HK Steamed Soon Hock 港蒸笋壳鱼

i find HK steamed 港蒸to be one of the best methods to cook a very fresh fish. ^^

if you use a top grade light soy sauce (i use 广祥泰陈年生抽王), the flavour is so uplifting, so “pang”.

i also use mirin & olive oil for steaming.

although there are many ways to steam a fish including the teochew way with salted vegetable & sour plum OR (say) for garlic oil steamed razor clams etc, HK steamed 港蒸 remains a favorite preparation for me.

equally important, it is so easy to do.

just 2 to 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp mirin, 2 tbsp olive oil; and some chopped scallions, chilli & it’s a home run.

because of the ease & simplicity, HK steam is also my choice for the “Cooking Demo – HK steamed red garoupa 示范港蒸红斑 on 29Apr2016”

& i have used it for various dishes-

  1. HK steamed sutchi fillet 
  2. HK steamed song fish head港蒸松鱼头

the soon hock i get sometimes from chinatown market. it is not so common like red garoupa & only a few stalls sell it.

anyway the fishes in chinatown market always very fresh even if they are not live fishes.

i made this steamed soon hock quite a few times when i happen to buy the fish-

  1. my OPS 12pax primary school classmates homecooked dinner on 23.6.2016.
  2. daughter’s friends 7pax homecooked lunch on 30.7.2016.
  3. wife’s 8pax homecooked dinner on 28.7.2016.

everyone loved the steamed soon hock – so fresh, so sweet, so fine texture, the best.

steamed soon hock

steamed soon hock

for sure it does not have the presentation & beauty of ah yat’s steamed soon hock, & of course the profession photography by my good RI friend. ^^

but taste & texture wise, it is almost as good la!

& repeat so easy to make –

  • just 2 to 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp mirin, 2 tbsp olive oil; and some chopped scallions, chilli; steamed for 10mins for 600g fish; & it’s a home run. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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