Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre – RI Makan Group Food Adventures Part2 on 15Sep2017

song fish head 松鱼头

after a good variety of best hawker food (char kuay teow, bak chor mee, curry chicken noodles & bee chiam kueh) at hong lim hawker centre,

the RI makan gang moved on to chinatown complex for the next food adventure on 15.9.2017. ^^

BT joined us at chinatown complex, though like 1 hr later. lol! 🙂

KY & LCM went to order the dishes from seng kee 119 成记 stall zi char..

(I did not eat as today is the start of my 14days vegetarian/fruit diet challenge with DP)。

this stall seems to be quite famous & written about…i must say just by the look of the dish & the sauce, it looks ok but not great…it is individual preferences of course, quite subjective…

for me my favourite is hong kong street chun kee at leel 2 of commonwealth crescent food centre (it is more ex at S$16 whereas at chinatown complex it is very competitive & every stall is selling at S$13)…

pai kwat wong排骨王

pai kwat wong排骨王

pai kwat wong排骨王 looked the right colours & presentation.

i don’t mind this dish, not my favourite though..

black bean sauce bittergourd pork rib

the black bean sauce bittergourd pork rib was competent.

i took 2 pieces of bittergourd. they were ok…but really compared with the S$0.80 bittergourd dish at 夜上海 teochew muay at lengkok bahru,  夜上海’s dish a lot better for me la…

gong bao chicken 宫保鸡丁

gong bao chicken 宫保鸡丁 looked the right colours & presentation, should be good.

the dishes were like S$47 for 5pax, quite ok.

yigu peanut paste & black sesame paste 二姑花生糊/黑芝麻糊

115 tong swee  一一五糖水was closed today,

so we tried yigu tong swee二姑糖水.

i had yun yong 鸳鸯 peanut paste & black sesame paste 二姑花生糊/黑芝麻糊。the peanut paste was distinctly inferior to 115 tong swee, and in this case in fact the black sesame paste tasted better, whereas at 115 tong swee, the peanut paste beats all other dishes.

the 1950s coffee 五十年代& toast

& then good coffee & toast from 五十年代.

for me the coffee here is the best kopitiam kopi i had. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Hong Lim Hawker Centre – RI Makan Group Food Adventures on 15Sep2017

outram road char kuay teow – S$5

at the 11pax homecooked dinner at my place for WCM & my RI friends last friday on 8.9.2017,

GCG initiated the RI Makan Group & suggested we go round singapore eating places for food adventures. 🙂

so this morning KY organised the first makan at hong lim food centre, a good place to start on 15.9.2017.^^

outram road char kuay teow

i arrived 10.10am and 2 friends, KY & WCM already there & in the queue for outram road char kueh teow & tai wah bakchormee. 🙂

we were joined by doc & CW. CW had to leave earlier. & LKH & LCM joined us nearer 12pm. so we had 7pax including CW who left after first round.

conspicuously absent was the makan group initiator GCG, lol! 🙂

outram road char kuay teow – S$5

the queue continued to lunch (we stayed till 12pm), and got longer, maybe 15-20pax.

outram road char kuay teow – S$5

outram road char kuay teow was voted the best by my friends here.

kopi o

my friends knew that today is Day 1 of my 14day vegetarian/fruit diet challenge with DP. i start 2 days earlier on 15sep while DP starts on 17sep & we both end on 30sep (as at the time we agreed on the challenge, i had 2 prior committed days on 19sep & 25sep, whereas DP will have unbroken 14days).

so i was not eating & just came to join the fun & fellowhip la…

dong sheng coffee

kopi was good, but nothing like the 1950s coffee at chinatown complex.


KY bought beechiamkueh. later he showed me the shop at the other side near the ipoh horfun stall.

beechiamkueh not my favourite. anyhow though ok for vegetarian diet, since i am making an effort on the diet, might as well skip this too…

tai wah bakchormee – S$5

tai wah bakchormee cannot go wrong too la…

good ingredients, and i am sure chili was excellent as usual..

tai wah bakchormee

tai wah bakchormee

constant queue too, though not as long as outram road CKT.

ah heng curry chicken noodles – S$6.50

i went to get ah heng curry chicken noodles for my friends, and a second time when LCM & LKH came. my choice always large, thick beehoon & yellow noodles, and chicken thigh 鸡尾。

luckily for me both times no queue, though doc said there was a queue after i bought the first bowl. doc prefers heng kee curry chicken noodles at level 1.

this my favourite stall & about favourite hawker food, so when i come to hong lim, i don’t get to eat outram road CKT or tai wah BCM since i must take this curry chicken noodles.

anyway, today i did not eat, just enjoying the company & watching my friends eat! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Diced Pork with Cabbage – 40th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 15Sep2017

diced pork with cabbage

made diced pork with cabbage for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 15.9.2017. ^^

this my 40th friday breakfast community meal at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

diced pork with cabbage

returned from hong kong last evening 14.9.2017.

following on last friday’s dice pork dish, i went to sheng shion & bought 4packets=1.6kg of diced pork, and 1.1kg of cabbage.

