Stewed Cabbage with Fried Beancurd Puff (Taupok)

cabbage with tau pok

cabbage with tau pok

i did a stewed cabbage with fried beancurd puff for a 4pax lunch for my OPS (Outram Primary School) classmates on 17.3.2016. ^^

it’s a wonderful dish really!

at good & cheap teochew muay stalls like ye shanghai, they do simple dishes like cabbage that are very tasty.

i managed to do that quite a few times including a homecooked teochew muay lunch for my friends-

my cabbage with tau pok was also a variation of my usual cabbage for teochew muay.

this time it was a lot tastier even, because i reduced the stock more & also the hara fried beancurd puff added a very pleasant, sweet taste.

a great improvement even compared with the cabbage everyone liked on 28.10.2015!

fried ikan bilis2 fried ikan bilis

i had the idea of adding ikan bilis.

i got that from the nice ikan bilis bee hoon we had last time at ayer rajah food centre afte the indian rojak.

it went very well with the cabbage dish actually, but you can’t have too much of it so i just added 1/2 portion of what i made.

so basically, the steps are –

  1. add cut chilli padi, chopped garlic & fry
  2. then add the cabbage, oyster sauce, fish sauce (or light soy sauce), and fry for 2 mins to coat the cabbage with the sauce.
  3. then add stock, cover & reduce, 10mins.
  4. add hara taupok (cut each taupok square into 4 strips), cook for 20mins. the taupok is a good combination, add texture & more sweetness to the dish.
  5. reduce is the key, so flavours are more intense, too much water will dilute the taste. make sure cabbage not overcooked & still retain the crunchy bite.
  6. fry ikan bilis (optional)

c.h.e.f andy


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