Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre – RI Makan Group Food Adventures Part2 on 15Sep2017

song fish head 松鱼头

after a good variety of best hawker food (char kuay teow, bak chor mee, curry chicken noodles & bee chiam kueh) at hong lim hawker centre,

the RI makan gang moved on to chinatown complex for the next food adventure on 15.9.2017. ^^

BT joined us at chinatown complex, though like 1 hr later. lol! 🙂

KY & LCM went to order the dishes from seng kee 119 成记 stall zi char..

(I did not eat as today is the start of my 14days vegetarian/fruit diet challenge with DP)。

this stall seems to be quite famous & written about…i must say just by the look of the dish & the sauce, it looks ok but not great…it is individual preferences of course, quite subjective…

for me my favourite is hong kong street chun kee at leel 2 of commonwealth crescent food centre (it is more ex at S$16 whereas at chinatown complex it is very competitive & every stall is selling at S$13)…

pai kwat wong排骨王

pai kwat wong排骨王

pai kwat wong排骨王 looked the right colours & presentation.

i don’t mind this dish, not my favourite though..

black bean sauce bittergourd pork rib

the black bean sauce bittergourd pork rib was competent.

i took 2 pieces of bittergourd. they were ok…but really compared with the S$0.80 bittergourd dish at 夜上海 teochew muay at lengkok bahru,  夜上海’s dish a lot better for me la…

gong bao chicken 宫保鸡丁

gong bao chicken 宫保鸡丁 looked the right colours & presentation, should be good.

the dishes were like S$47 for 5pax, quite ok.

yigu peanut paste & black sesame paste 二姑花生糊/黑芝麻糊

115 tong swee  一一五糖水was closed today,

so we tried yigu tong swee二姑糖水.

i had yun yong 鸳鸯 peanut paste & black sesame paste 二姑花生糊/黑芝麻糊。the peanut paste was distinctly inferior to 115 tong swee, and in this case in fact the black sesame paste tasted better, whereas at 115 tong swee, the peanut paste beats all other dishes.

the 1950s coffee 五十年代& toast

& then good coffee & toast from 五十年代.

for me the coffee here is the best kopitiam kopi i had. ^^

c.h.e.f andy