Excellent Yakiniku Dinner @ Aburiya on 19Mar2014

hokkaido wagyu jo karubi (prime ribs)

hokkaido wagyu jo karubi (prime short ribs)

had an excellent yakiniku dinner at aburiya on 19.3.2014. 🙂

had not been there for a while..just checked my blog & it was almost a year ago that i had dinner at aburiya on 26.3.2013.


jo karubi (prime short ribs)

karubi negi (ribs with leeks)

karubi negi





the prices had gone up slightly. we basically ordered similar food. for this evening the jo karubi (S$15.90) was not that great but the cheaper karubi (S$10.90) was good. we also added hokkaido jo karubi (S$21.90) which was excellent, nicely marbled and very flavourful. they did not have the ohmi wagyu though it was on the menu.




kimchi chigae


kimchi chigae


ice sake

we always ordered the bibimen & kimchi chigae. both were very good. 🙂





the inside tables were mostly taken up at 7pm. there were still quite many tables available outdoors.

the dinner including sake (S$15) added up to S$105 for 2pax, not cheap but it was very enjoyable. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

4 thoughts on “Excellent Yakiniku Dinner @ Aburiya on 19Mar2014

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