Very Good 三楼米粉 @ Restaurant Ah Kaw Pelangi on 28Aug2017


after cendol, coffee & some more buying groceries at aeon mall, tebrau city,

we set off for ah kow 三楼米粉 at pelangi, reaching there about 6.20pm.

the 三楼米粉 was really good!

and a very inexpensive dinner plus drinks plus 4xpackets takeaway 三楼米粉 medium=just RM182 for 6pax..

we walked around a bit & left for the causeway at 7.40pm…a breeze no jam.

restoran ah kaw 三楼米粉 pelangi 

it’s a coffeeshop eating house at pelangi.

restoran ah kaw 三楼米粉 pelangi 

not too crowded yet!

picture menu board 

we ordered several of the signature dishes on the picture menu board – like the 三楼米粉, french pig trotters, fried tofu etc.

picture menu 

easy to see details on the menu, menu board just to see which signature dishes to order.


ordered one large 三楼米粉.

it was good, tasty, slightly crisp, and still moist & well infused with stock inside. excellent dish!

it was a good choice too. better just order one first then add later, so bee hoon would be hot & fresh. we added a medium serving afterwards. everything finished! 🙂

french trotters 

the french trotters was deep-fried, and nicely seasoned, quite flavourful.

french trotters 

back in singapore, a friend later commented standard had dropped. maybe it was even better previously but this was quite good.

i would generally still prefer braised trotters, which are plentiful anywhere. but this a good change & something nice that was worth trying, and repeating also.

fried tofu 

the fried tofu was good too, flavourful, crispy outside, soft inside, most imprtantly good taste. 🙂


the 干香鱼头 though was below par, not good standard.

to be fair in was about the standard of JB ah meng in singapore.

thing is, they gave tiny, bony fish head, no meat…taste ok quite flavourful but no dining experience to talk about.

salted egg bittergourd 

salted egg bitter gourd was very good. very well done. nice taste.

not sure comparable to zai shun or not, but it was good anyway. 🙂

baby romaine lettuce

not quite romaine lettuce. this the cheaper baby lettuce?

anyway, good enough vegetable dish la…


RM$182 nett! 🙂

三楼米粉  medium tapao 4xpackets RM$11.70 each. 🙂

street hawkers

street hawkers 

we walked around the place a bit to while the time.

wanted to reach causeway nearer to 8pm to avoid the queue.

nice tree 

this the road with roadside parking.

the street hawkers behind the camera, and ah kawabout right angle to the nice tree to the left.

c.h.e.f andy


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Very Good 6pax Lunch at Restoran Ya Wang 鸭皇 28 Jln Segget JB on 28Aug2017


went JB with my OPS buddies. KS drove toyota picnic, comfortably 6pax.

restoran ya wang 鸭皇

we parked near restoran ya wang 鸭皇, 28 jln segget on 28.8.2017.

the last time i came with my RI friends, we did not drive but walked from city square, had early lunch at kam long fish head, and passed by restoran ya wang. did not eat here as already eaten at kam long.

restoran ya wang 鸭皇

ya wang was crowded at 11.40am.



the menu prices all looked ok, except that the bill we had some items didn’t seem to follow these listed prices???

menu board

do some eye exercise. see anything you like?

michael jackson

i had michael jackson. haha! heard of it a lot, first time i actually tried it.

michael jackson

i like this one here, the tau huay not sweet, and the cheng chow texture made it nice.

roast duck, char siew & siew yoke

we ordered 1/2 roast duck, want to eat other dishes, and thinking of the many meals we going to have later on?? haha! ^^

1/2 roast duck

we ordered the 十全鸭. that is supposed to be they signature.

we had this twice at ya wang at sentosa, both occasions good.

recently my RI friends went to sentosa, said ya wang shop bought over by ah yik imperial, still serving same roast duck, but not good, didn’t taste the same.

1/2 roast duck

this roast duck here felt the same way.

still good, too much sauce, skin not crispy, and tasted a bit odd or off!

this duck ok but no better than any roast duck in singapore, so no point to come specially to eat it…

char siew siew yoke

char siew was excellent, roast pork very good except the end bits harder…

but then the char siew & siew yoke at Meng Meng Roast Duck restaurant 阿明帝皇鸭  at sutera mall i had recently with RI friends still better than this, especially the char siew was truly awesome!


the 1/2 白斩鸡 was an after-thought, accidental addition.

surprisingly the chicken was very good. all of us thought the chicken was better than the duck!

somehow i had impression that 白斩鸡  in malaysia quite lousy (like i thought in hong kong as well) c/w singapore. but this chicken is sweet (kampong chicken/ a big one), whereas singapore 白斩鸡 is smooth but generally tasteless by comparison.

tilapia in nonya sauce

many tables were ordering this tilapia in nonya sauce.

so we ordered too. they served us a wrong fish, a seabass done the same style.  seabass more expensive than tilapia but we all thought tilapia tasted better for this preparation so they corrected it & served us the tilapia.

tilapia in nonya sauce

tilapia was very nice. fish was very fresh, tender, smooth & bouncy & the tangy sauce was quite perfect to kill the “mud” taste.

we all liked this dish & the chicken best.

stir-fried potato leaves with fermented bean curd

the stir-fried potato leaves with fermented bean curd was done very well. very nice dish! 🙂


the bill RM$162.60 for 6pax lunch cheap by singapore standard of course.

they charged RM$28 for the chicken, but the menu showed RM$8 for upper quarter & RM$10 for lower quarter. not a good practice! 🙂

restoran ya wang 鸭皇

anyway we were satisfied we had an enjoyable lunch at a price much lower than singapore.

c.h.e.f andy


Restoran Ya Wang 鸭皇


2, Jalan Sutera 4, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia