Food First Service Last @ Eat First 食之为鲜 on 3Jul2019

song fish head 

good food good price poor service @ eat first (i guess service last) 食之为鲜 3pax dinner this evening on 3.7.2019. ..

food vs price alone i guess 4 to 4.5 stars

tea S$1pax rice S$1pax towel S$0.50pax all reasonable..

fish head was big, fresh, very good standard.

so 2 stars for me this evening only because the young lady was untrained, uninitiated or just not in jolly mood..

eat first 食之为鲜

i booked 6pm and arrived 6.55pm..traffic delays, picking up other diners, parking was 20% by time we left 40% occupied.

We were asked to take a smaller table but we think more comfortable so moved to a bigger round table with the consent of server..

the young lady at counter saw it fit to come over and give us a lecture about calling up if we are late as they kept booking only for 15mins (sure they should)..

i always make it a point to call to cancel before time if i not going..this time we are coming just late because delays and i know very well the restaurant is empty..been there before..

& we could also be just walk-in no need to say we booked..and if itwas full just too bad lor, other makan places all around..since it is empty no need give customer a lecture la..

anyway we came for food to enjoy the food that part satisfied ok la..just putting on record lol!

tofu prawns

tofu prawns 

bittergourd pork ribs

bittergourd pork ribs 

prawn tofu and bittergourd very good standard despite this elder brother being from the steamed department..great taste, texture and good wokhae so food and price wise i think really quite good.

3 dishes

S$67.50 for 3pax

song fish head 

we had a great time ourselves, unperturbed by the poor service attitude, purposely giving customers a smaller table when so many empty tables throughout dinner, and when customer moved to bigger table, couldn’t take it must come to give lecture…just immature and bad attitude.

did not bother us but still need to put on record la! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Eat First 食之為鮮



Good Nonya Food 6pax Family Dinner @ Tingkat PeraMakan on 30jun2019

babi pongteh set

had very good 6pax family dinner this evening at tingkat preMakan at owen road on 30.6.2019. ^^

the babi ponteh, sambal sotong, curry chicken, pork ribs set all good 👍

set came with 2 sides, drink and dessert..

chendol this evening was excellent as good as four seasons tpy lor 8!

alacarte dishes were all good. rendang best! ikan tenggiri, fried seafood laksa and otah all good. 6pax, 5 set + 4 ala carte dishes = S$103 nett.

tingkat permakan

quite a nice cosy place.

sayur curry


the 2 sides we liked best were the sayur curry and tofu.

babi pongteh

babi pongteh was good.

but more preferred the pork ribs pongteh.

sotong sambal set

daughter ordered the sotong sambal set, and JH the curry chicken set.

sotong sambal was good, curry chicken ok too.


otak also very good.

ikan tenggiri

ikan tenggiri

as was the ikan tenggiri. firm, sweet fish, nice curry and vegetables.

fried seafood laksa

fried seafood laksa

the fried seafood laksa didn’t look that great but taste was quite good actually!

beef rendang

rendang was the best dish.



and chendol this evening exceptional standard, as good as four seasons at TPY lor 8.

pork rib set

we had a great time.

i think i will try out babi pongteh and pork ribs first and later do a full fledged nonya dinner for family and friends.

c.h.e.f andy


Tingkat PeraMakan




Best Roast Duck and Great Dishes @ Xin Cuisine on 28Jun2019

truffle mushrooms S$10

met up with QTC and sis esther..

NCL & KWL had to go off….QTC, LCM and i decided to go xin cusine 新故乡for 3pax dinner..

had a really good chat including LCM’s project and also kluang.

truffle mushrooms S$10

xin cuisine reopened after like 3 months for kitchen renovation and reopened like 7.6.2019.

food just as fabulous as before.

i ordered the truffle mushroosm to share.

tea smoked roast duck S$32

and the signature tea smoked roast duck.

it was really good. crispy skin , great texture and wonderful flavour.

sliced garoupa S$28

the sliced garoupa dish excellent wokhae.

garoupa meat was ok. nice combination of leek, onions and chilli.

sweet mustard vegetables kailan S$20

sweet mustard vegetables kailan S$20

the sweet mustard vegetables 梅菜 kailan also very good. one of my favourite.

