Great Dessert @ Hoi Kee Walnut Place 海記合桃坊甜品 on 10Sep2017 (Day1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

almond & black sesame paste 杏仁黑芝麻糊

after a most gratifying bowl of 牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 at 牛棚,

we walked to hoi kee walnut place 海记糖水at sai yeung choi street for dessert.

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

the place was quite packed at 9pm+. mostly locals, we figured..

we came here the last time on 23.2.2017 & enjoyed it.

so looking forward to a nice dessert. 🙂

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

quite good variety, a mix of the traditional paste dessert 糊 with the mango, ice cream, red beans, ice shavings kind dessert.

almond & black sesame paste 杏仁黑芝麻糊

we ordered the paste 糊. other dessert we can eat in singapore.

i had the almond & black sesame paste 杏仁黑芝麻糊, & WM went for the almond paste 杏仁糊.

the look not fantastic – blobs of black & white. taste was good! i guess that more important…very smooth & not too sweet. generally a very good standard.

they don’t serve peanut paste.

actually i think our 115 tong swee 一一五糖水 at chinatown complex as good as this at 1/2 the price, and 115 tong swee 一一五糖水 serves peanut paste 花生糊.

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

stall is popular, just as crowded before & after our visit.

bill HK$45

our dessert very satisfying…HK$45 is cheap by hong kong prices, and it’s very good here.

c.h.e.f andy


Hoi Kee Walnut Place 海記合桃坊甜品 


232 Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


+852 2399 7973