Quite Nice North Indian Dishes @ Indian Curry House on 5May2019

4pax family lunch

after whole family paying respect at 光明山 (our off season qing ming..no need to suffer jams and park illegally far away),

we adjourned for 4pax lunch @ indian curry house at 6th ave centre on 5.5.2019. ^^

4pax family lunch

above average northern indian dishes (prawn masala very good) and 50% eatigo discounts.. 🙂

indian curry house

ambience was ok.

and service was good.

indian dishes

i enjoyed the indian dishes…

prawn masala

butter chicken

prawn masala & butter chicken good..


manchurian gobi

manchurian gobi not my favourite and paneer quite ok…

fish biryani

fish biryana a lot of fish but biryana not that flavourful..

garlic naan

garlic naan good standard…

bill S$57 for 4pax after eatigo discounts

indian dishes

S$57nett for 5dishes plus 2 naans for 4pax if excluding drink no discounts just S$51nett.

we had a great lunch.

will bring my sis and bil here next time, only with eatigo 50% discounts….

c.h.e.f andy


Indian Curry House


QTC bought 2pax Lucnh @ Tiong Bahru Hainanaese Chicken Rice on 10May2019

QTC bought 2pax lunch

my good friend QTC bought 2pax lunch at tiong bahru hainanese chicken rice on 10.5.2019. ^^

tiong bahru hainanese chicken rice

place super crowded and constant flow of customers.

we waited quite long as we didn’t realise we had to pay first then in the queue, and others coming after us were all being served.

so lunch actually took quite long for busy QTC…just that we were chatting and sharing and didn’t mind.

chicken rice

chicken breast was tender and moist and quite sweet with the dark sauce. rice was fragrant.

not bad but also run of the mill, nothing great either.

char siew rice

char siew was the tender with sauce type, more artificial, not the more fatty burnt bits type i prefer.

for my taste, char siew is average or below…

char siew rice

had a great time with a close friend.

c.h.e.f andy


Tiong Bahru Hainanese Chicken Rice

very Good Char Siew and Roast Chicken @ Lao Xiong Ji Sin Ming on 30Apr2019

S$3.50 roast chicken drumstick rice.

lao xiong ji roasted delights

had char siew and roast chicken at lao xiong jin in sin ming road on 30.4.2019. ^^

past lunch hour, 2pm+ already so no queue…

both were very good. char siew nicely roasted with burnt bits and tender and tasty.

sin ming bkt (rong cheng before) sold out dragon ribs 龙骨。

and hup seng braised duck was closed.

S$3.50 roast chicken drumstick rice

S$3.50 roast chicken drumstick rice

roast chicken also very good, tender and tasty. chilli spicy and good, especially with dark sauce…no ginger sauce though.

c.h.e.f andy


Lao Xiong Ji Roasted Delights @ Sin Ming


22A Sin Ming Rd, 571022

Nice 2pax Lunch Set @ Dianxiaoer Tampines on 2May2019

S$32.80 2pax lunch set

nice lunch with meimei @ dian xiao er tampines on 2.5.2019. ^^

dian xiao er 2pax S$32.80 set lunch

S$32.80 2pax lunch set quite ok..


best dish is the duck.. we chose 十全10herbs flavour…taste similar to yawang 鸭皇in JB but yawang still better.

chawan mushi

a chawan mushi and pickle complimentary to share

and can order 2 other dishes…


we had a luffa – good..

crispy mushrooms 

& some crispy mushroom dish.. good too…

S$32.80 2pax lunch set

had a great lunch chat and catch-up with meimei. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Dian Xiao ER @ Tampines

Not So Great Lunch @ Kampai Izakaya on 29Apr2019

3pax lunch with sis bil

3pax lunch with sis and bil @ kampai izakaya hollandv on 29.4.2019.

came becos eatigo 50% discounts.

sashimi moriawase S$15 after eatigo 50% discounts

Sashimi moriwase passable not great.

bara chirashi don S$9 after eatigo 50%

barachirashi don not even worth the S$9 after 50% discounts.

wagyu beef don S$10 after eatigo 50% discounts

wagyu don beef thin quite tasty rice also quite tasty.

half grilled saba S$7 after eatigo 50% discounts

half grilled saba S$7 after eatigo 50% discounts

saba ok but too small serving better go shindo izakaya.

kama S$10 after eatigo 50% discounts

likewise kama not ex at S$10 after 50% not great also…

S$60 nett for 3pax

lunch S$60 nett for 3pax not ex for the food but much meaning also…

sashimi moriawase S$15 after eatigo 50% discounts

sorry won’t come back!

c.h.e.f andy


Scrumptious Home Zichar 7pax Family Dinner on 26Apr2019

wine chicken with cloud fungus and mushroom

made 7pax family zichar dinner, 9 dishes this evening on 26.4.2019.^^

1 wine chicken with shitake and cloud fungus
2 tofu prawns
3 salted egg prawns
4 grilled pork belly
5 garlic steamed sotong
6 hk steamed aerolated garoupa
7 wokfried lala with thai basil
8 nonya sauce spinach
9 orh luar

wine chicken very tasty with intense chicken stock, shitake and cloud fungus nicely infused and chicken was very tender, not old like at most zichar or restaurants outside.

tofu prawns

tofu prawns a beauty this evening.

very tasty stock, nicely fried tofu, nicely garnished with egg and spring onions and prawns were perfect texture.

salted egg prawns

salted egg prawns

my salted egg prawns passable but not really great la…

shallow fried prawns were fried golden brown but not that crispy after like 2 hrs before cooking when everyone arrived. salted egg flavour not bad, prawn taste ok too, texture not sure how to improve unless i deepfry.

grilled belly pork

i was trying to reproduce the 咸猪肉we had in taiwan, surprisingly our recent trip to taipei and hualien the 热炒, taiwans’ equivalent of our zichar was very good, and 咸猪肉 was a great dish.

i got the inside tender texture…did not reproduce the outside crispy texture, managed to look more like char siew…marinade was different, no honey and char siew sauce so kind of differnt from char siew but the same…lol!

garlic steamed sotong

garlic steamed sotong was ok.

wife found it too garlicky, guess i have to cook the garlic a bit in the sauce first but then it would lost the nice white look…got to experiment that a bit.

E liked the garlic sauce, which was like any steamed razor clam sacue and perfect with plain rice.

hk steamed garoupa

HK steam always flavourful from the good light soy sauce but then this aerolated garoupa is a cheap fish like S$3 so flesh not much taste.

have to do red garoupa or halibut.

wok fried manila clams

wok fried manila clams was perfect dish today, right texture, and i added thai basil like in taiwan super nice flavour and taste.

nonya sauce kang kong

daughter liked the kang kong becos of the gimson nonya sauce, real nice tangy taste.

orh lua

and today’s orh lua perfect too.

picky daughter loved it a lot!

such a wonderful family dinner with the children, JH and aunty bes. son and his gf not available this evening though.


and the process of getting there…..

wine chicken with cloud fungus and mushroom

wine chicken is straight forward.

marinate, fried with ginger, chopped garlic, add chicken stock, cloud fungus, shitake and cooked 5-6mins, so chicken is tender and sweet. reserve in claypot, an heat when serving.

shallow fried prawns for slated egg prawns

shallow fried prawns for slated egg prawns

i shallow fried the prawns in like 1 cm of very hot oil.

dip in egg yoke then flour, and fried 1 min each side to golden brown…

salted egg prawns

quite crispy when just made…but with 9 dishes, these had to be done 2 hrs before and  not so crispy when cooked with salted egg yoke and curry leaves…

grilled belly pork

i boiled the belly pork for 2hrs till very tender, kept in chiller for 2hrs, sliced into 2 thinner pieces and marinated with mustard, seasalt, black pepper and red fermented bean curd overnight in fridge, then grilled in oven for 16mins, like making char siew.

it was a nice tasty belly pork, just not the taiwanese 咸猪肉 i was trying to reproduce…

next time i will shallow fry it.

fried ttofu for tofu prawns

fried ttofu for tofu prawns

my usual preparation. cut two 300g tofu each into 6 pieces, total 12 pieces, fried all side.

then fried ginger, garlic, chopped onions, added chicken stock and 1 tbsp oyster sauce, taste.

then added 1tbsp cor flour to thicken, and add 1 egg, let it formed, then draw out with chopstick.

off fire, add tofu and reserve in claypot & let it infuse.

tofu prawns

tofu prawns

when serving add prawns, cover for 2-3mins. add cut scallions.

hk steamed garoupa

HK steam straightforward, just add 2 tbsp each of olive oil, light soy sauce and mirin, and garnish.

steam for 10mins.

garlic steamed sotong

same with garlic steamed sotong…just add chopped garlic..

steam for 3mins.

manila clams

bought like 800g manila clams.

wok fried manila clams

wok fried manila clams

fried with sliced ginger, chopped garlic, cut chilli, 8 stalks of thai basil. really nice this.

orh lua

orh lua

2 tbsp flat potato flour, 4 tbsp water, 1tsp fish sauce, and white pepper.

fry over very hot pan with oil, spread out, crack one egg and spread over. let the flour and egg form nicely, add oyster on one side, cover and cook. then add crispy haebeehiam chilli, to taste and serve.

c.h.e.f andy

7pax Dinner with Bro and Sis @ Mahota Commune on 24Apr2019

7pax family dinner + 2 babies 

brother and sil bought 7pax dinner @ mahota commune

after that bought some stuff from the supermart and went to jingrui’s condo for some tea


prices ok, but then the serving portions are very small.

chai poh egg 

taste is very average, pedestrian.

steamed pork ribs rice 

the steamed pork ribs rice was good, doable.


the 罗汉斋 vegetarian dish ok.


spinach doable.


青龙菜  ok too.

vegetarian steamboat 

vegetarian steamboat in think S$18. soup was sweet and tasty.


lala really small portion and taste average so so.


my niece’s second boy. 🙂

nothing much to comment about this place. i think my broth paid S$90 or S$100 include some tea & drinks for 7pax…not sure it was cheap cos food servings were small…not expensive either…

not a place i will come back.

c.h.e.f andy



7pax RI Bros Lunch @ L’Rez by Nanyang Poly Culinary Students on 10Apr2019


LCM organised a 7pax RI bros lunch @ L’Rez by nanyang poly culinary students on 10.4.2019. ^^


food was good standard, service kind of disorganised.

student chefs

the young chefs enjoying themselves, a prerequisite for good food. ^^


S$15 3-course lunch menu

the S$15 3-course lunch menu with coffee quite ok.

there was a choic eof appetizer and main.

bettroot salmon

i had the beetroot salmon. quite ok standard with good presentation. could do with more ingredients lol!

seabass papilotte

and seabass papilotte as a main.

this should be en papilotte ie cooked in a parchment paper…usually it is served with the paper bag, here they seemed to have removed that, the server was either not hearing my question or unsure of the answer.

this dish competent i guess..could be better…

choc & orange torte

duck confit

NCL had the duck confit. i tasted the meat, quite flavourful.

there was dessert and coffee.

quite ok for S$15pax.

food was good enough standard better than food court/some cafeteria, not quite the standard of restaurants.

c.h.e.f andy


L’Rez @ Nanyang Polytechnic

Opening hours:



4pax RI Bros Lunch @ Ellenborough Market Cafe on 15Apr2019

4pax RI bros

went to QTC office for my regular visit. LKY and LKH joined us.

afterwards QTC bought 4pax RI bros lunch @ Ellenborough market cafe on 15.4.2019.

feed at raffles/amex lovedining still offering 50% off for up to 5pax on monday.

