Lovely 7pax Family Homegourmet Dinner on 2Apr2021

wife organised family homecooked dinner on Good Friday 2.4.2021.^^

wife prepared sautéed mushrooms & vine tomatoes..

aunty bes made calamari …very nice tender inside perfect texture…didn’t take photos…

SL cooked usda prime ribeye..excellently done, charred, sweet and flavourful..perfect taken with wasabi…

I made-

  1. 烧肉 crackling blistered roast pork
  2. peanut herbs crusted rack of lamb
  3. truffle oil alio olio angelhair
  4. seafood spaghetti

nice family get together..

c.h.e.f andy

Atas Aussie Prime Ribs Bakuteh + 口水鸡 Saliva Chicken 2pax Bro Lunch on 31Mar2021

CCG came by for lunch on 31.3.2021.^^

made atas australian prime ribs bkt.very good 👍

I find it quite worthwhile to buy Aussie prime ribs at S$32/kg..this slab 9 pieces about 700g S$21+…

c/w sheng shiong indonesian prime ribs S$21.90/kg but with huge piece of useless loin meat also 8 ribs per kg thereabout and loin meat chunky and not nice…

I added 2 frozen brazilian ribs S$10/kg from chinatown wet market to add to near 1kg for the 30g ilc sachet to give enuf meat taste to the soup…

….CCG could tell right away lol!

made also a small saliva chicken 口水鸡

& meepok tar for CCG top with saliva chicken.

c.h.e.f andy

Golden Mile Food Centre Food Tour on 30Mar2021

after kopi you we walked over to gold miles fc at beach road.high ceiling, good ventilation & ambience…on 30.3.2021.^^

LKY said you fu hokkien mee better so we didn’t try Hainan Hokkien mee stall…

anyhow the you fu hokkien mee also mediocre ..

meiling street fc tan song heng hokkien mee better

so was the michelin guide 91 fried kuay teow…

not as good as hai kee at telok blangah crescent or even apollo..

the choon kee roast meats were good-roast pork char siew both good, roast duck ok..

this the best part of lunch

the ahboling was pretty ok not really special peanut soup better …ginger soup ok…the 汤圆I guess ordinary…

…. i can make at home with chinatown 汤圆& pandang leaves

the vadai LKY went to get 20mins but cannot pass also…

c.h.e.f andy


1 You fu Hokkien Mee


505 Beach Rd, #01-57, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours:

daily (closed mon)10am–8:30pm

2 91 fried kway teow


505 Beach Rd, #01-91, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours:

daily (closed mon)9am–2pm

3 Choon Kee Roast Meats


Golden Mile Food Centre #01-74, 505 Beach Rd, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours:

daily (closed sun & wed)10:30am–3pm

75 Ahboling Peanut Soup


01-75 Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Rd, 199583

Opening Hours:


Heritage Kopi You & Charcoal Kaya Toast @ Yeap Seng Leong on 30Mar2021

LKY organised food tour starting with kopi you at yeap seng leong..on 30.3.2021.^^

this place kind of Singapore heritage worth a visit just for its history and memories.

YSL moved here from Victoria street, bugis since 1974..& according to the son now 58, the old man (his father) cycles everyday fro boon Keng here at 4am and open shop at 5am!

locals & foreigners alike come here looking for kopi you (slab pf butter in kopi)and toasted roasted on charcoal…

but my kopi tilok not strong enough & not that flavourful..

kaya toast ok not as good as

hainan story @ hillion mall

& got to wait long long…not that many customers but very slow..

still will come if in the vicinity for the feel of history…

the S$1 curry puff looks great on display..

but cannot pass leh ..curry not tasty & puff a bit chewy doughy..

c.h.e.f andy


Yeap Seng Leong


10 North Bridge Rd, #01-5109, Singapore 190010



Opening Hours:


A Great Family Time & Brunch @ Son’s Condo on 28Mar2021

went over to son’s place for coffee & brunch on sunday 28.3.2021.^^

wife bought croissants from bakery brera next to empress road market.

son made scrambled eggs & johnsonville beddar with cheddar sausages.

must say brera’s plain croissant really nice. I took 2/3 piece.

johnsonville bedder with cheddar is a family favourite, the kids and me, wife a bit too.