1.6kg diced pork for steaming in steam oven for 1.5hrs

had to wake up at 6am because i need to steam pork in steam oven for 1.5hrs so that it was very tender👍


other than that preparation was easy.


just fried chopped garlic & 1 cut chili padi in oil & add cabbage. added 1 tbsp oyster sauce

i drained some juice from the steamed pork & added to to the cabbage. covered the wok & cooked for 10 mins to cook the cabbage & reduce the stock. 🙂

set aside the cabbage.

diced pork double-cooked

then cooked the diced pork in the wok over high heat.

i added a bit of mala 麻辣 chili oil. just fried for 1-2minutes to char a bit of the pork.

later teban gardens staff told me the residents loved the pork especially the slight chili flavours. the mala 麻辣 chili oil added nice flavours to the dish.

c.h.e.f andy

11pax Homecooked Dinner for WCM & RI Makan Group on 8Sep2017

8 dishes

our RI friend WCM is in town, visiting from london. he & his wife are now residing in london.

CL, CM & I met him for roast duck dinner at goldmines in bayswater london during our wales trip  in apr-may2017.

when i was in london with my wife & children, 2 of us met for lunch at flat iron covent gardens. WCM invited my family for his legendary paella dinner but we couldn’t make it..

this evening, i organised a homecooked dinner at my place. we have 11pax RI buddies on 8.9.2017. ^^

8 dinner dishes

i made 8 dishes-

  1. claypot chicken rice
  2. claypot tanhoon prawns
  3. char siew
  4. steamed salted fish minced pork
  5. braised ter kar (hock & trotters)
  6. spicy black bean sauce angkorli (sea bream) fish head
  7. taujeon lime sauce (zai shun style) angkorli fillet
  8. cuttlefish kang kong with gimson nonya sauce

CL brought sparkling wine, GCG brought red & white wine, CW brought red & white wine, YF brought excellent grapes, LCM brought cheng chow dessert (i had 4 cups only matched by CL)..doc brought nice XO sauce…

a wonderful evening of camaraderie..just missing DP….🙂

my claypot rice always good & a crowd favourite.

quite easy to make. recipe here!

fried chicken fat, cut ginger, then add salted fish slice & 1tbsp chopped garlic. fry short while & off fire.

wash rice, drain & add to claypot & fry. add cut mushrooms (earlier soften by boiling water). add mushroom water to claypot. i made 3.5cups rice & added 2cups water (usually 1 or 1.2cups to 1 but chicken has marinade and also lots of liquids). let it soak for 2 hrs.

then add marinated whole deboned chicken (2tbsp fish sauce, 2tbsp oyster sauce, 2 tbsp corn flour, 2 tbsp sesame oil, 1/2tbsp dark sauce), cut pork & liver sausages, high fire to boil, then low fire, total about 45mins. stir the chicken pieces & use chopsticks to test chicken is cooked.

voila! fantastic smoky claypot rice aroma! rice not wet. and chicken pieces were so smooth & tender.

char siew

char siew i made an improved recipe after trying the delicious char siew at meng meng roast duck 阿明帝皇鸭.

i just marinate 600g belly pork (cut out skin) for 6hrs.

1tsp each brown suga,hone,light soy sauce,char siew sauce,hoi sin sauce,oysters sauce,five-spice powder,ginger sauce (i lazy just used chopped ginger),fermented beancurd (fu yu)AND 1/2 tsp salt.

then roast in 250deg oven for 25mins.

recipe here!

char siew was tender & tasty.

CCG especially like the charred bits, very unhealthy. lol! ^^

steamed salted fish minced pork LCM favourite, nice comfort food.

everyone liked the dish. very easy to make-here i had 500g minced pork, 2 slices salted fish chopped, 1 heap tbsp corn flour mixed together, topped with lots of sliced ginger. and steamed about 10mins+…

recipe here!

the salted fish aroma was great!

and the minced pork was smooth with cornflour. 🙂

braised whole hock 元蹄 & cut trotters

the braised whole hock 元蹄 & cut trotters i used a lazyman method.

just fry 1-2 cinnamon stick 4 star anise, 3 cloves, 3 bay leaves, 1 whole bulb peeled garlic cloves, and 1 tbsp flat five-spice powder, braise in 1/2 cup (120ml) tai wah braising sauce for 2.5hrs to 3hrs. cover the wok so trotters are steamed while they braised. add water & turn the trotters.

taste for gelatinous skin & still moist tasty lean meat…do not over braise.

braised whole hock 元蹄 & cut trotters

braised whole hock 元蹄 & cut trotters

the whole hock 元蹄 & cut trotters were delicious, very gelatinous & lean meat was moist, not old & dry.

