7pax Hotpot Home Dinner 海底捞火锅 with OPS Buddies on 14Dec2017

7pax home 海底捞火锅 with OPS buddies

had 7pax home 海底捞火锅 with my OPS buddies this evening on 14.12.2017. ^^

followed by MSW durians from ah seng@ghim moh…


this time it was quite easy, a breeze, having learned from my last one with my RI friends.

steamboat is easy as only need to prepare stock & ingredients, no cooking required.

last time i spent too much effort cooking individual bowls of soup & noodles. this time i just let everybody do their own as in usual hotpot meals.

海底捞火锅 ikan bilis + yellow bean soup base

i used ikan bilis & yellow beans as stock base..

so the stock was clear & sweet…


i had meats, seafood, of course vegetables & mushrooms..

meats, fish, prawn & sotong + cheese & egg beancurd

2 types of pork – iberico at 300g for S$14.95, very ex…ordinary pork collar just 500g for S$4.30!

the iberico was good of course but the pork collar was pretty good too!

meats, fish, prawn & sotong + cheese & egg beancurd

i had also seafood – prawn, sotong & fish fillet, cheese & eff tofu & also a sheet tofu..

meats, fish, prawn & sotong

& i made a very nice sauce, combining 沙茶酱 & mala sauce. everyone loved the sauce. it was like the sauce at 海底捞..i had not been to one in singapore but the one at shanghai was good!

i also had the goma – roast sesame sauce, which was also very good especially with the meat.

mushroom, lettuce & beancurd skin

and i had lots of mushrooms – shitake, abalone mushrroms & shimeji, enoki mushrooms.

steamboat not really my favourite..but it is a very communal dining & popular in singapore, HK & china, i guess many places.

i don’t mind it, and it was a great occasion to gather the friends & shared a hotpot together.

ah seng MSW durians at ghim moh

i pre-ordered some MSW & D13 from ah seng & this time i was able to collect in good time w/o too long queue.

we really enjoyed the MSW. i think this recent season MSW very creamy & flavourful & small seeds, and some with bitter flavours. D13 was good but the more expensive MSW much more satisfying & maybe more worth the money.

c.h.e.f andy