& son makes the best scramble eggs. better than any outside I had.

later daughter SL made some more bedder with cheddar.

SM brought mr cay along as well. JH studying for exams.

PT’s dad dropped off her dog pepsi, then went off to meet his friends like 1/2 yearly catch-up.

a great family time together on a sunday.

c.h.e.f andy

Great Kaya Toast Quite Good Kopi @ The Hainan Story Hillion Mall on 26Mar2021

after the 8.7km 2hrs 33min chestnut nature park walk on 26.3.2021.

CL had to go off lunch appointment.

LCH, KWL, me went to hillion and had kopi & kaya toast at the hainan story.

kaya toast was great, reminiscence of older times, thick soft bread and nice kaya with butter.

kopi was ok…LCH bought the set which I think like$5.20.

c.h.e.f andy


The Hainan Story @ Hillion Mall


17 Petir Rd, #01-15/16 Hillion Mall, Singapore 678278



Opening Hours:

daily 7:30am–9:30pm

Quite Good Set Lunches @ The Masses on 25Mar2021

J bought 3pax lunch @ the masses on beach road on 25.3.2021.^^

I came after delivering HCA Hospice Care lunch..

just before 12pm thereabout cannot find parking ended up parking at bugus junction & walked..

food was good👍

crab pietee just $3 for 3, good loads of sweet crabmeat..

we took the $29++pax set lunch, which include coffee or tea…

the CCCC crabmeat chorizo caviar confit lemon with lobster sauce looks stunning tasted just good ok

turns out the purple cabbage stood out more..tasted great & equally stunning looks..

I seldom take duck confit, did today & it was better than crispy and meat was moist and tender and tasty..some I had previously meat was sinewy and old…& quite surprisingly the horfun that came with it wokhae really good

YS’s chicken was good too, quite tender, though there was the end piece he started with which he said tough

for me, J’s claypot angus beef cheek was best of 3..tender & tasty.

chef dylan ong has a great philosophy 众 as 3 人 – himself, his team and customers…let see how the masses develops…

c.h.e.f andy


The Masses


85 Beach Rd, #01-02, Singapore 189694



Opening Hours:


Good Tapao Zichar Dishes from Bee Kia on 23Mar2021

family went to son’s new place wenyu & PT tapao zichar dishes from bee kia on 23.3.2021.^^

good, competent zichar dishes.

prawn paste chicken was good. for me the hk street chun kee harjeongai 虾酱鸡still better. 🙂

seafood horn was very good…wokhae quite excellent, considering tapao…and a lot of ingredients..would be better even if eating at the stall…

beef horfun was good too…beef tender and not overly tenderised, artificial….flavour was good..just too much carbs…

tofu was ok, competent…likewise sambal Kang kong…nothing special really.

had a great family gathering…

today last day of son’s wedding leave..tapao quite good… no clean effort cooking and cleaning..

c.h.e.f andy


Bee Kia


1 Thomson Rd, Singapore 300001



Opening hours:


OPS Bro Birthday Lunch @ Basilico on 24Mar2021

had birthday lunch celebrations for my OPS bro WM @ basilico on 24.3.2021. ^^

this the beat value set lunch in town la!

3-course at S$65pax with 50% discounts for 2pax with amex love dining so S$32.50pax ++

antipasto was fabulous with good quality meats-ham, prosciutto, salami, and smoked salmon,,scallop on shell, excellent burrata, cheese and grilled vegetables.

I can keep eating this.

and the tagliata di manzo medium rare was excellent, tasty, tender, juicy..

we shared the cheese platter and dessert platter. 4 cheese included blue, brie etc…really good, and dessert was great too.

just 3 weeks ago the set lunch included coffee…now it no longer…

they provided slice of birthday cake, so server decided to offer us complimentary coffee. I had piccolo latter.

sub outstanding service!

c.h.e.f andy


Basilico @ Regent Hotel


1 Cuscaden Rd, Level 2 Regent Singapore, Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715



Opening Hours:


Nice OPS 6pax Birthday Lunch @ Leong Ji on 22Mar2021

Mabel bought 6pax OPS early birthday celebration for WM @ leong ji on 22.3.2021.^^

not sure why but didn’t refuse the treat…lol!

rojak Kang kong good every time.

birth intestines ordered medium this time double the serving from last.. I liked just as much but not everyone take this dish.

tried assam fish head ok competent.

避风塘fried chicken was tasty, LH fedback to them so this time not too salty, pretty tasty dish chicken not dry…beancurd was homemade type pretty good too.

worst dish was the yeemeen…they really can’t do yeemeen here..this was poorer than the chicken feet last least the chicken feet was tasty then.

mabel bought a chateraise birthday cake as well for WM birthday…

after lunch WM WT mabel & me went back to WM place

we all had a swell time, thanks to mabel and WM for having his birthday! lol!

we decided to go nearby old airport road for chendol @ ice.

c.h.e.f andy


Leong Ji Kitchen 


658 Punggol E, #01-10, Singapore 820658



Opening hours:


Rude, Atrocious Non Service, Mediocre Food & Astronomical Prices @ Madame Fan on 21Mar2021

had 6pax dimsum brunch alacarte buffet @ madame fan on 21.3.2021

the worst ever service in any singapore restaurant!

& starting with the manager, so the service attitude and training of the few staff was really atrocious!

the food is mediocre about 3, and service is 0..

the manager was rude and unhelpful..

.we asked if there is a physical menu as some restaurants have both..he was dismissive and said restaurant no physical menu ..

we said we scan QR but not quite sure which is the brunch alacarte buffet menu..he was unhelpful to say the least..

not even basic cheery, attentive help one gets from every server at imperial treasure fine teochew ion orchard or even ah yat grandstand..actually from any restaurants we been to…

& the bad service attitude and lack of training pervades to the other younger servers..

the young guy who took our orders was impatient we asked simple help on how large the servings and dimsum pieces and how much we should order..& which are the popular dimsum..

these are really basic questions and assistance servers in almost all eating places we go to will answer cheerfully and even warm & enthusiastically but not here..

food wise dimsum was ok not bad just mediocre about ah yat & peach garden standard at 2 to 3times the prices ..these are places we tried but don’t eat dimsum at..

& no comparison at all with imperial treasure fine teochew ion orchard or crystal jade or paradise dynasty…

cooked food were worse than dimsum…

the 迷你佛跳墙 and abalones broccoli quite good are the 2 better dishes, still maybe just average…the Chinese style beef cubes a failure no comparison with silk restaurant at sicc island and assam fish & smoked duck salad mediocre.

not a place we will go back to..

c.h.e.f andy


Madame Fan @ NCO Club


32 Beach Rd, The NCO Club, Singapore 189764



Opening Hours:


Shiok!!! Indian Rojak @ Habib’s Ayer Rajah FC on 17Mar2021

CCG dropped by,

and we went have indian rojak @ habib’s ayer rajah fc, and ikan bilis behhon goreng on 17.3.2021.^^

really shiok!

and today teh Halia gosong very good, strong and flavourful…

I was planning to just have kopi, but wth!

ended up taking 1/3 the rojak..there must be like 6 items inc cuttlefish just S$10.90!

CCG went to get beehoon goreng as well. I had a little.

great time together, nowadays talking about grand children, lol!

c.h.ef andy


Habib’s Rojak


stall 68, ayer rajah food centre503A W Coast Dr, Singapore 121503


tel=6873 7010