GCM commented that dish very good but pig skin could be softer. the pig skin pieces were the skin from char siew. i still have not found the method, but the standalone pig skin pieces dried up through the course of dinner & slightly toughened, whereas the hock skin was ok.

claypot tanhoon prawns very good, very tasty today.

recipe here!

GCM noticed it was flavoured with “cilantro” (atas word for coriander?), black pepper & sliced belly pork.

i also used chicken fat & lots of chopped garlic & cut ginger pieces.

the key was the intense chicken stock, very very tasty.

so i added the stock to the belly pork, ginger, chopped garlic, coriander & black pepper, brought to boil, added 1 tbsp oyster sauce, added 20 medium prawns (seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper for 1hr), covered & off fire. prawns about 40% – 50% cooked.

when serving, i boiled the stock, added 3 rolls of tanhoon (earlier soften in water for 1hr), tossed, off fire & let the tanhoon infuse the stock taste & the prawns cooked. this way prawns not overcooked, very fresh, bouncy & sweet, and the tanhoon was well infused with stock, so very tasty! 🙂

really beautiful dish…

taujeon lime sauce angkorli fillet

i bought a large angkorli (seabream) from sheng shiong, got them to cut 1/2 with head, and fillet the 1/2fish tail to do 2 flavours for my friends.

taujeon lime sauce angkorli fillet

for the tail fillet, i pound 4 tbsp taujeon, and squeezed 1/2 large lime to give the tangy taste, added 1 tbsp light soy sauce for the flavour & 1 tbsp mirin.

i garnished with slice ginger, chopped spring onions, 2 tbsp garlic & cut chilli padi.

taujeon lime sauce angkorli fillet

this was intended to be zai shun steamed sharks cartilage preparation.

of course no comparison with zai shun, which was very good & consistent.

spicy bean sauce angkorli fish head

for the angkorli fish head, i did the usual spicy black bean sauce i do for my song fish head 松鱼头!

angkorli is sweet & lesser “mud” taste, but song fish head 松鱼头 is i think uniquely suited to this preparation.

spicy bean sauce angkorli fish head

my own preference, and most friends’, were for song fish head 松鱼头.

YF preferred the angkorli fish head. he basically took apart & ate up the entire fish head.

fried cuttlefish kang kong with gimson nonya sauce

i made a cuttlefish kang kong dish using gimson nonya sauce.

this an easy dish to do, quite substantial & save me having to fry to seperate vegetable dishes.

fried cuttlefish kang kong with gimson nonya sauce

i basically used 2 bunches of kang kong, added 1 whole cut cuttlefish.

the usual method – fry cut chili & lots of garlic in oil, add kang kong stems & oyster sauce, then add the leaves & cuttlefish at the same time. add 3tbsp gimson nonya sauce. do not add water. fry couple mins & it’s ready to serve.

cheng chow dessert

LCM brought a nice cheng chow dessert, with lychee & nate de coco. very refreshing dessert, i took 4 bowls haha! not shy la!

crunchy, sweet grapes

& YF brought nice crunchy sweet grapes from cold storage. tasted very good this evening.

of course we had sparkling wine, white & red wine during the course of dinner.

GCG suggested we should go round & sample the different hawker foods in singapore, so he formally name the chat group makan makan, and we actually had a makan tour the following friday on 15.9.2017 organised by KY, only that the initiator last minute could not attend.

we had a good time, company & food this evening. camaraderie come easily for old friends with many connections in school 40 yrs ago.

till the next makan toegther….

c.h.e.f andy

The Best White Beehoon白米粉 on 9Sep2017

white beehoon白米粉

made the best tasting white beehoon (WBH) from leftover chicken stock i used to make claypot tanhoon prawns last evening..

very tasty WBH indeed & so easy to make just need very tasty intense stock & braise 焖, same as cooking tanhoon prawns, yee meen etc

i made good WBH couple of times previously-

  1.  white beehoon for family dinner on 17.6.2016.
  2. and also a very tasty WBH a 12pax dinner for my OPS buddies on 23.6.2016.

white beehoon白米粉

for this evening though, i made a much more intense stock.

i made sure the prawns & squid were done just right, so that they were plump, juicy, bouncy. brought out the really fresh, sweet taste of the prawns & squid.

white beehoon白米粉

the dish is easy preparation in terms of ingredients & easy steps, so not much effort in preparation.

it is though a bit difficult to adjust the amount of stock, amount of beehoon & the cooking time.

so too much stock, maybe stock not intense enough ie not reduced enough, so bee hoon would be wet. if you try to reduce, then the bee hoon gets overcooked.

too much bee hoon, and the very tasty intense stock is diluted & the overall taste of the dish is diminished.

so it has to be the right amount of intense stock & right amount of bee hoon, then the bee hoon is well infused & very tasty, the bee hoon is moist & not “flooded”, and the bee hoon texture is al dente, not mushy & overcooked.

white beehoon白米粉

for this evening it was quite perfect.

white beehoon白米粉

i had about 300ml intense reduced stock, and 2 rolls of bee hoon soaked in cold water for 1hr.

this time i did not have cabbage, so just a little sliced ginger, cut chili padi & chopped garlic fried in a hot pan, added intense chicken stock & added 1 tbsp oyster sauce.

the prawns & squid were marinated with fish sauce & white pepper for 1hr.

when stock is boiling, i added bee hoon & prawns, tossed a bit, then added squid, tossed a bit more, then off fire. i  covered & let the beehoon infused the stock a bit longer & tossed another time. i tasted the bee hoon & it was perfect, so ready to plate it & serve.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 2 rolls of bee hoon
  • 15 medium prawns (about 400g)
  • 1 medium squid chequered cut
  • 1 tbsp chopped garlic
  • 1 cm sliced ginger
  • 1 cut chili padi
  • 300ml intense chicken stock


  1. soak 2 rolls of bee hoon soaked in cold water for 1hr. have 300ml intense chicken stock ready for use.
  2. fry a little sliced ginger, cut chili padi & chopped garlic fried in a hot pan, add intense chicken stock & add 1 tbsp oyster sauce.
  3. marinate the prawns & squid with fish sauce & white pepper for 1hr or longer.
  4. when stock is boiling, add bee hoon & prawns, toss a bit, then add squid, tosse a bit more, then off fire. cover wokpan & let the beehoon infused the stock a bit longer & toss another time.check the taste the bee hoon & add salt if required). for me i did not need to. the texture, liquid, and taste were just perfect, so ready to plate it & serve..


Diced Pork with Potatoes & Onions– 39th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 8Sep2017

diced pork with potatoes & onions

did a diced pork with potatoes & onions for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 8.9.2017. ^^

this my 39th friday breakfast community meal at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

diced pork with potatoes & onions 

i bought about 1kg diced pork from sheng shiong.

this are commonly used for sweet & sour pork咕噜肉。

diced pork 

i defrosted, washed clean with salt, then scalded with boiling water to remove scum & clean the pork.

then i left in strainer in fridge to dry.

diced pork 

next morning, i woke up at 6am & steamed the pork for 1hrs 20mins in the steam oven.

diced pork 

pork was very tender after steaming.

i fried the pork in oil (or butter) on high heat for 1 minute, stirring well. this is the 回锅肉double-cooked pork method, to have a tender texture & a nice slight external charring flavours.

i set the pork aside.

potatoes & onions 

next i fried sliced onions to soften & added chopped garlic.

potatoes & onions 

then i added small cubed potatoes.  & added some oysters sauce. also added the juice of the pork from the steamer after straining. & reduced.

important not to overcook the potatoes, so it breaks in the middle but still have the bite & not mushy.

diced pork with potatoes & onions 

the i added back the diced pot & stir-fry for short while, like 30secs.

diced pork with potatoes & onions 

then i transferred the completed dish to the aluminium carrier.

it was a tasty dish. the folks at teban gardens community service centre loved it. but this quantiy was not quite enough as the size at teban gardens have grown substantially, now about 130pax.

i will cook a bit more next round.

c.h.e.f andy

115 Desserts & Good Fun Hawker Makan @ Chinatown Complex on 6Sep2017

115 tong swee 一一五糖水

long session with RI bros today. 🙂

started with nice lunch at 東北胖妈春饼店(Northeast Mom Spring Pancake),……

LKH didn’t mind the food though not his fav…the rest all liked it…

next, we walked over to chinatown complex.

had very good peanut paste 花生糊 at 115 tong swee 一一五糖水  on 6.9.2017. ^^

peanut paste, sesame paste

peanut paste, sesame paste

the peanut paste 花生糊here was really good, very tasty, thick, flavourful.

peanut paste 花生糊 not so common even in hong kong, mostly sesame, walnut, almond paste.

i started with the walnut paste核桃糊/black sesame 黑芝麻糊. the walnut paste核桃糊 was less flavourful/intense than peanut paste 花生糊. the guys went for second round.

fifties coffee五十年代

fifties coffee五十年代


we went over to fifties coffee五十年代 for some coffee & toast.

this the best kopttiam kopi i had. very thick, intense & flavourful. nice aroma..

