Nice Seafood Dinner @ Baofa Restaurant 宝发食馆 Leyuan Road on 13Sep2017 (Day 4 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

salmon sashimi 三文鱼寿司

after walking round 老街, looking at the street stalls and especially the food street, we walked over to 宝发Baofa Seafood Restaurant at Leyuan Road on 13.9.2017. ^^.

20mins walk from 老街 to 宝发

it was quite a long 20mins walk from 老街 to 宝发actually, and my friend WM was quite tired, after the deng xiao ping memorial @ lian hua shan 莲花山 climb in the heat of mid-day sun earlier…

宝发seafood restaurant

there are many restaurants along leyuan road, and 宝发seafood restaurant is the one WW frequents & knows well.

宝发seafood restaurant

restaurant had good traffic.

宝发seafood restaurant

it is hard to know which restaurant to go if you don’t know the place as they all have tanks of live seafood & basically sells the same thing with slight difference in prices. it may also be that there is not really much difference one from the next.

宝发seafood restaurant picture menu

there was picture menu which is always helpful.

WW & GY knew what they were ordering so we were in good hands.

order chit

the order chit showed we ordered turtle 水鱼(in southeren china) or 甲鱼(in northern china) but the dish never came & when we checked, it was not entered into the system.

just as well, as we were too full already after all the other dishes…

salmon sashimi 三文鱼寿司

the salmon sashimi 三文鱼寿司was good, fresh, sweet.

nothing special as we can get very good quality fresh salmon sashimi including toro (belly) cuts in singapore, and salmon sashimi is cheap in singapore.


the 贵妃鸡 was good, though i think it was maybe about chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok standard or lower & not quite 鹅皇馆 standard.


still, always enjoy the sweet chicken with the scallion ginger sauce.

mantis prawns

the mantis prawns were small ones, comparable to (or maybe larger than?) keong kee 强记鸡粥 (near tai wei mtr),

but much smaller than what we had at 容记小菜王 prince edward last evening.

i enjoyed the mantis prawns last evening & generally i would think a larger mantis prawn is meatier & tastier. WW taught us how to eat the mantis prawns, tear away the legs, then peeled the shell from the side & the meat came out whole piece, and in fact most of it did not stick to the shell. so i would say this was very enjoyable dish & maybe price to value this would be much better c/w with  容记小菜王 prince edward

mantis prawns

prawns were quite meaty even though small & very sweet.

i have never particularly like mantis prawns, but now i learning to appreciate the dish. lol!^^

lala clams

the heavy shell lala clams were quite average.

i can do a manila clam (lala) much better than this. lol!

geoduck sashimi 象鼻蚌寿司

the highlight was geoduck (pronounced “gui” duck), which is GY’s favourite.

needless to say, it was very good, very sweet & fresh & tasty with the wasabi.

geoduck porridge 象鼻蚌稀饭

& whatever was left including part of the entrails not served as sashimi was used to make geoduck porridge 象鼻蚌稀饭.

geoduck porridge 象鼻蚌稀饭

the porridge came too early, was one of the first dishes served, way before the geoduck sashimi arrived at the table????

& by the time we started to eat, the soup were absorbed into the rice, NOT great!

geoduck porridge 象鼻蚌稀饭

the restaurant was sensible enough to do a service recovery, so they took it back & added tasty soup & veg etc & came back with a nice looking bowl.

it was quite nice, not fantastic, but good enough. we couldn’t eat much in any case.

romaine lettuce 油麦菜

the romaine lettuce 油麦菜was quite ordinary.

bill RMB768

the bill was RMB768 nett so maybe like S$160.

not sure it was cheap at all by china or shenzhen prices, but by singapore prices, you probably buy only the 900g geoduck sashimi for this price at many of our seafood restaurants.

it was a very enjoyable diner, after whole day out & a fair bit of walking, nice relaxing dinner & good chat among close friends. a very nice evening indeed!

c.h.e.f andy


Baofa Restaurant 宝发食馆



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