Best Pig Organs Soup + Braised Pork Noodles @ 深圳东贝爱面科学馆 on 13Sep2017 (Day 4 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

pig organs soup + braised pork noodles

my OPS bro leaving hong kong for shenzhen this morning on 13.9.2017, then onward to guangzhou & then gulao (古劳) his ancestral village. ^^

he was the reason WM & I came for this trip to hong kong on a still hot month like sep. never coming back here on sep! lol!

& today we followed WT & GY to shenzhen & was met by WT’s brother WW.

getting through HK checkpoint & entering China checkpoint was a breeze. in fact we went through electronic gates at China checkpoint, so almost no queue.

the strange thing is that GY, WT’s wife is chinese nationality, & they require a special travel document to enter HK & Macau from China. I am guessing they are trying to prevent chinese flooding HK & Macau, and if these chinese have the means of travelling outside china like to singapore then they are allowed to enter HK & Macau from third countries. so it’s discriminatory but it avoided mass entry of chinese into the 2 territories…whatever!

pig organs soup + braised pork noodles

WW booked hotel for WT & GY at 科学馆metro station, next to his own rented apartment.

while they were checking into hotel, WW arranged for WM & I to have some breakfast at 东贝爱面科学馆outlet. we had a really delicious if heavy pig organs soup.

this place looked like an aircon basement food court (but only 1 shop) & no customers i guess at this hour (10.50am)???

braised pork noodles

one difference from singapore pig organ soup is it is served with a tossed noodles with braised pork.

i guess a bit like malaysia/JB’s kuay toew kia. 🙂

braised pork noodles

the noodles absolutely delicious, with the braised pork, tasty & tender perfect texture & very tasty sauce.

pig organs soup

the pig organs soup was excellent of course, very tasty & great ingredients.

pig organs soup

as good as singapore’s, not so peppery. 🙂

some seafood roll like our otah

WW ordered i guess something difference for us to try.

it was a minced seafood roll, with a layer of skin, not sure what it was made of, some starch from some crops?

some seafood roll like our otah

it was pretty nice also.

the best way i can describe it is it is like otah served in restaurants with chunky seafood.

otah not my favourite…maybe otah slightly better than this as it has some spices.


we had some lime drink.

bill RMB78 for 2pax

the meal was HK$78 for 2pax, maybe on the high side for the locals, and certainly worth for me…very nice makan.

pig organs soup + belly pork noodles

i will do this again if i come here.

c.h.e.f andy






OK Macha Smoothie @ RBTea on 12Sep2017 (Day 3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

macha smoothie

after a nice seafood & roast goose dinner at 容记小菜王,

we walked over to pioneer centre shopping arcade near the hotel & had a drink & chit chat.

bill HK$186

not cheap, i guess like singapore prices, HK$186 for 4pax drinks.

macha smoothie

my macha smoothie with ice cream & red beans just so so only for me.i think not 1/2 as exciting as teawood 茶木 cafe at tung chung! that was a lot more varied & exciting!

i asked for no sugar, counter lady said macha bitter w/o sugar so she gave less.

actually maybe no sugar would be better since red beans & ice cream also sweet, and i like the bitter macha japanese ceremonial tea anyway…

macha smoothie

we had a relaxing time enjoying dinner, company & a drink together afterwards.

next morning we are going over to shenzhen, WT & GY had to get back to hotel benito at tsimshatsui so we left early.

c.h.e.f andy


Pioneer Centre Shopping Arcade
232, 750 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2625 1833

Great Seafood & Roast Goose Dinner @ 容記小菜王 Prince Edward on 12Sep2017 (Day 3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)


容记小菜王 is located along prince edward road west & right next to metropark mongkok, just a few steps away from the prince edward road w entrance to the hotel.

on the first day, we went around 8.15pm & there was a queue. this time we went at 6pm & made a reservation leaving our name & contact.

at 7pm we arrived at the restaurant & was ushered upstairs on 12.9.2017.^^

this 容记小菜王 looked very much more upmarket c/w the stall we passed by at fuk wing street on the way to timhowan @ shamshuipo this morning…. so the owner sold the stall in fuk wing street & then start over again here? will read up later la…

fresh seafood tanks

there were fresh seafood tanks at the back.

steamed razor clams 4 for HK$120

we ordered the 仔宝 combo promotions. 🙂

promos went something like that –

  1. order 2xmantis prawns = 2xHK&78=HK$156 then 4 razor clams = HK$120
  2. order regular roast goose HK$98 then lobster noodles = HK$140

whatever! that’s the best we could get lor…

steamed razor clams 4 for HK$120

the steamed razor clams were competent, maybe very slightly over, certainly no better than (say) ah yat here.

i think ah yat much better actually!

still, quite nice dish…

roast goose – regular serving HK$98

the roast goose i thought  pretty good, though now WM & i worshipped 鹅皇馆 as the new god of roast goose…

roast goose – regular serving HK$98

if you asked me, this HK$98 例牌 portion looked remarkably like about same size as the HK$230 1/2 goose we had at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok on 10.9.2017??

roast goose – regular serving HK$98

i think quite ok serving of a nice roast goose dish for HK&98. 🙂

mantis prawns HK$156

the mantis prawns were rather a guess work for us, difficult to tell if it would be worth it, but we ordered anyway.

mantis prawns HK$156

WM said his piece not much meat, but somehow the piece i took (i thought i took the smaller head piece) actually had lots of meat. & the meat was not sticking to the shell so that was good, and it was very sweet too. the shell had this mala flavour which was nice but most important was still the meat itself, tender & sweet! 🙂

mantis prawns HK$156

it was expensive maybe, but <S$30 for 2 large mantis prawn maybe quite ok by singapore price.

lobster noodles HK$140

the boston lobster noodles was HK$140.

lobster was fresh & nice of course.

braising stock 上汤焗 a bit not up to standard.

like WT said, both of us can braise a tastier yee meen.

lobster noodles HK$140

HK$140 price was fraction of singapore restaurant price, though ah yat’s promotion rice is S$29.80 so not far from this also..

小炒皇 HK$88

other reviewers had written about the 小炒皇 HK$88, this being like a signature dish for 容记小菜王

quite disappointing really, overly salty, not 1/2 the standard of Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant 九记潮州打冷餐馆 which was excellent & had great wokhae.

bill HK$738

dinner was HK$738 for 4pax, quite ok by hong kong price i guess.

& restaurant try to get away by charging HK$148 for the razor clams. only after i pointed out the  仔宝 combo promotions, then they corrected it to HK$120…& came up with all manner of stories…not a good management practice, someone please tell them!

c.h.e.f andy


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