the toast quite ordinary to me…

NCL joined us for kopi after watching US Open tennis quarterfinals…del potro vs fedrerer-delpo won…NCL had not taken lunch yet, so he went to buy  江鱼仔yong tau foo.

ang kee ice kachang

ice kachang S$1.50

afterwards we walked over to ang kee to have ice kacang. i think LKH ordered soursop jelly.

ice kacang was mediocre. only thing special was the price = S$1.50!

c.h.e.f andy


Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Blk 335 Smith Street, #02-206
Call 9641 9140
closed on Tuesday


Big Intestines & Ribbon Fish So Very Nice @ 东北胖妈 on 6Sep2017


my RI bros decided to try my recommendations for best big intestine dishes in singapore.

so 5 of us met for lunch at 東北胖妈春饼店(Northeast Mom Spring Pancake) at 23 smith street on 6.9.2017. ^^

the 干锅肥肠  is a must order dish…supernice! and never fails… 🙂


the big intestines were very tender in texture, no foul taste, very, very tasty with sauce & accompanying veg.

saliva chicken 口水鸡

saliva chicken 口水鸡

the saliva chicken 口水鸡 here is good standard, not the best, but quite tasty.

i had very tasty mala 麻辣 flavours before, and later also in shenzhen during my hong kong/shenzhen trip.

another comment i made before is that most places made the chicken like 白斩鸡, so presentation is nice & just add very tasty mala 麻辣 sauce. here the chicken pieces are small & torn up so not nice presentation & many splintered bones, so not so convenient to eat.

claypot ribbon fish 砂锅带鱼

claypot ribbon fish 砂锅带鱼

the claypot ribbon fish 砂锅带鱼 is another must order dish.

ribbon fish i took >40yrs ago, now hardly see them, maybe very very occasionally at economic rice stalls?

double-cooked (deepfried then braised) 半煎煮is a favourite teochew preparation.

and this claypot ribbon fish 砂锅带鱼 was just so good! 🙂

fried french beans with egg plants

fried french beans with egg plants a new dish for me. like it very much. the mala taste was excellent.



the dumlings酸菜猪肉饺子 was good too, though nothing special.

bill = S$59 for 5pax

the bill for 5pax 5dishes just S$59nett.

i really like this place a lot!

c.h.e.f andy


东北胖妈春饼店Northeast Mom Spring Pancake 


23 Smith St, (Chinatown) Singapore 058937

Opening Hours:
daily = 11am – 2am

Very Delicious Prawn Masala Using House Brand Ready Gravy on 4Sep2017

delicious prawn masala

made really delicious prawn masala this evening using house brand fish masala ready gravy on 4.9.2017. ^^

i doing an indian cuisine dinner for my RI friends & thinking what dishes to do in addition to the 2 very nice dishes i tried –

  1. chicken briyani &
  2. butter chicken

wife & 2 children eating at home, so i prepared 4pax family indian dinner this evening-

  1. chicken biryani
  2. butter chicken
  3. prawn masala

all dishes very nice. wife & children liked all the dishes.

prawn masala first time  for me no rehearsal turned out very nice…

house brand fish curry masala ready gravy

basically  i used house brand ready gravy so nothing to do…just made sure prawns done bouncy, juicy, succulent not overcooked

likewise for the butter chicken & briyani dishes.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 15 medium prawns (400g)
  • 1 packet house brand fish masala ready gravy
  • 1 medium onions (chopped)
  • 2 tsp chopped garlic
  • 2 tbsp ghee (i used lard)


  1. fried chopped onions in 2tbsp ghee or lard to soften.
  2. add 2 tsp chopped garlic
  3. add house brand ready gravy & bring to boil
  4. add prawns (marinated with fish sauce & white pepper). add 50ml water if required.

Great S$5 Weiyi Laksa Mediocre Chicken Drumstick at Tanglin Halt Food Centre on 3Sep2017

S$5 weiyi laksa

greedy today

went sheng shiong tanglin halt to get something..

saw weiyi laksa open – this guy forever close, so queue 15mins for laksa on 3.9.2017.^^

S$5 weiyi laksa

weiyi laksa always good. 🙂

i always pick no.6 (chicken, taupok & cockles) & S$5 serving.

i like it because it is savoury, with meat sweetness combined with laksa gravy sweetness, and not just lemak coconut milk taste. 🙂

tian shui chicken rice

tian shui chicken rice

wanted to try the next stall tian shui chicken rice’s 白斩鸡……

wei yi laksa & tian shui 白斩鸡 chicken drumstick

it is smoother than mine but not as sweet…

in fact weiyi laksa chicken breast is sweeter even! lol! 🙂

S$3 白斩鸡 chicken drumstick

S$3 白斩鸡 chicken drumstick

maybe should have ordered roast chicken usually the roast flavour is better

chili was good..more garlic than mine…

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

The Best Tea-flavoured Roast Duck @ Xin Cuisine 新故乡on 6Sep2017

lobster noodles S$25

went with wife to Xin Cuisine 新故乡 for 2pax dinner this evening on 6.9.2017. ^^

still very good! and best got amex lovedining 50% discount for 2pax! 🙂

now tunglok restaurants no longer on amex lovedining discounts, very sian leh…withdrawal!

only fine dining restaurant is xin cuisine…just as well it is very good! 🙂

tea flavoured roast duck S$32

the tea flavoured roast duck here is among the best!

comparable with –

  1. four seasons london chinatown
  2. tunglok signature orchard parade’s roast london duck; and
  3. meng meng roast duck 阿明帝皇鸭 at sutera mall 

all are good by me. my own preference would be in the above order – four seasons tops, tunglok & xin cuisine follows, & then meng meng..

tea flavoured roast duck S$32

style-wise, four seasons a bit similar to meng meng becos of the excellent sauce, whereas tunglok & xin cuisine are hong kong restaurant style taken with mui jeong 梅酱 and with the duck natural juice.

tunglok use london duck (irish duck) which is smaller & fatty so very flavourful. xin cuisine is tea flavoured very nice too, 各有千秋!

lobster noodles S$25

we ordered one lobster yeemeen each. 🙂

lobster noodles S$25

lobster yee meen was good!

lobster great, and yee meen reasonably tasty, but really i can make yee meen a lot tastier, well infused with intense stock. 🙂

steamed 梅菜with娃娃菜 S$18

this steamed 梅菜with娃娃菜 one of the best dishes here!

the 梅菜flavours was so so good! 🙂

龟苓膏 S$8

龟苓膏 S$8

guay ling kor here very good, strong herbal flavours, got oomph!

dinner was S$69nett for 2pax after 50% discount, really shiok for the quality of food….

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM6:30–10:30PM

S$16.90 Unmatchable Best Value Wagyu Yakiniku Lunch @ Heijoen Japan Food Town on 4 & 6Sep2017

A5 wagyu rosu, harami, kurobuta & chicken 

had lunch with a friend at heijoen yakiniku japan food town level 4 wisma on 4.9.2017. ^^

this a good friend from my past live. i think we knew each other around 2000, when i was doing some startup investment business. 🙂

this S$16.90 yakiniku lunch lunch truly the best value meal!

i came back for the same S$16.90 lunch set with my sis & bil on 6.9.2017. ^^

heijoen yakiniku

heijoen is right at the end of japan food town shops, next to sabar.

heijoen yakiniku lunch menu 

the lunch sets looked pretty good value but no comparison with the S$16,90 promo lunch set.

this wagyu set really good, the best value = unmatchable!

S$16.90 best value wagyu yakiniku @ heijoen 

the yakiniku set included A5 wagyu rosu, harami, kurobuta & chicken!

and it is cheaper than the menu lunch set that had only USDA beef.

salad, pickles, rice, soup 

and incredibly the salad, pickles, rice, soup were all very nice. rice was like a bibimbap with some beef toppings though not the same preparation.




salad, pickles, soup all great!’


and the rice? best la!

heijoen yakiniku

the meats were delicious, yum yum!

wagyu rosu & harami, chicken & pork

wagyu rosu & harami, chicken & pork 

even the chicken was very good. & the kurobuta great!

the A5 wagyu of course 无得顶 mo tak teng (the best!)

panna cotta dessert

panna cotta dessert

& the panna cotta, also very nice la!

c.h.e.f andy


Yakiniku Heijoen


Just Average Chirashi Don at Standing Sushi Bar on 2Sep2017

chirashi don – S$30

my brother has a performance this evening = the grand finale of the 9th south east asian chinese poets symposium at china cultural centre queen street.

chirashi don – S$30

had good seats reserved but we needed to be early for the performance at 6.30pm so if we were to have a bite it should be nearby.

my RI bro CM & i arranged to have early dinner at standing sushi bar which is a few steps away at 5pm-ish. I parked at hotel royal which charged per entry from 5pm..all quite perfect.

chirashi don – S$30

my sis, her daughter & sil & their 2 yr old toddler happened to be around bugis during this time, and belatedly they decided to watch the poetry recital concert performance, so i asked them to join us for dinner. ^^

my sis ordered the same chirashi don.

for me, this chirashi don was ok not that great… and S$30 is too pricey for this standard. CM commented that the crabstick lowered the image of the dish.

the sashimi were thick cut & more like chikuwatei style. they were fresh & good sashimi but there was no premium cuts like toro, botanebi or akaebi, or even amaebi, just a cooked prawn, no uni etc.

they have promotion S$19,90 for this same chirashi don on sunday. i think that would be a more reasonable price.

for this, i think tanuki raw (orchard central) chirashi don lunch at S$22.90 was better deal. ok maybe not by much too – just uni & negi toro!

mango maki

mango maki

vegetarian don

vegetarian don

my niece & her husband are buddhist & vegetaran.

they ordered the vegetarian don, a mango maki & another maki.

the vegetarian should be ok..the mango maki looked fine too.

overall, just an average place with so many sushi & sashimi places including the japan food town stalls around.

i don’t mind this but wouldn’t specially come here. la…

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

Nice Bingsu at Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe @ Serangoon Garden on 31Aug2017

greentea & black sesame bingsu

after dinner at swatow @ serangoon gardens country club,

we walked to chomp chomp thinking of ice kachang. it was too crowded no table.

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

korean bingsu menu

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

we walked behind the blocks & found this korean bingsu place = Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe.

WT decided to buy bingshu.

greentea bingsu

greentea bingsu

black sesame bingsu

so WT bought 2 bingshu to share =$30+, very expensive.

the place was packed with youngsters, they got more $ than us…haha!

bingsu were good. ice shavings were fine & pleasing. both flavours were good – black sesame & macha, their bestsellers anyway! i liked the red beans, macha ice cream etc, only didn’t like the price.

not quite my thing to pay for these kind of stuff…

c.h.e.f andy


Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe @ Serangoon Garden

Opening Hours:


Nice 4pax Dinner @ Swatow Restaurant Serangoon Garden Country Club on 31Aug2017


my OPS bro HC bought 4pax dinner at swatow restaurant @ serangoon garden country club this evening .

we had 8 dishes…the vegetarian goose, braised duck, 梅菜扣肉, teochew cai poh fried kuay teow & 水晶包were good👍

ter kar tan 猪脚冻

ter ar tan 猪脚冻was poor in colour ,texture & flavours..this is quite odd for a teochew restaurant!!!

goose web

goose web poor preparation, not worth ordering….

braised big intestines

braised big intestines

braised large intestines mediocre.

totally no comparison with 東北胖妈春饼店(Northeast Mom Spring Pancake), but then that is too high a bar la…that was so good! 

vegetarian goose

vegetarian goose among the better dishes. crispy & tasty too. 🙂

braised duck

braised duck was good too. 🙂


梅菜扣肉 was good.

for me the vegetarian goodse & this dish were the 2 best dishes.


梅菜 dry mustard vegetable taste was flavourful & texture of pork belly was tender & gelatinous.

i made a good dried mustard leaves belly pork 梅菜扣肉 myself, i think about same  standard as this.

teochew fried kuay teow

the teochew fried kuay teow was good, very good wok hae.

teochew fried kuay teow

this a very good variation of char kuay teow, though actually basically 2 different cuisine.

quite special teochew dish, and it was done well here. 🙂



the 水晶包 here was good. this dish, 4 savoury & 1 sweet (red beans), very good too! enjoyed it as a nice ending to the dinner.

dinner was $91 for 4pax after 30%discounts…an enjoyable makan…quite good food good price for 4pax, and very fun time & fellowship with my OPS bros.

parking was $7.50 for me…very ex! i arrived at 630pm.

after that we walked around the place & went to have some bingsu at a korean dessert place.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:
  • 11AM–2:30PM
  • 6–10PM
  • 9AM–2:30PM
  • 6–10PM

Excellent Kambing Soup @ Haji M Abdul Rajak Stall Upper Boon Keng FC on 31Aug2017

kambing soup  

after the good briyani at geylang serai FC,

upper boon keng food centre

we took BT’s car (5pax) to upper boon keng food centre on 31.8.2017. ^^

kambing soup stall 

DP & KH went to buy the kambing soup, i think S$7.

kambing soup

i tasted the ribs & soup.

soup was very good, intense, very tasty, though my friends said today less intense.

it was as good as bahrakath mutton soup at adam road food centre. maybe this one more flavourful. anyhow i think bahrakath is very good also.

the ribs were tender & tasty. i did not try the mutton pieces.

this kambing soup i will come back again, except that bahrakath is near my place & i don;t take kambing soup often as it is “gelard” – satiating, and also unhealthy…but then agin many things i eat also unhealthy, just don’t take too much too foten lor..

ice kacang

ice kacang stall 

i did not want to drink coffee again, so i took ice kacang from the 桦姐stall.

ok ice kacang.

c.h.e.f andy


Good Nasi Biryani @ Geylang Briyani Stall Geylang Serai FC on 31Aug2017

chicken nasi briyani

DP, a RI bro visiting from bangkok. so another bro organised a makan session, meeting for nasi briyani at geylang serai food centre on 31.8.2017.^^

geylang briyani stall

we started with briyani at geylang serai market…seems that many think that briyani express is best, but it was closed today. so DP & KH went to join the queue at geylang briyani stall.

