Nice Cheap Zichar (5pax OPS Bros) @ OK 美味 Dunman Food Centre on 7Jun2019

HK steamed song fish head

OPS friend bought 5pax zichar at OK 美味 @ Dunman Food Centre on 7.6.2019. ^^

OK zichar @ dunman fc

tiny crammed single stall OK 美味 @ Dunman Food Centre

zichar dishes at OK

we ordered 4 dishes.

HK steamed song fish head

HK steamed song fish head the usual good standard, flavourful sauce, fresh song fish head. 🙂

steamed salted fish minced pork 咸鱼饼

good steamed salted fish minced pork咸鱼饼。 :-)

fried egg bittergourd

fried egg bittergourd good, flavourful.

sambal potato leaves

and sambal potato leaves great too.

taukua pao

HC went downstairs to buy taukua pao. very good!

WT’s fried rice

WT brought fried rice.

WT durian fried rice

the durian fried rice was really good, much better than expected.

very tasty and fragrant. it was kind of like pineapple fried rice, which i usually don’t take because it is sweet. this durian fried rice also sweet, and i think i cannot take too much of it.

WT durian fried rice

a small portion very enjoyable.

haebeehiam fried rice

the haebeehiam fried rice also very good.

in fact for more helping, i prefer this haebeehiam fried rice.

xo and msw

afterwards we went to WM place and had xo and msw durians. very good.

xo durian

msw from skc

xo was good. i have had better msw but this msw was pretty good already.

c.h.e.f andy



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