Great Delectable Dishes (7pax Family Father’s Day Dinner) @ Tasty Loong on 9Jun2019

kurobuta char siew

my family always celebrate commercialised occasions like christmas, new year, valentine, mother’s day etc not on the actual day.

becos generally we say on actual days it cost double, quality dropped by 1/2 and ZERO service lol!

so for father’s day celebrations, children boguht me dinner one week before on 9.6.2019. ^^

i selected the place, tasty loong @ orto.

ORTO, formerly bottletree park is a multi recreational park, with prawning, fishing, karting, paintball, trampoline etc and like 8 F&B outlets.

for this evening we are dining at tasty loong, nice ambience over the pond.

orto carpark

ample parking.

orto pond

great ambience, there was also a live band at a platform at the drinking joint.

tasty loong

tasty loong

orto pond

our table overlooked the pond.

ice vegetable with salted egg fish skin S$18

we were introduced by the server this special dish – ice vegetables.

we had this last year at shanghai, introduced by my OPS friend, WT and his wife GY. we loved it.

here it was very good too, everyone loved it. will order this again when i come next.

1/2 roast london duck S$25

roast london duck was very good. actually better than the tea flavoured duck at xin cuisine we just had…more like the recent xin cuisine one was below their usual standard.

anyway this one great roast flavours, great texture and is up there. just that everyone didn’t think much of the mango sauce!

kurobuta char siew

kurobuta char view looked lovely.

kurobuta char siew

and tasted superb!

hand tear chicken

hand tear chicken

the hand tear chicken 手撕鸡 was good especially with the ginger scallion dip..tender, moist, sweet, nothing specail though.

pumpkin prawns 

children liked the pumpkin prawns, nothing special to me.

smoked duck

smoked duck was the poorest dish. last time i tried it was ok. after trying again, i think i can pass on this dish.


lala was ok competent.

charcoal tofu

the charcoal tofu among the better dishes, great texture and taste and unique.

banana leaf seafood beehoon

the carbs were below par here.

the seafood beehoon was ok competent, but not flavourful enough, not my preferred dish.

yuan yang fried rice

yuan yang fried rice

the yuan yang fried rice was a bit better, more flavourful especially the bottom bits form the stone pot. can consider next time. but wife and i really wanted a good standard normal zichar horfun. they did not have that on the menu only the chilli crab horfun which was not great when i had it last time. will ask for noraml horfun next time i come.

ice cream in coconut

ice jelly

the dessert were the worst dishes here.

the ice jelly was a total failure. how can go wrong with ice jelly, just syrup and lime on ice and jelly? cannot order this one.

will try orh nee next time, hopefully better.

1/2 roast london duck

overall everyone loved the food and ambience. had a really relaxed and fun evening with the family.

c.h.e.f andy


Tasty Loong by Chef Pung

Address: 81 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769198 unit #01-06/07
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday  – 5pm – 10:30pm (last order 9:45 pm)
Saturday, Sunday & PH – 11:30am – 10:30pm (last order 9:45pm)
Bar        – 5:30pm – 1:00am (2:00am on weekends, eve of PH)
Contact: +65 6757 7887+65 9472 6210

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