CNY Day2 Homecooked Lunch for my Brother Family and Sis Bil on 13Feb2021

made CNY day 2 family lunch for my brother, sil, niece & hubby, & nephew, and my sis & bil on 13.2.2021.^^

PT joined lunch.

I made-

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. meensi (taujeon lime) song fish head 松鱼头
  3. teochew chilled steamed sotong 墨鱼饭
  4. teochew braised hock & trotters 卤猪手
  5. teochew pork softbones mustard vegetables pot 芥菜煲
  6. wine chicken with cloud fungus and taupok 黄焖鸡
  7. teochew salted egg bittergourd 
  8. 3 egg spinach

claypot rice very flavourful..sil told me she really likes my claypot rice, really “pang”…

sl, wen all loved the chilled sotong with “kek you” 桔油dip…

my brother said braised trotter very nice…texture, colour, taste all quite perfect…

mustard vegetables pot 芥菜煲 my first attempt, quite good..can improve taste..

after the mustard vegetables dish at imperial treasure ion orchard last week..

will write recipe later..

wine chicken always good.

today’s salted egg bittergourd not my best, still quite good flavours…

3 egg spinach always good, very tasty.

everyone had a great time…niece brought her toy poodle niko…a very well tempered dog not the on your nerve super excitable!

c.h.e.f andy


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