Recipe – Hae Lua (虾烙) aka Prawn Egg Omelette on 1Feb2020

hae lua instead orh lua lol!

hae lua instead orh lua lol!

hae lua instead orh lua2 lol!

hae lua instead orh lua lol!

made 1pax hae lua 虾烙, no oysters to do orh lua 蚝烙 lol!


1tsp cornflour, 1 tbsp sweet potato flour, 1 tsp fish sauce, white pepper, 3-4tbsp water

fry in 1 tbsp oil non stick pan, add 1 egg, brown, turn over..fry 4 prawns marinated with fish sauce & white pepper.

add crispy hae bee chilli!

tasty home made fun moments!

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Chawanmushi on 2Sep2019


made a nice chawanmushi for 5pax buddies lunch today on 2.9.2019. ^^

have not made this like for 3yrs!


chawanmushi was excellent!

very smooth, and very sweet and tasty from the excellent chicken stock base.

the texture of prawn, chicken and shitake were all excellent and added to the great experience.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 2 cups dashi (i used chicken broth)
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tsp tsuyu
  • 2 tsp mirin
  • 5 prawns
  • 5 slice chicken
  • 3 shitake cut into 12 pieces

Directions –

  1. whisk 3 eggs with 2 cups chicken broth
  2. add 2tsp tsuyu and 2 tsp mirin
  3. whisk thoroughly
  4. place 1 prawn, 1 chicken and 2 to 3 pieces sliced shitake to each of 5 bowls (i used ramekin)
  5. sieve the egg mixture to fill the 5 ramekin
  6. cover each with aluminium foil and steam for 15mins.

Super Delicious Chicken Laksa with Pong’s Laksa Paste on 5Jul2019

chicken laksa

made 7pax pong’s laksa today on 5.7.2019, with my OPS and RI bros WT,WM, HC, LKY, LKH and HAB. ^^

HC had lunch with brother still came over at 2pm. I made a bowl for him. 🙂

i love curry chicken noodles.

  • according to makansutra this dish was famously created by teochews in singapore exemplifying singapore’s chumchum 参参 mixed heritage ..the 3 famous teochew nang stalls are ah heng and heng kee at hong lim food centre and da po at golden mile food centre.

pong’s laksa

pong’s laksa 

I don’t have the secret recipe to make the curry chicken noodles gravy..

so i approximate using pong’s laksa paste and added the important secret ingredient haebee, and laksa leaves, AND and very tasty chicken stock, excellent taste. ..

and the usual taupok, teochew fish cake, and fish potatoes for me..

cannot c/w ah heng etc of course but still very shiok! haven’t learn how to make the dried shrimp sambal yet..

made 白斩鸡 and 白猪肉. & had lots of taupok, teochew fish cake and fish cake.




i think my 白斩鸡 is smoother, chicken breast more moist, and sweeter & tastier than ah heng. ^^


1/2 chicken, salt in fridge overnight, clean thoroughly, placed in boiling stock (chicken bones, carrots, scallions, whole bulb garlic cloves, ginger, red onions) boiled covered 12mins, off fire poached 24mins, placed in ice water bath, then in fridge for 1 hr, then debone.

drizzle sauce

for the 白斩鸡 drizzle sauce, i added 1tbsp flat sugar, 2tbsp light soy sauce, 1tbsp sesame oil, 6tbsp stock or water. taste it!


and 白猪肉 also very tender and tasty…


boiled in stock 1.5hrs. placed in fridge. and cut & added stock to warm up when serving. hence very tender yet cut neatly no fraying.

and i added the 白斩鸡 drizzle sauce, w/o sesame, very nice. 🙂

fish cake 

i had had lots of taupok, teochew fish cake…. and fish cake.

chicken laksa

i think it approximate quite well in that laksa broth was wonderful, only thing not spicy, need to add some haebeehiam sambal next time, and my 白斩鸡 and 白猪肉 were excellent texture and taste. but of course it is still NOT the same ah heng curry chicken gravy…

WT’s haebeehiam fried rice and durian fried rice

WT’s durian fried rice

WT’s haebeehiam fried rice 

WT made very nice msw fried rice and haebeehiam fried rice..

WT not feeling so well, and i likewise so we took plain soup and less noodles..




lovely 白斩鸡 eaten on its own…

tangkak msw

tangkak msw

my OPS gang brought msw from tangkak, frozen and thawed, super flavourful better than the msw i had recently..

chicken laksa

the guys stayed and chatted quite tilled quite late.

really good time together with the bros chit chat and sharing.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Taujeon Lime Song Fish Head on 4Jul2019

taujeon lime song fish head

sis and bil stayed and watched chinese serials, and later 3pax dinner this evening on 4.7.2019.

taujeon lime song fish head

I made teochew taujeon lime juice steamed song fish head 松鱼头. ^^
very easy S$4 1/2fish head, steamed with 3tbsp crushed taujeon, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 1tbsp lime juice, 2tbsp oil, and usual garnishes.
fresh, tender and sweet, slight tangy..very nice.
c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = How to Cook and Eat Chilled Mullet 冻乌鱼 on 23Jun2019

chilled mullet 冻乌鱼

how to eat teochew chilled mullet “her boon” 鱼饭冻乌鱼👍

enjoying 一人世界! lol! ^^


this doesn’t need a recipe la…lol!

just clean and steam mullet for 8mins. let it cool and then place in fridge for 1/2hr. voila!

3 important points to note –

  1. do not remove scales. the skin comes off with the scales so enable one to cleanly pick up the meat. if scales removed, then skin very tough difficult to tear and difficult to pick up meat with chopsticks.
  2. the treasures are in the belly, so this fish i clean myself cannot trust to the fish mongers haha! i remove the gills and clean whole fish thoroughly, and also the omega3, liver and the fish stomach 鱼扣 (“her shook”) with salt.
  3. only put omega3, liver and fish stomach 鱼扣 (“her shook”) into steamer 1 min or after completion and leave the fish in the residual heat. omega3 will melt off very quickly if in steamer longer.

chilled mullet 冻乌鱼

fish liver and stomach 鱼扣

fish liver and stomach 鱼扣

fish liver and stomach 鱼扣 (“her shook”) simply delicious!

Omega3 脂肪

Omega3 脂肪

and the Omega3 脂肪 heavenly, the best part of this fish. cultivated taste i guess!

chilled mullet 冻乌鱼

it was plain1pax heaven lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Recipe = Very Good 港蒸松鱼头HK Steamed Song Fish Head on 22 Jun2019

港蒸松鱼头HK steamed song fish head 

made very nice 港蒸松鱼头HK steamed song fish head = 1pax all protein dinner this evening on 22.6.2019. 👍

港蒸松鱼头HK steamed song fish head 

steaming no need much recipe, just the sauce and the timing.

3tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp mirin (optional) and 2 tbsp olive oil (or vegetable oil).

港蒸松鱼头HK steamed song fish head

港蒸松鱼头HK steamed song fish head

add the sliced ginger, cut chilli padi and cut scallions, and steamed for 13 mins.

really easy stuff.

head and meat were so fresh and the steaming sauce was so very tasty.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Very Good Taujeon Lime Steamed Golden Pomfret on 21Jun2019

taujeon lime golden pomfret

made 1pax all protein dinner this evening on 21.6.2019.^^..🙂

  • just cleaned fish with salt, drained by, added 3 tbsp tau jeon, 1 tbsp lime juice, and all the usual sliced ginger, chopped sacllions and chilli padi.

golden pomfret steamed with taujeon and lime juice. very nice!👍👍👍

don’t know why golden pomfret cheaper than black pomfret

2 for S$6.90 c/w black pomfret S$14.90/kg at sheng shiong…

taujeon lime golden pomfret 

eaten black pomfret fried before i think never eat golden pomfret..meat is firm and sweet like white pomfret and not very fishy like black pomfret..

very worth it!

this taujeon lime steamed fish i think is similar to what eat first 食之为鲜 steamed song fish head and zhia soon’s steamed sharek’s cartilage. will try on song fish head next time.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe 7th Sharing & Demo = Claypot Tanhoon Prawns and Char Siew @ Teban Gardens on 12Jun2019

teban gardens residents

teban gardens PPHCSC (pasir panjang hill community service centre) organised a cooking sharing session on 3.4.2019. ^^.

