Excellent Kambing Soup @ Haji M Abdul Rajak Stall Upper Boon Keng FC on 31Aug2017

kambing soup  

after the good briyani at geylang serai FC,

upper boon keng food centre

we took BT’s car (5pax) to upper boon keng food centre on 31.8.2017. ^^

kambing soup stall 

DP & KH went to buy the kambing soup, i think S$7.

kambing soup

i tasted the ribs & soup.

soup was very good, intense, very tasty, though my friends said today less intense.

it was as good as bahrakath mutton soup at adam road food centre. maybe this one more flavourful. anyhow i think bahrakath is very good also.

the ribs were tender & tasty. i did not try the mutton pieces.

this kambing soup i will come back again, except that bahrakath is near my place & i don;t take kambing soup often as it is “gelard” – satiating, and also unhealthy…but then agin many things i eat also unhealthy, just don’t take too much too foten lor..

ice kacang

ice kacang stall 

i did not want to drink coffee again, so i took ice kacang from the 桦姐stall.

ok ice kacang.

c.h.e.f andy


Good Nasi Biryani @ Geylang Briyani Stall Geylang Serai FC on 31Aug2017

chicken nasi briyani

DP, a RI bro visiting from bangkok. so another bro organised a makan session, meeting for nasi briyani at geylang serai food centre on 31.8.2017.^^

geylang briyani stall

we started with briyani at geylang serai market…seems that many think that briyani express is best, but it was closed today. so DP & KH went to join the queue at geylang briyani stall.

they bought 3 packets for 4pax to share-1 mutton, 1 chicken another fried chicken…all having the same idea of cutting down on carbs. lol! 🙂

briyani rice taste was good, flavourful, and mutton & chicken were all good.👍

i think they were S$8 each packet..

but really i didn’t think it was better than my own chicken briyani, which was just as flavourful perhaps more, & just using house brand ready gravy, and my chicken was much more moist, tender & sweet. haha! ^^

nasi padang chicken

i bought a S$5 nasi padang chicken thigh from a stall side vendor no queue.

it was good enough though the gravy was a bit too sweet.

geylang briyani stall

BT came later. geylang briyani stall too long queue so BT did not take..anyway he had chicken rice earlier…

After that we went upper boon keng market and took the kambing soup…

c.h.e.f andy


Geylang (Hamid’s) Briyani Stall


Always Good Meepok Tar @ Jln Tua Kong 6th Ave on 30Aug2017

S$4 meepok tar

my RI friend dropped by after his tuition at serene centre.

we went nearby jln tua kong meepok tar at good good coffeeshop, 6th ave for lunch on 30.8.2017. ^^

my friend bought lunch, parked his car at guthrie house. we chatted quite a while & left the coffeeshop past 2pm. parking was S$7.70 quite ex…

S$4 meepok tar

the meepok tar always good.

noodles qq perfect texture. chili spicy & nice!

fish balls, fish cakes, minced pork, prawn all good.

S$4 meepok tar

most important still the chili, spicy & flavourful, made the meepok tar really delicious!

c.h.e.f andy


Jln Tua Kong Mee Pok Tar

24 Sixth Ave, Singapore 276481

Good Good Eating House 好好餐室

Very Shiok! Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭 Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lor 1 on 25Aug2017

1/2 benson salted duck 盐水鸭, fishmaw pig innards soup, chives 青龙菜 with tau gay

had 3pax lunch with sis & bil @ benson salted duck 盐水鸭, toa payoh lor 1. ^^

1/2 benson salted duck 盐水鸭 – S$17

duck supernice…so tender & super tasty..👍👍👍

my 3rd time here…enjoyed everytime ..

i ordered 1 duck S$32 (1/2 duck = S$17), and tapao 1/2 duck uncut, and have the 1/2 duck served for our lunch. ^^

fishmaw pig innards soup S$5

the stall advised us to order S$5 fishmaw pig organs soup…

it was good helping & very nice too. my sis & bil love this.

chives 青龙菜 with tau gay – S$3

the chives 青龙菜 with tau gay  today was very good! better than what i had last time here.

very tasty & crunchy, no “siap” taste.

lunch was S$26 for 3, incluidng $17 for 1/2 duck, $5 soup, $3 veg & $1 for 2 rice.

i paid S$41 – S$32 for whole duck.

very satisfying lunch! …………

i made  salted duck 盐水鸭 ( i called it spiced duck since it is a 风味鸭). but benson’s is supremely good!

c.h.e.f andy


Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭

Opening Hours:

Not That Satisfying 5pax Dinner @ Imperial Treasure Nanbei on 26Aug2017

half roast duck

went imperial treasure nanbei level 5 taka for 5pax family dinner on 26.8.2017.^

last time i came here was 2 years back on 23.8.2015! we had a wonderful dimsum lunch. ^^

today however was dinner. booked last min at 6pm still got table arrived restaurant 6.45pm there are walk-ins no booking. looks like busines 👇a lot, unlike before where even when we came puncture with reservations, had to wait a while…

we ordered roast duck, chargtilled pork neck, fried rice, soup & 2 dimsum…not much dimsum available so nothing much to order not so satisfying!

roast duck was good, nothing special, the meat not moist & tender enough…

radish pastry 

the radish pastry still good.

puffy pastry, and tasty radish inside!

charcoal grilled pork neck 炭烧猪颈肉 

the charcoal grilled pork neck 炭烧猪颈肉 was very good, unfailingly! ^^

charcoal grilled pork neck 炭烧猪颈肉 

very tasty. especially with the fatty bits.

but recently i had the best char siew Meng Meng Roast Duck restaurant 阿明帝皇鸭 at sutera, and really that was even better than this!

salted egg prawns 

the salted egg prawns were the usual, competent….

forgot to take photos of the soup & the fried rice. both very good.

soup good though i had better ones here previously.

the dry scallops egg white fried rice always good here, especially with the XO chili. this evening too! ^^

over dinner S$180+. not say expensive, but we also did not order much.

but over the dining experience not so satisfying.

c.h.e.f andy


imperial treasure nanbei

opening hours:

Hiap Joo Coconut Buns – 1 Day JB Makan Trip with OPS Buddies on 28Aug2017

queue at hiap joo bakery & biscuit factory 

went with my OPS buddies to JB on 28.8.2017.^^

we were at the causeway at 10.15am, took one full hour to cross over, not sure i want to come again by car.

hiap joo bakery & biscuit factory 

my OPS friends decided to stop by & pick up some coconut buns at hiap joo bakery & biscuit factory.

i bought the delicious banana cake the last time i was here with my RI bros. ^^

there was the usual queue for the banana cake.

queue at hiap joo bakery & biscuit factory

queue at hiap joo bakery & biscuit factory


FM queued for coconut buns.

it was a short queue for coconut buns, longer queue for banana cake.

coconut buns like disappearing food in singapore, never tried it for decades!

it was nostalgic, but not really something i like too much, and not some calories i want to add. lol! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory


13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

Mon to Sat – 7.30am to 5.30pm

Wonderful RM$16 Cold Brew @ JWC Homies Aeon Mall Tebrau City on 28Aug2017

RM$16 cold brew 

had excellent cold brew at JWC(Just Want Coffee) outlet on 28.8.2017.

it was like 4pm. we had some time to while away.

so after the mediocre chendol at penang raod famous teochew chendol,

we went to level1 to chill & enjoy a cuppa at JWC Homies.

JWC Homies

i had the cold brew – most ex drink at RM$16.

my RI friend CJ ordered that at the bear & the fish (JWC) recently during our sutera trip. 

it is like chilled flat white, very nice coffee aroma! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Just Want Coffee, Homies


G115, AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre,
1, Jalan Desa Tebrau,
Taman Desa Tebrau,
81100 Johor Bahru,

Poor Kueh & Cucur Udang @ Nonya Leaf Aeon Mall JB on 28Aug2017

ondeh ondeh, cucur udang, lapis pandan kueh 

while we were waiting for our cendol etc orders at penang road famous teochew chendol,

WT walked over to buy some nonya kuehs from nonya leaf opposite on 28.8.2019. ^^

the ondeh ondeh was poor, inside dry & not enough gula melaka & krisik (dessicated coconut)!

the lapis likewise very so-so, medicore…we all agreed FM made much better lapis kueh!

nonya leaf

nonya leaf 

the centre seating for nonya leave just as crowded! 🙂

really difference in taste-buds la…

cucur udang (prawn fritters)

cucur udang (prawn fritters)

the cucur udang (prawn fritters)slightly better.

NO comparison with the wadeh udang WM treated us to at seletar country club. 

c.h.e.f andy


Nyonya Leaf
1 Jalan Desa Tebrau Taman Desa Tebrau Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tebrau, Johor, Malaysia
+60 7-352 2220


Not Great Cendol @ Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol Aeon Mall Tebrau City on 28Aug2017

not good cendol 

after very good makan at restoran ya wang 鸭皇 at jln segget,

we stopped by & bought some stuff at giant supermakrket. it started raining, so we drove to aeon mall tebrau city. parking here is just RM$1 whole day.

penang famous teochew cendol 

CH led us to penang famous teochew cendol place for some cendol. CH was here last week. 🙂

penang famous teochew cendol 

good crowd. very popular!

penang famous teochew cendol 

i wonder why??? diferent tast efor cendol, must be! 🙂

not good cendol 

cendol was not great, quite mediocre, like any hawker centre stall in singapore.

gula melaka not flavourful/aromatic just sugary, coconut milk not thick enough…

nice chee cheong fun 

we ordered rojak & chee cheong fun..

& weng tong walked over to nonya leaf the buy some ondeh ondeh, cucur udang (prawn fritters) & lapis pandang kueh to share.

nice chee cheong fun  

chee cheong fun was good, nice texture & sauce was good, flavourful.

in fact, the only thing nice here at this “famous” cendol! 🙂


rojak not good too!

rojak not good too!

sauce too thick, overpowering.

c.h.e.f andy


Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul
1, Jalan Desa Tebrau | Lot S30, AEON Mall Tebrau CityJohor Bahru 81100, Malaysia
+60 4-262 6002