Yuli, My Bro’s Helper cooked 3 Delectable Dishes on 23May2020


yuli cooked 3 dishes

yuli cooked 3 delectable dishes

gong gong2

gong gong

yuli, my brother’s helper made dinner for us-

  1. pandan chicken
  2. gong gong
  3. sayur lodeh

excellent dishes.. chicken nice with lemon grass, lime flavours..

gong gong excellent i have not taken for ages this would be the best i had…

& curry vegetables was very good 👍

this the covid circuit breaker so we could not dine out or visit.

my brother delivered the dishes. they were still hot, gong gong just steamed. really delicious

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Good Flamed Sous Vide Reverse Sear Rump Steak on 17Mar2020


sous vide beef rump 57degC 24hrs2

sous vide beef rump 57degC 24hrs

home dinner2

sous vide beef rump – circuit breaker home dinner

made sous vide rump roast (57degC 24hrs) for dinner this evening on 17.3.2020. ^^

turned out to be quite good. children liked the sous vide rump roast..texture great, taste good enough overall  comparable to a good roast beef… not quite my preferred cut of steak but still managed a good tasting one both in taste and in texture. 🙂

not sure i want to go out of the way to do this, but if i happen to buy a rump or a chuck or a flank steak, i may just try this again.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 1kg beef rump steak
  • smoky braai rub
  • sea salt, pepper, herbs (i used dry parsley), chopped garlic, shallots


  1. clean steak with salt, wash and drain, dry with kitchen towel
  2. rub with braai, sea slat, pepper and sprinkle with dry parsley, chopped garlic, shallots..
  3. place in double ziploc bag. set sous vide machine to 57degC and sous vide for 24hrs.
  4. dry steak with kitchen towels. flame steak over stainless steel pan to give colour and flavours. fry red onions and use the liquid from sous vide bag to make a delicious beef sauce.

Below Expectations – Circuit Breaker Uya Unaju Takeout on 19May2020


unaju takeout form uya


unaju takeout form uya

wife ordered unaju from uya 25% off on 19.5.2020. ^^

still good tasty but somehow didn’t taste like the excellent live unagi kebayaki…kind of let down..

doesn’t taste as fresh, crisp outside and tender, moist inside, kind of dry in comparison?not sure during circuit breaker whether still live eel?

the set came with usual clear soup and dashi, so one can take the rice with dashi like a porridge…dashi was very tasty, as usual for this dish…

c.h.e.f andy


Uya 四代目菊川 Japanese Unagi Restaurant

Dimsum Takeouts from Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Hollandv for Aunty Bes Birthday on 16May2020

celebrated aunty bes birthday today on 16.5.2020.^^

SM baked a lemon cake.

SL bought a cake from chataraise.

we ordered crystal jade tapao…

& added prawn paste chicken from hk atreet old chun kee commonwealth crescent.

had a great dinner wonderful evening at home during covid circuit breaker. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Hollandv
2 Lor Mambong, Holland Village, 277671

Opening Hours:

Daily 8:30AM–11PM

Covid Circuit Breaker – Good Dishes from 8picure on 14May2020

ordered delivery from 8picure this evening.

  1. spicy tuna salad
  2. roast belly pork
  3. slowcooked spanish pork collar
  4. slow braised wagyu beef cheek
  5. 2 x french poulette with alio olio
  6. tiramisu


  1. Jessie’s really nice & fresh spring rolls
  2. my miso teriyaki salmon belly
  3. & aunty bes calamari.

nice dinner and supporting 8picure, a small eatery by chef gabriel lee.

relish our sumputous NYE family dinner at 8picure on 31.12.2019-


c.h.e.f andy



Recipe = Luscious Flamed Squid on Cauliflower Puree on 10May2020

flamed squid on cauliflower puree

flamed squid on cauliflower puree

cauliflower puree

cauliflower puree

made a 5-course gourmet family dinner for mother’s day on 10.5.2020. ^^

first course was flamed squid on cauliflower puree.

squid texture was perfect, and wonderful sweet, fresh and and aburi flavour. and the cauliflower puree this evening was super, very smooth, light and tasty to the palate and combined perfectly with the squid.

and of course the dish looked luscious and pleasing and nicely garnished with a stem of coriander.

i saw the photos of flamed squid (above) at michael smith’s porthminster cafe at st ives. did not try the dish & cannot find the recipe on google. i guess the chef was not that famous at the time.

