Great Tea Infused Roast Duck 2pax Lunch @ Xin Cuisine 新故乡 on 28Mar2017

tea smoked roast duck – S$32

my good OPS primary school friend had his birthday last Saturday. yesterday he was with 2 other OPS friends in JB. so we arranged to have lunch today on Tuesday 28.3.2017. ^^

I haven’t been to Xin Cuisine 新故乡 for a while. my last blog post was dinner on 17.4.2016.

tea smoked roast duck – S$32

the roast duck here was fabulous – the best. for me, this is better than-

  1. canton paradise,
  2. royal london duck at mandarin gallery,
  3. House of Roasted Duck 劉強烤鴨店 , &
  4. about on par or better than the royal London duck at tunglok signatures.

it had a light fragrant tea infused flavour, the skin was perfectly crisp. also great juice & peanuts, and plum sauce.

today though I needed my friend to tell me it was really flavourful…taste buds still not in gear yet…

sweet mustard leaves with wawa vegetables 甜梅菜和娃娃菜 – S$18

the 甜梅菜和娃娃菜 another excellent dish here.

I made my very good 梅菜扣肉 dish after I tried this 梅菜dish here.

so tender, & the 娃娃菜 & also the egg plant were really perfect, and the light soy sauce too.

I must try making this full dish.

lobster noodles – S$25

I ordered the lobster noodles for my friend.

big prawn noodles – S$15

& a big prawn crispy noodles for myself.

friend’s feedback was that the lobster was plump & fresh. the sauce superior stock 上汤 was NOT that superior & noodles too. it sure looked that way.

actually I made an excellent 上汤焗伊面 for my wife on valentine’s day, I think mine much more “superior” la..(not my lobster just the noodles)

my big prawn noodles was good standard. prawn was well done, the crispy noodles a bit soaked. my sauce looked the same but had scallions & ginger, so maybe the taste was better.

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM, 6:30–10:30PM

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