Hong Lim Hawker Centre – RI Makan Group Food Adventures on 15Sep2017

outram road char kuay teow – S$5

at the 11pax homecooked dinner at my place for WCM & my RI friends last friday on 8.9.2017,

GCG initiated the RI Makan Group & suggested we go round singapore eating places for food adventures. 🙂

so this morning KY organised the first makan at hong lim food centre, a good place to start on 15.9.2017.^^

outram road char kuay teow

i arrived 10.10am and 2 friends, KY & WCM already there & in the queue for outram road char kueh teow & tai wah bakchormee. 🙂

we were joined by doc & CW. CW had to leave earlier. & LKH & LCM joined us nearer 12pm. so we had 7pax including CW who left after first round.

conspicuously absent was the makan group initiator GCG, lol! 🙂

outram road char kuay teow – S$5

the queue continued to lunch (we stayed till 12pm), and got longer, maybe 15-20pax.

outram road char kuay teow – S$5

outram road char kuay teow was voted the best by my friends here.

kopi o

my friends knew that today is Day 1 of my 14day vegetarian/fruit diet challenge with DP. i start 2 days earlier on 15sep while DP starts on 17sep & we both end on 30sep (as at the time we agreed on the challenge, i had 2 prior committed days on 19sep & 25sep, whereas DP will have unbroken 14days).

so i was not eating & just came to join the fun & fellowhip la…

dong sheng coffee

kopi was good, but nothing like the 1950s coffee at chinatown complex.


KY bought beechiamkueh. later he showed me the shop at the other side near the ipoh horfun stall.

beechiamkueh not my favourite. anyhow though ok for vegetarian diet, since i am making an effort on the diet, might as well skip this too…

tai wah bakchormee – S$5

tai wah bakchormee cannot go wrong too la…

good ingredients, and i am sure chili was excellent as usual..

tai wah bakchormee

tai wah bakchormee

constant queue too, though not as long as outram road CKT.

ah heng curry chicken noodles – S$6.50

i went to get ah heng curry chicken noodles for my friends, and a second time when LCM & LKH came. my choice always large, thick beehoon & yellow noodles, and chicken thigh 鸡尾。

luckily for me both times no queue, though doc said there was a queue after i bought the first bowl. doc prefers heng kee curry chicken noodles at level 1.

this my favourite stall & about favourite hawker food, so when i come to hong lim, i don’t get to eat outram road CKT or tai wah BCM since i must take this curry chicken noodles.

anyway, today i did not eat, just enjoying the company & watching my friends eat! ^^

c.h.e.f andy