so i tried to recreate the dish w/o the recipe previously on 22.8.2015. 🙂

anyhow it’s not a dish to make everyday, but quite perfect for mother’s day la. 🙂

the cauliflower puree i boiled about 80g cauliflowers, blend with 15g butter, 1tbsp olive oil, dash of sea salt and black pepper, 1-2tbsp tasty chicken stock, to the correct texture and taste…perfect.

i cleaned and cross cut a large squid, about 10 rectangular pieces good for 5pax, 2 pieces each. seasoned with sea salt and white pepper, seared in stainless steel pan like 20secs, and flamed. this needs a light touch and judgement so texture is perfect and nicely flamed.

a perfect dish to look and enjoy! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



  • one large squid 300g, cleaned and cross cut
  • sea salt and pepper

for cauliflower puree-

  • 80g cauliflower
  • 1tbsp olive oil
  • 1-2tbsp tasty chicken stock
  • 15g butter
  • dash of sea salt and black pepper


  1. boil 80g cauliflower, blend with 15g butter, 1tbsp olive oil, dash of sea salt and black pepper, 1-2tbsp tasty chicken stock, to the correct texture and taste
  2. clean and cross cut a large squid, about 10 rectangular pieces good for 5pax, 2 pieces each. seasoned with sea salt and white pepper, seared in stainless steel pan like 20secs, and flamed. this needs a light touch and judgement so texture is perfect and nicely flamed.
  3. garnish with a stem of coriander. voila!


Great Covid Circuit Breaker Takeouts from Don Signature Crab on 12May2020

S$20 prawn lala beehoon

S$20 prawn lala beehoon

wife ordered 2xS$20 prawn lala beehoon from don signature crab on 12.5.2020.^^

super nice soup, very fresh sweet prawns & large plump lala..really good!

we went to pick up & bought 4 chicken pies for jessie-don started off their business long time ago by selling chicken pie..

had some leftover emperor snapper ang sai fillet & very fish stock so made poached fish soup, very nice too!

c.h.e.f andy

Good Covid Circuit Breaker Takeout Dishes from Tess Bar on 11May2020

children sl and wy bought tessbar delivery for second mother’s day dinner on 11.5.2020.^^


SM & JH joined via zoom 😀 covid circuit breaker zoom dinner! lol!

food was good for takeout..& inexpensive = S$134 for 9+1 dishes

like S$18 for 250g ribeye steak and 4-rack lamb👍

c.h.e.f andy


Tess Bar & Kitchen

  • 11am–10:30pm

Great Kimchi Fried Rice = Covid Circuit Breaker Home Dinner on 9May2020

kimchi fried rice2

wife’s kimchi fried rice

red fermented brancurd chicken wings

my red fermented brancurd chicken wings

home dinner this evening on 9.5.2020.^^

wife wanted the red fermented beancurd deepfried chicken wings so i made again. good as before.

wife made kimchi fried rice. she added bacon to fry, and prawns…

so chopped garlic, onions, bacon, then prawn, rice and last egg.

very tasty kimchi fried rice indeed.

c.h.e.f andy

Mediocre 第二代 Clementi Fishball Noodles on 8May2020

meepok tar - 第二代fishball noodles

meepok tar = 第二代 Clementi Fishball Noodles

meepok tar 2- 第二代fishball noodles

dapao fish ball noodles from 第二代 at blk 325 clementi on 8.5.2020.

meepok slight soggy becos dapao..chilli mediocre, fishball not as good as 新路at meiling at fc..

overall average not great..

the kopi at this coffeeshop is very good though, kao & pang 👍

c.h.e.f andy


第二代 Clementi Fishball Noodles

daily (closed wed)
  • 7am–9pm

Recipe = Shiok! Sambal Sotong on 19Apr2020

sambal sotong

sambal sotong

singlong sambal ikan bilis

singlong sambal ikan bilis

made sambal sotongon 19.4.2020.^^

i used sing long sambal ikan bilis chilli. 🙂

again quite straight forward-

just cut a large sotong into rings, plus tentacles and the “wings”. fry lots of chopped garlic. add sotong, oyster sauce and sambal chilli. fry for few mins. garnish with chopped scallions or coriander. and that’s all la.


c.h.e.f andy


  • 1 large sotong (250g) cut into rings
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tbsp sambal sauce
  • 3 cloves chopped garlic


  1. cut a large sotong into rings, plus tentacles and the “wings”
  2. fry lots of chopped garlic. add sotong, oyster sauce and sambal chilli. fry for few mins. garnish with chopped scallions or coriander. and that’s all la. voila!

Recipe = Oven Baked Pork Ribs on 3Apr2020

rack of ribs

oven roasted rack of ribs

rack of ribs2

oven roasted rack of ribs

made oven baked ribs for 4pax RI bros lunch today on 3.4.2020.^^

made this previously some years back. just decided to do again. 🙂

the ribs turned out to be very good both texture and taste. very enjoyable. my friends all loved it. so i will be doing this again. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



  • 600-700g rack of ribs
  • 1tbsp mustard
  • 1 tbsp tomato sauce
  • 1-2 tbsp honey
  • salt & black pepper
  • 1 tbsp smoke rub
  • herbs – rosemary, parsley


  1. put rack of ribs in boiling water to remove scum, clean, and dry
  2. rub salt and black pepper and brown ribs in stainless steel pan in butter over high heat
  3. place ribs over aluminium foil, add smoke rub, mustard then sprinkle herbs. then add honey and tomato sauce. and wrap over the aluminium foil.
  4. place in 175degC over for 1hr 45mins. open the foil or remove the ribs and place on roasting rack in 250degC oven for 15-20mins.

Very Good Peranakan Dishes @ Blue Ginger Great World City on 5mar2010

nonya curry fish head

nonya curry fish head

had 4pax family dinner at blue ginger @ great world city on 5mar2010.😀

dishes were good.

nonya curry fish head was excellent..👍👍

assam pork ribs excellent too.👍👍

very good sambal sotong & eggplants, and otah was great 👍

a nice family peranakan dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


Recipe = Very Good Sliced Garoupa Briased Beehoon Good Poached Garoupa Soup on 5Apr2020

poached garoup fish broth

poached garoupa fish broth

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

had superb poached red garoupa crispy rice in seafood broth at xi yan recently (above 2 photos),

so decided to try my hands on 5.4.2020 (top photo). ^^

tiger garoupa

tiger garoupa

i had a tiger garoupa.

decided to fillet it and uses the head and bones to make the broth. ^^

for the poached garoup, since it is going to cook in boiling broth, i cut it very thin, so i did when the fish is still 1/2 defrost.

sliced garoupa beehoon2

sliced garoupa braised beehoon

i needed only about 1/3 fish so decided to use remaining 2/3 to cook slice garoupa braised beehoon as well. ^^

poached garoup fish broth2

poached garoup fish broth

my fish broth is very tasty, ok it’s not lobster seafood broth like xiyan. 🙂

i fried the fish head and bones with lots of sliced ginger and chopped garlic, then added chinese cabbage stems, salt and then water and boiled and reduced for 3hrs.

very tasty broth!

when serving i placed the thinly sliced garoupa in a large bowl and poured in the boiling fish broth.


it’s tasty but far far from the xiyan poached red garoupa with crispy rice in lobster seafood broth.

my tiger garoupa is NOT red garoupa. fish broth is NOT lobster seafood broth which i can approximate with prawns heads and shells broth added to the fish broth.

but crispy rice? too risky for me to dry and deepfry cooked rice, can’t think of a proxy yet-deepfried pasta or beehoon?

maybe my broken angel hair which i used to approx fiduea? don’t know may try…

the sliced garoupa beehoon though was very good though a residual dish lol!

my fish broth very tasty so just fry cut chilli padi, chopped garlic, add chinese cabbage leaves, oyster sauce, add fish broth and reduce, add beehoon and sliced garoupa so beehoon infused the broth and garoupa cooked while reducing broth.

only need to make sure by experience and agaklogy that the amount of broth is good for the amount of beehoon, so beehoon is very tasty and very moist not dry, fish is cooked and broth is reduced just enough.

c.h.e.f andy



Best Dinner Experience @ 8picure on 31Mar2020

uni pasta

uni pasta

lobster pasta

lobster pasta

spicy tuna salsa with prawn crackers

spicy tuna salsa with prawn crackers

japanese ohmi A4 wagyu

japanese ohmi A5 wagyu

wife bought 6pax family dinner @ 8picure on 31.3.2020.^^

this our recent new year eve pleasure dining at 8picure-


wanted to support chef gabriel lee in this covid environment…also we came a few times but have not tried the uni pasta..

anyway this turned out to be our best dinner experience!

i want to say best dining experience. ambience is pleasant; food and service and conversation with chef gariel lee were just w/o question the best!

we loved every dish.

spicy tuna salsa really, really good..it is NOT japanese wagyu…many good restaurant can make good japanese wagyu given the ingredients…not sure who can make this spicy tuna salsa equivalent?

spanish roast pork excellent! & chef gave us a huge serving…

uni pasta was incredible, very sweet & creamy at S$38 serving…order only comes in on tues and fri.

lobster pasta good 👍 lobster very tender & sweet..that’s not a given, some places can mess up lobster…

lamb was tops, with almost no gamey taste at all…

ohmi A5 wagyu was fantastic..melt in the mouth👍👍👍

dessert were soooo good..tiramisu best here, coconut panna cotta children like best, plus a chocolaty semi frozen dessert ….

c.h.e.f andy

P.S. with covid and now semi-lockdown, chef gabriel has started takeout orders…we will order soon



Delicious Sumptuous 6pax Birthday Dinner for WM @ Xiyan on 30Mar2020

roast truffle chicken2

roast black truffle chicken

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

poached garoupa with crispy rice in seafood lobster broth

J bought delicious sumptuous 6pax birthday dinner for hubby WM @ xiyan on 30.3.2020.^^

i like every dish👍

especially –

the truffle roast chicken..quite excellent!….i may try that ..

& the poached red garoupa with lobster stock with crispy rice..excellent too. the crispy rice adding to the texture of the dish…this I definitely can do..very tasty broth and thinly sliced red garoupa…but w/o the deepfried rice..what to replace this item? got to think..

smoked salmon was good not salty, parma ham flavour, nice salad ok..

worster sauce stewed pork rib was tender, sweet (too sweet for wife ok for me), very good standard…something i might do not a special dish…

kailan was good ok…

mochi was good, ginger soup too strong, cutting 抢for me…

bomb alaska complimentary ice cream cake was good…salted egg pumpkin flavour interesting.

c.h.e.f andy


Recipe = Mala Pot Dish 麻辣香锅 on 24Mar2020

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅2

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅

made my own 麻辣香锅this evening on 24.3.2020.^^

nothing to it..


this my own concoction did not read any online recipe (yet), so maybe bo pa keh…

but who cares…it’s tasty and shiok ok la…

just champoh everything sliced ginger, chopped garlic, chopped shallot, cut yellow onions, chinese cabbage stems & fry with oyster sauce. add 2tbsp 老干妈mala sauce.

then add fish head, fry & add water, egg plant, white cabbage leaves, cover 5mins, then add spring onions to garnish.

heavenly! delicious!

c.h.e.f andy

Very Good Grilled Fish @ Riverside Grilled Fish on 23Mar2020

重庆烤鱼excellent grilled fish

重庆烤鱼excellent grilled fish

OPS bro bought 4pax early birthday lunch for WM@ riverside grilled fish B1 raffles city on 23.3.2020.^^

there was a S$28 重庆烤鱼promotion include 2 drinks & 2 rice.

also S$12 promotion- there are like 8 selection ..we ordered 口水鸡 and 牛腩 braised beef belly..this the best 牛腩i had in singapore! 👍👍

口水鸡 tender & must be taken with a bit of chilli oil to taste the flavour.

the main attraction is the 香辣重庆烤鱼..there are choice of like 7 flavours..we choose 香辣

they use patin instead of the usual seabass & patin my favourite fish la! this dish really excellent motakting!👍👍👍

HC added luncheon meat which was really nice soaked in chilli & taukee bean curd skin..also added roti prata & noodles..both were excellent infused with chilli oil..

there was no tempearture taking but server gave us alcohol cleanser to clean our hands..the covid ready chopsticks & spoon came in a plastic bag (sterilised???) ….we do our part using serving chopsticks & spoon.

there is big seating only 2 tables later on added a 3rd..like <10% capacity..so natural distancing la!

we came 2.30pm offpeak. HC said lunch time anout 30%-40% full..

lunch with all the promotions about S$80 for 4pax..really shiok satisfying lunch.

we had the birthday cake for WM..a soft light chocolate cake great texture from chataraise clementi mall…

after that we went to toastbox..this almost constantly full capacity hard to achieve physical distancing even with X markings..

c.h.e.f andy


daily 11am–10pm

Super Delicious 7pax Family Peranakan Homecooked Dinner on 19Mar2020

7pax homecooked peranakan dinner

7pax homecooked peranakan dinner

assam fish head2

assam fish head

bak wang (aka meat balls) her pio3

bak wang (aka meat balls) her pio soup

mada 7pax peranakan home dinner inc aunty bes on 19.3.2020.^^

i made –

  1. bak wang (aka meat balls) her pio soup very sweet with chinese cabbage, stock and meat balls. meat balls were tasty…
  2. assam emperor snapper (ang sai) head👍👍 children all loved the assam sauce
  3. beef rendang was perfect👍👍👍 (recipe here)
  4. sambal sotong 👍👍
  5. eggplant (not crispy as i did not deepfry)

had a wonderful delicious family dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy