Our Best Roast Goose Restaurant this Trip on 12Sep2017 (Day 3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

coffee @ hong lin restaurant

hong lin restaurant pin up menu

ornamental fish vendors

after the nice dimsum at timhowan @ shamshuipo,

we got back to prince edward & dropped by DBS Treasures for a free coffee..great service but they not outfitted for coffee lounge, so poor coffee..lol! 🙂

after that WM went to fa yuen street market & bought a whole load of sausage, dried oysters, wolfberries etc under wifee’s direction!

after that wai mun wanted tea so we stopped by again at hong lin restaurant 康年餐厅 & just had a coffee & a tea.

roast goose & chicken combo HK$98 

afterwards we went to 鹅皇馆opposite metropark & had the best goose & chicken 贵妃鸡! ^^

this one really must go back again la!



鹅皇馆 was just directly across the road from our hotel metropark mongkok. so convenient. if it is good, no need to go all over the place just to eat roast goose la! 🙂

we were at the restaurant about 1.05pm. there was a good crowd but there was place so no need to queue. 🙂

roast goose & chicken combo HK$98

we ordered a roast goose & chicken combo HK$98 as we didn’t want to eat so much & have 1/2 roast goose like the day before at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok.

& we didn’t want to have 2 plates of rice.

roast goose & chicken combo HK$98

there was a HK$10 supplement for combo.

the roast goose here very flavourful & tasty, as good as any la…

& the chicken was very good, i think better than chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok. and of course the scallions ginger sauce was just heavenly with the chicken!

we thought the serving was a bit small, but maybe it wasn’t really…just looking at the HK$230 1/2 roast goose at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok for comparison.

c.h.e.f andy




Opening Hours:



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