Good Standard Food @ Canton Paradise Star Vista on 7Nov2016


1/2 roasted duck S$33.60 

had a S$50 groupon (bought for S$28.80) expiring in few days time, so got my OPS buddy to go lunch today on 7.11.2016. ^^

the restaurant call themselves 小香港. the food has some hong kong standard.

horrors – the 1/2 roast duck price gone up from S$25 to S$33.60 (no 1/2 duck on menu now, only a portion at $16.80 so i asked server, she said 1/2duck price = 2 portions).


canton paradise starvista 

place ok traffic at 2pm.


roast duck+porridge+dimsum 

i ordered porridge & 2 dimsum plus 1/2 duck.


1/2 roast duck – S$33.60 

the duck here has always been quite ok. for me –

basically duck had good crispy skin, fairly good taste but not as flavourful “pang” as the others. among all tunglok’s royal london duck & xin cuisine’s tea flavoured roast duck were the best. 🙂


combo 3 porridge-kidney+liver+sliced beef= S$10.80 

porridge was good. smooth, about crystal jade standard, better than the hawker’s porridge like 鸿记porridge, but still not as sweet as porridge in hong kong street stalls.


combo 3 porridge-kidney+liver+sliced beef= S$10.80 

and actually even the porridge made by the centre director of teban gardens community service centre was better.


har gao – S$6.20 

har gao was pretty good, though not my favourite dimsum.


steamed pork ribs – S$5.20 

and steamed pork ribs were great, smooth, tasty, tender pork, not too fatty.

lunch was S$67. after S$50 voucher = S$17, so total S$28.80+S$17=S$45.50, very decent price for the food we had.

the food we had was good for 3pax. in fact we did not finsih the duck & tapao the remainder.

will certainly get the groupon again when the promotion is back.

c.h.e.f andy



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