CNY Day2 Homecooked Lunch for my Brother Family and Sis Bil on 13Feb2021

made CNY day 2 family lunch for my brother, sil, niece & hubby, & nephew, and my sis & bil on 13.2.2021.^^

PT joined lunch.

I made-

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. meensi (taujeon lime) song fish head 松鱼头
  3. teochew chilled steamed sotong 墨鱼饭
  4. teochew braised hock & trotters 卤猪手
  5. teochew pork softbones mustard vegetables pot 芥菜煲
  6. wine chicken with cloud fungus and taupok 黄焖鸡
  7. teochew salted egg bittergourd 
  8. 3 egg spinach

claypot rice very flavourful..sil told me she really likes my claypot rice, really “pang”…

sl, wen all loved the chilled sotong with “kek you” 桔油dip…

my brother said braised trotter very nice…texture, colour, taste all quite perfect…

mustard vegetables pot 芥菜煲 my first attempt, quite good..can improve taste..

after the mustard vegetables dish at imperial treasure ion orchard last week..

will write recipe later..

wine chicken always good.

today’s salted egg bittergourd not my best, still quite good flavours…

3 egg spinach always good, very tasty.

everyone had a great time…niece brought her toy poodle niko…a very well tempered dog not the on your nerve super excitable!

c.h.e.f andy


Modern European Vegetarian 11-course Dinner for Sis & Niece Family on CNY Day1 12Feb2021

made modern western 11-course all vegetarian dinner for my sis bil, niece 6pax family this evening CNY day 1 on 12.2.2021.

I vegetarian on 初一十五.

11-course Modern Western Vegetarian Menu

  1. best beautiful delicious salad (by lisa)
  2. tortilla aka spanish omelette
  3. japanese miso glazed eggplant
  4. sautéed mushrooms
  5. pangrilled tofu on cauliflower puree
  6. potato cake on chilli crabless auce
  7. cream of cauliflower soup
  8. funghi linguine
  9. spaghetti alla nerano (zucchini pasta)
  10. bbq king oyster mushroom on potato mash
  11. tofu cheesecak

everyone loved the food..

qh commented few times he never tried so many different tasty vegetraian dishes..the 2 boys had several helpings…

sl specially liked potato cake (& wen commented the chilli was nice), eggplant & funghi linguine.

had a great time with family…with covid restrictions of 8 visitors a day we arranged to have relatives visit in separate groups over the CNY period. so today for sis, bil plus niece 4pax family who are all vegetarian. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Very Good Lunch Omakase @ Kaunta on 10Feb2021

had a great 2pax lunch at kaunta today with lisa on 10.2.2021.^^

this place recommended by joel, owned by sushi bar boss

we had a lunch sushi omakase aoi 8pieces S$60

& the wagyu don S$85.

first time we have aged sushi..most aged 15days some 10days..

i tried 2 pieces was a complimentary smoked salmon very good indeed another aged spider squid..good too.

wife felt the aged sushi were good & unique perhaps not better than fresh sushi.

we both thought kuriya lunch omakase just as good offers better value & more cooked dishes.

I had miyazaki A5 wagyu don with uni, ikura, caviar & black truffle..truffle flavour was excellent..

wagyu very thin slices..the overall taste was excellent..

i think a bit high price but it was good..

may come back for the dinner omakase maybe sometime for lunch when feel like it..

after lunch went to sm’s house & play with grandson lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Kaunta Singapore


11 Kee Seng Street #01-12 Onze, 089218



Opening Hours-

Monday (closed Sunday)5:30–10pm
Tuesday – Saturday11:45am–3pm5:30–10pm

Huge Cockles and Super Tender Gong Gong @ Kin Hoi on 7Feb2021

had cockles S$8 and gong gong S$6 at kin hoi on 7.2.2021.^^

really good! hum fresh sweet & very clean.

gong gong impossibly tender texture pull out easily don’t know how they do it…

c.h.e.f andy


Kin Hoi Cockles @ Holland Close


Holland Cl, Coffee Shop, Block 6, Singapore 271006


Opening Hours:

daily (closed mon)4–10pm

Brother’s Excellent Pencai 盆菜 Very Tasty Stock & Ingredients on 9Feb2021

my brother delivered homemade 盆菜today on 9.2.2021.^^

really excellent! every item delicious!

prime rib good bkt standard..

prawns fresh & perfect texture..

the roast pork roast duck he bought was good tasty addition to the pencai..

pig stomach, mushrooms, fish maw all very good…abalone good..

most importantly a good stock base dry scallops chinese cabbage stock very tasty 👍


c.h.e.f andy

Good Braised Trotters and Pig Innard Soup @ Jin Ding Xiang on 9Feb2021

went to get a pot of sweet basil from amk shop with LKY on 9.2.2021.^^

had ter kah & ter huan kiam chye soup at amk central stall jin ding xiang

the S$6 hock was tender great texture & flavours..well above average..

the S$4 pig innard soup was quite tasty, above average & good serving of items – pork, belly pork, pork balls, liver

nice lunch!

c.h.e.f andy


金鼎香 Jin Ding Xiang


724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Stall 01-45 Singapore 560724

Casual 4pax Home Dinner on 5Feb2021

bought kagoshima A4 wagyu ribeye S$172/kg promo from QB FOOD.

made 4pax dinner with wife wen & PT on 5.2.2021.^^

teriyaki cod very good…

chorizo prawns spaghetti wenyu loved it..

kagoshima A4 wagyu was superb..great marbling and flavour.

chocolate lava cake was a failure though..

different oven setting etc luckily the 70%cocoa dark chocolate taste ok..will try again…

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 4Feb2021

delivered homecooked dinner to brother’s family on 4.2.2021.^^


  1. curry chicken with potatoes
  2. thai yellow curry sotong with vegetables
  3. fry broccoli

c.h.e f andy

Not Great Mediocre S$38pax Lunch @ Beach Road Kitchen on 3Feb2021

GYS bought lunch at beach road kitchen ..$38pax with jwmarriott card…

a lot of food but so so quality quite mediocre …

best dish for me was the chilli crab…sauce & bun good..crab acceptable quality

the charcuterie platter was ok NOT basilico antipasti quality cured meat & cheese

salad standard fare bread basket better than average the panini was good..

white wine mussels very poorly done overcooked shrunken not fresh succulent…1 of 2 worst dishes…

lobster bisque good standard with lobster pieces NOT 665 deg standard

lobster laksa pasta a disaster – among the worst pasta I had… & lobster was old & overcooked tough & tasteless..not sure this worst dish or the mussels…lol!

the shell pasta was passable better than the lobster which was inedible

tried the truffle pizza way way below par chewy & tough nothing like akira back

chicken was competent better than expected..

yogurt dessert was pretty good like breakfast cereal lol! good for breakfast not sure count as dessert..haha!

so I count 3 good dishes-chilli crab, lobster bisque and chicken…that’s about it!

had a great time with friends..

restaurant was empty just 2 tables…

c.h.e.f andy


Beach Road Kitchen


30 Beach Rd, Singapore 189763



Opening Hours: