OK Lunch @ Paradise Dynasty on 29Sep2014

crystal pork (镇江淆肉)

crystal pork (镇江淆肉)

a friend bought lunch at paradise dynasty at level 4 ion orchard today on 29.9.2014. 🙂

they do not take reservations so we arranged to go early at 11.45am to avoid, traffic, carpark issues & avoid queue.

spicy dumplings (抄手)

spicy dumplings (抄手)

we had 2 appetisers.

crystal pork (镇江淆肉) was competent, nothing special.

spicy dumplings (抄手) was good, guess no better than crystal jade lamian xiaolongbao.

belly pork ramen

belly pork lamian

the belly pork lamian was good! the soup was very tasty & smooth, the braised belly pork was excellent & the egg, noodles etc were all good. this was as good as a good japanese chashumen. 🙂

poached sliced beef

poached sliced beef

we tried a poached sliced beef. it was pretty good, the usual tenderised beef. 🙂

paradise dynasty level 4 ion orchard

paradise dynasty level 4 ion orchard

ambience was good & there was a good lunch crowd though not full & there was no queue when we left about 130pm.

pumpkin dessert

pumpkin dessert

my friend ordered a pumpkin dessert. it was non-descript. i guess a “healthy” dessert.

there was a discount on some menu items under PGR (paradise gourmet rewards) + 30% rebates on non-discounted items. i think lunch came to about $50nett & there was a S$4.50 rebate. ok & doable lunch though nothing special. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



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