(now amex love dining offering very much diminished and not really worth the S$321 for the annual card fee c/w say eatigo, chope, burple)….

first time i was here after the renovation. basically price went up from S$38pax to S$52pax so at 50% off it was S$19pax now raised to S$26pax, food same-actually i think previously food better.


the appetizer section usual…salmon was good enuf, the other sushi stuff no standard i didn’t bother to try.

surprisingly the yabbies were quite sweet, i had 3 in total, and i think i had 2 or 3 top shell too.

kueh paitie

kueh paitie run of the mill, biryani was quite ok tasty.


no noodles..dumplings were ok.

cooked dishes

other cooked dishes – usually belly pork quite good, today the braised beef was better very tender. fish ok…others standard buffet stuff i didn’t bother try much.

nonya dessert & durian pengat

durian pengat

durian pengat still good, but like LKH said not the best, not something for 3 helpings type…


these days we can’t really eat much like before.

at S$26++pax buffet is passable and some items quite ok for me don’t need to eat much.. ambience is good. we bros had a great time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Ellenborough Market Café


4pax OPS Bros Lunch @ Hua Ting Steamboat Claymore Connect on 9Apr2019

OPS 4 bros lunch @ hua ting steamboat

WT bought 4pax lunch @ hua ting steamboat claymore connect on 9.4.2019. ^^

– with OPS bros HC

there is OCBC 1 for 1 S$48pax = so S$24pax each. there is a S$3 charge for using the condiments. many good hotpot restaurants in hk, china do that. quite ok i thin..very good condiments.

black chicken soup and tomato soup

every 2pax can choose 2 soup base. we had black chicken soup and tomato soup.

both souo were very good. tomato soup like the haidilao type…black chicken soup very tasty…i even took some of the chicken.

S$3pax condiments – dipping sauce for hotpot

S$3pax condiments – dipping sauce for hotpot

as mentioned the S$3pax condiments – dipping sauce were very good.



the hotpot set good serving of quality ingredients. 1 large scallop each.

S$48pax 1 for 1 set

2 slices of beef, chicken, fish, tofu each and tanhoon.

tofu skin

and beancurd skin.

ice cream

complimentary ice cream. i didn’t take.

S$48pax 1 for 1 set

and meat balls and sotong balls, and also a fish paste tube good serving.

the food serving was quite enough and the soup base and condiments played an important part. we had a great meal.

basically getting haidilao standard at 1/2 or 2/3 the price.

i came back afterwards with wife for 2pax dinner. will bring my sis here. they server told us for odd numbers say 3pax we can order 1 for 1 S$48pax set and add ala carte orders. only problem for me no ocbc card so happy problem friend pay la…

c.h.e.f andy




Good Prawn Couscous and Beef Butger @ Little House of Dreams on 4Apr2019

dinner with wife

2pax dinner with wife @ little house of dreams bakery bistro at dempsey on 4.4.2019.^^

like a children party place…

came becos nearby at dempsey and 50% eatigo discounts….haha! ^^

prawn cous cous

prawn couscous lots of prawns like 8 pieces quite good…a tasty dish..

beef burger S$19.90

beef burger S$19.90

beef burger with truffle fries competent..

burgers not really my kind of food…i guess it was good enough standard, good patty and brioche..

one of the best i had was at slovenia with wife and son, still not really my kind of food.

