Coffee & Pies @ Windowsill Pies on 8Sep2013

windorsill pies

windorsill pies

windowsill pies

windowsill pies

we were going for a family photo taking at a studio at king george avenue on 8.9.2013. the children had this thing about windowsill pies & of course they knew there was a horne road outlet which was just short walk from the studio.

we were early for the photo shoot so we had a nice afternoon tea break at windowsill. 🙂

my daughters ordered the popular pies – a banana almond, strawberry lemon & a coconut lime vodka. all the pies were very nice really. the strawberry lemon (which my daughter said was their best) was nice too but just a little too sour for me. my favourite was the banana almond, though i agreed with the others that the lime vodka was very good, as the sourness as tempered by the vodka, and had more of a lingering after taste. 🙂

also, here my flat white was very good, latte art barrista standard, unlike the 1/2 cup very “flat” white i had at bar bar black sheep.

well overall i thought it was a really great place to chillax & catch up with friends & family, have a relaxing cuppa & enjoy a bit of good pies. i am not much into desserts so you will not see me frequenting such places. if friends want to have a cuppa together with some bites, then this is quite great place to chill out! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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