Great Bakuteh @ Ng Ah Sio Chui Huay Lim on 23Aug2013

ng ah sio bakuteh - S$9.80

ng ah sio bakuteh – S$9.80

<had bakuteh at Song Fa on 5.9.2013. ribs were a bit better & cheaper than ng ah sio if w/o voucher discounts>

this a quick post. i love bakuteh. there was a time i could eat bakuteh like 5 times a week! still can..haha. 🙂

there are many good bakuteh stalls in Singapore. my favourite used to be rong cheng at sin min road (have not tried the branch at midview city) which served a huge tasty prime rib, followed by lao ah tee next to boon keng MRT, which also served cold teochew mullet (乌鱼) & Japanese seabass (小黄鱼) which i like. 🙂 however recently i tried rong cheng & somehow the rib tasted different while the price went up from S$6 to S$7 a bowl.

was looking for a lunch place & saw the S$18 for S$30 voucher for ng ah sio @ chui huay lim, and decided to give it a try.

this the new ng ah sio branch at keng lee road. it is an aircon environment, so the price is higher & there is 10% service & also GST.  the bakuteh (top photo) was S$9.80 & the set which include rice, you tiao & chye buay was S$2 more at S$11.80 so we ordered 2 sets. 🙂

set include you tiao,  chye buay & rice

set include you tiao, chye buay & rice

pork trotters - S$8

pork trotters – S$8

we also ordered a braised pig trotters to share. the bakuteh was good, sweet & not overcooked. the you tiao was crisp & not soft (usually i don’t order you tiao because they were cut too early & became soft after being left in the bowl before serving), the pork trotter was a large portion & just good for sharing. it was tasty & had nicely braised skin & fat together with the meat.

the meal comprising 2 bakuteh set + 1 trotters to share came to S$37 & after using the voucher, net was S$25. it was good & S$25 would be about the price to pay in any other bakuteh stall, so it was ok really! i would certainly not pay S$37 for this! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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