Fish Head Curry Lunch @ Banana Leaf Apolo on 29Aug2013

haha..was in 2 minds whether to make this post. 🙂 why? see here =

i enjoyed very much the lunch with old RI schoolmates & chatting over a cuppa afterwards at tekka food centre on 29.8.2013. 🙂 we are at a stage of our life where we are relaxed, enjoy company, want to spend time together, have different life perspectives & experiences to share, and enjoy listening to others’ perspectives whether they are same or different from our own. 🙂

the makan (“food”) at banana leaf apolo @ race course road was also ok, though pricy & nothing memorable (except the fish head curry). still i decided to make a quick post to record this get-together. 🙂

fish head curry

fish head curry

we ordered 4 dishes to share among 6pax, and the vegetarian among us ordered just naans & a paneer (indian cottage cheese that tastes like tofu) dish with curry. including lime juices, the meal came to S$150, about S$22pax. it’s quite ok but NOT cheap at all especially for our vegetarian friend.

best among the dishes was the fish head, predictably. it was a very good fish head – very fresh red snapper head & very tasty curry. i enjoyed it very much & i also got to eat the eyes etc. slurp, slurp! 🙂

chicken tikka

chicken tikka

the chicken tikka (cutlet) was a tandoori version & a bit dry, kind of below average really!

chicken curry

chicken curry

we also had a chicken curry & small squid curry (i forgot to take photo). both curries were tasty, but these were really quite cheap dishes with very cheap ingredients. eg at prata cafe @ evans road, you can get a very tasty mysore mutton curry for S$3.50! at chinatown market, you can get 1.5x the portion of small squid for S$3 & just plonk them in a curry mix.

basmati rice

basmati rice

the lunch might not be value for money, but i did enjoy very much including the basmatic rice & sides & was even inspired to cook a fish head curry myself the next day. 🙂

there are so many inexpensive eating places at race course road for both north indian dishes & the largely south indian fish head curries & chicken & squid curries we had. i plan to have fish head curry again & hope to have better review to post than this one on banana leaf. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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