7pax Hotpot Home Dinner 海底捞火锅 with OPS Buddies on 14Dec2017

7pax home 海底捞火锅 with OPS buddies

had 7pax home 海底捞火锅 with my OPS buddies this evening on 14.12.2017. ^^

followed by MSW durians from ah seng@ghim moh…


this time it was quite easy, a breeze, having learned from my last one with my RI friends.

steamboat is easy as only need to prepare stock & ingredients, no cooking required.

last time i spent too much effort cooking individual bowls of soup & noodles. this time i just let everybody do their own as in usual hotpot meals.

海底捞火锅 ikan bilis + yellow bean soup base

i used ikan bilis & yellow beans as stock base..

so the stock was clear & sweet…


i had meats, seafood, of course vegetables & mushrooms..

meats, fish, prawn & sotong + cheese & egg beancurd

2 types of pork – iberico at 300g for S$14.95, very ex…ordinary pork collar just 500g for S$4.30!

the iberico was good of course but the pork collar was pretty good too!

meats, fish, prawn & sotong + cheese & egg beancurd

i had also seafood – prawn, sotong & fish fillet, cheese & eff tofu & also a sheet tofu..

meats, fish, prawn & sotong

& i made a very nice sauce, combining 沙茶酱 & mala sauce. everyone loved the sauce. it was like the sauce at 海底捞..i had not been to one in singapore but the one at shanghai was good!

i also had the goma – roast sesame sauce, which was also very good especially with the meat.

mushroom, lettuce & beancurd skin

and i had lots of mushrooms – shitake, abalone mushrroms & shimeji, enoki mushrooms.

steamboat not really my favourite..but it is a very communal dining & popular in singapore, HK & china, i guess many places.

i don’t mind it, and it was a great occasion to gather the friends & shared a hotpot together.

ah seng MSW durians at ghim moh

i pre-ordered some MSW & D13 from ah seng & this time i was able to collect in good time w/o too long queue.

we really enjoyed the MSW. i think this recent season MSW very creamy & flavourful & small seeds, and some with bitter flavours. D13 was good but the more expensive MSW much more satisfying & maybe more worth the money.

c.h.e.f andy

Wonderful 6pax Homecooked Dinner on 16Nov2016

6pax western dinner

6pax western dinner

had a small 6pax home dinner on 16.11.2016. ^^

my good OPS friend & his wife came for dinner. they brought a nice sake. another OPS friend came. she brought some grapes.

another OPS friend & his wife were to join us. but he was lately indisposed & recovering. anyhow he ordered a cake for us for this dinner though he could be attend himself. 🙂

my wife & youngest daughter joined dinner so we had 6pax.

6pax western dinner

6pax western dinner

i cooked just a few dishes. they were enough. 🙂

pumpkin tofu salad

pumpkin tofu salad

my helper made the pumpkin tofu salad.

my wife added the mesclun (i could not get rockets) & tossed the salad when we were starting dinner.

smoked duck from phoon huat gourmet

smoked duck from phoon huat delicatessen

i bought smoked duck from phoon huat delicatessen. i think S$5.50.

it was good and could be taken with the salad or on its own. 🙂

i made an excellent grilled teriyaki salmon belly this evening.

i have not done this for long time, couple years i think.

anyway it was excellent. very tasty,especially with the fatty salmon belly. well infused with miso & light soy sauce flavours, and also seasoned wth chopped garlic & ginger.

for this preparation, a little less miso, & a bit more light soy sauce.

i also did the usual nobu miso cod.

it was very good too..

i had the marinade for <2 days only as i came back from seoul on 14.11.2016, & only started preparing in the night.

still it was very good flavour, even if not quite the best of my miso cod.

the nobu miso cod i did recently for the second FGS (For Goodness Sake) Charity Dinner on 21.10.2016 was very good!

prawn & scallop pasta in pink sauce

prawn & scallop pasta in pink sauce

i canceled one of the pasta as the other friend & his wife could not make dinner & we only had 6pax.

pink (creamy tomatoes) sauce

pink (creamy tomatoes) sauce

i prepared the usual pink sauce, which is creamy tomatoes.

i used prego traditional sauce (1/2 bottle, 680ml per bottle), & added 1/2 can of peeled whole tomatoes, and added basil, then 200ml prawn stock (from prawn heads & shells) & about 4 tbsp cream (60ml).

prawn & scallop pasta in pink sauce

prawn & scallop pasta in pink sauce

sauce was very tasty. i added prawns & scallops, then tossed the pasta. & garnished with more basil leaves, some powdered parmesan & some shredded cheese.

excellent pasta. my friends loved it.

i made a slow-braised pork belly. it was supposed to be the gordon ramsay slow braised pork belly recipe which i did very well for the second FGS & also other dinners. but today i did everything the same (except i didn’t have stock, so just added water to the pork), but the crackling skin just did not turn up! sigh!

& the pork also a little tough.

i also made tagliata di manzo.

but i did not have grain fed angus ribeye. only managed to get grass fed agus ribeye from phoon huat delicatessen.

the cooking, charring, medium rare etc were all ok.

but the beef wasn’t too good. not sweet, and a little tough.

chocolate truffle cake from amara hotel

chocolate truffle cake from amara hotel

the friend who couldn’t attend, insisted to buy the 1kg chocolate truffle cake. he knew the chef & managed to get a 50% discounts for the cake from amara hotel.

chocolate truffle cake from amara hotel

chocolate truffle cake from amara hotel

excellent cake, i must say, and with a 50% discounts for the cake, it was just S$24 for a 1 kg cake. super deal la…

we all had a great dinner & good time together. the friends saw the coffee table book collage which my RI friends made for my recent birthday, and watched some of our korean photos from facebook on the internet tv!

very fun evening la…

c.h.e.f andy