Excellent Roast Duck @ Long Yuan (龍源) plus Very OK Zichar on 30Dec2019

5 of us had lunch on 30.12.2019. ^^

my RI rbos CCG & NCL joined lunch with my OPS bros WM & WT. 🙂

the 1/2 roast duck was excellent today! very flavourful, nice crisp skin, tasty, not dry & tough..surprise really!

today WT decided to buy 1/2duck plus char siew S$25 char siew also good..roast duck better.. interestingly, they served curry with the roast duck..curry was excellent very tasty..can eat separately..didn’t contribute to roast suck tastewise.

we usually eat at ok zichar, the next stall neighbour..

today WM bought the always very ok zichar, great meen si song fish head, excellent salted fish minced prok, and good omelette and sambal potato leaves.

had a great lunch with good freinds and bros. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Long Yuan (龍源)


Good Tasty Prata @ Sin Min Roti Prata on 24Dec2019

7 of us came for breakfast after walk at macritchie on 24.12.2019. ^^

long queue 15mins..

CCG bought breakfast. 🙂

prata gosong were good not crispy type but tasty doughs..not better than springleaf at rail mall.

we had 2 chicken, 2 mysore mutton cubes and 3 plates curry. ..guys didn’t take dhal..i like dhal too, but the chicken curry was very good, excellent taste..

chicken was excellent, tasty and quite moist not dry..

mutton had strong taste..some friends didn’t like much..i took almost 1 whole plate..i had much better mysore mutton at mr prata at evans road..

overall an enjoyable breakfast with close buddies

c.h.e.f andy


My RI Bro CL bought lunch @ Sinfona on 22Dec2019

3 appetizers

3 appetizers=smoked duck breast, blue pressed foie gras, mozarella

Chong Lee bought 3pax S$58pax 12-course omakase lunch unlimited orders @ sinfona ristorante on 22.12.2019.^^

it’s meant for wife and my much belated birthdays. 🙂

sinfona omakase lunch menu

sinfona S$58pax omakase lunch menu

after the first serving of the menu dishes, one can make unlimited orders, then dessert. 🙂

chef simone from sardonia italy and hailed from alkaff mansion, lived in singapore for 8yrs & with sinfona from the start 3yrs ago..

3 appetizers were pretty good. we are liked the smoked duck breast best so we all reordered..smoked flavour was excellent & the fragrant crispy & thick layer of fat did not feel oily..

the blue foie gras tasted like pate..ok light & sweet..

the mozzarella cheese so so.

pumpkin soup competent not my favourite soup chong lee reordered..the anchovies added a salty flavourful twist so i should say better than usual pumpkin soup..

the sardinia uni fregola was tasty..i took the small uni to enjoy separately ..the mango, fregola itself & whole combination was tasty..not sure if cashew did anything..did add some texture..

the mains, however, were not great here..the beef cheek quite below par, texture ok sinewy not best taste was poor so chunky & beefy not tasty..turkey breast ok non descript..

best was the salmon..chong lee reordered ..commented it was chunky but it was pink & moist..the fregola & salmon something i can reordered but too full la for me.

ambience was victoria concert hall so many reservations for wedding & celebrations lunch dinner functions

owner jean foo a lawyer & niece of our 72yr old server who started working at 13.

it was a great lunch with a good friend.

c.h.e.f andy


Sinfona Ristaronte

OPS Bro WT bought 3pax Wanton Mee lunch @ Foong Kee & Ah Ma Chendol on 20Dec2019

my OPS bro WT bought 3pax wanton mee & roast duck rice @ foong kee at keong saik street on 20.12.2019.^^

very good wanton noodles, qq noodles and excellent chilli & sauce.

& roast duck one of the best,very fragrant & flavourful, excellent roast duck.

only thing is when i came back with my wife a few days later, the duck was not as nice…so it’s kind of not so consistent.

after foong kee, we walked to corner coffeeshop & took S$3 ah ma chendol..

HC thinks it was better thicker than four seasons chendol..anyway it was as good. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Foon Kee

Excellent Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Lunch Omakase just too expensive! @ Hachi on 18Dec2019

2pax jap wagyu omakase lunch with wife @ hachi on 18.12.2019.^^

excellent jap wagyu omakase as before just lots more expensive, like 50% more!

uni seaweed kakiage becomes hotate….cheaper ingredient still excellent preparation and nice dish.

large oyster sashimi

oyster with ponzu jelly

oyster with ponzu jelly good as before, fabulous for the eyes and delicious!

miyazaki A5 sukiyaki konabe still very good. tasty marbled wagyu, very nice!

sashimi is REALLY quite poor standard for this price of omakase! and c/w what was served previously…

we had a complimentary dish, i think it was hotaruika firely squid which was in season.

chargrilled miyazaki A5 wagyu was superb!

wagyu sushi best, just incredible!

overall standard still very very good. will come back some time..

we did go back a month back, but it was not as good and really expensive, oyster had shrunk, though the wagyu beef dishes were still excellent.

not so motivated to go back now…

c.h.e.f andy


Hachi Restaurant

Opening Hours:

My OPS Bro WT bought 4pax Curry Chicken Noodles @ Ah Heng Queen Street on 16Dec2019

curry chicken noodles

ah heng queen street S$6 curry chicken noodles

my RI bro fetched me 8.50am to mt e orchard.

afterwards we went to ah heng curry chicken noodles at queen street bugis..CL & my OPS bro WT joined us 11am. WT bought lunch.

1st time trying this stall..chicken today one of the best very sweet & tender even better than hong lim..gravy & chilli also good like hong lim.

i tried a subsequent time same time at about 11am…was ok but more like hong lim…the bowl for S$6 was much smaller though, so on balance i will still go to hong lim

we had coffee at waterloo side killiney road kopitiam & walking back about 12.30pm there was a snaking long queue.

c.h.e.f andy



No Good Fried Beehoon @ Hollandv Fried Beehoon on 12Dec2019

1pax unhealthy brunch indulgence.

went to eat hollandv fried bee hoon on 12.12.2019.

..didn’t frequent this stall like 20yrs maybe, or maybe once or twice in between, too long to remember.

chicken wing ngoh hiang ok passable chilli so so

worst thing is noodles nua nua 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

best thing about this long time stall was noodles now the worse item!!

only thing is cheap S$2.70 but cheap & not good 😂

won’t come back.

c.h.e.f andy


Hollandv Fried Bee Hoon

My RI Bro CCG bought 5pax lunch @ Hua Ting Steamboat on 10Dec2019

sharksbone and black chicken soup base

sharksbone and black chicken soup base

my RI bro CCG bought 5pax lunch @ huating steamboat on 10dec2019…very shiok!!!

the sharksbone and black chicken soup base were marvellous!

we also had kidney, fish paste noodles, fish balls and meatballs.

S$129nett after eatigo 50% discounts 👍

everyone loved it!

had four seasons chendol tpy lor 8 afterwards.

c.h.e.f andy


OPS Bro WM bought 3pax lunch @ Sabar Japan Food Town Wisma Level 4 on 2Dec2019

S$18.80 chirashi don3

S$18.80 chirashi don

S$18.80 chirashi don

S$18.80 chirashi don

OPS bros WM, WT fetched me to mt e orchard…

afterwards walked over to wisma level 4 japan food town.

WM bought 3pax lunch at sabar.

S$18.80 chirashi don…huge serving of good fresh sashimi ..

basically 2 tiered = bottom tier bara chirashi cheaper square cuts, and upper tier chirashi normal cut. of course not premium sashimi but as good quality as sun with moon and any normal/bara chirashi don in town and twice the serving..lol!

grilled sabar 50% off about S$11 very good too, large saba, fresh and oily very flavourful..

of course can get 1 large saba from sheng shiong at S$3.90, grilled myself, truly just as good.

had kopi afterwards with bros.

c.h.e.f andy



Opening Hours:


Good Authentic Vietnamese Food @ Mrs Pho on 26Nov2019

returned singapore on 24.11.2019.

had operation upon arrival on 24.11.2019, and discharged 26.11.2019.

went to make new spectacles. old one was broken.

after that walked over to mrs pho for early dinner.

real authentic bun thit nuong just like hcmc

lemon grass beef skewers excellent too. crab soup a bit like bun rieu so so for me.

c.h.e.f andy


Mrs Pho @ Beach Road

Wife’s Birthday Bash for Friends and Family @ Buona Terra on 9Nov2019

wife’s birthday bash organised by her friend SS & HLF wine sommelier @ buona terra on 9.11.2019.^^

24 guests inc family & aunty bes.

my RI bro CL came as official paparazzi though he had to leave for airport 5.30am the next day.

degustation dinner menu

wife ordered a specially curated individual degustation menu, plus chef’s charcoal grilled OP ribs to share.

food was excellent. dishes were exquisite and delicious!

Service left much to be desired…sign!

the amuse bouche were all good and delightful –

  1. prawn tartare with caviar cone
  2. gazpacho balls
  3. parma ham on fig and ikura on squidink crackers
  4. melted cheese & escargot

1st course – alaskan crab, tomato gelatine, cucumber sorbet was exquisite,

2nd course = mozambique scampi basically lobster size, with seafood bisque. simply delicious.

3rd course = linguine with baby squid & squidink sauce very good standard, al dente pasta and very tasty.

4th course = choice of pan seared cod OR lamb loin, herb crust, egg plant. lamb was great as before. cod the usual good standard.

for this dinner, wife specially added an order of chef’s charcoal grilled OP ribs additional to the degustation menu.

it was delightful, nice bbq flavours and very tender steak.

6th course = cigaro, their signature OR chocolate mousse, both good standard.

boey wah keong vegetarian dish

delicious vegetarian course dish

one guest BWK is vegetarian so there was a special vegetarian degustation course for him. the dishes all looked exquisite, he was very happy man!

i only took one photo, lol!

a very fun evening with family and good friends and excellent food!

c.h.e.f andy


Buona Terra

Good Food, Expensive, Small Portions, Inconvenient Parking @ Esquina on 8Nov2019


had nice 6pax dinner @ esquina

wife bought son birthday dinner..PT organised it…

food mostly good.

oysters good ..at S$35 for 6..i think just so so value wise.

chorizo croquette tasty and good standard..

spanish omelette was a joke though tasty..good size for 3yr old…

cheese with eggplant was excellent

cauliflower good.

suckling pig was ok. lamb loin was so so.

ribeye steak, bresse pigeon and galician octopus excellent..

uni lobster paella also excellent taste

uni lobster paella also excellent taste

uni lobster paella also excellent just don’t know where the lobster?

pork neck was good.

wine like S$120

overall more expensive than la taperia & foc..

later 2 have much better dining experience, ambience, seating, size of serving, traffic & parking etc

c.h.e.f andy


Good 酸菜鱼& Lam Rack other dishes mediocre @Laobejing on 6Nov2019

sour fish soup


went with CCG to novena. still missing our bro who would have fetched CCG today. CL, CM & WL joined.

CG bought 6pax lunch at lao beijing.@ velocity. LCH came to join lunch.

酸菜鱼 was good.

peking duck so so…
pig trotters below par not as good as hawker stall…
vegetables tasted good but pathetic small serving…
小笼包mediocre some way off from imperial treasure paradise dynasty…

rack of lamb

Lamb rack very good

surprisingly lamb rack was very good.

a mediocre place. luckily 酸菜鱼 the and lamb rack were good, & lunch with bros always enjoyable.

after lunch, choon hung bought kopi.

c.h.e.f andy


OK 3pax Dinner @ Good Year Restaurant on 4Nov2019

assam fish head2

assam fish head

had 3pax dinner at good year restaurant on 4.11.2019.

a neighbourhood zichar place, quite neighbour prices.

assam fish head here is good.

salted egg pork loin

salted egg pork loin

the pig trotters & fried rice ok, ordinary.

the salted egg pork loin too oily.

ok place, nothing special.

c.h.e.f andy



A Deep Loss 2Nov2019

this morning when i woke up from a 3.5hrs sleep, i lost a dear friend and brother.


my dear bro Q passed away in his sleep last evening 11.30pm ish..as per his belief, he is in a better place, in the arms of the Lord and at home with the Lord…i believe that…

as his eldest daughter said-

“Daddy was called home to be with the Lord today. He looked as if he was asleep. It was his hope that when the Lord called him, it would be while he was asleep and we are glad that God has called him back in this way.”

he will be sadly missed by all, his family and loved ones, his RI brothers and friends, and the so many whose lives he has touched and made better, who he brought smiles to their faces literally or by his skillful hands…

at a later date, i want to do something in his memory..to be a part of the celebration of his life and remembrance…to ensure his legacy with kluang rockhouse and bursary…

now, i just want to grief….

i only get to know him well from 2013 (though he always reminded me that he sat behind me during exams) when he joined the earlier G7, then G20 dinners.

and then many, many dinners at my place, and the 14 brothers birthday celebrations, for which KK has made the most wonderful video to treasure and preserve his best memories….cannot stop crying watching it…

and recently the metamorphosis initiated by master guru WL where 7 of us met for like 12 sessions to contemplate retirement and where Q shared what he wants to do in the next 30yrs or more, and for the many projects and many people he is helping and need his helping…

we still keeping the “60” birthday balloon so we can all celebrate our 90th birthday together…

and most recently, Q and 4 of us shared a fun and joyous lunch on 24oct2019.

my wife and daughter are especially close to Q…we celebrated many “everybody’s birthday” including meimei, EH, CL, CM, CH, at my place or outside…

Q is a loving mentor to my daughter..he closed his clinic twice to coach & prep my daughter for admission interview, including coming my place to bring her out for breakfast and coaching…of course he did that for everybody…so many he touched and made better…

Q mostly said the prayers and thanks for our many get-togethers, prayers that spoke what we all shared and treasured in our hearts, even if we had to go hungry while he was at it like forever….

Q will go every single time to fetch CG from his house to go for treatment except once when Q himself was ill recently, and CG so wanted Q to be there this coming wednesday 6nov2019.

Q will live in our hearts forever…he will be with us at every of our get-togethers, and we will do what we will do in his name…

c.h.e.f andy


Excellent Dishes Not that Super Peking Duck @ Imperial Treasure Paragon on 18Oct2019

had 7pax dinner with bro, sil, sis, bil, wife & son @ imperial treasure super peking duck on 18.10.2019.^^

had free peking duck and S$100 voucher..after redeem all that, dinner was S$226 for 7pax..

peking duck was good but i think kai gardens peking duck is better because it has the crispy beancurd texture combination..

the lettuce wrap with duck meat was superb.

dishes all very nice.

char siew & siew yoke excellent..brother liked the chilled smoked knuckles 佛山熏蹄

sotong tentacles fritters and deepfried century eggs very good..

salted egg prawns very good.

chinese style beef cubes was good and pork collar lettuce dish quite excellent taste and pork texture. & kailan 👍

we had 5 dessert 雪蛤,龟苓膏,杨枝甘露all pedestrian..not worth mention…杨枝甘露was poor actually..

we enjoyed the food but thus place is too expensive..like S$450 for 7pax if no vouchers

c.h.e.f andy


Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck @ Paragon

Wife Bought Exquisite Sumptuous 4pax Dinner @ 8picure on 17Oct2019

wife bought dinner again, 4pax with her friends SS and HLF @ 8picure on 17.10.2019.^^

very impressed with the food!

small restaurant only sits 16..cosy..

every dish was good..sSS decided to order one 4 course set to share which included

1 foie gras pumpkin soup
2 lobster risotto
3 sous vide slow braised pork collar
4 coconut panna cotta

pumpkin soup was good, risotto was over a bit so texture wise so as good, lobster and flavours very good.. sous vide slow braised pork collar good standard..

& we ordered 1 more appetiser and 1 soup, 3 more pasta, 3 more mains, and 1 more dessert

5 spicy tuna salsa good and great starter, served with prawn crackers.
6 burrata was good.. beetroot gazpacho ok

all pasta were excellent, great flavours and perfect al dente..

7 sakura ebi capellini- love it very flavourful
8 gamberro rosso capellini – ama ebi & ikura made it perfect texture & flavours combination
9 alio olio – wonderful garlic olive oil fragrance, chili & texture

pan roasted cod

pan roasted cod

10 pan roasted cod was competent, maybe least wow 

11 sous vide wagyu beef cheekswere especially good👍

12 pistachio herb crusted rack of lamb good not the best

& the dessert. i didn’t have photos, but they were among the best dessert i had. tiramisu was really good, really tasty & moist…and the panna cotta was excellent!

really excellent dishes! enjoyed the food very much.

will definitely come back!

c.h.e.f andy




Wife arranged best 6-course Degustation Dinner at Buona Terra on 16Oct2019

wife organised 2pax 6-course degustation dinner at buona terra on 16.10.2019. ^^

alaskan crab, tomato gelatine, cucumber sorbet

1st course – alaskan crab, tomato gelatine, cucumber sorbet

1st course – alaskan crab, tomato gelatine, cucumber sorbet was exquisite, crab very sweet & perfect & love the cucumber sorbet like white gazpacho.

2nd course = mozambique scampi basically lobster size, with seafood bisque..scampi grilled then oven..very tender texture and sweet, most delightful..bisque was intense, flavourful, smooth, the nuts, cauliflower ring gave some texture not much to flavours.

3rd course – onsen egg, porcini mushrooms, covered with black truffles..this a competent but pedestrian dish..no much truffle flavour and taste mediocre, no wow..

side dish for 3rd course – crouton with shaved truffle..side dish tasted better.

4th course=spaghetti with small clams excellent al dente pasta, very tasty but not much the limited ingredients can do..if have a choice from menu, i would go for the uni pasta or squidink

5th course – slow cooked lamb loin 👍 was superb..even wife who normally avoids lamb took 2/3 of it..very tender, tasty, no gamey taste.

6th course = dessert ..the cigaro their signature, with coconut meringue, passion fruit, mango competent but didn’t excite..

the chocolate mousse a much tastier dessert nothing out of ordinary ..

service was excellent, from valet to diner & wine service, knowledgeable and friendly.. a place i would come again.

c.h.e.f andy


Buona Terra