this my 6th cooking demo and sharing… 🙂

20 residents attended today.

i shared 2 dishes-

  1. char siew &
  2. claypot tanhoon prawns

char siew

char siew i had to cook at home first. and i brought along, and cut it when we were serving.

teban gardens just got thei new oven delivered 2 days ago. i have not tried it here so better to do it the usual way at home.

char siew was very tasty and tender, as Rosalind said, she could feel it when i was cutting.

i walked through the steps. the recipe was earlier provided to the residents.

claypot tanhoon prawns

for claypot tanhoon prawns, i prepared the stick at home and put together/cooked the dish on the spot. 🙂

tanhoon had just the right texture, moist and flavourful, likewise the prawns.

for tanhoon, i demo on the spot, put the prawns followed by tanhoon into the boiling stock, mixed well, covered, mixed a bit again, and as the stock reduced, the flavours were infused intot eh tanhoon which remained moist and very flavourful.

teban gardens residents

Ros dishing out sharing portions 

so both char siew and claypot tanhoon prawns turned out beautifully, quite the usual. 🙂

char siew marinated 2days in chiller

char siew ready for 16mins grill in 250degC oven

char siew

so the char siew recipe as follows-


1 poach, clean, dry 500g belly pork
2 cut in 1/2 to make 2 slender slices 2cm thick (i have thick 500g+ slab)
3 marinade with 1tsp each of LKK char siew sauce, hoi sin sauce, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, 1tbsp of red fermented beancurd and chopped garlic, 1/3 tsp salt overnight in fridge
4 place on rack, drizzle 1tsp honey and place in 250degC oven for 16mins. leave char siew in oven for 4 more mins.

20 large 21/25 prawns

sauce for tanhoon prawns

claypot tanhoon prawns

and the recipe for claypot tanhoon prawns as below-



  • 500g deveined large prawns with shell
  • 100g sliced belly pork (optional)
  • 150g tanhoon (3 bundles)
  • 4 stalks coriander
  • 2 cm cut ginger pieces
  • 1 bulb peeled garlic cloves
  • 30g haebee
  • 2tsp ground black pepper
  • 300ml cup chicken stock
  • can use prawn stock also or mix


(for stock):

  1. prepare prawn stock – fry prawn heads & shell in butter (or oil) till fragrant. add salt, a bit of oil, water & boil for 2-3hrs.
  2. prepare chicken stock – i debone 1 chicken & boil the chicken bones with cut carrots for 3hrs – very intense stock


  1. fry garlic cloves, haebee, sliced belly pork in oil. add cut ginger, black pepper. fry till fragrant.
  2. add 2 stalks coriander.
  3. add chicken stock and reduced further to anout 200ml
  4. marinate prawns with 2tsp fish sauce & white pepper.
  5. put tanhoon in water to soften.
  6. when ready to cook, boil stock. add prawn, stir to immerse prawns in stock, add tanhoon, toss, turn fire to medium & cover the claypot for few minutes. toss again. voila!

Ros dishing out sharing portions

the residents had many enthusiastic questions. it was a great sharing and learning experience for all. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



HK Stringy Dry Noodles with Teriyaki Salmon Belly and Prawns on 1Apr2019

hk stringy dry noodles with teriyaki salmon belly and prawns

made 1pax hk stringy dry noodles with teriyaki salmon belly and prawns on 1.4.2019.

belly good! no april fool haha! ^^

prawns just frozen prawns defrost and salmon belly some leftovers.

hk stringy dry noodles with teriyaki salmon belly and prawns

hk stringy dry noodles with teriyaki salmon belly and prawns

more importantly, i perfected the chilli sauce for the dry noodles-

1 bunch dry noodles, 1tsp oyster sauce, 1 tsp fish sauce PLUS 1tbsp crispy chilli about perfect.

the chye sim also leftover, just poached with the noodles.

the prawns and salmon i marinated with tsuyu and mirin and pangrilled, so teriyaki prawns and salmon belly. ^^

a delicious, nutritious bowl of noodles!

c.h.e.f andy


Delicious Kurobuta Belly Dry HK Noodles on 16Mar2019

kurobuta belly hk dry noodles

i bought some dry stingy hk noodles from sheng shiong a while back.

there were 2 types i know – dry scallop flavoured and prawn flavoured.. i thought prawn flavoured better but that day there was only scallop flavoured so i bought that.

this evening i made a simple 1pax dinner.

just boiled noodles about 2 mins in water and drained. poach chye sim in boiled water. make sure qq and not overcooked.

mixed 1 tbsp flat each of oyster sauce, chilli, ketchup, 1 tsp fish sauce and toss.

i placed 4 strips kurobuta belly on plate, drizzle with tsuyu and microwave 1.5mins.

then add kurobuta belly and poached chye sim to the qq noodles.

kurobuta belly hk dry noodles

quite perfect!

noodles qq and tasty with the sauces a standalone.

kurobuta belly very taste and flavourful.

for this evening i also added some leftover toman fillet.


c.h.e.f andy

Kurobuta Belly Bean Noodles 豆签 on 17Mar2019

kurobuta belly bean noodles 豆签

made 1pax kurobuta belly bean noodles 豆签 this evening on 17.3.2019. ^^

kurobuta belly bean noodles 豆签

bought some kurobuta belly from qbfood, really good i think S$7.50 for 300g.

just took 4 slices from freezer.laid out flat on plate, drizzle with tsuyu sauce (nice japanese sauce for soba, like mild sweetened light soy sauce). put in microwave 1.5mina. dada!^^

kurobuta belly bean noodles 豆签

the bean noodles 豆签 just boiled 2-3mins, get the perfect texture not overcooked. added organic chye sim i still had in the fridge, and


a really lovely delicious kurobuta belly bean noodles 豆签!

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe 5th Sharing & Demo = Egg White Fried Rice and 回锅肉Doublecooked Pork @ Teban Gardens on 6Mar2019

cooking demo and sharing

was asked to do a cooking demo at teban gardens on 6.3.2019. ^^

this my 5th cooking demo and sharing.

today i chose –

  1. salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice
  2. 回锅肉 doublecooked pork

fried rice i could do on the spot. 回锅肉 doublecooked pork i cooked the belly pork first and also the leeks and onions first as leek took some time to cook. then i fried with leeks and onions on the spot.

preparations for cooking demo

so there were many ingredients/boxes i have to bring – like cooked rice, minced pork, salted fish, egg white, chopped garlic, oil chopped scallions and crispy chilli for garnishing the fried rice, mala chilli for frying the 回锅肉 doublecooked pork etc.

cooking demo and sharing

cooking demo and sharing

cooking demo and sharing

i started with fried rice dish as it took a while to cook on the spot.回锅肉 doublecooked pork is easy & quick just mixing the 2 items – belly pork and vegetables together.

this a very interactive class. they have many questions throughout the session = like can use salted egg or olive vegetable instead of salted fish, why egg white, what’s the difference using whole egg etc..

i started by explaining that i fried the chopped garlic and salted fish together as i didn’t want to burn either and i happened to have broccoli stems which i cut into small pieces to give texture to the fried rice.

cooking demo and sharing

cooking demo and sharing

salted fish gives a very fragrant flavour when you fry. i turned the fire to high and added the cooked rice and fried, mixed thoroughly, high heat, not too long, then dished out and set aside. the fried rice is tasty as it is.

(so of course one can add salted egg or olive vegetables instead of salted fish OR not to add any..likewise one can can seafood or prawns instead of minced pork etc..or char siew in yangzhou fried rice…so many ways la…)

i explained that the proportion balance of ingredients is important so by agaklogy i did not add all the rice (2cups) so as not to diu=lute the taste.

frying egg white

now i fried the egg white – i had 5 egg whites, so maybe equal to 2.5 eggs.

it is important to let the egg white formed, so that it would not be messy. this step is most important whether using whole egg or egg white.

adding fried rice to egg white

now i added the fried rice and folded the egg over and broke it up so like in the restaurants you see the distinct bits of egg whites. if the whole egg or egg white is added to the rice and fried, then it coats the rice and the texture is more sticky and mushy, whereas this way the rice are individual grains.

egg white or whole for me is just aesthetics..of course the taste also a bit different and a golden colour fried rice is also appetising as well. i like both preparations.

salted fish minced pork egg whtie fried rice

salted fish minced pork egg whtie fried rice

the fried rice is best presented on a large plate garnished with chopped scallions. i added crispy chilli.

they all like the crispy prawn chilli and several added extra to their bowls.


the 回锅肉 doublecooked pork is quite straight forward.

i explained that 回锅肉 is a sichuan dish 四川菜肴 and generally done with mala chilli and fried with various vegetables.

the english translation is doublecooked pork (double cook as in returning the pork to the wok to cook a second time so the name 回锅肉).

doublecook though is a common technique used in every cuisine western or asian…teochew has 半煎煮鱼1/2 fried and braised fish and western dishes even steak has reverse sear method sous vide then pangrilled or flamed etc.


today i have leftover leeks so i fried leeks (the white part) and yellow onions with a bit of oyster sauce. covered wok to cook for 5 mins and make sure leek was just done and not overcooked. the simple veg dish alone smelled great actually.

the belly pork i salted for few hours then boiled in water for 1hr 40mins, most important test poking a chopstick through the lean meat going through cleanly. cooled it and put in fridge. this so that i could cut the belly pork cleanly w/o fraying when adding to the veg.

so now just put the leek and onion to the wok on high heat, added the cut belly pork, then added 1 tbsp of mala chilli oil…(because request to add less, i added 1tsp…later everyone said it was very fragrant not enough though so some added more themselves).

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice and 回锅肉

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice and 回锅肉

trying out the dishes – fried rice and 回锅肉

it was a very meaningful day for me and i hope for the participants as well.

everyone was enjoying the food and they were full of questions and very participatory so i guess it was time well spent for them as well.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Delicious Salted Egg Pork Chop on 27Aug2018

for this evening, i decided to do salted egg pork chop for 10pax RI bros dinner on 27.8.2018. ^^

just last month we had great salted egg pork chop at hk street old chun kee at commonwealth crescent recently on 9.7.2018.

so i decided to replicate this evening, my very first salted egg pork chop 排骨王.

and it turned out it was very good. both CM & KK both commented.

i used frozen pork chops from sheng shiong, sliced the 5 pieces in 1/2 to make 10 thin pieces, marinated with fish sauce, white pepper & 1tbsp corn flour.

then shallow fry…i hate deepfrying as waste a lot of oil after that no occasion to reuse. 🙂

i used the salted egg paste given to me by WM & J. ^^

it was that simple, just fried the salted egg paste  with little oil and 2 twigs of curry leaves, then added back the pork and mixed thoroughly.


c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Good Standard Salted Egg Prawns on 21Feb2019

 i made salted egg prawns and made my own sauce for RI bros dinner on 21.2.2019.^^

salted egg prawns 21.2.2019

prawns were done the same, coated with egg yoke and cornflour and shallow-fried for 1 min to golden.


  1. it was fun for me making the prawns, as i generally hate to do deep-frying – a lot of wastage of oil & additional cooking steps, i just do this shallowfried like <2cm of oil sufficient, in a small diameter pot.
  2. do in batches, do not crowd the pot. i did like 6 at a time, just couple mins to cook prawns.

salted egg sauce 21.2.2019

the last time (for a 27pax family CNY day2 lunch on 6.2.2019), i used a ready made sauce. it (the sauce) was not that good even though the prawns were done well.

so this time i decided to make my own sauce. this evening i served 15 prawns, so i decided 3 salted egg yokes would be enough, and it was. so fried the salted egg yokes with 3 twigs of curry leaves and 1 cut chilli padi.

the salted egg prawn dish came out quite perfect, with great salted egg flavours and slight powdery texture, just right! 🙂

for the 27pax family CNY day2 lunch on 6.2.2019), i used a packet salted egg sauce bought at tiong bahru market stall.

prawns were good but the the packet sauce didn’t give good enough flavours and texture.

i did at an earlier version (using for the first time a sauce given to me by WM & J).

this time, i shortcut the process by mixing the prawns in a mixing bowl with fish sauce, white pepper, 1 tbsp corn flour, 1 tbsp plain flour, 1 egg yolk & just mix.

this way cut out the inconvenience & messiness of dipping the prawns in cornflour, flour & egg yolk before frying.

it worked well too, as can be seen in above photo! ^^

and then it’s just to fry cut chilli padi + curry leaves in the salted egg mayo sauce mix, then add the prawns to coat.

was quite excited doing salted egg prawns, my first attempt at this dish in 2014. photo looked ok but that was to me, considered a failure.

prawns were deep-fried. paste was done using salted duck egg york, curry leaves & milk. prawns were very fresh but less crispy as it was done at 4pm like 4hrs before serving & set aside with paste added on in pan before serving. too much milk, paste not viscous enough & salted egg flavour was too dilute. will improve next time. 🙂


in summary –

  1. i prefer to make the sauce myself (4 salted egg yokes sufficient for 20 large prawns).
  2. use shallow fry in a small diameter pot to save oil
  3. can coat with cornflour, egg yoke when preparing or just mix all together.
  4. quite ok w/o milk, if adding milk make sure sauce is not diluted but have consistent texture and viscoity not too dilute

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Buddha Jump Over The Wall on 24Feb2019

buddha jump over the wall 24.2.2019

I made buddha jump over the wall this evening on 24Feb2019. ^^

it was very good..wife children all loved it…JH had 3 bowls…

buddha jump over the wall 24.2.2019


i use 2 pig trotters & a SKINLESS chicken leg (thigh plus drumstick) and belly pork to provide a very sweet, tasty, gelatinous soup base. then added fish maw, sea cucumber, pig tendons, chicken breast and each at the right timing to deliver great texture.

i use cold slow cooker on low heat method, about 6hrs. i just based on estimation “agaklogy”, but can also use a meat thermometer set at 90degC on the belly pork.

remove belly pork, and 1/2 the trotters (that i wanted to preserve the excellent texture and not just used for stock base).

added fish maw and turned to high, about 2hrs, pig tendon 1hr and sea cucumber about 1/2hr to 1hr depends on quality of sea cucumber and thickness. then off the cooker and poached the skinless chicken breast.

buddha jump over the wall 

when serving prepare the bowls with the ingredients, boil the soup and add to the bowls.

i microwave the bowls of ingredients for 1 min so that it is warm. then added the soup.

today was the second time i prepared this soup so everything went smoothly, and quite perfect. the ingredients texture all good including the chicken breast and the soup was just incredible, so smooth, so tasty, so flavourful.

piggy jump over the wall 21.2.2019

the first time i did this jump over the wall thingy was for a 10pax RI bros post CNY dinner on 21.2.2019.

piggy jump over the wall 21.2.2019

that day since i was already having pencai 盆菜, so i used cheaper ingredients like pig trotters and belly instead and called it “piggy jump over the wall”. lol!

turned out that this (the soup) was the best dish.

i think at least one bro had 3 bowls of soup.

a truly delightful dish.

buddha jump over the wall 24.2.2019

there are many ingredients so it seem complicated to make, but actually like any other dishes it came to managing/delivering taste and texture.

so the soup base was important, and once we have a tasty soup, it is to ensure the correct texture of the ingredients, so each has toe be managed at the correct timing.

as i said before a truly delightful dish, a wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 2 pig trotters halfed and chopped
  • SKINLESS chicken leg (thigh plus drumstick)
  • 400g belly pork
  • 200g fried fish maw
  • 300g sea cucumber
  • 200g pig tendons
  • 1/2 skinless chicken breast (from 1/2 a chicken)


  1. poach & clean trotters and belly pork, clean them and skinless chicken leg, place in cold slow cooker filled with water (about 1.5l to 2l) turn to low, add 1tsp flat salt, about 6hrs. (can also use a meat thermometer set at 90degC on the belly pork).
  2. remove belly pork, and 1/2 the trotters (the portion i want to preserve the excellent texture and not just used for stock base).
  3. add fish maw and turned to high, about 2hrs, pig tendon 1hr and sea cucumber about 1/2hr to 1hr depends on quality of sea cucumber and thickness. then off the cooker and poached the skinless chicken breast.
  4. when serving prepare the bowls with the ingredients, boil the soup and add to the bowls. (i microwave the bowls of ingredients for 1 min so that it is warm. then added the soup).


Recipe = The Ultimate Char Siew on 4Mar2019

char siew

char siew 

made the best char siew today on 4.3.2019.^^

perfect texture & taste 👍. nothing less! 

super tender and tasty

better than chinatown…far far better la…

char siew 

recipe quite simple..should be able to reproduce regularly…

char siew


1 poach, clean, dry 500g belly pork
2 cut in 1/2 to make 2 slender slices 2cm thick (i have thick 500g+ slab)
3 marinade with 1tsp each of LKK char siew sauce, worster sauce, hoi sin sauce, oyster sauce, light soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, 2 tsp of red fermented beancurd and chopped garlic, 1/3 tsp salt overnight in fridge
4 place on rack drizzle 1tsp honey and place in 250degC oven for 16mins. leave char siew in oven for 4 more mins.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Bean Noodles Soup 豆签with Prawns and Scallops on 20Feb2019

bean noodles soup 豆签with prawn and scallop

made a light 1pax dinner this evening on 20.2.2019..

delicious noodles just throw in 2 prawns 3 scallops, scallions & crispy prawn chiili..very satisfying…

bean noodles 豆签

bean noodles 豆签

used my last bunch of 豆签misoya.

so went sheng shiong to get some more.

i bought the cheaper sinlong brand = $1.25 250g 6 bunch/pieces..

bean noodles soup 豆签with prawn and scallop

i had stock but even if no stock just add tsuyu which is the japanese soba stock.

add little water plus tsuyu (OR just use stock). add prawn first, then scallops and noodles soup 豆签.

this like instant noodles, probably took less time to cook then instant noodles, lol!

bean noodles soup 豆签with prawn and scallop

an immensely satisfying, totally shiok! bowl of wonderful goodnes.

and the noodles soup 豆签 very light, prefect for me low carb diet.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Perfected Hawker Orh Lua (Oyster Omelette) on 13Feb2019

orh lua oyster omelette 

this evening, i kind of perfected the hawker orh lua on 13.2.2019. ^^

made a thin crispy layer exactly like the excellent oyster omelette at beng thin.

hawker food are just so difficult to make.

they are so inexpensive and the good ones are just so good. they hawkers have done their in the hundreds everyday and many have done over many decades, so they perfected it like the back of their hands.

and many chinese/asian hawker dishes are more difficult to do than western dishes eg a bakchormee has so many ingredients c/w a pasta.

i of course experimented with hawker and zi char dishes, but if i cannot do them well, then not worth to do la..since can easily eat them outside.

orh lua oyster omelette 

orh lua is one of the difficult dishes.

there are some variations. some does the batter more wet, some do like a crispy sheet, like the superb orh lua at beng thin. i like both styles actually.

orh lua oyster omelette

orh lua oyster omelette

i mixed 1 tbsp heap sweet potato flour and 3 tbsp water, and added 2tsp fish sauce and white pepper.

then i fried the sweet potato flour, let it formed over high fire, then added egg and spread the egg and let it formed. then turned over turned fire to low and let the batter crisp. added my large plum oysters and covered to cook the oysters while crisping the batter. then added crispy prawn chilli.


c.h.e.f andy



  • 1 tbsp heap sweet potato flour
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 2tsp fish sauce
  • white pepper
  • 8 large oysters (i used frozen ones..hawkers used them too)


  1. fry sweet potato flour let it form high fire
  2. add egg & spread. let it form
  3. turn over turn to low fire let batter crisp
  4. add oyster & cover to cook
  5. add crispy prawn chiili
  6. serve




Recipe = Excellent Pencai 盆菜 on 4Feb2019

pencai 盆菜 


it’s chinese new year eve! i made pencai for this evening’s reunion dinner at my brother’s house.

this the first time i made pencai 盆菜 after giving the dish planning some serious thinking..

盆菜was delicious! everyone loved…sil said better than what they had few days back bought from hotel restaurant…as matter of fact, i was using a tunglok claypot which i bought like S$248 6pax pencai 盆菜  from tunglok maybe 6years back also for CNY reunion dinner.

that was a real disappointment! i think my pencai 盆菜 was just so much better!

pencai 盆菜

pencai 盆菜

in a sense pencai 盆菜 doesn’t need much skill or cooking….so it is just the stock or broth for taste, the assembly for presentation, and texture (so different ingredients need differnt timing).

braised pig trotters

i prefer to use braised pig trotters for my gravy/stock base.

it is my usual teochew braised trotters braise mix and recipe.


i used 10 ingredients-

  • Sea cucumber
  • Fish maw
  • abalone
  • Pig trotters
  • Broccoli
  • Belly pork
  • Chicken
  • prawn
  • Scallop
  • mushroom

fish maw

my deepfried fish maw the average type, 2 packets about S$9. use 1/2 packet enough.

sea cucumber

sea cucumber very expensive, especially now CNY.

bought the cheaper ones from sheng shiong still S$36/kg. i got 2 pieces like S$9. next time i will buy frozen ones <1/2price.

these will disintegrate and disappear if i cook too long so i decided just to just poach in the boiled gravy. turned out perfectly.

chinese dry mushrooms

i bought dry flower mushrroms from teh ghim moh shop, 300g no stalks for S$12. good enough!

tiger king 10 small braised abalones

and tiger king 10 small braised abalones, really tiny abalones, but the braise was good. i added the braise to my own trotter braise.

pencai 盆菜

not too difficult, just need good (very tasty) braise which i have from my braised trotters (if don’t like trotters then just use the tiger king abalones braise), and plan the ingredients so cook them to the right texture and timing, then assemble.

this was absolutely delicious!

c.h.e.f andy


I used pig trotters as a base stock because it gives a natural gelatinous gravy..and very tasty!
If you don’t like trotters then just use the brine from a braised small abalones
I bought this tiger king brand S$18.80 from ghim moh shop 10 small abalones

My 10 ingredients-

  • Sea cucumber
  • Fish maw
  • abalone
  • Pig trotters
  • Broccoli
  • Belly pork
  • Chicken
  • prawn
  • Scallop
  • mushroom

first make trotters & belly pork

my own braise-it is good!

  • 3tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1/2 tbsp dark sauce
  • 3 tbsp huatiaojiu chinese wine
  • 1 bulb peeled garlic cloves

brown garlic in a little oil
add cleaned trotters & belly pork
high fire brown a bit both sides
add sauce mix
add 1 cup water
boil then cover low/medium fire 1/2 hr add little water if required

this part is to infuse the sauce so not so much liquids

then add water to cover
add mushrooms softened in hot water first & the mushroom water
add fish maw softened in water first

boil cover low fire 1 hr while reducing liquids test texture taste of fish maw, remove & set aside

continue boiling mushroom, trotters & belly pork for 1/2hr so total 2 hrs

remove belly pork cool & chill in fridge for easy cutting

add deboned chicken thigh 4mins simmer 6 mins poached
remove chicken & put in ice
this the 白斩鸡poached method

add sea cucumber to the boiled gravy off fire & poached

prepare claypot lined bottom with chinese cabbage & broccoli stems

add brine of braised small abalones
add cut broccoli & prawns
cover & boil the low fire 3mins
add scallops off fire

now assemble all the ingredients-trotters, belly, chicken, scallops, abalones, broccoli, prawns, fish maw, mushrooms

Recipe = Perfect Bowl of 1pax Bean Noodles 豆签 on 3Feb2019

1pax bean noodles

made 1pax bean noodles 豆签 dinner on 3.2.2019. ^^

i like this  bean noodles 豆签 ..very light, not filling like a snack…good for low carbs diet, lol! ^^

1pax bean noodles

i had frozen prawns,, frozen scallops in the freezer and broccoli in the fridge.

so jsut defrost. prawns i deveined and seasoned with fish sauce and white pepper. scallops just defrost.

1pax bean noodles

so easy to prepare.

just little water 150ml. boil, add 1.5tbsp tsuyu, the jap sauce for soba.

add broccoli to poach, add pranws, then add  bean noodles 豆签 and scallops like boil 1mins to 2mins. and voila! as instant as intant noodles la! ^^

the perfect meal!

succulent tasty prawns and scallops, luscious broccoli colour and texture, nice tasty broth and perfect texture of bean noodles 豆签.

c.h.e.f andy