S$21 nett for 2pax after 50% eatigo discounts

2pax S$21 nett.

prawn cous cous S$15.90

not particularly a place i would come, but if happens to be here quite ok too if at these steep discounted prices.

c.h.e.f andy



Delicious Taujeon Song Fish Head @ Eat First 食之為鮮 on 3Apr2019

taujeon song fish head  S$25

my OPS bro WM & wife J bought 4pax dinner @ 食之为鲜 eat first at siglap on 3.4.2019.^^

very good dinner..wife enjoyed the taujeon song fish head which she normally doesn’t like much by the usual black bean sauce preparation.

fish head very fresh, tasty and it was humongous  very meaty so though it was S$25 c/w with S$16 at other zichar or food centre, i think it was quite worthwhile.

this is easy to make. so i can do anytime.

watercress soup S$18

watercress soup S$18

watercress soup was excellent, like any good cantonese lie tong 例汤, loved it!

i took lots of watercress veg too, and the pork, very nice.

ginger chicken S$18

ginger chicken S$18

J decided to order ginger chicken instead of steamed chicken.

it had the special 酸姜pickled ginger flavour, nice. the meat was a bit on the tough side…

most chicken preparation in restaurants and zichar, even like in shoon huat at sentosa, JB, are overcooked and not tender. otherwise i duess a competent dish.

salted fish minced pork S$18

salted fish minced pork the usual, nice dish, quite big serving, also quite ex at S$18.

didn’t feel it was better than my home preparation.

prawn tofu S$18

prawn tofu S$18

prawn tofu was the usual, though J felt that it was not good as before.

tofu was well infused and great texture, and prawns and sauce were good.

also not so different from my home preparation..i think my tofu quality not as good, the inside not as smooth, maybe will try out egg tofu or other silken tofu…my prawns and sauce just as good.

S$104 for 4pax dinner

taujeon song fish head

4pax dinner was S$104 nett, no service and GST. charge for water and tea same S$1.

we had a really fun dinner together and enjoyed the delicious dishes, especially the taujeon fish head and watercress soup.

c.h.e.f andy


Eat First 食之為鮮




Expensive Italian Great Bone Marrow Pizza and Chocolate Tart Not Good Value @ Amo on 31Mar2019

4pax family lunch

wife bought 4pax lunch today at amo at hong kong street on 31.3.2019. ^^👍👍👍

bone marrow pizza and vongole linguine best dishes …seafood stew very tasty but too ex, burrata not great, tagliata, squidink pasta and octopus average..

lunch was S$329 for 4pax .. after S$300 35% off chope vouchers, total price to us = S$224 nett.

for me that is still too expensive la!



nice ambience, and no problem parking for sunday lunch. 🙂

burrata S$28

burrata S$28

burrata here pedestrian, not great not tasty, can do without la…

bone marrow pizza

bone marrow pizza S$32

for me the bone marrow pizza still best, though wife and i low carbs, still enjoy this tasty pizza, nice dough.

octopus S$35

octopus really so so, having taken so many nice octopus elsewhere…i would say poor for S$35!

seafood casserole S$48

seafood casserole S$48

seafood casserole was very good, just small serving for S$48.

for me prices here are just to expensive, even considering chope 35% discounts. i wouldn’t come here myself but since wife buying lunch, ok for me la…

squid ink tagliolini S$28

squid ink tagliolini S$28

the recent time we had squid ink tagliolini here it was good.

today it was mediocre. i think most of my pastas better than this.

vongole S$29

vongole S$29

we added a vongole linguine.

this was good though, excellent tasty tomato sauce, not the usual vongole.

tagliata S$48

tagliata S$48

tagliata was competent, pretty ordinary. 🙂

chocolate tart S$12

the chocolate tart was excellent! unexpected..chocolate was very good and the yuzu cream an excellent pairing.

bill S$224 nett for chope vouchers discounts

bone marrow pizza S$32

4pax lunch came to S$224nett, still quite expensive even after 35% chope offpeak discount vouchers.

for the price and food, even at this discount, not too much attraction for me la…

i much rather have foc down the street…

c.h.e.f andy

amo @ hongkong street


Great 2pax Steamboat Dinner @ Hua Ting Steamboat on 30Mar2019

dinner with wife @ hua ting steamboat

had 2pax dinner with wife @ hua ting steamboat claymore connect on 30.3.2019. ^^

we booked eatgo 50% discounts at 6pm.