they bought 3 packets for 4pax to share-1 mutton, 1 chicken another fried chicken…all having the same idea of cutting down on carbs. lol! 🙂

briyani rice taste was good, flavourful, and mutton & chicken were all good.👍

i think they were S$8 each packet..

but really i didn’t think it was better than my own chicken briyani, which was just as flavourful perhaps more, & just using house brand ready gravy, and my chicken was much more moist, tender & sweet. haha! ^^

nasi padang chicken

i bought a S$5 nasi padang chicken thigh from a stall side vendor no queue.

it was good enough though the gravy was a bit too sweet.

geylang briyani stall

BT came later. geylang briyani stall too long queue so BT did not take..anyway he had chicken rice earlier…

After that we went upper boon keng market and took the kambing soup…

c.h.e.f andy


Geylang (Hamid’s) Briyani Stall


Always Good Meepok Tar @ Jln Tua Kong 6th Ave on 30Aug2017

S$4 meepok tar

my RI friend dropped by after his tuition at serene centre.

we went nearby jln tua kong meepok tar at good good coffeeshop, 6th ave for lunch on 30.8.2017. ^^

my friend bought lunch, parked his car at guthrie house. we chatted quite a while & left the coffeeshop past 2pm. parking was S$7.70 quite ex…

S$4 meepok tar

the meepok tar always good.

noodles qq perfect texture. chili spicy & nice!

fish balls, fish cakes, minced pork, prawn all good.

S$4 meepok tar

most important still the chili, spicy & flavourful, made the meepok tar really delicious!

c.h.e.f andy


Jln Tua Kong Mee Pok Tar

24 Sixth Ave, Singapore 276481

Good Good Eating House 好好餐室

Very Shiok! Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭 Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lor 1 on 25Aug2017

1/2 benson salted duck 盐水鸭, fishmaw pig innards soup, chives 青龙菜 with tau gay

had 3pax lunch with sis & bil @ benson salted duck 盐水鸭, toa payoh lor 1. ^^

1/2 benson salted duck 盐水鸭 – S$17

duck supernice…so tender & super tasty..👍👍👍

my 3rd time here…enjoyed everytime ..

i ordered 1 duck S$32 (1/2 duck = S$17), and tapao 1/2 duck uncut, and have the 1/2 duck served for our lunch. ^^

fishmaw pig innards soup S$5

the stall advised us to order S$5 fishmaw pig organs soup…

it was good helping & very nice too. my sis & bil love this.

chives 青龙菜 with tau gay – S$3

the chives 青龙菜 with tau gay  today was very good! better than what i had last time here.

very tasty & crunchy, no “siap” taste.

lunch was S$26 for 3, incluidng $17 for 1/2 duck, $5 soup, $3 veg & $1 for 2 rice.

i paid S$41 – S$32 for whole duck.

very satisfying lunch! …………

i made  salted duck 盐水鸭 ( i called it spiced duck since it is a 风味鸭). but benson’s is supremely good!

c.h.e.f andy


Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭

Opening Hours:

Not That Satisfying 5pax Dinner @ Imperial Treasure Nanbei on 26Aug2017

half roast duck

went imperial treasure nanbei level 5 taka for 5pax family dinner on 26.8.2017.^

last time i came here was 2 years back on 23.8.2015! we had a wonderful dimsum lunch. ^^

today however was dinner. booked last min at 6pm still got table arrived restaurant 6.45pm there are walk-ins no booking. looks like busines 👇a lot, unlike before where even when we came puncture with reservations, had to wait a while…

we ordered roast duck, chargtilled pork neck, fried rice, soup & 2 dimsum…not much dimsum available so nothing much to order not so satisfying!

roast duck was good, nothing special, the meat not moist & tender enough…

radish pastry 

the radish pastry still good.

puffy pastry, and tasty radish inside!

charcoal grilled pork neck 炭烧猪颈肉 

the charcoal grilled pork neck 炭烧猪颈肉 was very good, unfailingly! ^^

charcoal grilled pork neck 炭烧猪颈肉 

very tasty. especially with the fatty bits.

but recently i had the best char siew Meng Meng Roast Duck restaurant 阿明帝皇鸭 at sutera, and really that was even better than this!

salted egg prawns 

the salted egg prawns were the usual, competent….

forgot to take photos of the soup & the fried rice. both very good.

soup good though i had better ones here previously.

the dry scallops egg white fried rice always good here, especially with the XO chili. this evening too! ^^

over dinner S$180+. not say expensive, but we also did not order much.

but over the dining experience not so satisfying.

c.h.e.f andy


imperial treasure nanbei

opening hours: