RI Buddies 10pax Homegourmet Dinner on 24Mar2014


#6 5hr sous vide crispy skin canard a l’orange


#5 seafood paella

felt immense satisfaction with a near perfect dinner for my RI buddies on 24.3.2014. 🙂 nothing can ever be perfect of course, that i am indifferent to as i do not need perfection. it’s enough to feel happy & contented. 🙂 the 5hr sous vide crispy skin canard a l’orange & the seafood paella were quite well done, sufficient for my lowly standards anyway. and the teriyaki cod was just heavenly! i had planned 4 tapas = 5hrs sous vide miso belly pork, teriyaki cod, tea smoked chicken &pan-grilled grain-fed ribeye (plus a few pan-seared giant hokkaido scallops for couple friends who had missed the last dinner). then the seafood paella. then 2 mains, the duck & a fusion pot roast sirloin kuay teow terng (flat rice noodle soup). and to end the evening, a jam crumb cake, served with delightful ice creams from my regular ice cream supplier friend, & ditto strawberries from another friend. 🙂


#1 5hr sous vide miso belly pork

i had also tried an onion bread recipe for the first time (second time i did bread my whole life). in fact, i tried too many new things this time so was just slightly late in my timings. so while i was preparing the first tapas, my friends gobbled up the fresh-from-oven savoury onion bread (forgot to take photos)..hahaha..

#1 chinese style fries (土豆丝)

#1 chinese style fries (土豆丝)


#1 miso belly pork, pan-roasted potatoes, chinese style fries & steam oven carrot sticks

#1 tapas no 1 was a 5hr “sous vide” miso belly pork, about 600g. i didn’t have a sous vide machine, so this was an imposter along with the duck. anyway i had successful adapted Nobu miso cod 3-day marinade recipe to belly pork sans skin, and this was a crowd favourite everytime, very “jit bee” i.e. flavourful. then it went into oven in the miso marinade bath 2hrs at 65degC + 3hrs 60degC, and pan seared afterwards. to save electricity, i did my “sous vide” duck a l’orange together at one go.


#2 teriyaki cod (3 day marinade)


#2 teriyaki cod (3 day marinade)

#2 tapas no.2 was teriyaki cod. i made the teriyaki marinade (mirin, sake, sugar, butter, garlic) & marinated 550g cod in a ziploc bag in the chiller for 3 days, and pan grilled over high heat. this was the best for me for the evening, melt-in-the-mouth heavenly. 🙂


#3 tea smoke chicken – pan roasted skin, 15mins tea smoked

#3 tapas no. 3 was a tea smoked chicken. since i already had duck a l’orange & i wanted to try out the new “tea smoked” recipe, i experimented this with my friends’ indulgence. i brined the chicken in sugar & salt solution for 2 days to keep the chicken breast moist & tasty, pan-roasted over high heat to get the crispy skin, then placed the breasts on a rack inside a covered pot with aluminium foil laid with rice, brown sugar, chinese tea (铁观音), anise seed & cinnamon bark & smoked for 15mins in medium low heat. meat was moist & tea aroma & fragrance were wonderful. quite a few friends liked this, not really a favourite for me.


#4 pan seared scallops – for couple friends who missed last dinner

#4 the pan-seared scallops was a subplot. i had only 3 giant hokkaido scallops left in the fridge & i had cooked these for 2 recent 8pax dinners and a bit tired of scallops for time being, didn’t want to get a new packet. also it’s not easy to do a seared scallop. it needed to be bone dry & a very hot pan, so to do for 10pax would need cooking in 2 batches so as not to crowd the pan, lowering the temperature.


#4 pan grilled grain fed ribeye


#4 pan grilled grain fed ribeye

#4 i did the grain fed ribeye (2 pieces 570g) beautifully this evening. it was not the usual wagyu i served. could not get the wagyu at QB Food & mmmm did not have promotion, whereas the ribeye was a great promo at S$2.99/100g. the steak was sweet & tasty, between rare & medium rare, with a nice maillard reaction ring. very pleased with the cheap steak this evening. will do wagyu next time. 🙂


#5 seafood paella

1454633_10152278148064494_1230534085_n 1535049_10152278149454494_81167819_n #5 seafood paella was up next. this the second time i tried this new paella recipe picked up from my favourite chef john of foodwishes.com. i tried couple times with other web recipes a year ago but could not get it right. this time it was a breeze, and using the prawn shells & head combined with chicken stock plus a very sweet base of vegetables (onions, celery, leek, red pepper) & the juice from the prawns & squid offered up a very tasty dish. though i used a cheap shokaku US short grain rice to substitute for the aborio rice (which cost an arm & leg), the rice was nicely done, not mushy & just slightly al dente (above photos). it was actually not as tasty as my first attempt but this was twice the amount of rice for 10pax, not perfect, must be improved, but i was pretty happy with the result. 🙂


#6 5hr sous vide crispy skin canard a l’orange


#6 5hr sous vide crispy skin canard a l’orange

#6 the first “main” (actually smaller serving than the tapas, imagine 2 duck breast for 10pax). this was a favourite at the 2 recent 8pax dinners. duck was fatter so after 5hrs sous vide bath quite a bit left not rendered out so i decided to use the cold pan method to render out the excess fat at low heat. once the fat were surrounding the duck, i turned to high to sear the skin. this was the best of  3 attempts, very beautiful crispy skin & tender consistent sous vide meat. the citrus orange sauce was excellent to enhance the experience, and quite beautiful to behold (top & above photos). 🙂


#7 pot roast sirloin kuay teow terng with daikon

#7 the second main was another experiment. this one though was not quite there. i did a great sirloin pot roast last time, & when i added the leftovers the next day to instant noodles, it was excellent. so i thought maybe i will do a HK beef noodle type affair & add the pot roast. the result = my medium rare pot roast was quite ok, but my soup stock was insufficient & not flavourful enough even with the daikon & carrots & beef brisket. will need to reduce the soup & used chicken stock instead for more tasty base, not sure though if i might do this again.


#8 jam crumb cake


#8 jam crumb cake with strawberry 7 vanilla ice creams from marble slab creamery (brought by friend)

#8 hmmm…very proud of my jam crumb cake. like it a lot. 1 friend though still hanging on to past memories of my chocolate lava cake, which i had gotten tired of making. this the second time i made this cake, and i made all the right adjustments = reduced the sugar in the cake & crumbs, increase the jam, & increase the crumbs. excellent! my next adventure is planning a “fine” chinese dinner. my menu is going to look like this = ter kar tang (pig trotter jelly), drunken chicken, garlic pork (蒜泥白肉), tea smoked duck, poor man’s buddha-jump-over-the-wall, the shin yeh pineapple prawns, steamed garoupa, a HK style steamed sausage, chicken, pork rib rice, several vegetable dishes & orh nee (yam puree dessert). hmmm..looking at the menu, like not very “fine”, still anyhow the fun of doing it is fine enough for me. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Enjoyable Crab Beehoon Dinner @ Ming Kee Live Seafood on 23Mar2014


cockles S$5

was in upper serangoon area & my wife decided to go to ming kee live seafood at macpherson for dinner on sunday 23.3.2014. 🙂 it was few shops from swa gardens when we had nice teochew food for our g10 dinner recently.


ming kee signature crab beehoon 1.4kg = S$75.60


coconut jelly S$8

i don’t take crab often as i find it expensive. but this time we were in the mood for crab. we ordered their signature crab beehoon. its S$54/kg so S$75.60 for a 1.4kg sri lankan crab. usually when eating with friends or children, don’t really get to eat much so this time just 2 of us, it was like feasting on crab. 🙂

i could not resist ordering the S$5 cockles. it was simple dish served with fish sauce & cut chilli. not the raw cockles (血蛤) i had at two chefs, small & not as fleshy..still, enjoyed nonetheless! 🙂

cockles S$5

cockles S$5


ming kee signature crab beehoon 1.4kg = S$75.60


ming kee signature crab beehoon 1.4kg = S$75.60

the beehoon was tasty with sweet crab flavour. the sri lankan crab was meaty & fresh & sweet. i don’t take crab often enough to judge but didn’t find it any special though. it was not bad i think the house of steam fish, golden spoon etc were better than this.

we had the coconut jelly dessert. it was just S$8 & the jelly looked like using the coconut juice & adding agar agar. it was good, mildly sweet which was just right & refreshing.

dinner was S$101 in total for 2pax. we had only crab, cockles & coconut jelly. there was GST but no service charge but S$3pax charge already for towels etc (no appetisers).

ok & very enjoyable for this evening because we were in the mood to have crab, but otherwise not a place i would usually go.

c.h.e.f andy