S$82 for 3pax

after amex 35% discounts for 3pax, dinner came to S$82nett, inclusive of 2 desserts. quite ok for the excellent dishes we had.

tea smoked roast duck S$32

and the best was none other thn the tea smoked roast duck.

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM6:30–10:30PM




Really Nice Indian Rojak @ Habib’s on 28Jun2019

8pax RI + til german guy

raj, an old RI school friend visiting singapore,

NCL arranged for 8pax early lunch @ habib’s ayer rajah food centre today on 28.6.2019. ^^

followed by durians – we had msw and golden phoenix…

i just came from delivering my weekly friday breakfast dish to teban gardens. WM my

OPS bro messaged and we decided to have kopi at clementi blk 325 next to carpark adjacent to clementi mrt, where i picked up NCL, angie and raj. raj brought a young german trauma/ortho doctor friend visiting singapore, and we proceeded to habib’s.

habib’s indian rojak

habib’s indian rojak

habib’s indian rojak 

we ordered quite a bit, rojak came in 2 plates S$31 for 9pax…quite enough actually but we were greedy and ordered another S$10… really nice especially taken with the chilli dip..we had cuttlefish as well as squid, crispy batter prawn, coconut piece, and of course fish cake and tau kua..

really shiok..must come back agsain!

rajs birthday cake

angie brought the rainbow cake.

msw and golden phoenix

msw and golden phoenix

after rojak, we decided to walk over to the fruit stall for durians.

we ordered 6 durians in total = 2 golden phoenix 2xS$10, 2 small msw 2xS$10 (these 4 S$10 each) and 3 large msw 3 8kg @ S$18/kg for D$65 = total 6 durians S$105 …

the joke is that the S$10 msw is better than the S$30 msw..the smaller ones so intense and flavourful..HAB almost wanted to buy back some S$10 msw.

habib’s indian rojak

meimei & WEH happened to be also here with brother john tan, paul and his daughter, and took some nice group photos.

c.h.e.f andy


Habib’s Rojak


Delicious Family Cookout – Wife, Son, Aunty Bes, I all Contributed a Dish on 27Jun2019

son’s kimchi fried rice

wife decided to have family cook out on 27.6.2019. ^^

we had 4pax family dinner, everyone cooked.

  1. wife did pangrilled ribeye
  2. son did a sous vide flamed ribeye
  3.  and a kimchi fried rice
  4. i did a pan roasted “halia” chicken with red wine reduction leek & onion
  5. and aunty bes did pan charred brussels sprouts

afterwards wife and i had coffee then went for a walk with wife to clock 10000 steps 🙂

son’s kimchi fried rice

son’s kimchi fried rice good standard, tasty.

wife’s pangrilled ribeye

wife’s pangrilled ribeye

wife’s pangrilled ribeye was good, done well.

son’s sous vide flamed ribeye

son’s sous vide flamed ribeye better still. he said 2hrs 50degC, sounded a bit rare.

but after flaming, and it was not a thick cut, it came out very well, nicely medium rare, very consistemt and great flavours.

aunty bes pan charred brussels sprouts

aunty bes pan charred brussels sprouts we all like.

my pan roasted “halia” chicken with red wine reduction leek & onions

i did a panroasted 1/2 kampung chicken

to model after the excellent tender, moist, tasty chicken we recently had at halia (above photo).

my pan roasted “halia” chicken with red wine reduction leek & onions

my pan roasted “halia” chicken

came up with my own recipe, and it was pretty good la..

i seasoned with sea salt and pepper and pangrilled deboned 1/2 kampung chicken breast and thigh pieces about 4 mins, high heat, just a little butter (chicken lots of oil rendering out), till crispy skin, turned over and off fire. then 20mins in 130degC oven.

chicken was very tender, moist and consistent, quite close to halia’s.

red wine reduction leek & onions

halia’s leek side with the grilled chicken was very good too.

i decided to do mine as red wine reduction. it was really tender and tasty. PT commented it was very nice and chatted with me about how it was done.

son’s sous vide flamed ribeye

a very fun family evening, everyone cooked something. wife and son’s dishes all very nice, and i loved aunty bes’ brusssel sprouts too.

c.h.e.f adny

Tasty Teochew Food 7pax OPS Bros and Wives Dinner) @ Chao Shan Cuisine on 26Jun2019

chao shan cuisine

wife bought 7pax dinner with WM, Jessie, WT & GY and HC @ chao shan cuisine 潮汕林 on 26.6.2019. ^^

first time i ate here.

food was generally good, tasty, and great teochew dishes. 🙂

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang were very good.

pig trotter jelly

this trotter jelly very tasty, much better than that at fragrant gardens recently.

braised goose

in the bill they said braised goose.

i thought no goose in singapore? except like frozen goose from 7 countries european, latin america etc.

anyhow it was very good, much better than the braised duck at fragrant gardens.

goose liver

and goose liver.

the 2 dishes S$60, goose was ok…don’t think i want to spend money on braised goose liver. 🙂

egg omelette

egg omelette also good. at S$20, quite standard price..better than fragrant gardens, about same as huat kee.

sotong with chives

sotong with chives S$26 was ok, a good dish.

the proprietress brandied some names, anyway looked like sotong, tasted like sotong, it was sotong to me.

teochew fried kuay teow

teochew fried kuay teow also very good here. better than both fragrant gardens and huat kee.

S$220 for 7pax

dinner was S$220 for 7pax, quite ok, but then we did not have the expensive dishes like halibut and pomfret which were both excellent at fragrant gardens.

i can expect them to be equally good and expensive here though. lol!

when i read the blogs, apparently their cold crab, teochew steamed treadfin also very gooda and the steamed sharks cartilage..not sure that is a teochew dish…

will try next time.

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang

had a really nice dinner thanks to arrangements by WM and Jessie, and a good get together before GY flew back to shanghai.

c.h.e.f andy


Good Standard Thai Food Good Value Too @ Patara Fine Thai Cuisine on 25Jun2019

thai dishes

5 of us OPS buddies arranged to have lunch, but WM was held up by some singtel installation, so 4pax lunch at patara on 25.6.2019. ^^

i booked the eatigo 50% discounts at 12pm. 🙂

thai seafood tanhoon salad S$23

i ordered thai seafood tanhoon salad. i think the prawn pomelo salad is better. WT doesn’t take prawns. 🙂

tomyam talay S$12

tomyam talay S$12

i ordered just one tomyam soup for my friends to try.

quite enough. i wasn’t taking still nursing a cough though 90% recovered…HC doesn’t take sotong and WT doesn’t take prawns. haha!

Grilled 300 days grain-fed Australian beef tenderloin S$38

and the grilled 300 days grain-fed Australian beef tenderloin. this really good quality, tender and tasty.

red curry chicken S$24

and red curry chicken.

i think red curry is the most tasty curry here. today maybe my tastebuds not fully restored so i didn’t feel it was as flavourful, lemak and intense as i thought.

my friends liked it anyway.

WHOLE SEABASS In lime, garlic and chilli broth S$42

first time i ordered this steamed whole seabass.

this a very popular dish in thailand and in the distant past i had taken this many times in bangkok with thai business partners and it was very good.

i had cooked this myself, just seabass with fish sauce and lots of aromatics. today i didn’t expect much and it wasn’t much. good enough i guess. seabass with tasty sauce. should have come as a candle heated dish though.

pineapple rice with seafood S$22

i never order thai pineapple rice as it is sweet and my family always order the very flavourful olive rice.

still i expected better but this was not much tasty, i think much below par for a restaurant like patara…

WT’s haebeehiam fried rice and msw fried rice which we took recently, much better than this.

dessert platter S$22

i ordered a dessert platter for my friends to try.

i wasn’t taking and it was quite enough for 3pax. – coconut and vanilla ice cream, 2 thai chendol, durian cakes and fruits.

S$108 for 4pax lunch

Grilled 300 days grain-fed Australian beef tenderloin S$38

we had a great lunch, and price was great too with eatigo 50% discounts.

4pax lunch for good quality food at S$108 nett.

after lunch we went to visit M’s new place and picked up some ang hae (red prawn) durians at SKC. red prawn durians so so for me…i liked the xo durians i also bought better. we had that at won lee’s place later in the evening.

c.h.e.f andy


Patara Fine Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall

Excellent Value Dishes @ Halia at Botanical Gardens on 24Jun2019

wagyu beef carpaccio

had a halia chope S$100 8.30pm offpeak voucher expiring today 24.6.2019. bought for S$50.

made reservation on chope 8.30pm and went early with wife and walked to the visitor’s centre and back, contributed to 10,000 steps. lol! 🙂

they didn’t have my favourite blackmore wagyu spare rib on the menu ay more, so didn’t order more vouchers and chope doesn’t allow once reservation time so sticked with the S$100.

food was quite excellent for the price. we had-

  • 2 servings of wagyu beef carpaccio (excellent)
  • Tuna tartar (good)
  • Sauteed portobello (good)
  • Cauliflower Soup (ok)
  • Chicken breast (excellent)

all in S$53nett for 2pax with chope 50% vouchers.

cauliflower soup with roll S$5

we ordered soup of the day..a cauliflower soup..good standard not special, and it came with a roll, not bad la for i think S$5 and got 50% off soem more. 🙂

sauteed portobello S$6

ordered the sauteed portobello.

had mixed mushrooms a few times always good, as was this too…

tuna tartar S$18

competent, natural sweetness, overall mediocre not great…

wagyu beef carpaccio S$16

the wagyu carpaccio was very good, much better w/o the previous like bearnaise sauce??

wagyu beef carpaccio

natural sweetness, and nicely marbled wagyu, very tasty. we ordered a second plate.

yam crisp

complementary yam crisp.

chicken breast S$28

we ordered the grilled chicken breast. it was excellent, very tender, moist and tasty.

i told the server it was like 1/2 the size of what i had previously, which was breast plus wingstick portion, now only breast. she replied that some customers suggest to have a side, so they had the leek confit and cheeseball. i liked both. 🙂

chicken breast

in fact i went back and made the dish myself, not as good obviously but quite ok. 🙂

so 2pax dinner very good standard dishes for S$53 nett. boleh la!

c.h.e.f andy


Halia @ Botanical Gardens



Good Teochew Food (4pax Dinner with WM & Jessie) @ Huat Kee RELC on 20Jun2019

4pax dinner at huat kee RELC

wife bought 4pax dinner at uat kee this evening on 20.6.2019. ^^

i had arranged 6pax dinner including WT and GY at tasty loong @ ortho. but WT had some urgent matters to attend to, so we decided just 4 of us all around town don’t go so far. can go tasty loong another time.

wife loves the food at huat kee, so we decided to go there, quite convenient at RELC.

we ordered 3 claypot sharksfin S$30. it was very good. i didn’t take.

garlic pork 蒜泥白肉

garlic pork 蒜泥白肉 was good.

fish maw with kailan

fish maw with kailan

surprisingly the fish maw was much below par?? not tasty, not right…

chopped spinach

the claypot chopped spinach was good. i think maybe i can replicate that.

oyster omelette

oyster omelette

oyster omelette was good standard, better than fragrant gardens.

teochew fried kauy teow

teochew fried kauy teow

the teochew fried kauy teow was good but still not enough wokhae, not the best, can be better.

cheng tng

orh nee

the dessert orh nee and cheng tng were good.

dinner came to about $240 for 4pax, not that cheap though the individual dishes on the menu didn’t look too expensive. of course there was 3 sharksfin and the other dishes would add up to about S$135. i guess ok.

the whole suckling pig was S$169 on the menu. however the expensive looking )as in the cost of making printing) menu not updated so the menu price for sharesfin was S$28 but the cost was S$30.

i will consider coming here with my sis and brother to try the suckling pig and other dishes.

c.h.e.f andy


Huat Kee @ RELC




Good MSW @ Four Seasons Durian on 13Jun2019

msw from four seasons durian

met up with dhanaraj and NCL at toastbox clementi mall. Mahen came by to join coffee..

durian at clementi hawker centre

after coffee we bought msw from four seasons durians = S$18/kg S$66 for 2 durians 3.7kg..

we went to eat at clementi hawker centre

msw from four seasons durian

msw from four seasons durian

durians were good just no better than what i had recently with LKY & LKH at chong boon market where we paid only S$40 for 2 durians about same amount..

c.h.e.f andy


Four Seasons Durians


3155 Commonwealth Ave W, B1-K19, Singapore 129588


Expensive Mediocre Food even with Eatigo 50% Discounts @ Peach Garden Miramar on 12Jun2019

roast pork

went with wife & sumin to peach garden miramar for 3pax dinner on 12.6.2019..

went peach garden becos there is eatigo 50% discounts..

however, unlike patara and indian curry house the 50% discounts at peach garden is NOT GENUINE!

they marked up the prices eg 1/2 roast duck S$48..peach garden is average food below xin cuisine, tunglok, imperial treasure etc nobody priced 1/2 roast duck S$48!

and server try to push soon hock at S$70/kg after 50% discounts..nobody sells soon hock at S$140/kg..

anyway their restaurant their prerogative..


better off with minimum 4pax alacarte buffet S$48pax MON-THURS 50% off which is their regular promotion NOT eatigo..

we ate few dishes no point wasting money here still comes to S$93nett for 3pax..

roast pork

surprisingly the roast pork was good actually..

wasabi prawns

wasabi prawns 

wasabi prawns so so, oily…

yuzu sea perch

steamed sea perch 

soy sauce steamed sea perch good, yuzu sea perch NOT great…

minced pork tofu

fish noodles 

minced pork tofu so so passable

and fish noodles so so not enough wok hae.

S$94 for 3pax 

i think S$94 for the cheap food we had was ridiculous especially with eatigo 50% discounts.

see my later 3pax dinner at xin cuisine just S$82 with top quality food.

roast pork

for this evening, i think only deserve 1 star…

anyway we had good family time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:



Great Delectable Dishes (7pax Family Father’s Day Dinner) @ Tasty Loong on 9Jun2019

kurobuta char siew

my family always celebrate commercialised occasions like christmas, new year, valentine, mother’s day etc not on the actual day.

becos generally we say on actual days it cost double, quality dropped by 1/2 and ZERO service lol!

so for father’s day celebrations, children boguht me dinner one week before on 9.6.2019. ^^

i selected the place, tasty loong @ orto.

ORTO, formerly bottletree park is a multi recreational park, with prawning, fishing, karting, paintball, trampoline etc and like 8 F&B outlets.

for this evening we are dining at tasty loong, nice ambience over the pond.

orto carpark

ample parking.

orto pond

great ambience, there was also a live band at a platform at the drinking joint.

tasty loong

tasty loong

orto pond

our table overlooked the pond.

ice vegetable with salted egg fish skin S$18

we were introduced by the server this special dish – ice vegetables.

we had this last year at shanghai, introduced by my OPS friend, WT and his wife GY. we loved it.

here it was very good too, everyone loved it. will order this again when i come next.

1/2 roast london duck S$25

roast london duck was very good. actually better than the tea flavoured duck at xin cuisine we just had…more like the recent xin cuisine one was below their usual standard.

anyway this one great roast flavours, great texture and is up there. just that everyone didn’t think much of the mango sauce!

kurobuta char siew

kurobuta char view looked lovely.

kurobuta char siew

and tasted superb!

hand tear chicken

hand tear chicken

the hand tear chicken 手撕鸡 was good especially with the ginger scallion dip..tender, moist, sweet, nothing specail though.

pumpkin prawns 

children liked the pumpkin prawns, nothing special to me.

smoked duck

smoked duck was the poorest dish. last time i tried it was ok. after trying again, i think i can pass on this dish.


lala was ok competent.

charcoal tofu

the charcoal tofu among the better dishes, great texture and taste and unique.

banana leaf seafood beehoon

the carbs were below par here.

the seafood beehoon was ok competent, but not flavourful enough, not my preferred dish.

yuan yang fried rice

yuan yang fried rice

the yuan yang fried rice was a bit better, more flavourful especially the bottom bits form the stone pot. can consider next time. but wife and i really wanted a good standard normal zichar horfun. they did not have that on the menu only the chilli crab horfun which was not great when i had it last time. will ask for noraml horfun next time i come.

ice cream in coconut

ice jelly

the dessert were the worst dishes here.

the ice jelly was a total failure. how can go wrong with ice jelly, just syrup and lime on ice and jelly? cannot order this one.

will try orh nee next time, hopefully better.

1/2 roast london duck

overall everyone loved the food and ambience. had a really relaxed and fun evening with the family.

c.h.e.f andy


Tasty Loong by Chef Pung

Address: 81 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769198 unit #01-06/07
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday  – 5pm – 10:30pm (last order 9:45 pm)
Saturday, Sunday & PH – 11:30am – 10:30pm (last order 9:45pm)
Bar        – 5:30pm – 1:00am (2:00am on weekends, eve of PH)
Contact: +65 6757 7887+65 9472 6210

Nice Cheap Zichar (5pax OPS Bros) @ OK 美味 Dunman Food Centre on 7Jun2019

HK steamed song fish head

OPS friend bought 5pax zichar at OK 美味 @ Dunman Food Centre on 7.6.2019. ^^

OK zichar @ dunman fc

tiny crammed single stall OK 美味 @ Dunman Food Centre

zichar dishes at OK

we ordered 4 dishes.

HK steamed song fish head

HK steamed song fish head the usual good standard, flavourful sauce, fresh song fish head. 🙂

steamed salted fish minced pork 咸鱼饼

good steamed salted fish minced pork咸鱼饼。 :-)

fried egg bittergourd

fried egg bittergourd good, flavourful.

sambal potato leaves

and sambal potato leaves great too.

taukua pao

HC went downstairs to buy taukua pao. very good!

WT’s fried rice

WT brought fried rice.

WT durian fried rice

the durian fried rice was really good, much better than expected.

very tasty and fragrant. it was kind of like pineapple fried rice, which i usually don’t take because it is sweet. this durian fried rice also sweet, and i think i cannot take too much of it.

WT durian fried rice

a small portion very enjoyable.

haebeehiam fried rice

the haebeehiam fried rice also very good.

in fact for more helping, i prefer this haebeehiam fried rice.

xo and msw

afterwards we went to WM place and had xo and msw durians. very good.

xo durian

msw from skc

xo was good. i have had better msw but this msw was pretty good already.

c.h.e.f andy


Great Teochew Food (7pax Birthday Dinner for Brother and Sis) @ Fragrant Garden on 13Jun2019

pig trotter jelly

had early 7pax birthday dinner for brother and sister @ fragrant garden teochew restaurant on 13.6.2019. ^^

food was good as always, especially the teochew streamed halibut, claypot pomfret soup, and very flavourful orh nee..

duck was below par, orh lua quite “pang” not the best. teochew fried kuay teow mediocre not enuf wokhae, garlic kailan non-descript, pig trotters jelly so so

pig trotter jelly

pig trotter jelly was competent, i guess what people said “mai hiam buay pai” lol!

meat was soft, jelly was good enough not very flavourful…

claypot pomfret soup S$98

the claypot pomfret soup the best, unfailingly.

very tasty soup, sweet chinese cabbage, and pomfret very fresh, firm and sweet. i like this better than steamed pomfret, and better than the very tasty teochew steamed halibut!

not cheap obviously S$100/kg and 0.98kg.

teochew steamed halibut

teochew steamed halibut the next best dish, super delicious!

teoche steam has sour plum, salted vegetable, delivering excellent tangy sweet taste.

and halibut was sweet, delicate, firm white fish. the dish was just superb!

braised duck

braised duck was much, much below par! wet and not tasty not “pang”.

my own teochew braised duck, super “pang”, moist, tasty

wife said far below the braised duck i made. in fact now we decided not to order braised duck in restaurants, doesn’t make sense.

i find it strange that roast duck are uniformly better in restaurants c/w hawkers/coffeshop, whereas braised duck are almost equally uniformly better at hawker than at restaurants

example –

far superior to this!

oyster omelette

oyster omelette was good enough competent, did not stand out.

beng thin’s crispy version beats this hands down.

likewise many hawker stalls oyster omelette better!

fried kai lan

fried kailan quite nice, some wok hae but kind of pedestrian for me.

i have taken very good fried kailan elsewhere.

teochew fried kuay teow

teochew fried kuay teow below expectation, can’t say below par but i expected it to be much more fragrant with good wok hae. not quite this evening.

orh nee

orh nee

orh nee here very good, one of the best for me.

not too sweet, and have everything, the right texture, flavours, ingredients.

fragrant garden

brother and sis and sil, bil had a great time.

youngest daughter was able to join us so we had 7pax.

a truly enjoyable family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy




Great 6pax Lunch @ Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck on 2Jun2019

super peking duck

super peking duck

jessie & WMbought wonderful 6pax lunch @ imperial treasure super peking duck at asia square – with WT& GY on 2.6.2019. ^^

Imperial Treasure food always good..

this restaurant in particular is famous for its “super peking duck” which indeed was very good..

the skin was served first, dipped with a bit of sugar. i had this preparation at goodwood park meng jiang 岷江at rochester eons ago.

if i were to make a comparison, for myself kai gardens overall experience better with the unique crispy beancurd item adding texture when eaten together in the peking duck wrap.

imperial treasuere super peking duck

imperial treasuere super peking duck

ambience was great and quite good crowd on a sunday lunch.

roast pork

roast pork the top standard, pressed, fat rendered out, and tasty perfect texture.

crispy fupeiquin 炸腐皮卷


cheong fun 肠粉

dimsum were all good especially fun cheong very smooth perfect texture..

crispy fupeiquin good. and 潮州粉果 good too.

lei tong 例汤

lei tong 例汤 ingredients 0

lie tong always good, very smooth and tasty..i had better lie tong at (also) imperial treasure and crystal jade, but this is good consistent standard…

minced duck meat with cabbage

minced duck meat with cabbage

cabbage wrap preparation for minced peking duck neat very good too very “pang” and not so oily. i seldom take this preparation…

3 egg spinach

3 egg spinach

3 egg spinach looked great and more than competent. 🙂

dumpling 大粽子

the 粽 dumpling so so for me the glutinous rice were mushy i think oversteamed.

super peking duck

it was a wonderful lunch with good friends.

after lunch, wife and i went to WM place. we had msw durians from SKC at tiong bahru. very nice!

c.h.e.f andy




The Best Yakiniku (Children Bought Mother’s Day Dinner) @ Aburiya on 10May2019

wagyu sasshimi

children bought 7pax mother’s day dinner @ aburiya robertson quay on 10.5.2019.

wife and i leaving for hiking holiday at blue mountains so children brought forward the celebrations.

aburiya is our family go to place for yakiniku and my wife favourite restuarant.

this evening we also have JH and aunty bes so 7pax family dinner.

the wagyu “carpaccio” dish everyone’s favourite and we ordered 2 servings.

wagyu beef platter

the beef platter S$35 has good combination jo karubi (prime shortribs), rossu, and i think sirloin, the best cut. we ordered 2 servings also.

sweet corn

sweet corn very nice.


and we ordered chicken and one pork for aunty bes.


kimchi chigae

we love both the bibimen and kimchi chigae here.

and we also ordered the bibimbap, i think forgot to take photo.

jo karubi

and the jo karubi (prime shortribs) was excellent. i think we ordered like 3 servings plus one serving of karubi.

always a satisfying meal and great family time together at aburiya.

c.h.e.f andy



Korean BBQ Buffet (14 RI Bros Apr/May Birthday Lunch) @ Daessiksin on 7May2019

daessiksin korean bbq

we have our 14bros birthday celebrations every 2-3months. this time it was for the apr/may birthday buys, 3 chappies LKH, KWL, NCL.

organisers (LCH, LCJ, OBT) arranged really fun games at national stadium including treasure hunt, very good way to acquaint with the various locations at the stadium and many games – from frisbee, passing, kicking, netting small balls on target, skipping, 3-man race manuevring small rugby ball held up together w/o hands, chapteh etc etc.

lots of fun!

bar too high to do better next round?

after games we went to daesiksin 大食神korean bbq/hotpot like S$17.90pax 35% senior citizen discounts 🙂

14 bros at daessiksin

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

lots of meats like beef, pork, chicken, fish…

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

all the banchan pickles, veg, balls, mushrooms…

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

but no customers leh…us..and 2 other tables about it…

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

there was both hotpot and korean bbq grill, not the combination mookata grill.

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

the quite large small octopus really shiok!

the cheese dip was superb. 2 types of cheese very flavourful…we finished up the serving from another table where the guys don’t tale much cheese. 🙂

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

i think our table we like had 3 octopus each!

buffet side dishes


dessert and fruits nothing much there.

apr and may birthday boys

we had our birthday celebrations. no cakeage lol!

birthday cakes

they had ice cream..not bad eating with birthday cake. 🙂

korean bbq buffet at daessiksin

we had a jolly good time.

service was very good. the staff took photos and put up with a overly active senior group. lol!

c.h.e.f andy

Daessiksin @ Kallang Wave Mall


1 Stadium Place #01-21/K10 Kallang Wave Mall Singapore 397628
Branch :Kallang Wave Mall


Tel: 6241 0602, 65810331


Good Food Outstanding Service @ Burlamacco on 1Jun2019

beef carpaccio was tender and sweet

went for 2pax dinner @ burlamacco to celebrate our aniversary this evening on 1.6.2019.^^ 🙂

there is 50% off for 2pax for amex love dining🙂

beef carpaccio was tender and sweet

beef carpaccio was tender and sweet, with shaved parmesan cheese, a bit plain w/o dressing..

red tuna tartar

red tuna tartar

they split the other 3 dishes for us so each photo only split ie 1/2 portion.

red tuna tartar with avacado very good 👍

lobster linguine

lobster linguine

lobster arrabiata good standard with fresh whole small lobster tail..each 1/2portion came with 1/2 tail.

fish stew like buillabaise

the seafood stew very huge serving even for 1/2 portion..i have like 4 pieces of fish, lots of small cubed cuttlefish, just one prawn, and small tail portion of lobster and 2 mussels for my 1/2 portion.

…soup was nice not superb and seafood ok not super fresh…

S$94nett for 2pax

fish stew like buillabaise

overall 2pax dinner plus one white wine was S$94 nett after discount.

dishes were good restaurant standard and very good serving size and service was outstanding.

with 50% amex discounts dinner was S$94nett very good value for the food we had.

c.h.e.f andy


Burlamacco  Ristorante




Quite Nice North Indian Dishes @ Indian Curry House on 5May2019

4pax family lunch

after whole family paying respect at 光明山 (our off season qing need to suffer jams and park illegally far away),

we adjourned for 4pax lunch @ indian curry house at 6th ave centre on 5.5.2019. ^^

4pax family lunch

above average northern indian dishes (prawn masala very good) and 50% eatigo discounts.. 🙂

indian curry house

ambience was ok.

and service was good.

indian dishes

i enjoyed the indian dishes…

prawn masala

butter chicken

prawn masala & butter chicken good..


manchurian gobi

manchurian gobi not my favourite and paneer quite ok…

fish biryani

fish biryana a lot of fish but biryana not that flavourful..

garlic naan

garlic naan good standard…

bill S$57 for 4pax after eatigo discounts

indian dishes

S$57nett for 5dishes plus 2 naans for 4pax if excluding drink no discounts just S$51nett.

we had a great lunch.

will bring my sis and bil here next time, only with eatigo 50% discounts….

c.h.e.f andy


Indian Curry House

QTC bought 2pax Lucnh @ Tiong Bahru Hainanaese Chicken Rice on 10May2019

QTC bought 2pax lunch

my good friend QTC bought 2pax lunch at tiong bahru hainanese chicken rice on 10.5.2019. ^^

tiong bahru hainanese chicken rice

place super crowded and constant flow of customers.

we waited quite long as we didn’t realise we had to pay first then in the queue, and others coming after us were all being served.

so lunch actually took quite long for busy QTC…just that we were chatting and sharing and didn’t mind.

chicken rice

chicken breast was tender and moist and quite sweet with the dark sauce. rice was fragrant.

not bad but also run of the mill, nothing great either.

char siew rice

char siew was the tender with sauce type, more artificial, not the more fatty burnt bits type i prefer.

for my taste, char siew is average or below…

char siew rice

had a great time with a close friend.

c.h.e.f andy


Tiong Bahru Hainanese Chicken Rice