bill was 2pax nett $70 after eatigo discounts.

they also have ocbc card 1 for 1 set menu at $48pax even cheaper just $48++ for 2pax

i think as good as 海底捞 and like 1/2 price. 🙂

yin yang steamboat soup base S$26

the yin yang soup base alone S$26, single S$22.

so for 2pax soup base not so worthwhile c/w large groups.

the sharksbone soup base was basically a pork bone soup with a huge bone, tasted nothing like sharks bone but was sweet.

hua ting steamboat

you order through the pad, with a lot of help from the servers. lol!

hua ting steamboat 

we were the first at 6pm. good enough crowd afterwards.


the sauces were excellent, just like 海底捞 i had in shanghai. didn’t go to 海底捞 in singapore.

usa angus beef S$14 1/2 portion 4 slices

the beef expensive but good.

kurobuta pork S$8 1/2 portion

kurobuta pork not so great, maybe try kurobuta belly next time.

sliced garoupa

sliced garoup ok can do without.

prawn paste with conpoy S$8

prawn paste with conpoy was very good.


cockles was slightly precooked for food safety.

i can do without.

beef stomach

beef stomach, pretty good, nothing special i guess.

dumplings and veg

the water cress was very good.

the dumplings as well, stuffed with prawns, which we ordered a second helping. reminded us of 不倒翁 in hong kong, that was much larger dumpling though just as good.

button mushrooms

button mushrooms also very good. will order this next time.

sweet potato glass noodles

we both on low carb. but this sweet potato glass noodles was good and didn’t feel heavy.

yin yang steamboat soup base

overall a great dinner and experience for S$70nett for 2pax after 50% eatigo discounts. of course it would be cheaper with 4pax or 6pax to share the soup base or if we took the ocbc 1 for 1 set at S$48 for 2pax.

c.h.e.f andy



Excellent Dishes Superb Value after Eatigo Discounts @ Patara on 28Mar2019

patara excellent thai dishes

excellent 4pax dinner with my OPS bro WM and wife J at patara on 28mar2019.^^

we took advantage of 50% eatigo discounts at 6pm.

patara excellent thai dishes

really enjoyable dinner. delectable dishes at a steep discount, very good value for money. 🙂

pomelo prawn salad S$21

pomelo prawn salad S$21

the pomelo prawn salad with lemongrass and chilli dressing good as usual.

very sweet pomelo and nice tangy and tasty salad,3 fresh and bouncy prawns.

thai style ddepfried whole garoupa with 3 sauce S$42

thai style ddepfried whole garoupa with 3 sauce S$42

we ordered the thai style ddepfried whole garoupa with 3 sauce. crispy deepfried garoupa. batter a bit thick and fish itself not that sweet. the sauce was great.

red curry chicken best S$24

red curry chicken best S$24

the red curry chicken was superb, the best! 🙂

curry was very tasty and flavourful, chicken was tender, good i guess not special.

300days aussie grain fed tenderloin S$38

300days aussie grain fed tenderloin S$38

the 300days aussie grain fed tenderloin good enough, not as tender as last time, considering it was tenderloin and 300day grain fed (really?), there was a bit of tendon, overall quite good standard la. sauce was good too.

lamb rack very good S$35

lamb rack very good S$35

the lamb rack was another best! better than the beef.

falvourful, very tender and not much gamey taste.

mango sticky rice

mango sticky rice S$16

dessert platter S$22

red ruby S$13

red ruby S$13

red ruby S$13

the dessert were a disappointment!

in this respect the service was somewhat lacking.

i specifically asked if the mango was sweet and server said it was good, but mango was not sweet and slight sour.

also we ordered 2 red ruby, the server did not highlight to us that the platter also had red ruby.

patara excellent thai dishes

4pax dinner was about S$130+ nett.

the unsatisfying desserts alone cost S$37, so the food dishes were like just S$90+ nett for 4pax.

really excellent dishes and great value this dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Good Great Value Lunch @ Lighthouse Bistro on 28Mar2019

3pax lunch at lighthouse bistro

had a previous 8pax dinner with kluang group here using chope offpeak 50% discount vouchers on

had a leftover S$50 chope voucher expiring today, so arranged to have 3pax late lunch 2pm with RI bro LKY and OPS bro WM on 28.3.2019. ^^

lighthouse bistro design cutlery

lighthouse bistro had delightful design cutlery. 🙂

appetizer platter S$20

the S$20 appetizer platter had a good serving of 4pieces prawns, fish fritters, mussels and nice calamari.

this a great dish, fritters was excellent though the fish likely just dory, batter was great. mussels had slight sweet sour taste done well and tasty. prawns had light breadcrumbs nice too and the calamari was the best, done just right and excellent sauce too.

honey bbq chicken S$19

honey bbq chicken S$19

the S$19 hoeny bbq chicken was very good too.

this quite easy dish to make, so i will try making this dish soon, just the usual pangrilled tender chicken and drizzling honey over then flamed the chicken. see how it goes shortly.

pisang dessert S$11

pisang dessert S$11

the pisang dessert was an impressive brownie topped with bananas and ice cream. an excelletn dessert. WM loved it.

bill 3pax lunch

bill was S$50 + GST = S$58.85.

the S$50 chope voucher cost S$25 and adding the GST service ++, so total paid was S$33.85 for the wonderful 3pax 2pm lunch.


after lunch we walked back across the road and LKY bought kopi.

appetizer platter S$20

a very good lunch indeed, great time with bros and great value for money at S$34 nett.

c.h.e.f andy




Tasty Food Kind of Expensive @ Por Kee on 27Mar2019

3pax OPS bro lunch at por kee

my OPS bro HC bought 3pax lunch at prok kee tiong bahrun on 27.3.2019. ^^

i think i only came this place once like 20+ to 30yrs ago. it is certainly a well known and popular zi char place.


seabass thai teochew style

friend ordered a seabass thai teochew style.

it was good. the soupy sauce was tasty and tangy, quite perfect actually, and the meat was fresh and quite firm for a seabass. certainly better than expectations.

pork ribs

the pork ribs were good too, tasty.

it had though a slght porky taste, umlike the 7th mile pork ribs which were superb, so not really the same standard.


tofu dish was competent, i guess as good as any.

smabal potato leaves

and the sambal potato leaves among the better ones at zi char places.

3pax lunch dishes at por kee

we had a great lunch and wonderful time with close bros, missing WT who is in shanghai at this time.

3pax lunch came to S$91 nett, kind of ex…

c.h.e.f andy


Por Kee Eating House




Delicious Seafood @ Ah Yat Grandstand on 26Mar2019

3 RI bro dinner

our RI bro CCG bought QTC and I 3pax dinner at ah yat grandstand this evening on 26.3.2019.

ah yat dinner dishes

alaskan crab beehon was great as usual, and the pepper and salted egg crabs were good too.

garlic steamed razor clams S$6.80 each

we started with garlic steamed razor clams.

always good here, just right doneness and very delicious hk steamed sauce with garlic. 🙂

alaskan crab tanhoon

alaskan crab tanhoon

alaskan crab tabhoon very tasty as always.

this evening we had fewer serving of crabs c/w my recent time here, but i guess that can be variable.

ginger scallion frog 3 frogs xS$4.50 eahc

the ginger scallion frog could have been better. frog very slightly overdone so not as tender and moist as my recent time here. also the 3 frogs did not seem more than the 2 frogs i had last here recently.

salted egg crab = 2 crabs S$39.90

pepper crabs – 2 crabs S$39.90

lobster price S$39. there was no cheaper lobster today.

so we decided to order 2x500g crabs for S$39.90 and made pepper crab and salted egg crab.

crab was fresh, sweet and tasty. the pepper crab was more flavourful. the salted egg crab was good too.

3pax dinner was S$146. quite good really for the food we had.

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Yat Seafood @ Grandstand


#03-01/02, The Grandstand, 200Turf Club Road, 287994


+65 6884 6884
+65 68832112

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:30 – 14:30

Daily: 17:30 – 22:30

Very Good Wagyu Beef Cubes 4pax dinner @Silk SICC on 23Mar2019

roast combintion

a good friend SMM and wife bought 4pax dinner at silk sicc this evening on 2.3.2019.^^

the duck, char siew and siew yoke were all good. peach garden siew yoke still better la. 🙂

silk sicc

nice calligraphy. i must practice this later.

pepper beef

the pepper beef was really good, supper tender. wife and i not tried this here before.

the service staff here not knowledgeable. earlier we asked for chrysantemum with 枸杞 wolfberries. 2 staff came. both had no clue what was 枸杞 wolfberries. this time i asked was the where the beef from? was it wagyu? service staff came back after checking and said from australia but she no clue about wagyu.

otherwie service attitude was good. just knowledge not good.

sea perch thai style

today sea perch came with thai green spicy sauce. not the crispy sea perch with thai sweet sour sauce we wanted but it was good to try a new dish.

it was good too, just very sour and spicy and too salty. wife and i prefer the crispy perch.


asparagus was competent.

braised prawns beehoon

the fresh prawns braised beehoon was very good. always good!

beehoon very flavourful well infused with stock. prawns just 4 pieces very small serving, lots of beehoon. luckily beehoon very tasty all finished.

i will do braised beehoon again, either white beehoon or this style.


braised prawns beehoon

it was a wonderful dinner with good friends. we don’t meet often…it was good sharing and fellowship

c.h.e.f andy


Silk Restaurant
Singapore Island Country Club, 180 Island Club Road, 578774, (Thomson)

Operating Hours:

Weekdays (Lunch) 11:30am – 2:30pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 11:00am – 2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm – 10:00pm daily

Restaurant is closed on Mondays except on the eves of public holidays and public holidays.

Dress Code (Lunch): Casual – Round-neck shirt and bermudas allowed (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)
Dress Code (Dinner): Smart Casual – Collared T-shirt/shirt with long trousers and covered shoes (Shorts, slippers and flip flops are NOT allowed)

Mediocre Food 4pax early Birthday Dinner @ Peach Gardens Metropolis on 22Mar2019

siew yoke and char siew

had 4pax dinner at peach gardens metropolic, early celebration for sil birthday on 22.3.2019.

food not that great leh…

buddha jump over the wall S$48

ordered S$48 buudha jump over the wall for sil. tasted it..i think my own bjotw much better, my broth much tastier.

sharks cartilage soup S$26

seafood thick soup S$10

ordered shark cartilage soup for brother, didn’t try it but i think it was good!

I ok with our seafood soup wife didn’t like.

siew yoke and char siew

siew yoke very good

char siew good though wife said a bit sweet & some parts not tender..i think my own char siew just as good.

meicai steamed with sea perch

meicai sea perch was good as before. 🙂

yuzu crispy sea perch 

but wife said crispy perch with yuzu too sweet not nice.

fried prawns and scallops with broccoli 

fried prawns and scallops with broccoli

prawn and scallops with broccoli mediocre. and scallop tasted like fake plastic

crabmeat tofu with spinach

crabmeat with tofu was a good dish.


the horfum was poor, no wokhae, any zi char will do better.

杨枝甘露with ice cream

brother liked the 杨枝甘露with ice cream.

chataraise cream cake S$20

i called prior confirmed no cakeage charge here. the chataraise cream cake so so. not great.

siew yoke and char siew

overall not good standard below par for an average chain like peach garden.

even though with eatigo discounts, dinner for 4pax was S$154 nett, mainly because the bjotw and sharks cartilage soup were expensive.

c.h.e.f andy


Peach Garden @ Metropolis

Opening Hours: