Simple Delicious Homecooked 4pax Family Dinner on 7Jan2021

made 4pax family dinner on 7.1.2021.^^

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. australian prime ribs bakuteh
  3. claypot hk steamed garoupa fishhead, &
  4. aunty bes added a chap chye vegetables.
  5. simple and delicious home cooked dinner

c.h.e.f andy


Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 7Jan2021

delivered homecooked dinner to brother family on 7.1.2021.^^


  1. 参巴金目鲈 sambal seabass
  2. 腩肉炒芹菜心 fried belly pork with celery hearts
  3. 虾仁炒菜 fried prawns with vegetables

c.h.e.f andy

Good Expensive 4pax Set Lunch @ Black Society on 6Jan2021

RI bro bought 4pax lunch at black society today on 6.1.2021. ^^

I think chinese name previously the big boss first time i dine here.

friend ordered a 4pax 7-course set $228 quite ex.. dishes were good..

fish skin was good don’t know price a good starter

roast pork competent ordinary..

roast duck was flavourful & tender 👍

drunken prawns fresh & succulent done well i guess not much else can do with this dish

sharkbone soup was best dish for me..intense, smooth flavours, top standard花胶干贝👍

abalones thick mushrooms broccoli good standard..abalone was tender but sauce taste can improve though..sauce most important in this dish & this sauce is kind of mediocre not tasty enuf

fried rice was good..i asked for chilli they only give 豆瓣chilli..didn’t want to ask xo chilli likely they will charge..

one friend thought the rice was very good & it better than imperial treasure crystal jade or paradise though..

they changed our fish from 笋壳to 星班..they said live fish but cannot change to steam..

i thought deepfried soon hock is better even if star garoupa is supposedly better turned out they don’t have the small soon hock so got to top up if take large soon hock so we agreed to star garoupa..

after eating i think soon hock better more 脆& better infused with sauce..also can’t tell star garoupa or red garoupa deepfried

snow fungus dessert was good not too sweet & nicely refreshing…

c.h.e.f andy


Black Society 黑社会


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