Best Indian Rojak 9pax RI Bros Lunch @ Habibs Ayer Rajah FC on 10Sep2019


habib’s indian rojak the best!

had 9pax indian rojak lunch @ habib’s ayer rajah fc

we ordered 3 rounds about S$52

afterwards we had durian …season ending no msw here took 金手指S$10/kg-S$25 then another 皇中皇S$18

no comparison with ah seng’s msw

afterwards YF LKY LKH came my place & J joined too.


indian rojak really good. we ordered 3 rounds.

best items the whole sotong, cuttlefish head/tentacles, coconut fritter, small prawn fritter, and of course the best – the gravy! we had couple refills! and we ordered fish cake and tau kua as well…

S$3 mee siam

mee siam was touted as very good.

for me it was outright poor. too sweet and not tasty!

excellent S$5 ikan bilis fried beehoon

excellent S$5 ikan bilis fried beehoon

the S$5 ikan bilis fried beehoon was excellent, very good wok hae.

habib’s indian rojak the best!

CCG was not satisfied with 2 orders, so he went to order a 3rd, no one complaining, actually i ate a lot, second to CCG lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Habib’s Rojak





Very Good Standard Mao Shan Wang from Ah Seng @ Ghim Moh on 8Sep2019

msw from ah seng – S$22 per kg = S$30 for 10 seeds

msw from ah seng – S$22 per kg = S$30 for 10 seeds

bought msw durian from ah seng

S$22/kg 1 small durian = S$30 for 10 seeds quite ex

super creamy and “joo hoot” very tiny seeds, taste excellent maybe not the most flavourful i had from ah seng.

still shiok if not very very shiok!

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Seng Durian @ Ghim Moh


Good Duck at 梁照记 DUCK PORRIDGE and Ter Kar Trotters) at 幸福潮州小食 on 5Sep2019

duck rice and pig trotters

had breakfast with brother & sil at 6th ave coffeeshop…i had kopi..

met CCG at novena..



afterwards we drove, parked and walked to whampoa food centre about 11.20am on 5.9.2019. ^^

no queue at duck stall and hoover rojak next door..& trotters stall only open 12pm

took duck rice then added a trotters. both quite good. 👍

braised duck

braised duck

the duck S$14 for 2pax not too leg portion ok not a lot for 2pax…

duck texture and taste both ok. i don’t like the gluey sauce much…

S$6 pork trotters

S$6 pork trotters

duck was ok.

both of us liked the trotters from 幸福潮州小食 more. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


(1) 梁照记 DUCK PORRIDGE @ whampoa food centre

(2) 幸福潮州小食 @ whampoa food centre


Whampoa Makan Place, 90 Whampoa Drive #01-04, 320090, (Balestier)


Expensive Good Standard Dimsum @ Imperial Treasure Nanbei on 1Sep2019

crispy char siew pao

5pax lunch with wife, daughter, sis & bil @ imperial treasure nanbei at taka on 1.9.2019. ^^

went early at 11.30am sharp and got our table immediately.

nanbei very crowded on sunday & later time may need to wait even with reservation.

i had this complimentary imperial treasure silver membership that came with 2xS$50 welcome voucher to use. can only use one today.

i like the crispy char siew pao. but i think the recent charcoal char siew pao at paradise dynasty @ funan was better.


小笼包here always good standard, tasty soup, light skin and sweet filling. 🙂

charcoal pork neck char siew

charcoal pork neck char siew 碳烧猪项肉our favourite.

carrot puff

carrot puf was excellent!


潮州粉果 was good!

steamed pork ribs

and steamed pork rib was the best. we ordered a second helping, very tasty and very meaty, not all fat or all bones…

spicy dumplings

spicy dumplings here always good!

crispy prawn cheong fun

wife and daughter like the crispy prawn cheong fun…

fun cheong though hard to match hk standard – very smooth and tasty sauce…

xo fried carrot cake

had the xo carrot cake..very good!

pork chop ramen

pork chop ramen mediocre – very ex and not comparable to paradise dynasty @ funan!

was a great dimsum lunch, very pricey = S$140+ nett for 5pax, about 3x the price of timhowan at shamshuipo HK!

after S$50 voucher, about S$80+ nett so quite ok for 5pax.

w/o the free S$50 voucher, i would not usually come here for expensive dimsum..

c.h.e.f andy


imperial treasure nanbei

opening hours:


Very Shiok! Song Kee Noodles with OPS and RI Bros on 23Aug2019

S$6 song kee noodles

HC bought excellent S$6 meepok tar @ song kee

excellent mee pok qq, tasty chilli and very good handmade fishball ingredients..,

HC and i met at WM’s place and walked over to tembeling..

CCG and NCL came together after walking at east coast park..

D24 durians

S$6 song kee noodles

very shiok!

really enjoy this noodles, and the great company of bros.

c.h.e.f andy



Very Good Dimsum Lamian Tea @ Paradise Dynasty Funan on 21Aug2019


had 5pax 3pm tea with OPS buddies @ paradise dynasty funan on 21.8.2019.^^

50% off for dimsum and lamian 3pm-5.15pm …

Mabel organised and bought lunch about S$77..WT leaving for shanghai tomorrow..

spicy dumplings 抄手


salted egg lava bun

kurobuta pork ramen

saliva chicken口水鸡

mala beef ramen

kurobuta pork ramen

bamboo durians

salted egg lava bun

小笼包was good..
radish puff was very good
charcoal salted egg lava bun 流沙包 was excellent
spicy dumpling 抄手 and 生煎包ok 一般

and the 2 lamian were good..
水煮拉面very flavourful not so much beef
kurobuta pork lamian lots of pork and very tasty

口水鸡 no discounts very good standard

afterwards to went mabel’s place and had durian WT brought bamboo quite good..& mabel took out one packet msw even better!👍

c.h.e.f andy


Paradise Dynasty @ Funan

Good Nasi Lemak @ Adam Road No 1 Adam’s Nasi Lemak on 21Aug2019

adam road no 1 nasi lemak

S$4 adam road no 1 nasi lemak

after a good run, can afford to have S$4 adam road no.1 stall..don’t like queues so took from one less popular with almost no queue

quite ok..very flavourful rice..took about 1/3 the rice..reduce carbs…

chicken, ikan kuning, egg, peanuts, sambal all good.

c.h.e.f andy


#01-01 Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road, 289876
Mon: 08:00 – 14:00
Wed – Sun: 08:00 – 14:00
Closed: Tue


Excellent Service, Good Food, Great Prices after Eatigo Discounts @ Tien Court on 19Aug2019

2pax lunch @ Tien Court 天厨

went with weng tong to tien court 天厨 at copthorn king havelock road

there is eatigo 50% discounts at 2pm..

unlike miramar peach garden the service staff here were excellent, very polite, friendly and professional..

and MOST IMPORTANT food was good!

crispy char siew pao

crispy char siew pao was good..crispy skin tasty filling..a tad too sweet..👍

crispy char siew pao

crispy char siew pao

i love this!

crispy fupeiquin

fupeiquin 腐皮卷 criispy not oily and good generous filling 🙂

tiger garoupa fillet 龙虎斑柳


tiger garoupa fillet 龙虎斑柳 came with good serving of asparagus and excellent wokhae better than most zichar..

3 egg spinach

3 eggs spinach lots of eggs and very tasty..

mixed roast platter

mixed roast platter

3 combination roast 烧味三拼only one not so good..

char siew ok a bit sweet, siew yoke good standard not the best,

roast duck good flavour but old..roast duck always need to order 1/2 duck otherwise they serve you leftovers and our lunch at 2pm so leftovers a bit dry and old

2pax lunch @ Tien Court 天厨

2pax S$54 cheaper than food court or zichar, got complimentary 1st hour parking coupon some more.

will come again la!

c.h.e.f andy


Tien Court Restaurant天厨



Just as Excellent Four Seasons Chendol @ AMK Central on 16Aug2019

four seasons chendo @ amk central

called LKY who came with LKH ..

chwee kueh

chwee kueh

we went amk cheng san fc for 德发 kopi and chwee kueh..i tapao 8 home S$2.40

four seasons chendo @ amk central

four seasons chendol @ amk central

then we went amk central food centre four seasons for chendol..LKH took cheng tng..

this four seasons chendol really good, as good as typ lor 8…

after that went back sin ming to pick up my car.

c.h.e.f andy


Four Seasons Chendol @ AMK Central

Not that Good Today Hup Seng Duck Rice on 16Aug2019

S$5.50 duck drumstick rice

had kopi & great chat with brother at clementi blk325 coffeeshop..

after that sent car for some repairs at sin ming autocity…need to wait till 3pm

had hup seng S$5.50 braised duck drumstick rice.

S$5.50 duck drumstick rice

S$5.50 duck drumstick rice

duck still good, but seems like not as good today.

for this time, i would say not as good as-

  1. chinatown braised duck at commonwelath crescent and
  2. happy duck at bukit merah view.

and certainly not as good as my own braised duck.

c.h.e.f andy


Hup Seng Duck Rice


Opening Hours:


Outstanding Service, Expensive Food @ Yan Ting 宴庭 at St Regis on 15Aug2019

S$28 sea whelk soup-chinese dobinmushi

went with wife to yan ting 宴庭 at st regis on 15.8.2019. ^^

first time here..find the food expensive just browsing yan ting’s online menu and it was!

yan ting 宴庭 at st regis

yan ting 宴庭 at st regis

yan ting 宴庭 at st regis

great ambience, and excellent superb service !!!

S$28 sea whelk soup-chinese dobinmushi

food very nice plating fine dining restaurant style, taste mediocre to above average…

best dishes were the sea whelk soup served in chinese dobinmushi (teapot soup) style and the aloe vera jelly dessert..

S$34 alaskan crab chawanmushi

alaskan crab chinese style chawanmushi looked beautiful tasted average..

S$28 roast duck

S$28 roast duck

roast duck NOT xin cuisine or tunglok standard or even dianxiaoer or JB standard..

S$48 chinese style beef tenderloin

chinese style beef tenderloin the usual good restaurant 50%-100% more than usual price!

S$38 sea perch

sea perch i think overcooked – just by looking & confirmed by texture..

S$12 aloe vera jelly

aloe vera jelly good standard, nice refreshing dessert.

2pax bill after 50% amex discounts – S$!20!

S$34 alaskan crab chawanmushi

we had amex love dining 50% discounts & bill for 2pax still came to S$120..ok i guess overall.

c/w xin cuisine, price here double & taste wise half as good! cuisine food gave far better taste experience…& satisfaction!

only impressed with the outstanding service by every server, cheerful, polite and friendly, and the great ambience…

c.h.e.f andy





Good Braised Trotters OK Kway Chap Rude Hawker @ 源记 Gaun Kee Kway Chap Toa Payoh Lor 1 on 1Sep2019

源记kueh chap

after 2hrs 10mins walk with wife, her friends J, H and YY, 2 of us decided to go TPY lor 8 to eat four seasons chendol on 1.9.2019. ^^

源记kueh chap

we decided to have some makan as well.

wife wanted kway chap.

源记kway chap S$6 ok

kway chap S$6 quite ok = S$5.50 for kway chap and S$0.50 for kueh.

nothing special and not really much for S$5.50. won’t take this next time.

i like the kueh especially, the soup gravy has nice intestine taste..i don’t eat kway chap much, quite enjoyed that.

pig hock $6 good

the braised trotters, actually it was the hock, the upper joint..was good!

not better than my own, but it was good and S$6 wasn’t expensive at all. a whole leg including the lower trotters would cost like S$9 at sheng shiong.

i can come here just to eat the trotters and kueh..

four seasons chendol

four seasons chendol

and fours seasons chendol, what is there to say, totally satisfying everytime!

c.h.e.f andy


Excellent Tapas Steep Prices @ La Taperia on 24Jl2019


daughter wanted to have tapas dinner for her birthday so arranged 9pax dinner inc aunty bes at la taperia on 24.7.20197. ^^

food was really good. of course price very steep too. we ate a lot red many dishes anyway. 🙂

mushroom croquette

ham croquette

the croquettes were both very good, the mushroom better than the ham.

i was inspired to try out tasty app online recipe, but first attempt so so, need to see how to improve.

zucchini flowers

we all loved the zucchini flowers. excellent texture and taste.

poached egg dish

son ordered one poached egg dish to try. nt among the best dishes this evening.

gambas al ajillo

the gambas al ajillo or garlic prawns was excellent.

this one i can do easily. both my chorizo prawns and garlic prawns just as good.

galician octopus

galician octopus

the galician octopus very good standard here. tender and tasty.

fish soup

fish soup

the fish soup was good too. i guess a version of the french bouillabaile..

squid ink deepfried squid

the squidink deepfried baby squid was very good too. first time i had this dish. a very nice dish.

squidink paella

chicken paella

both paella were excellent!

the chicken paella surprises! very tender chicken and tasty paella…

lamb rack

the best dish had to be the lamb rack. even wife took some…this so tender and flavourful…i must try a variation like this one, so far i only do the pistachio and the herb crusted lamb rack.

daughter and family all had a great time. i guess we will be back here. set lunch is a bit more affordable. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


La Taperia

Opening Hours:

Delicious Porridge @ Empress Porridge at Galaxis on 27Jul2019

porridge, chicken, carrot cake

my RI bor NCL organised get together with TKF, KWL @ GLK’s empress porridge at galaxis on 29.7.2019

unfortunately NCL himself couldn’t make it..

had nice porridge (both chicken porridge and the usual brown rice porridge very good), fried chicken and fried carrot cake with chye por (nice too, a bit salty)

fried chicken

all the dishes were tasty! 🙂

the chicken a bit oily and heavy on flour. it’s tasty!

carrot cake

carrot cake also tasty. a bit salty.



the 2 porridge were delicious!

i think i will bring my OPS buddies to makan here.

porridge, chicken, carrot cake

had a great time with good friends.

c.h.e.f andy


OK Prawn Noodles @ River South (Hoe Nam) on 24Jul2019

S$6 hoe nam bakut prawns noodles

my OPS bro HC bought bakut prawn noodles @ hoe nam (river south) at tai thong crescent on 24.7.2019. ^^

hoe nam prawns noodles

i not eaten here for eons. like 10yrs?

hoe nam prawns noodles

it’s a popular stall certainly.

hoe nam prawns noodles

S$6 hoe nam bakut prawns noodles

we ordered the S$6 soup with pork ribs.

it was nice still, but really nothing special. bakut was ok but many places have more tender tasty bakut. prawns quite standard.

soup was good, and that is very important. i would certainly eat here again, not something to crave.

overall i would say hock haemee was a lot better, very satisfying for the same S$6. that time 2.3.2019 i took dry noodles and came swith loads of ingredients including small intestines etc.

c.h.e.f andy


9pax Family Dinner with Brother and Sister @ Chao Shan Cuisine 潮汕林 on 8Jul2019

trotter jelly and hae chor

trotter jelly and liver roll 2xS$14

had 9pax dinner with brother, sil, wc, sister, bil, daghter & jh, wife @ chao shan cuisine 潮汕林 on 8jul2019. ^^

food was generally good not spectacular..only oyster omelette not good and braised goose (frozen from hungary) so so, basically not “pang” – tasty…

sharks head was special and tasty but too ex at S$75..

treadfin tail ok but maybe go for pomfret next time,

and we saw others taking the crab beehoon something to try here.


trotter jelly quite good here. liver roll 肝花good too, S$14 each.

cold crab S$48

cold crab was good, i didn’t eat.

braised goose – S$30 (frozen goose from hungary)

braised goose so so not so tasty.

my own braised duck better. 🙂

oyster egg S$20

oyster egg not good too. not really teochew with crispy plus soft sweet potato starch.

prawns with yellow chives S$36

prawns with yellow chives S$36

this a tasty dish, quite good.

steamed shark’s head S$75

steamed shark’s head rather unique dish, not on menu.

this like 1.3kg and not much flesh (or gelatin), but of course very tasty and delicious.

steam shark’s head

bro and sis all impressed.

kind of expensive i think, maybe better to go eat the zhai soon one.

steam shark’s head

steam shark’s head

anyhow, we all enjoyed this dish.

steamed treadfin tail S$65

treadfin tail not cheap too, a lot more meat to share lol! 🙂

teochew kailan fried kuay teow

teochew kailan fried kuay teow

the teochew chye poh char kuay teow quite standard.

done well here, good wok hae!

dinner bill

orh nee

and the orh nee was good.

S$373 for 9pax, ok not too ex overall.

a delight dinner and family get together.

c.h.e.f andy




Recipe = Chicken and Fish Confit Kamameshi 釜飯 on 2Sep2019

chicken and fish kamameshi

made chicken and fish kamameshi for 5pax buddies lunch today on 2.9.2019. ^^

chicken kamameshi on 29.8.2019

before that i tried out a chicken kamameshi on 29.8.2019. 🙂

fish and sotong kamameshi on 25.8.2019

fish and sotong kamameshi on 25.8.2019

and a fish and sotong kamameshi on 25.8.2019. ^^

both were really good.

oil confit fish

for today i did the same oil confit fish (see separate recipe), this time using sea bream (angkorli).

placed in sealed ovenproof dish covered with olive oil in 85degC oven for 1 hr. this should bring the fish internal temperature to around 65degC.

chicken and fish kamameshi

for the kamameshi 釜飯 –

  1. i fried chicken fat with 2cm cut ginger, 2 cut shallots, then added 2 stalk spring onions and 3tsp chopped garlic, then added 2 cups japanese rice, high fire to reduce moisture, then off fire.
  2. i added 1.4 cups of intense chicken broth (chicken has about 60ml liquids)
  3. added 1/2 kampung chicken plus another breast (all deboned) seasoned with 2 tbsp tsuyu, 1tbsp mirin and 1tbsp sake (60ml liquids) and 1tbsp cornflour
  4. added 8 shitake sliced into 4
  5. high fire to bring to boil then low fire for 20mins.
  6. add confit fish and broccoli for last 5 mins

chicken and fish kamameshi

chicken and fish kamameshi

kamameshi was really tasty from the tasty chicken broth.

rice texture was perfect & moist.

chicken very sweet and tasty and confit fish was wonderful, perfect consistent texture and excellent flavour.

chicken and fish kamameshi

this a really delicious dish which everyone like.

c.h.e.f andy


  • a 500g seabream filleted
  • 120ml oilve oil
  • 1/2 kampung chicken + 1 breast (deboned)
  • 1/2 broccoli
  • 8 shitake mushrooms each sliced into 4
  • 2 cups rice
  • 1.4 cups intense chicken broth
  • 2tbsp tsuyu, 1 tbsp mirin, 1 tbsp sake, 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 2cm cut ginger, 2 shallots quartered, 2 stalks spring onions, 3tsp chopped garlic


  1. fry chicken fat with 2cm cut ginger, 2 cut shallots, then added 2 stalk spring onions and 3tsp chopped garlic, then added 2 cups japanese rice, high fire to reduce moisture, then off fire.
  2. add 1.4 cups of intense chicken broth (chicken has about 60ml liquids)
  3. added 1/2 kampung chicken plus another breast (all deboned) seasoned with 2 tbsp tsuyu, 1tbsp mirin and 1tbsp sake (60ml liquids) and 1tbsp cornflour
  4. added 8 shitake sliced into 4
  5. high fire to bring to boil then low fire for 20mins.
  6. add confit fish (see separate recipe) and broccoli for last 5 mins

Food First Service Last @ Eat First 食之为鲜 on 3Jul2019

song fish head 

good food good price poor service @ eat first (i guess service last) 食之为鲜 3pax dinner this evening on 3.7.2019. ..

food vs price alone i guess 4 to 4.5 stars

tea S$1pax rice S$1pax towel S$0.50pax all reasonable..

fish head was big, fresh, very good standard.

so 2 stars for me this evening only because the young lady was untrained, uninitiated or just not in jolly mood..

eat first 食之为鲜

i booked 6pm and arrived 6.55pm..traffic delays, picking up other diners, parking was 20% by time we left 40% occupied.

We were asked to take a smaller table but we think more comfortable so moved to a bigger round table with the consent of server..

the young lady at counter saw it fit to come over and give us a lecture about calling up if we are late as they kept booking only for 15mins (sure they should)..

i always make it a point to call to cancel before time if i not going..this time we are coming just late because delays and i know very well the restaurant is empty..been there before..

& we could also be just walk-in no need to say we booked..and if itwas full just too bad lor, other makan places all around..since it is empty no need give customer a lecture la..

anyway we came for food to enjoy the food that part satisfied ok la..just putting on record lol!

tofu prawns

tofu prawns 

bittergourd pork ribs

bittergourd pork ribs 

prawn tofu and bittergourd very good standard despite this elder brother being from the steamed department..great taste, texture and good wokhae so food and price wise i think really quite good.

3 dishes

S$67.50 for 3pax

song fish head 

we had a great time ourselves, unperturbed by the poor service attitude, purposely giving customers a smaller table when so many empty tables throughout dinner, and when customer moved to bigger table, couldn’t take it must come to give lecture…just immature and bad attitude.

did not bother us but still need to put on record la! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Eat First 食之為鮮


Good Nonya Food 6pax Family Dinner @ Tingkat PeraMakan on 30jun2019

babi pongteh set

had very good 6pax family dinner this evening at tingkat preMakan at owen road on 30.6.2019. ^^

the babi ponteh, sambal sotong, curry chicken, pork ribs set all good 👍

set came with 2 sides, drink and dessert..

chendol this evening was excellent as good as four seasons tpy lor 8!

alacarte dishes were all good. rendang best! ikan tenggiri, fried seafood laksa and otah all good. 6pax, 5 set + 4 ala carte dishes = S$103 nett.

tingkat permakan

quite a nice cosy place.

sayur curry


the 2 sides we liked best were the sayur curry and tofu.

babi pongteh

babi pongteh was good.

but more preferred the pork ribs pongteh.

sotong sambal set

daughter ordered the sotong sambal set, and JH the curry chicken set.

sotong sambal was good, curry chicken ok too.


otak also very good.

ikan tenggiri

ikan tenggiri

as was the ikan tenggiri. firm, sweet fish, nice curry and vegetables.

fried seafood laksa

fried seafood laksa

the fried seafood laksa didn’t look that great but taste was quite good actually!

beef rendang

rendang was the best dish.



and chendol this evening exceptional standard, as good as four seasons at TPY lor 8.

pork rib set

we had a great time.

i think i will try out babi pongteh and pork ribs first and later do a full fledged nonya dinner for family and friends.

c.h.e.f andy


Tingkat PeraMakan




Best Roast Duck and Great Dishes @ Xin Cuisine on 28Jun2019

truffle mushrooms S$10

met up with QTC and sis esther..

NCL & KWL had to go off….QTC, LCM and i decided to go xin cusine 新故乡for 3pax dinner..

had a really good chat including LCM’s project and also kluang.

truffle mushrooms S$10

xin cuisine reopened after like 3 months for kitchen renovation and reopened like 7.6.2019.

food just as fabulous as before.

i ordered the truffle mushroosm to share.

tea smoked roast duck S$32

and the signature tea smoked roast duck.

it was really good. crispy skin , great texture and wonderful flavour.

sliced garoupa S$28

the sliced garoupa dish excellent wokhae.

garoupa meat was ok. nice combination of leek, onions and chilli.

sweet mustard vegetables kailan S$20

sweet mustard vegetables kailan S$20

the sweet mustard vegetables 梅菜 kailan also very good. one of my favourite.

S$82 for 3pax

after amex 35% discounts for 3pax, dinner came to S$82nett, inclusive of 2 desserts. quite ok for the excellent dishes we had.

tea smoked roast duck S$32

and the best was none other thn the tea smoked roast duck.

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM6:30–10:30PM