in this family, so add iberico pork, no problem la!

kaisen don 海鲜丼

can’t stop thinking of eating a good kaisen don 海鲜丼 now!

c.h.e.f andy

Steamed 鲈鱼 Stripe Bass on 15Feb2018

steamed 鲈鱼 stripe bass

my OPS bro WT brought back from shanghai & gave me a 1kg 鲈鱼 stripe bass. i decided to cook it on 15.2.2108. ^^

like the 桂鱼 mandarin fish i did previously, as i was not certain how fish the fish might be, i decided to steam the fish separately & pour away the juice,. always felt wasted, but what the hack right?

steamed 鲈鱼 stripe bass

i butterfly the fish & cut the sides.

i added sliced ginger to the fish & added 1 tbsp shaoxing wine, & a dash of sea salt.

steamed 鲈鱼 stripe bass

steamed for 8 minutes & discard the steaming juice.

steamed 鲈鱼 stripe bass 

i then fried the ginger & chilli padi in a wok with 2 tbsp olive oil & 3tbsp light soy sauce.

steamed 鲈鱼 stripe bass 

then i poured the sauce over the fish & placed the sliced ginger nicely with the cuts, and added some cut spring onions…

i must say the fish & preparation were excellent! fish texture was firm & a bit like cod actually, and very sweet without adding sugar. really i think this preparation is excellent & better than the quite expensive 鲥鱼 in shanghai (which cost like 1/2 fish for RMB360).

this one here, cheap & simple and very tasty, sweet, flavourful fish. quite prefect la!

c.h.e.f andy

Pencai 盆菜 (My First Attempt) on 15Feb2018

pencai 盆菜

made  a real full-size pencai 盆菜 first time successfully on 15.2.2018. ^^

braised pig trotters

there is the usual chicken feet, whole chicken leg, chinese dried scallops & also canned abalone juice that can be used as the stock base.

i decided this time to use braised pig trotters as i wanted the gelatinous 胶 stock base.

braised pig trotters

so just usual braising the trotters, about 1 hr sufficient as there is another 2hrs to braise the fish maws.

the belly pork was braised together for 2.5hrs, and set aside for the topping/layering.

added sea cucumber & fish maw

i used 11 ingredients for the layering-

1 cabbage
2 leek
3 braised pig trotters
4 braised fish maw
5 braised sea cucumber
6 braised belly pork
7 pan-fried chicken thighs
8 pan-seared scallops
9 small abalones
10 brocoli
11 prawns

added sea cucumber & fish maw

added the cabbage & leek to layer the bottom in a claypot, then the braised trotters

added the fish maws, and braised another 2hrs.

& add sea cucumber towards the end and braised for 15-30mins, then ready for layering & serving.

pencai 盆菜 topped up ingredients

i had the other ingredients ready – poached brocoli, pan-grilled chicken thigh, canned small abalones, steamed prawns, and the braised belly pork…many pencai 盆菜 included roast duck, roast pork & even poached chicken..i just used braised belly pork for convenience in preparation since i was braising the trotters.

pan-seared hokkaido scallops

and also pan-seared scallops..

topped up pan-seared hokkaido scallops, grilled chicken thighs, steamed prawns, poached broco

topped up pan-seared hokkaido scallops, grilled chicken thighs, steamed prawns, poached brocoli

i just topped up the claypot with the other ingredients – pan-seared hokkaido scallops, grilled chicken thighs, steamed prawns, poached brocoli..

my first attempt, so i did not want to add too expensive ingredients, also lazy to go buy them..anyway the stock base is to me most important. i can certainly try a lot of chicken feet plus whole chicken leg to give the sweetness & also the gelatinous texture/flavour of the stock.

for this time actually the stock was very good, just that ingredients like grilled chicken thigh, steamed prawns, even braised belly a bit ordinary…

i not very fascinated with pencai 盆菜  as a dish in any case. i had bought a 6pax one from tunglok like 6-7 years ago for like S$248 or thereabout & i thought it was really ordinary and miserly in ingredients, and totally not worth it. and i feel most important is first the taste of the stock, so a good braise; & second the texture of the various ingredients, if trotters, belly pork, fish maws &  sea cucumbers done nicely they can be very tasty & enjoyable too.

