Belly Pork Alio Olio and Mala Spaghetti on 14Dec2020

made 1pax pasta with leftover belly pork on 14.12.2020.^^

took a bit then decided to experiment with 老干妈麻辣sauce..

weng tong told me nice..added 1 tbsp mala sauce..

very good indeed..fragrant & tasty…

c.h.e.f andy

Yummy Homecooked Mutton Rib Soup 5pax Lunch on 11Dec2020

made 5pax RI bros lunch-with CCG, TCH, THK, LYF on 11.12.2020.^^

prez had to attend to something so couldn’t join..

  1. chinese herbal mutton rib soup
  2. mala mutton tripe
  3. three eggs spinach

TCH brought yuzu drinkhai kong brought avocado puree drink.

THK brought avocado puree drink

LYF brought toapao & other paos & washed up the whole kitchen 👍

CCG brought begawan solo kuehs & jiamtaoroti (french loaf)

had a great time..friends loved all the dishes.

c.h.e.f andy

RI Bros Bought Dinner @ Kin Hoi Holland Close on 10Dec2020

RI bros bought bought dinner at kin hoi holland close on 10.12.2020^^

cockles blanched 20sec & 30sec..

20sec better…shiok! ..cold when served cos refrigerated?

will ask to blanch on the spot next time

gong gong was excellent..perfect timing..if just slightly overcooked will be hard to pull out the thai grilled

honey pork was very good too

top shell salad was like any other..can do at home..

c.h.e.f andy


Kin Hoi Cockles @ Holland Close


Holland Cl, Coffee Shop, Block 6, Singapore 271006


Opening Hours:

daily (closed mon)4–10pm

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 10Dec2020

made & delivered dinner to my brother family on 10.12.2020.^^

  1. nonya sauce steamed seabass
  2. sliced belly pork with yelliw onions, scallions & leek 三葱腩肉
  3. stirfry romaine lettuce 油麦菜

c.h.e.f andy

18th 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 10Dec2020

braised pork softbones with celery & red onions
hk steamed dory fillet

made 25pax HCA Hospice Care lunch today on 10.12.2020.^^

  1. fried chicken with carrots & potatoes
  2. braised pork softbones with celery & red onions
  3. hk steamed dory fillet

this my last session for HCA in 2020.


Awesome meals for our folks 👍

c.h.e.f andy

Nice Yongtaufoo @ Tiong Bahru YTF on 9Dec2020

tiong bahru ytf

went with wife to foodie mart @ eng hoon street on 9.12.2020.^^

shared a S$7 tiong bahru yong tau foo.

I don’t take yongtaufoo much. I like this stall and also ikan bills ytf at chinatown fc.

pretty good. the yong tau hu itself ok good standard but nothing special.

ytf well fried. great taste and soup was good too.

in a sense the ytf we bought from chinatown market basement stall just as good or even better more selections/choices

a good, light meal, especially when shared. lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Tiong Bahru Yongtaufoo


30 Seng Poh Rd, #01-115 Food Centre, Singapore 168898

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 8Dec2020

had breakfast with SL this morning on 8.12.2020.^^

we shared a prata @ 6th ave coffeeshop.

also tapao fishball noodles for son.

in the evening brother delivered dinner..very nice dishes 👍

  1. claypot ginger chicken
  2. dumplings水饺
  3. luffa gourd with egg
  4. leeks, beancurd and prawns
  5. purple sweet corn

very nice dishes.

c.h.e.f andy

Wonderful Dimsum Sum Lunch with RI Bro & Mom @ Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Ion Orchard on 7Dec2020

had 3pax lunch with my RI bro and his mom at imperial treasure fine Teochew at ion orchard on 7.12.2020.^^

food and service always good standard here. 🙂

braised duck smooth and flavourful.

no need to order chinese tea la…the complimentary tea was better. lol!

best dimsum was the crispy prawn fun cheong. perfect texture & taste. everyone’s favourite!

I like the polo char siew pao though not as good as crispy char siew pao..

har gao good as always.

soya sauce noodles mediocre. friend ordered for his mom.

the orh nee was good.

overall a very nice lunch with friend and mom. we all should take very opportunity to bring the older folks out when they wish to, to share & cherish the time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine @ Ion Orchard

Address:2 Orchard Turn #03-05, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801Located in: ION Orchard Mall8R3J+MH SingaporeContact:imperialtreasure.com6736 2118Opening Hours:


5pax Homecooked Korean for Office Lunch on 4Dec2020

made 5pax lunch for wife’s office on 4.12.2020.^^

  1. kimchi fried rice
  2. korean spicy chicken
  3. korean sweet potato noodles chap chye

bought some kimchi, gojuchang and thick Korean tanhoon.

and made simple lunch for the office.

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered Homecooked Dinner for Brother Family on 3Dec2020

HK steamed red garoupa 港蒸小红斑
3 egg spinach 三蛋苋菜

made & delivered dinner to brother’s family this evening on 3.12.2020.^^


  1. 港蒸小红斑
  2. 麻辣鸡煲
  3. 三蛋苋菜

c.h.e.f andy

17th 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 3Dec2020

black bean sauce pork softbones
pangrilled prawns on vegetables

made & delivered HCA Hospice Care 25pax lunch today on 3.12.2020.^^

  1. curry chicken & potatoes
  2. black ben sauce pork softbones
  3. pangrilled prawns
  4. stirfried carrots and cabbage

curry chicken and pork soft bones are my regular dishes for HCA and very popular with the patients.

for prawns, I tried different sizes of prawns. previous I had smaller prawns I think 81/100..this time larger prawns 41/50. pan grilled gave it a great flavours but even 1 kg prawns is a small dish for 25pax so I used it as a supplement on the vegetable dish.

c.h.e.f Andy

Excellent S$38pax Set Lunch@ La Tapiera on 1Dec2020

asparagus. serrano ham, scrambled eggs
spanish octopus legs ala plancha
roasted magret duck breast
grilled aussie lamb rump

today my turn to buy 3pax lunch @ la tapiera on 1.12.2020.^^

have not been here for a while.

the excellent set lunch menu still same. I recommended the spanish octopus leg ala plancha and the asparagus.

asparagus was excellent. octopus legs today ok still nice but not done so well slightly tough. my friend went back with family few days later and tried the octopus again. he said this time excellent. 🙂

the lamp rump was still superb, so tender and tasty and excellent salsa and sauce.

a friend ordered the duck. he tried some of my lamb rump & commented duck was ordinary by comparison.

a wonderful lunch & chat with these 2 younger friends.

c.h.e.f andy


La TaperiaAddress:1 Scotts Rd, 02-10/11, Singapore 228208Located in: Shaw Centre 8336Opening Hours:


Yummy 4pax Lunch @ Ming Tang Spicy Roast Fish重庆烤鱼 on 30Nov2020

had nice 4pax 麻辣重庆烤鱼 lunch @ ming tang – with LKY, weng tong, hak chong missing wai mun

really enjoyed the lunch..

fish was so good & gravy so sweet & tasty..

& the 凉拌side dishes excellent too

WT went to buy nice roti prata to add to the gravy👍

after that we had kopi.

c.h.e.f andy


Ming Tang Spicy Roast Fish重庆烤鱼


470, #01-03 North Bridge Rd, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735



Opening Hours:


Good 南乳Roast Suckling Pig @ Imperial Treasure Super Peking duck at Asia Square on 29Nov2020

南乳roast suckling pig
南乳roast suckling pig

4pax family lunch with wife, SL & EV @ imperial treasure super peking duck asia square on 29.11.2020.^^

we had expire S$100 voucher which requires S$280 spending so ordered a roast suckling pig, and tapao…but we ate most anyway lol!

suckling pig 南乳去骨猪 excellent!

just a bit too much sweet sauce at the bottom…

dims were all good, though SL thought crystal jade garage better.

crispy char siew pao, fun cheong were all good..xo carrot cake and crispy fupeiquin good too.

tapao the head & some leftovers…

c.h.e.f andy


Imperial Treasure Super PekingDuckAddress: 8 #02-08 Marina View Asia Square Tower, 1, Singapore 018960 7VH2+HF Singapore   Contact: imperialtreasure.com6636 1868   Opening Hours:

daily11:30am–3pm 6–10pm

RECIPE=Slow Roast Christmas Chicken on 27Nov2020 (first try)

slow roast christmas capon chicken
slow roast christmas capon chicken
not good carving…need to do better
wife felt skin not browned enuf

made slow roast Christmas chicken on 27.11.2020.^^

quite happy with results…quite moist & tasty..will brine for 24hrs next time.

not good carving…need to do better next time, and wife thought the skin was not browned enough…

maybe try 100degC for 3hrs, then 250degC for 10mins…meat temp >75degC ok…


bought capon (castrated male) chicken from cold storage.

trying to produce a very tender tasty moist breast like turkey breast for Christmas lol!


oven 130deg 2hr 250deg 10mins

1.6kg chicken

rub inside with dry herbs paprika, black pepper, parsley, sea salt,

1tbsp mustard, 1 tbsp melted butter

add 2 halves cut red onions, celery, whole bulb garlic, 2 halves cut lemon

rub 1 tbsp truffle evo(extra virgin olive oil) under skin & over skin

place thinly sliced butter under skin

filled soft drink can with 80% water & stand chicken for oven roast

c.h.e.f Andy

Collected Homecooked Dinner from Brother on 26Nov2020

brother also made dinner for us on 26.11.2020.^^

so for this week I just delivered my homecooked dinner for brother and collected his cook dinner for my family at same time.


  1. 鸡饭(不是海南鸡饭鸡,鸡和饭放在一起煮)
  2. 紫色玉米煮汤(天然紫色)
  3. 芥兰4.sambal煎鱼。

nice dinner!

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 26Nov2020

fried chicken with carrots and potatoes
red fermented bean curd sliced belly pork with celery

made & delivered dinner for my brother’s family on 26.11.2020.^^


  1. 麻辣重庆烤鱼(salmon fish head)
  2. red fermented bean curd sliced belly pork with celery
  3. fried chicken with carrots & potatoes

brother said-


c.h.e.f andy

Really Shiok!重庆烤鱼@Ming Tang Spicy Roast fish on 25Nov2020


my Chinese friend ZHL bought 3pax lunch on 25.11.2020.^^

I arranged at ming tang 重庆烤鱼

excellent service & dishes!service is very good by every server we spoke with & asked questions

the signature mala 重庆烤鱼was excellent,very fresh, sweet & tasty.

my china chinese friend commented this not oily, the best he had c/w many 重庆烤鱼 eateries in chinatown usually oily.

all the 凉拌dishes very tasty, flavourful..

水饺good standard if nothing special.

for the fish, we only added bamboo shoots, maybe try tripes even beef next time.

very happy to come back again..& I was back real soon! lol!:-)

c.h.e.f andy


Ming Tang Spicy Roast Fish重庆烤鱼


470, #01-03 North Bridge Rd, Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735



Opening Hours: