Home Valentine 2pax Dinner for Wife on 14Feb2021

made 2pax valentine day dinner on 14.2.2021.^^

this a yearly tradition…2020 edition here. 🙂

  1. crabmeat chawanmushi
  2. flamed miso glazed jumbo prawns
  3. crabmeat donburi with prawns, scallops, miso salmon belly

this year not as good as 2020.

my chawanmushi texture not right…my recipe was doing for 5-6pax…the adjustments not enough for 2pax..so a bit viscous…

flamed jumbo prawn could be better.

donburi though was good, flavourful and the miso salmon belly seared scallops were great! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Delicious Fun Family Lunch on CNY Day 3 14Feb2021

sumin JH & cayden came visiting on 大年初三14.2.2021.^^

wife made nice lunch..great kale salad..

aunty bes made tako calamari, crabmeat pasta

& sulin made excellent wagyu MBS4/5 ribeye steak, delicious!

c.h.e.f andy