Quite OK Bento Lunch @ The Flying Squirrel on 21Oct2014

summer chirashi don set (S$25)

summer chirashi don set (S$25)

had dental appointment today. i was in the good hands of a close friend. 🙂

post dental, 3 of us went to lunch nearby at the flying squirrel at amoy street on 21.10.2014. 🙂 the restaurant has like a hidden side road entrance, not accessible from the front.

parking at amoy street, telok ayer street & boon tat street was tricky, but we were there past 1pm and cars were moving off, & i managed to find a good lot at boon tat street.


The Flying Squirrel, Amoy Street


The Flying Squirrel, Amoy Street

summer chirashi don set (S$25)

summer chirashi don set (S$25)

my daughter has been talking about this place & sushi kou & i wanted to try the chirashi don. there was only a summer cchirashi don set (S$25) on the menu. i took that & my friends ordered ebi furai bento (S$19) & tori karaage bento (S$19).

when the food arrived, it looked to me like a bara chirashi don with diced sashimi, which usually was of lower quality than a chirashi don. i asked the server & he said there was actually another ala carte chirashi don for both lunch & dinner (guess it was on another separate menu) but he said this lunch set was popular. 🙂

the service was pleasant & attentive & there had a hand-written welcome card at the reserved table, so i decided to just go with the bara chirashi don.

taste-wise it was pretty good, and the sashimi quantity was good too. it also had 3 pieces of chicken karaage (not my favourite) & salad. still, this was not quite comparable to the S$20 quality chirashi don set at kuroson. and overall presentation wise, food quality & quantity it was not quite the standard of bara chirashi don & salmon set at sun with moon wheelock.

ebi furai bento (S$18)

ebi furai bento (S$19)

tori karaage bento (S$18)

tori karaage bento (S$19)

my friends were happy with their tori karaage bento & ebi furai bento which came with curry.

there was 10% service but no GST.

overall, the lunch was quite average for me, something doable but not special. my sashimi cuts were fresh & sweet, and the rice combination was quite good, & service was pleasant & good.  i may still come back to try their ala cate chirashi don during dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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