Great 8pax Dinner Home Get-Together on 28Jul2016

acrylic abstract art gift

acrylic abstract art gift

wife invited her group of close friends, & i make claypot rice dinner for 8pax this evening.

we had-

  1. claypot rice
  2. claypot tanhoon prawns
  3. mock kurobuta pork ribs
  4. steamed soon hock
  5. fried romaine lettuce (by my helper)
  6. fried sweet peas with baby corn (by my helper); &
  7. tiramisu

one of wife’s friends brought us a gift-her abstract acrylic painting👍👍👍-she started only in 2015, what an inspiration! ^^

i was suitably impressed la….

i decided not to take photos since i cooked these same dishes for friends at a few get togethers lately.

ice jelly

ice jelly

a friend brought ice jelly 👍👍.

it was very good. very light & refreshing & perfect with the blueberries & basil seeds.

there was an extra tub. wife left 1/2 in the fridge the next day & i finished it.

another friend brought very sweet honey jackfruit👍👍

a friend brought an excellent S African wine & another a champagne. 👍👍

a wonderful get together.

c.h.e.f andy


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