Great Tea Infused Roast Duck 2pax Lunch @ Xin Cuisine 新故乡 on 28Mar2017

tea smoked roast duck – S$32

my good OPS primary school friend had his birthday last Saturday. yesterday he was with 2 other OPS friends in JB. so we arranged to have lunch today on Tuesday 28.3.2017. ^^

I haven’t been to Xin Cuisine 新故乡 for a while. my last blog post was dinner on 17.4.2016.

tea smoked roast duck – S$32

the roast duck here was fabulous – the best. for me, this is better than-

  1. canton paradise,
  2. royal london duck at mandarin gallery,
  3. House of Roasted Duck 劉強烤鴨店 , &
  4. about on par or better than the royal London duck at tunglok signatures.

it had a light fragrant tea infused flavour, the skin was perfectly crisp. also great juice & peanuts, and plum sauce.

today though I needed my friend to tell me it was really flavourful…taste buds still not in gear yet…

sweet mustard leaves with wawa vegetables 甜梅菜和娃娃菜 – S$18

the 甜梅菜和娃娃菜 another excellent dish here.

I made my very good 梅菜扣肉 dish after I tried this 梅菜dish here.

so tender, & the 娃娃菜 & also the egg plant were really perfect, and the light soy sauce too.

I must try making this full dish.

lobster noodles – S$25

I ordered the lobster noodles for my friend.

big prawn noodles – S$15

& a big prawn crispy noodles for myself.

friend’s feedback was that the lobster was plump & fresh. the sauce superior stock 上汤 was NOT that superior & noodles too. it sure looked that way.

actually I made an excellent 上汤焗伊面 for my wife on valentine’s day, I think mine much more “superior” la..(not my lobster just the noodles)

my big prawn noodles was good standard. prawn was well done, the crispy noodles a bit soaked. my sauce looked the same but had scallions & ginger, so maybe the taste was better.

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM, 6:30–10:30PM

Best S$5 Weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre on 28Mar2017

weiyi laksa S$5

sent daughter to commonwealth MRT at 7.55am.

decided to drop by tanglin halt food centre. weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 was open. today Tuesday 28.3.2017. ^^

weiyi laksa long queue

there were 7 in the queue. joined the queue took about 10mins so pretty ok. the first women bought like 7 or 8 packets so took longest, the rest including myself mostly one or two.

weiyi laksa long queue

I ate a $5 bowl there & tapao one back for my helper.

weiyi laksa S$5

I bought the no 6 S$5 option = chicken + hum (cockles) + taupok & medium.

I like weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 because it is lemak but not very, and is more savoury, of course lots of ingrdients, and that’s why more savoury & satisfying.

weiyi laksa S$5

I think my taste bud a bit off today, as proven when I had lunch with my OPS friend later. so did not fully realised the enjoyment & taste. still it was good!

c.h.e.f andy


Weiyi Laksa 唯一辣沙 @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre


#01-20,Tanglin Halt Food Centre, 48Tanglin Halt Road, 142048


+65 97821012

Opening Hours

5.30am – 2.00pm

(Closed on Mon & Fri)

Wonderful Evening 2pax Dinner with my close RI Friend @ Mikuni Fairmont on 27Mar2017

UN futomaki & botan ebi sashimi (S$45)

had a really wonderful evening, very enjoyable dinner with my close RI friend at mikuni on 27.3.2017. ^^

my friend had his birthday earlier in the month. he travels frequently, and I was indisposed for 2 weeks, so we arranged for this dinner at mikuni once I was well.

last post I made on mikuni was 2pax dinner with a OPS primary school friend on 31.8.2016.

botan ebi sashimi – S$45

I ordered botan ebi sashimi – S$45.

botan ebi sashimi – S$45

this a truly superb dish for the connoisseur. the tiny sweet prawns or amaebi is like 1/4 of th size of this monster. I love the fresh, gummy texture & very sweet fresh of prawn sashimi, and I guess if you like amaebi sashimi, this like multiply it 4 times.

deepfried prawn heads of botan ebi sashimi

& of course I got the heads deep-fried la!

this was so good. you like can eat everything….

deepfried prawn heads of botan ebi sashimi

my friend said this was so fragrant. he absolutely loved it too! 🙂

UN futomaki = united nations like 9 ingredients – S$26

we ordered the UN futomak. it is in true united nations fashion – like having 9 ingredients. it was a good maki, but I feel that the mikuni maki is still better.

Boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki – S$40

for today, a Tuesday, restaurant was fully booked, only seats at teppanyaki & robatayaki. I asked for robatayaki…we sat at the corner, very private & good space.

I ordered the boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki. this was very good!

sauce for Boned-in kurobuta belly pork robatayaki

we each had a trio of sauces. I tried the mustard & also the ponzu sauce. they were good, and the kurobuta was good on its own too!

wagyu sukiyaki konabe – S$48

and of course I ordered the wagyu sukiyaki konabe – S$48.

wagyu sukiyaki konabe

this is always so good!

now they don’t put kagoshim wagyu on the menu. it tasted exactly the same as before.

really good stuff – 3 pieces of thick cut wagyu beef, so excellent sweet & marbled Japanese wagyu!

lobster uniyaki – S$48

I also ordered thelobster uniyaki – S$48.
lobster was small – maybe 350g to 400g. it was nicely done though, very good taste & nice uni sauce drizzled al over it.
we had a really enjoyable lunch chat, talked about our schoolmates, children etc.
lunch was S$127nett for 2pax after feed at raffles discounts.
c.h.e.f andy


Mikuni @ Fairmont Level 3


80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Hotel 3/L, Raffles City, Singapore 189560


6431 6156

Opening Hours:

Mon-Saturday: 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm (closed sunday)

Day 4 – Seoul SQ Lounge & SQ Inflight Food on Return Flight to Singapore on 14Nov2016

lontong @ SQ lounge

so for this hastily decided trip, we gotten SQ biz class redemption tickets taxes on short notice & taxes etc were S$404! but then economy tickets were like S$1800, S$2000!

wife booked one extra night on 13.11.2016, as our flight was 12.35am on 14.11.2016. this very important as we wanted to have a room to return to, to bathe etc before leaving for the airport around 9pm. the extra night just S$90/night, & with cleaning & admin charges total about S$495 for 4 nights.

so this evening, after our korean bbq dinner at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당, we went back to our airbnb & bathed, packed up & left for Incheon airport.

lontong @ SQ lounge

after check-in & immigration, we got to the SQ lounge.

they had lontong, and it was good! lontong was lemak & flavourful …

braised fish fillet @ SQ lounge

there was also a braised fish fillet, maybe garoupa…

braised fish fillet @ SQ lounge

it was pretty good too..

of course I have had better, but it was quite competent, especially at an ariport lounge.

cheese & buts

they also had cheese & nuts…

aloe vera drink

I took a canned aloe vera drink..

herb crusted lamb

on board I had book-the-cook..

I prior ordered the herb crusted lamb.

it was ok, not overly…

herb crusted lamb

again I should say just competent…lamb was tender but not flavourful, quite bland I would say..


also had a croissant..

fruit salad

& some fruits..

cannot complain much about the food on board. not the best by either flight standard but passable.

c.h.e.f andy

Day 4 – Newmaul Sikdang 새마을식당 on 13Nov2016 – Seoul 10-13Nov2016

 korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

after N Seoul Tower N서울타워, we were quite tired but decided to go for our last Korean bbq meal before returning to our airbnb apartment to pack up & leave for Incheon airport.

we had thought of trying another restaurant opposite newmaul sikdang 새마을식당, but it was full this evening.

we did not want to walk around just to find a place to eat, so went back to newmaul sikdang 새마을식당, where we dined the first evening, day 1.

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 - 9,000won

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 – 10,000won

newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 is a chain.

we ordered the same pork ribeye??? we had on day 1.

 korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

it was very good – sweet, juicy, flavourful.

 korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

korean bbq at newmaul sikdang 새마을식당

we had quite an overdose the other evening with the excellent jeju blackpig bbq.

this evening we took more of the banchan (side dishes), or rather the salad to go with the bbq meat.

some mixed meat dish @ newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 - 6,000won

some mixed meat dish @ newmaulsikdang 새마을식당 – 6,000won

there was this minced meat dish that wife tried previously.

not sure if we ordered the correct one, but it was doable but not too great. I won’t order this again la…

rice came with mixed meat dish @ newmaul sikdang 새마을식당 - 6,000won

rice came with mixed meat dish @ newmaulsikdang 새마을식당 – 6,000won

it came with some rice, and that went quite well with the seaweed & the minced meat dish..

the salads, onions, pickles were at a salad bar (free). this evening we took a bit more of it to go with the bbq meats.

c.h.e.f andy

Newmaul Sikdang 새마을식당  

Address :

331-18, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul


▶Homepage : (Korean only)

▶Operating Hours :

Open 24/7

Day 4 – Enchanting Namsan Tower or N Seoul Tower N서울타워 on 13Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

namsan tower

so our last stop for this evening & for this seoul trip 10-13nov2016 was namsan tower, or N Seoul Tower N서울타워 on 13.11.2016. ^^

namsan tower

our flight was 12.35am. so wife booked one extra night on 13.11.2016,.

this very important as we want to have a room to return to, to bathe etc before leaving for the airport around 9pm. the extra night just S$90/night, & with cleaning & admin charges total about S$495 for 4 nights.

namsan tower

so after Sam Cheong Dong 삼청동 & Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을), we took the subway to myeongdong station, visited lotte world department store, and walked around myeongdong a bit.

we forgot to factor in the crowd & queue & also that it took a while (15mins) to walk to the cable car station.

namsan tower & cable car

namsan tower & cable car

anyhow we were at the cable car station almost 5pm and the queue took about 1.5hrs. and the cable car ride was just 3mins! haha!

namsan tower

so we started with some evening scene, but basically by the time we entered the cable car ride, it was dark already.

namsan tower

it was peace & tranquillity…

the N Seoul Tower N서울타워 was like a lit beacon, luminous in the dark…

love locks

we took a short stroll around the tope of namsan…

and walked over to look at the love locks…

love locks

a Korean invention??

put up a lock & throw away the key….saw these in many Korean tv dramas of yesteryears…

& only recently, we discovered similar replicas of love locks on cheung chau island in hong kong.

love locks

I supposed it can be a meaningful personal chapter….

seoul night view

we hang around to stare into the night..

seoul night view

not such clear evening..

seoul night view

a nice feel to it like any aerial night scene & from a higher vantage point…

namsan tower

& a slightly mysterious N Seoul Tower N서울타워….

namsan tower

seeing it through the swaying tree branches…

we were tired after being out the whole day, so we did not stay long & was quite happy to take the cable car down & looking forward to a nice dinner before packing up to leave for the airport.

c.h.e.f andy


Namsan Tower or N Seoul Tower N서울타워


105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Day 4 – Sam Cheong Dong 삼청동 & Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을) on 13Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

sam cheong dong삼청동

sam cheong dong삼청동

after a fun experience at gwangjang market 광장시장, we took the subway to to sam cheong dong삼청동@ anguk station on 13.11.2016. ^^

Unique Gate made of stone container

Unique Gate made of stone container

the hilly neighbourhood of sam cheong dong삼청동 is characterized by numerous small art galleries, shops, and restaurants. 

we saw an interesting door of a shop, which is made of glass encased stones!

we walked along the streets…

this where latteya bingsu café is located

this where latteya bingsu café is located

& stopped at latteya café for some KRW13,000 green tea bingsu….

& strolled further up the streets, looking at the yellow ginkyo trees in autumn splendour, carpeting the streets with lots of fallen leaves…

many restaurants & shops…

long queue at this restaurant

long queue at this restaurant

long queue at this restaurant

long queue at this restaurant

there was this long queue across the road…

so after reaching the end we turned around…I talked to couple foreigners in the queue..they came with their Korean friends, had no clue what it was about, basically a good Korean restaurant, maybe good price too..

we bought a churros (I think it was cinnamon) & a coffee & sat at a bench & relaxed & munched…

& that's the prime minister's residence

& that’s the prime minister’s residence

& that’s the prime minister’s residence!

we walked up the slope to the Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)…

these are the old Korean traditional houses…

there are several streets with these old houses…

we entered one of them…

along the lanes there were many small groups of Chinese ladies dressed in hanbok, or traditional Korean dresses, and taking photos…they didn’t appear to be Taiwanese, though I could not really tell…

many people adults & children were taking this ice cream…

having done with Sam Cheong Dong 삼청동, we returned to the anguk station.

we were thinking of visiting namsan in the evening just before leaving for our flight.

before that we wanted to have a walk in myeongdong, so we stopped at myeong dong station, & wife go to do some window shopping at lotte town.

c.h.e.f andy

Day 4 – KRW 13,000 Korean Bingsu @ Latteya Cafe Sam Cheong Dong 삼청동on 13Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

bingsu @ latteya café

after a fun experience at gwangjang market 광장시장, we took the subway to to sam cheong dong삼청동@ anguk station on 13.11.2016. ^^

latteya bingsu café

after a short walk from anguk station, we came to a bingsu café, latteya café.

latteya bingsu cafe

nice ambience, & it was not crowded.

cakes & pastries @ latteya café

there were cakes & pastries..we were not particularly interested.

so we just ordered a green tea bingsu (top photo).

it came with almond flakes, red beans, green tea ice cream, green tea bingsu shavings, and some mocha.

bill – latteya bingsu cafe

 cost was KRW13,000, so not much different from Singapore which cost like S$16+

bingsu @ latteya café

we enjoyed the bingsu. the green tea flavour, the very tasty red beans, mocha & the overall concoction.

I can take this again! but I am actually not a bingsu fan, mainly because of the price. just very happy with ice kachang & chendol, but this was different, & I enjoyed it much also.

c.h.e.f andy

Day 4 – Exciting Gwangjang Market Tour 광장시장 13Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

café near entrance to gwangjang market @ Jongno 5 station

café near entrance to gwangjang market @ Jongno 5 station

today is our last day in seoul..

we had a fun 3 days going to –

  1. the palaces Changdeokgung 昌德宫 & Changgyeonggung 창경궁 昌慶宮, Biwon密苑secret gardens, and Gueongbokgung 경복궁 景福宫 on day 1 on arrival on 10.11.2016
  2. nami Island 남이선 南怡岛 at chuncheon 春川  on day 2 on 11.11.2016
  3. the adventure = climbing bukhansan북한산 on day 3 on 12.11.2016

today we decided to go first to gwangjang market광장시장 @ Jongno 5 station, then to sam cheong dong삼청동@ anguk station on 13.11.2016. ^^

café near entrance to gwangjang market @ Jongno 5 station

café near entrance to gwangjang market 광장시장 @ Jongno 5 station

we started the day with a cuppa. takeaway at the café near entrance to gwangjang market @ Jongno 5 station.

gwangjang market conveniently located at Jongno 5 station exit

gwangjang market 광장시장 conveniently located at Jongno 5 station exit

gwangjang market 광장시장 is conveniently located at Jongno 5 station exit…

I came here when I travelled alone in 2010 in serach of Korean cuisine (韩国料理), enjoyed every bit…

seafood pancake stall at gwangjang market 광장시장

seafood pancake stall at gwangjang market 광장시장

there were several seafood pancake stall at the gwangjang market 광장시장.


gwangjang market 광장시장 stall selling assorted sushi & other food

there are the usual sushi & seafood stalls.


meoli gogi (head cheese), blood sausage & jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

the stall that excited me were the ones sellingmeoli gogi (head cheese), blood sausage & jogbal (hocks & trotters).


meoli gogi (head cheese), blood sausage & jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

we sat down at one of them. ^^


blood sausage & jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

I don’t like blood sausage myself. head cheese & what looked like birth intestines (fallopian tubes) were too much for my wife, but she was game for some jogbal (trotters).


meoli gogi (head cheese), blood sausage & jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

this very enterprising proprietress. business was good here, as was at the other stalls – at least 1/2 dozen of them, likely more..


meoli gogi (head cheese), blood sausage & jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

they did it with soy sauce, and served like air dried, not swimming in a sauce.


Korean thick tanhoon @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

we also ordered a plate of Korean thick tanhoon.


fish cake @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

they sell a huge assortment of food, fish cakes & the likes. some stalls sell oden also.


we had a 8000won jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

we ordered jogbal, 8000won.


we had a 8000won jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

this the trotters, lower front legs, NOT the hocks, the large thighs which should cost 20,000won & people were eating those in the streets with beer etc at pojangmacha포장마차 (their streets stalls – snack carts)…

this method of cooking gives a firmer texture. I like it. it is not as gelatinous as our usual braised ter kar (pig trotters). I like both preparation actually.


Korean thick tanhoon @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

the Korean tanhoon nice as usual..


we had a 8000won jogbal @ gwangjang market 광장시장 stall

these things not my wife’s favourite, but she was game for it, though she wouldn’t take too much of it.


seafood pancake stall at gwangjang market 광장시장

another of many seafood pancake stall at gwangjang market 광장시장…


seafood pancake stall at gwangjang market 광장시장

generally not my kind of food…just putting a lot of carbs & fried stuff into the stomach…


ganjang gejang (간장거장) soy crab!

& they have the ganjang gejang (간장거장) soy crab! 


ganjang gejang (간장거장) soy crab! & other stuff, salted, cured etc

 & other stuff, salted, cured etc….


Korean ginseng


hot pot restaurant selling what looked like fish roe & sperm sacs

& this for some exotic stuff – a hot pot restaurant selling what looked like fish roe & sperm sacs??


hot pot restaurant selling what looked like fish roe & sperm sacs

this was what I had when I travelled alone in 2010. really shiok la!

wife of course would have none of it…


another seafood pancake stall at gwangjang market 광장시장

it was a wonderful morning stroll with wife at this gwangjang market 광장시장.

after that, we took the subway to sam cheong dong삼청동@ anguk station.

c.h.e.f andy


Gwangjang Market 광장시장

88, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 창경궁로 88 (예지동)
Type / Products
Traditional Markets / Silk, dress material, fashion apparel, agricultural and marine products, bedding, handicrafts, lacquerwares inlaid with mother-of-pearls, and more
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-2267-0291~5
(Korean only)

Opening Hours:

Day 3 – Jeju Blackpig BBQ @ 제주도야씨 홍대 Jeju Island Meat House at Hongdae on 12Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

jeju blackpig bbq dinner

jeju blackpig bbq dinner

after a really tiring day climbing bukhansan (7hrs of hiking & some scares), we took the bus then subway back to our airbnb apartment at hongdae on 12.11.2016.

journey alone took 1.5hrs, and we stopped to get a drink & buy some fruits from a convenience store.

제주도야씨 jeju island meat house

제주도야씨 jeju island meat house

we decided to try a new place, 제주도야씨 Jeju Island Meat House. 🙂

jeju blackpig bbq dinner menu

jeju blackpig bbq dinner menu

prices like 50% more than normal pork, seems ok.

ready servings

ready servings

some displays.

jeju blackpig bbq

jeju blackpig bbq

we ended up ordering a platter, i think 600g or something for 37,000won.

being super greedy, to reward ourselves after our great “achievement” climbing bukhansan, we added another like 180g maybe ribeye for 17,000won (server said best selling here).

banchan 반찬 side dishes

banchan 반찬 side dishes

not really banchan but for the cabbage wraps with the bbq meat.

banchan 반찬 side dishes

banchan 반찬 side dishes

anyway we ate a bit, the lady server did a refill later.

water & beer

water & beer

wife ordered the usual 소주soju. water for me. 🙂

jeju blackpig bbq skin

jeju blackpig bbq skin

the server did the skin for us. hmmmm. very good!

jeju blackpig bbq

jeju blackpig bbq

the blackpig (or kurobuta) very good! marbled, fragrant, very tasty. 🙂

jeju blackpig bbq

jeju blackpig bbq

nice eaten on its own but quite nice wrap in lettuce as well.

jeju blackpig bbq

jeju blackpig bbq

the 3 different meats on the platter were all good.


jeju blackpig bbq

jeju blackpig bbq

somehow they seem to give us a lot more belly. it’s hard to tell when they mix everything together.

better to order just the platter first, then add any special order afterwards.

jeju blackpig bbq

jeju blackpig bbq

anyway overall dinner very enjoyable…we were satisfied la..& of course if we were to c/w aburiyah here in singapore it’s maybe 1/3 to 50% cheaper still, but i am very happy with aburiyah overall.

제주도야씨 jeju island meat house

제주도야씨 jeju island meat house

some records for myself in case i look for the place in future. cannot really read the address.

there is a korean review here. quite difficult to find the address on these korean blogs…

제주도야씨 jeju island meat house

제주도야씨 jeju island meat house

will certainly be back if around here next visit.

c.h.e.f andy

제주도야씨 홍대 Jeju Island Meat House at Hongdae



Day 3 – The Adventure = Climbing Bukhansan on 12Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

resting before last 50m


armed with trekking poles, kit kat, nuts + bought 2 gimbap 김밥, we set off to climb bukhansan on 12.11.2016. ^^

little we know, really really difficult though looked like not difficult for koreans…7yr olds & 10yr olds could do it..& one lady looked like 75/80.

Still we got up to baegundae 白云台 백운대 836m

7hrs very jialat hike

almost died…actually, die-ded, dead already la!

going to gupabal station

going to gupabal station

we decided to go nami Island 남이선 南怡岛 at chuncheon 春川 yesterday on Friday to avoid the weekend crowd.

everyone ready for climbing

everyone ready for climbing

not a bad decision, but it also mean we now go to bukhansan on a Saturday/weekend on 12.11.2016.

we took line 2 from hongdae where our airbnb apartment is, to hapjeong, changed to line 6 to bulgwang, then to line 3 to gupabal.


kind of early, should be in bed leh…

Took bus no 720 from gupabal station to bukjsnsam fortress station

Took bus no 720 from gupabal station to bukhasan fortress station

we took bus no 720 from gupabal station to bukhansan fortress station.

walking to the bukhansan trailhead

on the way, wife stopped by to buy 2 rolls of gimbap 김밥, and those turned out to be our nectar, our fuel, our substenance!


walking to the bukhansan trailhead


walking to the bukhansan trailhead


everyone walking to the bukhansan trailhead


everyone walking to the bukhansan trailhead

you see everyone walking there (to the bukhansan trailhead), you kow you are in the right direction la…


crowd at the bukhansan trailhead

wa, you guys need to flag off ah?


which direction neh?


both ways going baegunpae. we took the one that says 4km

both ways going baegunpae. which one neh?


trail map

we took the one that says 4km….


start of trail

took a few snaps….


going up


going up.

& up we go….


going up



trail map


pile of stones by bored hikers?

looking down at the information centre

looking down at the information centre – the trail head

looking down at the information centre, at the trailhead…


we hiking up there? you kidding me?

you kidding me?


going up


going up


going up


going up



going up


going up





going up


the peaks

we are going to baegundae 白云台 백운대 836m!


the peaks


the peaks


wife bought 2 rolls of gimbap 김밥

luckily we had 2 rolls of gimbap 김밥


never knew gimbap 김밥 taste so good la!

 super delicious!!!

lip smacking good!!!

Still 2.6km…we were just 1/3 of the way up…



remember the you know you are staying on the right track…


still the easy parts


going up


going up


going up


still the easy parts

din know these were so easy by comparison



going up

Still 1.3km

Still 1.3km

another 1.3km…


going up

it’s always, going up!


going up


going up


keep going


going up


going up


going up


going up

what else? going up….


coming up

rest stop…


going up


fresh air

fresh air – in abundance….

difficult parts when the ropes start

difficult parts when the ropes start


going up


rest stop…I think we took the remaining 1/2 of the first gimbap

we took the remaining 1/2 of the first gimbap…

not there yet la...0.5km + 0.3km the hardest parts

not there yet la…0.5km + 0.3km the hardest parts

not there…not there…0.5km + 0.3km the hardest parts…


going up

harder it went

harder it went


going up…steep, rocky


going up


nice mountain view

rest stop..take as many as you need…


nice mountain view

another rest point…


nice mountain view

now we are nearing…


almost there = Done 3.7km Another 400m to go

almost there…

done 3.7km another 400m to go


the ranger box

only a short climb now..




300m to go…lots of tired feet

another 300m to go…lots of tired feet….


nice mountain view


nice mountain view


the peak

the peak

the peak

that’s the peak!

it’s a bit overcast…not a totally clear day…


view from near the peak


view from near the peak

view all around…

this the last part to the peak & the hardest 50m

this the last part to the peak & the hardest 50m

well, almost there…

almost but not yet…

& obviously when they have ropes it means it is difficult…& today is a weekend/a Saturday, and a huge crowd..everyone wants the rope, going up & coming down..


the hardest 50m

moral of story = don’t come during the weekend…

if you do, NO gentlemen, cling on to the rope & don’t give way, whether you are going up or down…it is really quite dangerous, you can fall…

it is not always possible of course..there are children…but it means you basicall try to stand still, stay put & once the person you give way passed, cling on to the ropes…


view from near the peak


view from near the peak

the view all round…


looking down on the flat area for resting before the last 50m

looking down..


looking down from the rope waiting for peak hikers to descend after taking photos=the flat area for resting before the last 50m


coming up to the flat area for resting before the last 50m


the flat area for resting before the last 50m


top of the world ya…

a zen moment

a zen moment


one more zen moment

baegundae 白云台 백운대 836m...

baegundae 白云台 백운대 836m…

finally the peak = baegundae 白云台 백운대 836m

it was really crowded, so cannot really stay but had to rush through a few photo moments…so really must come on a less crowded weekday..


looking back at the peak on the way down

Very tough going up! so many rocks…many parks needed rope

Going the last 300m to the peak baegundae 白云台 백운대 836m very challenging

the 4km up took us 4hrs…

so basically we started about 10am at the trailhead & it was 2pm when we started on the way down..

it took long because of the rest stops, photos, but also because the last 300m (phots) & especially last 50m (ropes & long queue of people going up & coming down)..

but little we knew coming down & crossing bukhansan was really very difficult course…..


the oaks clinging to the cliffs

we decided to take the route to daedongmun instead of retracing..

looking back on the way to daedongmun = the oaks clinging to the cliffs

somehow we paid a lot of attention reading up on the route coming up to baegundae 白云台 백운대…and we just assumed going down would be direct & simple…

the oaks


the golden top


the oaks


we remembered the guide said to follow the fortress wall


1.5km to daedongmun

another 1.5km to daedongmun….


walking along the fortress wall..


walking along the fortress wall..

along the wall we went….


another 1.9km to academy info centre..

we came to daedongmun…

but that’s cheating!!!!

another 1.9km to academy info centre???? shucks!!!


we thought we reached…but it’s another 1.9km…

we thought we reached already leh…


looking back at daedongmun…photo time stamp=3.58pm still another 1.9km of treacherous downhill to go

looking back at daedongmun…photo time stamp=3.58pm still another 1.9km of treacherous downhill to go

this part really really hard….very steep & rocky going downhill…

it was 4pm… we had been walking 6hrs since 10am..& truly fearful of darkness by 5pm…had to travel faster…

at one stage we were considering stopping at the call stops with the map co-ordinates & just call for help/rescue…the problem being that when going up there were like signs every 200m or the like, but coming down we were in wilderness…we were not sure if we were on the right track..if we had missed any paths on the track or had strayed…there were like maybe 3 signs the whole 1.9km??? & even the call stops location were very sparse…

during one part, a man must be in his 60s overtook us going down…& he was the only soul we saw throughout the entire 1.9km!!! we wanted to keep up with him but it was too dangerous, he was travelling too fast & we could fall & injure ourselves if we kept pace with him, which was impossible in any case…but at least during that 5mins or so we knew we were going the right direction…


so happy to arrive & board no1 bus to suyu..made it! safe finally!

so happy to arrive & board no1 bus to suyu..made it! safe finally!
bus clock said 1703hrs…means we covered the last 1.9km in 1 hr 5mins! & coming down is so difficult & treacherous…..

no time or heart/mood to take photos

took us another 1hr 10mins on bus(25) & subway to get back to hongdae, happy & exhausted after a full day 7hrs hike!

c.h.e.f andy


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Highest point
Elevation 836.5 m (2,744 ft) [1]
Coordinates 37°39′39″N 126°59′36″E / 37.6608°N 126.9933°E / 37.6608; 126.9933Coordinates: 37°39′39″N 126°59′36″E / 37.6608°N 126.9933°E / 37.6608; 126.9933
Location South Korea
Easiest route from Suyu Station by bus 1218 or 153 to Uidongdoseonsaipgu bus stop(우이동도선사입구) then walk 2.29km to Bukansan National Park Visitor Center(북한산국립공원백운탐방지원센터)

Excellent Always 6-course Dinner @ Tunglok Signatures Orchard Parade on 25Mar2017

deep-fried lobster steak with watermelon

went with wife for 2pax dinner at tunglok signatures orchard parade this evening on 25.3.2017. ^^

tunglok has the mysterious practice that amex love dining 50% discounts for 2pax applies only to set menu during weekends & applies only to ala carte during weekdays. don’t make much sense to me, but whatever. we like the set menu anyway, and also the ala carte menu so just follow the rules la!

tunglok signature 6-course fine dining menu

good thing they do vary their set menu a bit.

better thing is that we like most of the variations.

deep-fried lobster steak with watermelon

for this evening, lobster steak became lobster ball. to me it’s the same, a good serving of lobster steak.

meat very fresh & tasty & the batter thin enough & crispy, very good. special sauce was ok, tangy & not so sweet. good.

I think though the previous lobster steak here was better.

tang jia braised sharksfin

the sharksfin very tasty as always.

no need to add vinegar as server advised.

tang jia braised sharksfin

don’t eat sharksfin that much, and when I do I don’t add vinegar anyway, just pepper.

we asked for coriander & added a bit of coriander.

tang jia braised sharksfin

there was a good serving of fins & the soup was very tasty & sweet.

star garoupa fillet

star garoupa 东星斑 supposed to be top quality fish.

this was good enough but oddly not sweet & tasty as we expected.

the green chilli steamed red garoupa  we had here for this same 6-course set on 2.10.2016 was far, far better than this.

star garoupa fillet

in fact the fish fillet felt a bit tough, like “lor kor”…which is odd…these days like never come across “lor kor” fish

pork replacement dish for wife

wife doesn’t take the lamb rack on the course menu, so they replaced with an excellent pork dish.

this maybe pork collar. it was done to perfection, very tender, didn’t feel oil or fatty at all, felt consistent like sous vide.

a really, really good pork dish la! ^^

pork replacement dish for wife

I can’t quite decide if I would prefer this to the lamb rack. both were so good la!

pan-fried rack of lamb with pepper sauce

this pepper lamb was also like perfection.

Chinese lamb usually quite poor, usually gamey & to musk the smell, they pile on sweet sauce, so quite yukky.

pan-fried rack of lamb with pepper sauce

this lamd was superb, very tender, no smell.

also at most zi char, I would never order a pepper steak dish. the pepper sauce always overpowering. here the pepper sauce quite perfect.

braised noodles with abalone mushrooms

the noodles was very tasty & just the right texture. the abalone was a thick slice. the mushroom was a very thick mushroom.

braised noodles with abalone mushrooms

overall an excellent dish!

avocado pulut hitam

dessert were good too.

first time I took the pulut hitam dessert here, with avocado. sounded really rich & heavy, so last time we both changed to the ice jelly.

this time I decided to stick with the pulut hitam.

avocado pulut hitam

very smooth, tasty, not too sweet & quite perfect la!^^

ice jelly with aloe vera

wife had the ice jelly with aloe vera. very good too!

I would say between the 2, I actually prefer the pulut hitam more. haha!

2pax 6-course dinner came to S$125 nett for 2pax after 50% amex love dining discounts. they charged 10% service on the non discounted price. I guess it is quite fair such good food at this price…

I would consider this fine dining & a sumptuous meal & NOT just scrumptious as it was very tasty & well presented & also the ingredients were quality ingredients including lobster, lamb, abalone etc. only “blemish” 败笔was the star garoupa.

c.h.e.f andy


Tunglok Signatures @ Orchard Parad

Address :
Orchard Parade Hotel #02-18
1 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247905

Contact :
Tel : +65 6834 0660
Fax : +65 6834 0550

Opening Hours :

Lunch :11.30am – 3.00pm (Daily)
Dinner :6.00pm -10.30pm (Daily)

RI Buddies 10pax homecooked 9-course Hong Kong Daipaidong Dinner on 13Mar2017

did a 9-course hong kong daipaidong dinner for 10pax RI VSOP (very special old pals) today on 13.3.2017. ^^

1 HK claypot rice 腊味煲仔饭
2 Singapore claypot chicken rice
3 JB soon huat claypot wine chicken
4 Steamed Minced Pork with Light Soy Sauce 蒸肉饼
5 steamed pork soft bones
6 Teochew Light Braised Pork Trotters 潮州鲁猪手 & belly pork
7 Teochew Bittergourd Pork Rib Soup 苦瓜排骨汤
8 fried brocoli 清炒西兰花
9 fried romaine lettuce 清炒油麦菜 (last 2 by my helper)

was considering to postpone because not feeling well but manage to organise dinner quite smoothly anyway with help from my helper & minimum energy & effort…

thanks all my friends…dinner went very well & smoothly…very fun & happy for me…such moments, & thanks to our resident photographer, the wonderful photo & video memories are to be treasured.

thanks my helper for cooking too. Thanks my friends for the fruits. white wine, another a Riesling, magnum, red wine…Thanks to our pastor friend for saying grace & to all for our company. 🙏🙏

hong kong daipaidong dishes

must say it was really a wonderful meal…

most of the dishes I did last week for my OPS buddies on 7.3.2017.^^

I just made couple of changes to reduce the effort because I was unwell, and also got my helper to fry the 2 vegetable dishes. 🙂

the hong kong claypot 煲仔饭 looked great. very tasty too.

the steamed pork soft bones (very tender basically dimsum restaurant standard) was great & also the drizzle sauce I prepared was great with the rice. & of course the duck liver sausage I bought in hong kong was ever so fabulous.

but it was not as good as what I did last week. this time I cooked a bit more rice (2 cups instead of 1.5cups) & my timing was not too good, so had a lot more burnt parts at the bottom.

this time all my friends prefer the claypot chicken rice.

of course chicken was very tender, tasty & more substantial than the sausage & pork soft bones in flavours.

#3 steamed angkoli with cloud fungus

I added a steamed angkoli with cloud fungus. this a new dish I did not have last week for my OPS buddies.

inspiration came from the steamed grass carp dish we had at in hong kong.

this was another simple dish at the daipaidong where the main play was actually the excellent light soy sauce.

#3 steamed angkoli with cloud fungus

I bought a whole angkoli fish at sheng shiong at S$8.80/kg & fillet the meat for steaming & kept the head & bones.

I just steamed it with sliced ginger, cut chilli paddy in light soy sauce & cloud fungus.

#3 steamed angkoli with cloud fungus

it was so simple to prepare, and my friends all loved the dish.

the steamed minced pork with light soy sauce, after a few practices, I kind of quite perfected it.

so this time actually I think it was better than what I had for my OPS buddies last week. probably still cannot match minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室, but otherwise it was very good, and one friend commented that was his best dish for the evening.

#5 JB shoon huat wine chicken

the JB shoon huat wine chicken was an adjustment I made.

last week I did the hand tear chicken手撕鸡 for my OPS buddies. that required a bit more effort – have to poached chicken, quenched in ice water, kept in fridge, then deboned & tore the chicken.

for the wine chicken, my helper cut up 1/2 chicken for me, no need debone, so I only have to marinade & cook it. almost effortless la…

& this was also one dish which quite unanimously all my friends said was superb…very tender, tasty chicken, great Chinese wine flavours.

I think it was much better than shoon huat & better than most of the restaurant dishes. because my chicken texture was very tender whereas most restaurants (like JB shoon huat) would overcook their chicken.

I did the Teochew braised pig trotters & belly pork for my friends. I did not take any (because unwell).

the trotters very gelatinous, tasty braising sauce, texture a bit softer. my own preference is a firmer texture. however today I am not tasting my food when cooking just judging by timing & look & feel, so I err on the safe side let it cook a bit more.

& I made also quite perfect bittergourd pork rib soup 苦瓜排骨煲, better than last week. this time I boiled the bitter gourd a short while to remove the bitterness.

& my steamed pork soft bones (1/2 used for the hong kong claypot 煲仔饭 & 1/2 for this dish) was excellent & with intense chicken stock as base so overall the taste of this soup was excellent.

fried romaine lettuce 清炒油麦菜

fried broccoli 清炒西兰花

my helper cooked both vegetable dishes for me.

both were excellent, very tasty, superb vegetable dishes.

all cleared 风卷落叶

everything was wiped clean!


2 friends brought the fruits, very sweet Korean strawberries & grapes, the red ones sweeter.

we had a really wonderful diner & time together.

this evening the friends got ready to leave a bit earlier. they knew I was a bit tired. I was very happy though.

everything went perfectly & I did not exhaust myself or use too much energy in preparing the dishes, thanks to my helper.

still at this age my illness took the usual time to heal though this time I managed the symptoms pretty ok, so basically I did not leave the house for 2 weeks to let the body fully recover.

c.h.e.f andy

Spending Time with Sis & Brother-in-law on 11Mar2017

braised duck – S$11

a long time friend of my brother & sister passed on. I know the family though not well & not close to them. my brother especially is close to them & he & s-i-l went to the wake everyday to spend time & help out with the bereaved widow. I went the night before past 10pm when my brother & s-i-l went after their other engagement. it was too late for my sis as her home is further away.

so today I went again with my sis & b-i-l.

after the wake i went with sis & b-i-l to see if weiyi laksa @ tanglin halt food centre was opened. it was closed, so we went to  commonwealth crescent food centre nearby. it was past 2pm.

jian kang wanton noodles was closed. many stall were closed.

the 牛车水阿婆卤鸭 Chinatown braised duck stall also closing, but the proprietress served us the remaining last bits of what she had- thigh, gizzard & sis ordered a wing.

braised duck – S$11

duck was very good, tender & tasty as I knew it, meat was not tough or in Teochew “june” like some places.

it was a good serving S$11 good enough for 2 or even 3pax. I did not plan to eat lunch anyway, so I just took a few pieces of duck.

fish curry – S$6

anyhow I went to explore & bought a S$6 fish curry form an outside stall facing away form the carpark & escalator (this commonwealth crescent food centre one of a few hawker centres with escalators.

the curry was pretty ok. there were 2 slices but tiny slices of fish, I think angkoli (sea bream). sis commented so ex. I guess it was not cheap but I could expect this pricing also.

after lunch, sis & b-i-l came to the house & watch television. it was a nice serial 亲爱的翻译官les interpretes which I later watched the entire 42 episodes myself. a very goo china production, excellent story telling, research, acting & dialogue. I like the show very much & the actor & actress 杨幂.

it was nearing dinner time. we were not so satisfied with the fish curry at lunch, so i decided to make my own  delicious fish head curry.

I used leftover fish head & fish bones (leftover from a steam fish dish I am preparing for my RI friends on 13.3.2017..where I filleted the fish kept the head & bones).

mak’s curry paste for fish head curry

and I used the usual mak’s curry paste.

I did not have egg plant & lady fingers, so just used yellow onions, cabbage & 1 tomatoes.

it was done in 15mins. so easy to do, and just whatever I had in the fridge.

& so very delicious. my sis & b-i-l mopped up everything. there was a little less meat I guess but quite enough for the 2 of them la..

c.h.e.f andy

Wife’s Early Birthday Dinner – 7pax Family @ Kai Garden 嘉苑 on 8Nov2016

peking duck

went back with the family for early birthday dinner for wife at kai garden 嘉苑 on 8nov2016. ^^

my first time here was my own birthday treat by my RI buddies on 28.10.2016.

soon after the dinner wife & I went for a short holiday in seoul 10-13.11.2016. so I had not made a blog post until now.

roast pork

this time I ordered ala carte.

there wan an ongoing promotion – free whole peking for >S$300 spend before service & GST. not too difficult. prices here are expensive!

roast pork

I ordered the roast pork. it was good but no better than other good restaurants like tung lok.

char siew

char siew was very good too.

char siew

very tender, and tasty.

xo fried carrot cake

daughter liked the xo fried carrot cake.

peking duck

everyone was very impressed with the peking duck.

peking duck

crispy skin.

some crisp for peking duck

a nice crisp to accompany. couldn’t remember what it was. seems like it was not tofu.

different skin wrappers for peking duck

the different sauces were good. & of course they had different skin wrappers too.

different skin wrappers for peking duck

I still prefer the traditional sweet sauce. but the pepper sauce also very good.

pig stomach soup

everyone liked the pig stomach soup. I think we ordered 3, maybe 4 orders.

sweet & sour soup

sweet & sour soup

& couple of sweet & sour soup, which was standard fare.

wasabi prawns

wasabi prawns were good. large, plump, nicely deepfried prawns, and just a light wasabi mayo with good wasabi flavour.

pomegranate dumpling

the pomegranate dumpling was just average, and expensive. we had enough food actually so didn’t really need this order.


the kurobuta dish was good, tender, tasty & came with great vegetable & mushroom sides.

braised garoupa

the braised garoupa fillet dish quite excellent.

braised garoupa

good helping of garoupa, a flavourful pot.

braised garoupa

on balance though, I thought the braised garoupa fillet dishes I had at tunglok were mostly better than this.

braised garoupa

still quite an enjoyable dish everyone liked. 🙂

curry crab

we had a curry crab dish. it was very good. I would order this again.

curry crab

crab was fresh & sweet. and the pot ingredients quite tasty – belly pork & all.

vegtable taupok dish

the vegetable was good too.

overall it was a very enjoyable dinner. everyone enjoyed the food, especially the peking duck.

I cannot recall now. I think dinner came to about S$450nett, thought the S$88 peking duck was free.

the last time during my birthday lunch the service was excellent. this time service was still professional, however the server was pushing us to order more & bigger dishes, which I felt was not necessary, like the pomegranate dumpling dish. I could do w/o the kurobuta also.

still overall we all enjoyed the food here.

c.h.e.f andy


Kai Garden 嘉苑

Grandma Teochew Braised Fish on 10Mar2017

grandma braised fish

sis bought this fish couple days back, from a market vendor near her place.

we could not recall the name of the fish. it looked like the fish our grandma cooked sometimes like 50yrs ago, but we could not really be sure.

I googled & asked around including with china relatives; & also friends who asked their relatives in china. still could not quite determine which was it? 扁鱼,鲮鱼,鲫鱼…none really quite fit.

I had no clue how to cook the fish. between sis & I, we roughly recall what the finished dish looked like – it’s like a big pot of fish with either salted vegetables or梅菜 mustard vegetables. I don’t recall the fish being deep-fried so likely only braised, and braising not such an usual method to cook fish.

sis & I also recall seeing this dish (in teochew we called “kor her” 柯鱼 which is like braising fish) at joo seng teochew muay stall at havelock road.

interestingly after I created my own recipe & came up with the final dish, I showed it to 2 different teochew friends & rightaway they recognised the dish. one friend remarked – since his father in law passed on, he never get to eat this dish.

stock base – belly pork, onions, chinese cabbage & later sweet mustard vegetable

anyhow I decided that the veg should be 甜梅菜 sweet mustard vegetables.

& I also know a good way of preparing that – of course a lot of washing to remove the sand & salt, then fried in pan with sugar & chicken stock, then steamed in steam oven for 1.5hrs like what I did for my 梅菜扣肉 recipe here.

I decided that the stock base should be yellow onions, chinese cabbage, belly pork, lots of garlic cloves, and of course lots of ginger & I used about 12 dried chilli.

stock base – belly pork, onions, chinese cabbage & later sweet mustard vegetable

I did the dried chilli & onions, garlic, ginger together with the belly pork in oil, fried to soften the onions & get the aroma, then added chinese cabbage & leek, then added vegetable stock, covered & stewed.

grandma braised fish

the fish I cleaned with salt, keeping the scales & not removing the gills. I think this holds up the fish better since I am braising it. if I am deep-frying it first maybe I will remove the scales & grill, not sure.

grandma braised fish – blanched

& I blanched the fish in boiling water. ie boiled the water first, placed the fish inside & boiled for another few minutes. then I removed the fish. this fish was/looked fishy, so I wanted to remove the fishy smell.

grandma braised fish

then I put the fish in the wokpan, brought it to boil. added 3 tbsp light soil sauce, added 4 large dried dates.

grandma braised fish

covered it & braised for 1hr thereabouts.

mui choy 梅菜

for the last 15mins I added the steamed mui choy – dried mustard leaves 梅菜 which was very soft.

grandma braised fish

the braising part is about judging the timing & the liquids. the idea was of course to reduce the liquids so the fish was cooked but holding together not falling apart & the gravy was very tasty & the accompanying vegetables & ingredients were wonderful tasting.

grandma brasied fish

I think I managed that really well la!

the taste of the ingredients & gravy were just superb!

grandma braised fish

the fish itself was not quite my favourite.

it was the kind of fish with lots of bones. but the fish meat was sweet. the cleaning & blanching treatment had removed most of the fishy smell but still a fish I think only Teochew will eat.

another thing, this fish while it looked like the fish my grandma cooked, it didn’t have the unique bell-shape thing that we like to eat in the fish belly, so we still not sure if this was the fish.

grandma braised fish

there were 11 fish. I took 2. sis & bil took 5 between them, so left with 4.

grandma braised fish

I packed the remaining 4 fish with the ingredients for my sis to bring home.

I did not have any interest in this fish actually, but since my sis bought them & brought to may place, so I cooked it. the process though was really quite exciting, and reminiscent of the olden days.

and of course the fish & ingredients came out really well, very tasty. still I not sure if I want to do this again.

c.h.e.f andy

Usual Nice Dinner @ Ah Yat Grandstand on 9Mar2017

claypot alsakan crab legs tanhoon – S$38

wanted a place nearby & decided to go ah yat at grandstand for dinner on 9.3.2017.

had a really good lunch with my OPS friends, 6pax, at ah yat seafood grandstand on 26.7.2016.

we like the seafood here, good price & mostly happy & satisfied. much the same this evening. ^^

garlic steamed razor clams 蒜蓉蒸竹蚌 S$18

we ordered the usual garlic steamed razor clams 蒜蓉蒸竹蚌, about S$8.90 each.

this is always good. today though, wife felt it was a bit tough ie oversteamed, which was true.

claypot alsakan crab legs tanhoon – S$38

we ordered the S$38 Alaskan crableg tanhoon claypot.

claypotalsakan crab legs tanhoon

tanhoon very tasty. lots of pepper & garlic.

claypot alsakan crab legs tanhoon

crab legs were fresh & sweet.

today though not as good as some other times.

gong bao frog legs 宫保田鸡 S$10.80

the frog legs were excellent this evening.

gong bao frog legs 宫保田鸡

the 2 bull frogs were really large, & meat so fresh, bouncy, succulent, to the extent that we were kidding – got injection or not?

quite a sad thing actually, that when food is too nice (like watermelon very sweet) we think something might have been done to it…

gong bao frog legs 宫保田鸡

this a really large helping for 2 frogs.

at any zi char it would be S$18.

gong bao frog legs 宫保田鸡

this was the best dish for this evening.

ah yat 2pax dinner bill

dinner for 2pax came to S$85. pretty good price for the food we had.

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Yat Seafood @ Grandstand


#03-01/02, The Grandstand, 200Turf Club Road, 287994


+65 6884 6884
+65 68832112

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:30 – 14:30

Daily: 17:30 – 22:30

Most Enjoyable Late Valentine’s Dinner on 1Mar2017

Fresh prawn | Rojak flower | Thai basil | Pistachio | Burnt lemon 

was looking for a place to have valentine’s dinner with wife.

saw this summer house & the S$128pax 10-course collective farming menu on their website. menu looks great & the reviews were all good so i booked 2pax dinner on 14.2.2017.

however upon checking i realised that the 14feb price for the same dinner menu was S$300pax, so i cancelled that & rebooked 1.3.2017. ^^

we are both not particular about having this on the actually date. usually we do before.

so in any case i did my own valentine’s dinner for wife on 14.2.2017. & that’s not bad too! ^^

the summerhouse 

summerhouse is located in a nice 2-storey colonial building at 3 Parl Lane in seletar.

the summerhouse 

large dining area with high ceiling & tables were spaced quite far apart. there were 4 tables including ours occupied for the evening.

the summerhouse 

restaurant is helmed by chef florian ridder, formerly sous chef of the one-Michelin-starred Alma in Goodwood Park Hotel.

chef came to talk to the diners though for this evening he did not come over to our table.

10-course collective farming menu 

the menu looked fine so we awaited the experience. & it was great!

first item was prawn. this chef uses a lot of herbs & scents & edible flowers, and the overall experience was very pleasant & enjoyable.

i did not expect much from the prawn. it was competent. the bread was more distinctive.

Tri tip beef tartare | Passion fruit brown butter | Pickled chilli | Mint

the tri-tip beef tartare was a great dish. i am not sure it’s better than a traditional beef tartare dish which is also very sweet tasting & satisfying.

Tri tip beef tatare | Passion fruit brown butter | Pickled chilli | Mint

i guess it was very good too & different, and quite suited for this 10-course tasting.

Uni-soy sauce ice cream | Ikura | Toasted nori

the uni on uni soy sauce ice cream on a bed of ikura was a fabulous dish, a wonderful experience, something we did not expect. outstanding la!^^

Raspberry pickled beetroot | Barley | Black sesame | Fried shallots | Ricotta

the beetroot was quite a huge dish, even shared by 2pax.

Raspberry pickled beetroot | Barley | Black sesame | Fried shallots | Ricotta

i always like beetroot,don’t get to eat often. this one according to the lady server was sous vide overnight.

Raspberry pickled beetroot | Barley | Black sesame | Fried shallots | Ricotta

& it went really well with the ricotta cheese.

Eggplant | Mild goat cheese | Coriander oil | Tomato broth 

the eggplant was excellent too!

Eggplant | Mild goat cheese | Coriander oil | Tomato broth

& with all the flavourings, cheese, coriander, tomato broth.

Bacon | Parmesan | Chinese spinach | Sunflower seeds 

the buckwheat porridge was good too.

Bacon | Parmesan | Chinese spinach | Sunflower seeds

but really this was too large a serving. 1/3 or even 1/4 would be quite enough.

the parmesan & bacon provided a nice salty tasty, but less fascination for me c/w the uni dish, beetroot & also the eggplant dish.

Carrot pesto | Orange blossom hollandaise | Nasturtium

the grouper i guess must be sous vide also, great texture but somehow missing the sweet taste of a fish that is fresh & done well.

Carrot pesto | Orange blossom hollandaise | Nasturtium

not really much to pick at overall. it had the k & the texture & the foam & other condiments so should really taste great but was just ok.

Carrot pesto | Orange blossom hollandaise | Nasturtium

wife didn’t care for the dish. i guess it was ok for me.

Pickled pumpkin | Kranji mushroom | Earl grey jus | Grapes

the full blood mayura wagyu was really good!^^

amoong the best non japanese wagyu that i had la…

Pickled pumpkin | Kranji mushroom | Earl grey jus | Grapes 

very nicely done! nicely charred, properly medium rare, very flavourful.

Pickled pumpkin | Kranji mushroom | Earl grey jus | Grapes 

& it was a large serving – 4 slices say 120g or more even…i will come back just for the beef. i think it mige on the set lunch menu??

Guava yoghurt sorbet | Lychee-coconut mousse | Raspberry puree | Rose meringue

flower – this dessert did not leave much impression.

Guava yoghurt sorbet | Lychee-coconut mousse | Raspberry puree | Rose meringue 

looked nice, different texture & temperature, but no much impression.

Rye ice-cream | Honey | Milk | Plum

sourdough – this one i liked.

Rye ice-cream | Honey | Milk | Plum

had a great combination of flavours.

overall dinner was really a very enjoyable, different experience of taste & flavours. not the more traditional degustation at cornerhouse, & reminiscent of the best of jaan..

it was also not the same as labrinth which was very fusion whereas here that summerhouse the important thing for me was that the dishes tasted really good – all of them in fact…

the service by the lady server was very good. she explained well & was quite knowledgeable. the other lady server was also quite knowledgeable. the male server a bit distance, not so friendly towards us.

c.h.e.f andy


Olive Vegetable Fried Rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 on 8Mar2017

olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭

sis came for lunch & stayed to watch teochew opera on 8.3.2017.

i did some simple dishes for lunch & wife came back to join so we had 3pax lunch.

there were some rice left in the rice cooker from lunch so i told sis i would do a simple fried rice for her to bring back home to eat for dinner.

so i did the olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 with the leftover rice-

  • about 3/4 bowl rice
  • 1 tbsp olive vegetable – 橄榄菜
  • minced pork -maybe about 80g.
  • small diced stem from one brocoli to proxy the kailan stem 芥兰粒
  • 2 eggs

for frying rice, it is quite standard. because there is minced pork, so i started with chopped garlic & minced pork in the wokpan, then added the diced brocoli stems. after that added the rice & last cracked 2 eggs on the side, let it cooked a short while the mixed it into the fried rice. and lastly add the olive vegetable – 橄榄菜.

& that’s done!

pak loh’s olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 – HK$98

we had this <olive vegetable fried rice – 橄榄菜肉碎芥兰粒炒饭 – HK$98>at hong kong’s Pak Loh Chiu Chow restaurant 百樂潮洲酒家 recently.

though the fried rice was a strategic order, as pak loh is very expensive, nevertheless it was a nice & flavourful dish with very good wok hae, quite good i might say for HK$98!

anyhow first time for me using 橄榄菜 to fry rice, and the result as good as pak loh? almost la i think…

the olive vegetable, 橄榄菜 added just the right amount of saltiness & flavour to the fried rice & the small diced brocoli stems the texture. i guess can use the frozen mixed vegetables also for similar effect.

c.h.e.f andy

8pax OPS Primary School Buddies Hong Kong Daipaidong Homecooked Dinner on 7.3.2017

9 hong kong daipadong dishes

while eating & hiking in hong kong during our recent trip 20-24.2.2017,

my friends had been sharing a constant stream of food & place photos with our other OPS primary school friends group whatsapp chat.

so when we were back, i invited them to a 8pax hong kong daipaidong homecooked dinner on 7.3.2017.

9 hong kong daipadong dishes

i did 9 dishes for 8pax-

  1. HK claypot rice 腊味饭
  2. Singapore claypot chicken rice
  3. hand tear chicken手撕鸡
  4. Steamed Minced Pork with Light Soy Sauce 蒸肉饼
  5. steamed pork soft bones
  6. Teochew Light Braised Pork Trotters 鲁猪手
  7. Teochew Light Braised Large & Small Intestines 鲁猪大肠小肠
  8. Teochew Bittergourd Pork Rib Soup 苦瓜排骨汤 
  9. & fried kang kong (this one friend, a good cook, cooked thist for me) while i went to freshen up..^^

singapore claypot chicken rice & hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭

it was a wonderful dinner, great food, close friends, good fun & sharing.

hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭

hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 before adding steamed pork soft bones

i wanted to let my friends try out the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 & also the singapore claypot chicken rice which i do often.

i thought that the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 might be quite plain with just pork & liver sausages, so i steamed some pork soft bones, similar to that served at dimsum restaurants.

i also prepared the simple ubiquitous drizzling sauce (which is used to drizzle steamed rice 一口饭 & fun cheung 粉肠 at dimsum restaurants).

when serving, i asked my friends if they wanted to take the pork soft bones separately. we decided to just add to the claypot rice.

the singapore claypot chicken rice was good as always.

at first, most friends said it was tastier than the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭.

but the duck liver i used which i bought in hong long was really good, and so was the xo pork sausage from sheng shiong.

in due course we all thought that the hong kong claypot rice 腊味饭 was very “pang” fragrant, thanks to the duck liver sausage; and i think the steamed pork ribs with sauce & the drizzling sauce also contributed significantly to the taste.

the steamed minced pork in light soy sauce was good.

one friend who was with us in hong kong & tried the one at minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室 said it was 80% -90% the standard of the ones we had.

likewise the hand tear chicken手撕鸡 was very good.

it is still not my preferred preparation for chicken. but it is a very good change from usual & very nicely done.

though this not really comparable to minsheng daipaidong 民声冰室.

& we had great tasting teochew light braises at振记粥面店, a cheung chau market stall.

so i did this light braised pork trotters.

it was very good. the skin was gelatinous & the braise was “pang” & tasty.

some parts of the pig skin though, after leaving out for >1hr, tougher just slightly.