my first attempt, perhaps nothing standing out for this dish, just a decent looking pencai 盆菜  & quite tasty dish la.^^

c.h.e.f andy



Sumptuous, Delightful Chorizo Lobster Valentine Dinner for Wife & Newly Weds on 14Feb2018

pumpkin salad

made a sumptuous, delightful chorizo lobster valentine dinner for wife this evening on 14.2.2018. ^^

last year in 2017, i did a fine chinese/fusion valentine dinner. lobster in superior stock & mini pencai 盆菜 etc… 🙂

4pax valentine dinner

our newly wed daughter asked if she & her hubby could join dinner. i told her to ask my wife. i knew what the answer would be.

Valentine Dinner Menu

we had 4-5 dishes this evening for 4pax-

1 pumpkin salad
2 pan-seared hokkaido
3 teriyaki cod
4 chorizo lobster
5 paella mixta

later after dinner, daughter & her hubby shared with us what they had for the last few valentine day dinners, like some edible tomato pasta, some other not so edible stuff, finally graduating to a nice instant noodles last year…ie hoping to get themselves invited next year…lol! ^^

pumpkin salad

i made a nice pumpkin salad, my wife’s recipe. australian butternut squash (20mins in oven), with rockets & cherry tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil, balsamic & some agave nectar. refreshing & tasty,  simply excellent!

roasted miso cod & pan seared hokkaido scallops

roasted miso cod very good this evening, and nice, plump hokkaido scallops pan-seared… 🙂

roasted miso cod

firm, flaky, oily & flavourful, bits nicely charred, a whole dining experience, an excellent rendition of nobu miso cod! ^^

pan seared hokkaido scallops

the scallops were nicely pan-charred in a bit of gourmet butter, sea salt & black pepper. sweet, plump, tasty.

chorizo lobster

the highlight of the dinner was chorizo lobster.

i made a very good chorizo prawns, so it was just making a delightful tasting stock, with 12 slices of chorizo, whole bulb of browned garlic cloves in olive oil, sweet basil, white wine, intense chicken stock, and reduced to a very very tasty stock.

chorizo lobster

then added red pepper to add to the colours & taste, and lightly braised, steamed the lobster for few minutes so the right, bouncy texture, and just cooked. & then garnished with sweet basil.

a beauty to behold & an excellent tasting dish. ^^

paella mixta

paella mixta was very tasty with the intense stock, prawns, squid & pan-grilled chicken all added to the flavours for a very tasty dish.

it was not as good as the superb paella mixta i made recently for the 10pax tapas + pasta dinner for my RI budddies….

paella mixta

paella mixta 

still, looked nice enough, very tasty because of the stock, sotong were good, prawns were ok…

roasted miso cod 

for the dinner preparation, basically just my nobu miso cod recipe.

pan seared hokkaido scallops 

pan-seared hokkaido scallops with butter, seasalt, black pepper on a non-stick pan.

2 lobsters from phoon huat

2 small 370g frozen boston lobsters from phoon huat, cut in halves & pincers & legs shelled.

2 lobsters from phoon huat 

small but enough for 4pax, 1/2 lobsters + pincers each…

cooking chorizo lobster

just braised (steamed in covered pan) lightly for few minutes will do.

paella mixta (80% done) 

paella was 80% done, about 9mins in a 210degC oven..

basically olive oil, whole bulb of garlic cloves browned & softened, chorizo, 1/2 onion, whatever veg available (i used brocoli steams), a bit of salt, then added carnaroli rice to fry, then added intense chicken stock, boiled & place in oven with the green, red, yellow peppers on top. a bit of tumeric, 1/4tsp…

paella mixta (80% done) 

nice to look at..

pan roasted chicken thigh 

& i had browned chicken thighs to add.

paella mixta

when serving, add chicken stock, boil & reduce to cook the rice & cover the pan to steam the prawns & sotong.

c.h.e.f andy


6pax Home Dinner for OPS Bros, WW & WQ on 9Feb2018

OPS Bros + WW & WQ

made 6pax homecooked dinner with WM, WT, WW & WQ this evening on  9.2.2018. ^^

WW is living in shenzhen 8 yrs now, and the last time we visited HK & SZ on 10-14sep2017 he was the one who met us at shenzhen luohu & brought us around. WQ is WT’s second son studying in tokyo & returning singapore for CNY holidays.

we had-

1 claypot rice
2 spicy black bean sauce song fish head 豆豉松鱼头
3 hong steamed red garoupa 港蒸松鱼头
4 braised hock 香卤元蹄
5 tofu prawns 豆腐虾
6 fried brocoloi 炒芥蓝花

claypot rice

claypot rice was the usual great flavours…

braised hock 卤元蹄

braised hock 卤元蹄  was tender & flavourful.

braised hock 卤元蹄

i actually had trotters too, but when serving, the serving bowl tilted over, and i dropped the trotters. so threw them away. sayang!

usual HK steamed red garoupa 港蒸红斑

usual HK steamed red garoupa 港蒸红斑

HK steamed red garoupa 港蒸红斑 so easy to do & everyone always wonder at how fragrant in smell & taste the top quality light soy sauce delivers.

song fish head 松鱼头

song fish head 松鱼头

the spicy black bean sauce this evening was very good. all my friends commented. much better that what i made recently for 7pax OPS Bros dinner on 25.1.2018.

tofu prawns

tofu prawns was ok. tofu well infused. prawns texture perfect, bouncy, fresh & sweet.  very tasty stock.

garlic fried brocoli

WT did the brocoli while i took photos of the other dishes.

after dinner WM helped me with the dishes…

WT brought cut fruits, WM brought box of korean pears, HC brought durian love letters & pineapple tarts.

we had a wonderful evening & great fellowship.

c.h.e.f andy

Delightful 10pax Spanish Tapas + Pasta RI Friends Dinner on 5Feb2018

RI friends 10pax tapas + pasta home dinner

had a fun, delightful spanish tapas + pasta evening with my RI buddies on 5.2.2018. ^^ it was good to s OCH, now resident in california, who was visiting his parents over CNY.

i made 10 dishes.

1 pumpkin salad
2 tortilla-spanish omelette
3 nobu miso cod
4 teriyaki salmon belly
5 miso belly pork
6 red wine pork ribs
7 chorizo prawns
8 grilled vegetables

9 seafood “fiduea”
10 paella mixta
11 harold’s orange chocolate chip cake 🎂

HCK brought spanish red wine

HCK, a good friend during my sec1/2 days, now infrequent guest to my dinners, brought a nice spanish wine…

#1 – pumpkin salad

the first dish was a pumpkin salad. i prepared the aussie butternut squash the evning before, 20mins in 250degC oven, just the right texture, and marinated with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic & honey (didn’ have agave nectar)

i bought rockets from giant but they looked not fresh after spinning(to dry after wash), so aunty Bes got some rockets from my own pot. i added the cherry tomatoes & rockets when serving & added sea salt, oliv oil etc to taste..

#1 – pumpkin salad

a wonderful salad, great colours & a beauty to look at.

#1 – pumpkin salad

& great taste with the olive oil & honey.

#2 – tortilla (spanish omelette) + tamago (jap rolled egg omelette)

i did my usual tortilla or spanish omelette.

#2 – tortilla (spanish omelette)

simple & good, nice combination of potatoes, onions & egg.

#2 – tamago (jap rolled egg omelette)

i made a jap tamago rolled egg just as a counterpoint…always good..

tapas dishes

nobu miso cod & teriyaki salmon belly

nobu miso cod & teriyaki salmon belly

and nobu miso cod & teriyaki salmon belly ..

#3 – nobu miso cod

both are nice..some friends would like the cod better, some the salmon.

#4 – teriyaki salmon belly

& i served with dill, also form my garden…

#5 red wine pork ribs & #6 miso belly pork

for meats, i made red wine pork ribs & miso belly pork.

both were slow braised in 95degC oven for 6hrs. the red wine pork ribs ad a great marinade. the ribs were ok tender (can be better) and quite excellent with the marinade. TW thought the belly pork was more tender but he tasted the ribs again with the marinade & liked it too.

#6 – miso belly pork

the miso belly pork was flamed just before serving & very tender..& very nicely miso flavoured.

#7 – roasted vegetables 

& i had grilled vegetables – potatoes, brocoli, sweet corn, green & red peppers. a nice balance to the meat dishes.

#8 – chorizo prawns

TC was delayed as he had to be at the airport to see of some foreign worker who he had attended to. he arrived about 8.15pm.

we kept the tapas items on a plate for him, and went as plan with the hot tapas & pasta when he arrived.

chorizo prawns had really wonderful tasty chorizo flavours, and the prawns were done just right, fresh, bouncy, sweet.

#9 – paella mixta

the paella mixta was wonderful this evening, and such a beauty to the eye too.

paella was 80% done. when ready to serve, i added more chicken/prawn stock to cover the rice, then high fire to boil & low fire to cook the rice. then i added the marinated prawns & covered, and next the sotong & covered. so the prawns & sotong were steamed as the paella cooked. lastly added the pan-grilled chicken thigh as topping & garnished with coriander.

then serve! voila!

#9 – paella mixta

very tasty, flavourful paella. everything is in the stock!

#9 – paella mixta

paella texture was just right, al dente not mushy…prawns & sotong texture also perfect. chicken thigh was tasty if ordinary..

#10 seafood ‘fiduea’

& my last dish, a seafood “fiduea”. again it was the stock that did wonders…

very very tasty, flavourful fiduea, though i used broken up angelhair as proxy.

it looked like beehoon, but of course pasta has that special al dente texture & bite, not the soft beehoon texture..


LCM brought nice rojak, 2 packets x $6, with sauce in separate packets. nice rojak.

HT’s orange chocolate chip cake

& HT made a nice orange chocolate chip cake..

Hs orange chocolate chip cake

liked the cake.

after dinner, TW gave a useful short talk on yield investing, as we enjoyed HT’s cake 7 the strawberries LCH brought.

it was a wonderful evening with good friends. HT was at my place first time, OCH was visiting from california & HCK was infrequent at my dinners, so a great time to catch up with them as well.

c.h.e.f andy

4pax OPS Bros Home Donburi Dinner on 1Feb2018

4pax OPS bros dobburi dinner

made 4pax donburi dinner for my OPS bros today on 1.2.2018. ^^

dinner was only decided 10am this morning…these dishes didn’t need much preparations la… 🙂


i made the sushi rice, 2 cups for 4pax, and added 3 tbsp sushi vinegar. wife told me just take out the rice onto a large bowl & mix…donburi sushi rice doesn’t need to be taken hot..

the rice came out nicely, just the right vinegar flavours.

we had –

  1. pan seared hokkaido scallops
  2. teriyaki cod
  3. braised belly pork + flamed miso belly pork
  4. USDA prime ribeye steak
  5. tamago
  6. sushi rice

donburi dishes

i planned scallops, cod, belly pork & beef & also tamago.

donburi dishes

a rather nice gourmet spread, i might add. ^^

jap donburi dinner ingredients

hokkaido scallops

i bought the IQF frozen hokkaido scallops S$23.88 for 1kg from giant.

pan seared hokkaido scallops

pan seared quite nicely over butter on a non-stick pan…scallops must be bone dry…drizzled a bit sea salt.

pan seared hokkaido scallops

scallops were excellent, nicely seared, succellent, plump, sweet..

tamago – japanese rolled egg

i did the usual tamago japanese rolled egg omelette – 3 eggs, 2 tbsp mirin, 1.5tbsp tsuyu, 2tbsp water.

tamago – japanese rolled egg

came up nicely too.

tamago – japanese rolled egg

tamago – japanese rolled egg

it’s a good complement to the meat items…

teriyaki cod

there was no time to do my usual miso cod which required 3days marination in the chiller…

so i just added  <1tbsp flat sugar, 2tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp mirin, 2 tsp chopped garlic, 2cm chopped ginger & marinated for about 6 hrs.

then grilled 15mins in 250degC oven.

over grilled teriyaki cod

very tasty cod, done nicely, less firm than a 3 day marinated miso cod..a great dish

braised belly + flamed miso pork belly

i did the braised belly, & also miso belly 6hrs in 95degC oven.

braised pork belly

braised belly was marinated with sugar, light soy sauce & mirin. & miso belly with miso.

flamed miso pork belly

for the miso belly, i flamed it also with a torch. it was more flavourful than the braised belly.

grain fed black angus ribeye

i had a USDA prime ribeye at S$67/kg from QBfoods. this piece should be about 300g+

grain fed black angus ribeye

the USDA prime steak was excellent!

grain fed black angus ribeye

very sweet, tasty, no residue.

grain fed black angus ribeye

all my friends loved the steak & the donburi dinner.

WT’s pineapple tarts & almond cookies

WT gave me a bottle of pineapple tarts & almond cookies.

i love both both of them, took too much last year also, & now.

we had a great evening. after dinner, wash-up and some chit chat, we decided to go out for some dessert – bingsu!

c.h.e.f andy


Excellent Homecooked 7pax OPS 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头 Dinner on 25Jan2018

7pax 鸦片鱼头dinner

we had 7pax home dinner this evening with OPS bros, LH, & J on 25.1.2018. wife also joined dinner. missing M& CH2.

My OPS bro WT returned from shanghai 2 weeks ago.  he brought back 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头(not available in singapore) & gave me 1 large 桂鱼& 2 鸦片鱼头.

i went with sis & bil to hong kong 14-18jan2018, so when i got back, i arranged for dinner at home to enjoy the 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头 from shanghai.

葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head – the best!

I did first time 葱焖鸦片鱼头..this the best!!👍, recreating shanghai old jessie’s signature dish..i like this best!

葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head – the best!

there were a lot of food, so i cooked only 1 鸦片鱼头. the next day i did the same 葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head for my family 5pax dinner. wife, son & JH all loved it…it was just so good!

葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head – the best!

鸦片鱼头 has meat texture like flaky cod, and fish head bone texture like salmon head softbones. the scallions flavoured the fish & was itself very tasty with the best grade light soy sauce. the sauce marinade was similar to the usual hong kong steamed marinade, with 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp olive oil, squeezed some lime & baked at 250degC for 10mins.

baking gave a firmer, drier texture than steaming & more intense flavours with less liquid.

桂鱼 mandarin fish

also did first time a butterfly fan cut steamed 桂鱼.

& it was quite excellent..just that for me the 葱焖鸦片鱼头scallions baked flatfish head  was even better!

excellent 桂鱼 mandarin fish dish

i usually do hong kong steam in one go, lazy to steam the fish separately.

for this 桂鱼 mandarin fish i was uncertain if it was very fishy so i decided to steam separately as i did for the cheap 鲈鱼 ( 桂鱼 mandarin fish of course a much better fish).

as i butterflied & fan cut already, so i just steamed for 8mins. it was a large fish maybe 800g+ so would have done about 11mins otherwise.

i steamed with ginger & some shaoxing wine, and some chopped scallions, then removed the fish & disposed of the liquids.

then i fried ginger & cut chilli padi, and leek in 2 tbsp olive oil & added 3 tbsp light soy sauce. & poured the sauce over the fish. then rearrange the sliced ginger & leek etc & added the scallions.

it was really an excellent dish..

claypot rice 沙煲饭

claypot rice 沙煲饭

did my usual claypot rice 沙煲饭 . always good this, very flavourful, with tender chicken, nice pork & live sausage from hong kong & wonderful smokey flavours with salted fish.

song fish head 松鱼头

song fish head 松鱼头

did also the usual spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头.

WM said it was overwhelmed by the 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头, and the dish would go better with plain rice. anyhow i think this evening the sauce was not as good as my usual.

lar pok – crispy lard

lar pok – crispy lard went especially well with the song fish head 松鱼头 . 🙂

braised pig trotters korean jogbal style

braised pig trotters korean jogbal style

i did the braised pig trotters korean jogbal style. also similar to the 酱猪蹄 at七宝 in shanghai or at 老街in 深圳.

LH said it was very tasty. the texture was meant to be crunchy. i liked it but i like my usual softer tender 元蹄texture more.

light soy sauce steamed minced pork

light soy sauce steamed minced pork was the usual & quite a favourite dish too. light soy sauce is truly a god send, does wonders for every dish…

romaine lettuce油麦菜

WT did the romaine lettuce油麦菜, very nice indeed!

a really wonderful dinner with dear friends…i especially enjoyed the airflown 桂鱼&鸦片鱼头 from shanghai.

c.h.e.f andy

J’s Prawn Noodles the Best! I Took 2 Large Bowls on 20Jan2018

J’s prawn bakut noodles

WM’s wife, J’s prawn noodles the best la!

the last time we had J’s prawn bakut noodles was 1.5yrs back, on 15.7.2016.

all we OPS folks have been pining for this..today 11pax OPS descended on WM’s home to savour the prawn noodles on 20.1.2018. ^^

i ate 2 big bowls, beehoon mee…

there were lots of crispy lard (lar pok), bean sprouts, shallots, chilli padi.. we helped ourselves…

J’s prawn bakut noodles

 i think the noodles – soup, prawns, noodles etc were as good as the last time, which was super good, so low carbs me finished 2 large bowls including all the noodles..

my bakut this time was not as tender as the last, otherwise everything was perfect..i think this prawn noodles as good as any outside, didn’t have the chilli paste & dry version, but this soup one was really good!

well, got to pine some more & look forward to next time…

c.h.e.f andy

Bring Back Roast Goose from 鹅皇馆 Hong Kong & 5pax Home Dinner on 19Jan2018

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

we had roast goose twice, at yat lok stanley street & also  鹅皇馆 opposite metropark mongkok hotel, during the recent hong kong/shenzhen trip 14-18.1.2018.

on the last day 18.1.2018, our flight was 7.55pm.

i decided to buy 2 roast goose back, HK$380 each, about S$65 each, quite ok….sis bought a whole wax goose HK$188.

i gave 1/2 to my brother YS, and 1/2 to my OPS bro WM, and kept 1 roast goose for my family.

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

transportation was a problem. i decided to handcarry up the plane like i did last time.

this time the shop tried to charge me HK$30 for each box to keep the roast goose – not very smart these people…i was not going to pay HK$60 for 2 boxes…

maybe as a result, my wrapping were not good like last time. another problem i now recall was that last time, i left the duck open to air in the plastic bag. this time they were wrapped up, so there was condensation & the skin was moist when i finally reached home & unpacked.

another problem was last time WM & I bought 1/2 roast goose each. this time they were whole goose & the shop forgot to remove the metal pin. this caused problem at the security, and was quite messy as i had to unwrap & remove the pin & it was all oily & messy.

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

last time i arrived home early & we ate the roast goose as late supper on the same day.

this time i reached home like 1.30am, so goose had to be eaten following day, and i arranged for them to be air-cooled overnight with a fan blowing to dry the skin…

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

goose was still very tasty & flavourful (WM actually ate it a few days later & heat it up) …but really not the same without the very crispy when served in hong kong.

claypot chicken rice

for the evening, family gathered for 5pax dinner.

so i made claypot chicken rice to serve with the roast goose.

claypot chicken rice

claypot chicken rice

my usual very good standard claypot rice.

very flavourful, and tender, moist & tasty chicken, daughter love the chicken.

prawn egg omelette

wife made her prawn egg omelette, which everyone likex.

lady fingers

& aunty Bes, our helper, did a sambal lady fingers. very good! 🙂

great dinner! 🙂

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

i think it is worthwhile to bring back the roast goose. it was only S$65 & some coffeeshop or stalls roast duck here already going for like S$42..

but best if hand carry with double layer heavy duty plastic bag (oily), and kept it open to air…a broad tote bag would be convenient.

c.h.e.f andy

Wife made Chirashi-don 海鲜丼 on 4Jan2018

chirashi don 海鲜丼

wife made chirashi don 海鲜丼 again this evening on 4.1.2018. ^^

we had hotate, tako, amaebi, salmon & tamago…

chirashi don 海鲜丼

a very good chirashi don!

hokkaido scallops

hotate that wife brought back from hokkaido were delicious, very sweet, plump, frresh.

hokkaido scallops

so good with the sushi rice.

my own tamago

this evening i made 2 tamago rolls.

my own tamago

very simple – 3 eggs, 1 tbsp mirin, 1.5tbsp tsuyu2tsp sugar, 3 tbsp water.

soak kitchen towel in oil & wipe non-stick pan & cook layer by layer…

salmon mayo sushi

wife also bought some salmon may sushi.

very quick & simple meal at home with family…today we did not want to eat too heavy a meal, so it was light & simple.

c.h.e.f andy

8pax Family + Friend Home Kaisen Don + Pasta + Steak on 31Dec2017

kaisen don

wife & son back from skiing in hokkaido today on new year eve 31.12.2017. ^^

& brought back uni, ikura, hotate, ika, tako etc.

wife said “make tamago” so i made tamago… ^^

happy new year!

a happy new year eve family gathering…

we were 7pax…aunty bes not yet returned from philippines…son brought a friend..

kaisen don

the hotate were so good…..so sweet, tasty, succulent!

& wife made nice vinegared sushi rice…

kaisen don

kaisen don

& uni…so good, so fresh & sweet!

my tamago too, good stuff!


& there’s ika…very nice with the scallion vinegar sauce provided.


& tako…

i always like ika better than tako though..


tamago was easy to make..3eggs, 1tbsp mirin, 1.5tbsp tsuyu, 2/3tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp water or stock.

then soaked kitchen towel in oil, wipe the non-stick pan, and layer…one layer…next layer..

chorizo prawns linguine

kaisen don not enuf for greedy bunch.

so i made 2 pasta.

first, chorizo prawn linguine…browned garlic, fried chorizo in olive oil with chilli padi & sweet basil, added white wine & tasty stock, then tossed linguine…

chorizo prawns linguine

very tasty pasta, and chilli padi gave the kick.

but chorizo flavours did not stand out, maybe need to add more sliced chorizo, maybe should add prawn stock to chicken stock…

chorizo prawns linguine

still, a very tasty pasta by any other reference…

seafood fiduea

they all liked the seafood fiduea..

eldest daughter tried this dish for the first time…of course i did not have fiduea, just using cut angelhair as proxy…

seafood fiduea

it’s a bigger portion for 8pax, so harder to manage the amount of stock vs pasta to maintain the infused flavours & keep the pasta cooked & al dente…so not as tasty as my previous smaller servings…

the angel hair took quite a bit longer to cook than when it was small serving…prawns were precooked 70% & added at the end so pretty well managed…still managed to get the al dente & cooked, stock infused angel hair.

son flamed usda prime steak

son tested out the sous vide machine…2 hrs at 54.5degC, then flamed.

somehow it was more than medium rare? maybe needed to have a thicker cut…

not as good as the same usda prime steak i made recently just simply pan-grilled.

son flamed usda prime steak

still a good tagliata di manzo presentation…we had a second steak w/o the salad base..

my flamed lamb chop

my flamed lamb chop

& to complete the sous vide experimentation, i threw in a lamb chop, same 54.5degC for 2hrs & flamed…

turned out to be a very nice lamb, with no gamey taste…

a very fun & memorable new year eve family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

5pax Dinner for KH & LL, our long-time Friends on 20Dec2017

5pax dinner dishes

we have a friend couple KH & LL who helped us a lot when we were younger, long time friend since 1990.

recently we connected up again, and they came by for a quiet dinner, just 4 of us & my son joined in dinner so 5pax.

i made the simple & nice dishes – claypot rice, tofu prawns, steamed minced pork, wine chicken & HK steamed red garoupa & a fried vegetable.

claypot chicken rice

claypot chicken rice was the usual very flavourful, well smoked, very tender chicken, flavourful pork & liver sausages from hong kong…a very delicious claypot rice dish.

claypot chicken rice

my friends really enjoyed this claypot rice.

i made my usual steamed minced pork with light soy sauce.

this evening though, my light soy sauce was not the best grade. it was darker, and flavour made a difference.

anyway still a smooth, very tasty dish. just that a top grade light soy sauce would have made quite a big difference in flavour.

my tofu prawns had very tasty stock, nicely infused tofu & succulent prawns.

i stirred in the egg a bit early. so the look was less attractive w/o the drawn out egg after reheating when friends arrived for dinner. have to do this when just about to serve the dish…

tofu prawns

otherwise, it was still a very tasty dish.

i made the usual wine chicken – recipe here – which everyone liked.

chicken very tender & tasty & stock was marvellous.

i also had a hk steamed red garoupa. didn’t take phot as it was served later during the dinner.

had really great evening with our friends, sharing & memories. will do this again soon. ^^

c.h.e.f andy