Good 7pax Birthday Dinner for Our Helper Bes @ IO Osteria on 13May2016


porchetta – S$14

daughter arranged a birthday dinner for our help Bes at io osteria on 13.5.2016. ^^

the last time we had dinner here was a yaear ago on 15.4.2015.

one thing to mention is that this hillv2 place is notorious when it comes to parking, there were very few lots on only 2 levels & the barrier raised for our car to enter yet we drove level 1 level2 back level 1 unable to find parking. it was about 7.30-ish pm on a friday….

io osteria

io osteria 

the restaurant ambience was great. restaurant basically full. it’s a family & friend place yet quite hip. 🙂

io osteria

io osteria 

i had better photos the last time….


porchetta – S$14

the porchetta was good.

it was S$14. i checked my 2015 post. it was S$9 then?? that’s a very steep increase. but i must say i would still order this if i come next time la…


burata – S$35 

we had the larger serving of burata.


burata – S$35 

i felt it was not as good as valentino.

but it came with a good serving of parma ham, and overall still quite good. this also i would order if i come bext time…

beef carpaccio

beef carpaccio 

nothing much to complain about beef carpaccio as well. beef was sweet.

this dish i don’t mind having but not a must-have…

clam pasta

clam pasta – S$34????

the clam pasta was a special on the board.

it was good tasting but nothing special really & totally did not justify the price. there were some artichokes. maybe that was expensive???

the moral of the story for us is “do not order the specials..they are special rip-offs”

lamb ragout penne pasta

lamb ragout penne pasta – S$18 

the lamb ragout which was on the menu was just S$18.

it was good too. for me it was as good as the S$34 special. couldn’t say it was better only because if they were the same price the clam pasta was still worth a try. a S$34 it mist definitely was NOT!

seafood bouillabaisse

seafood bouillabaisse – S$16 

daughter made 2 orders of seafood bouillabaise to share by 7pax.

it was good as before. checking our 2015 visit it was S$14 then. i guess S$16 now was ok.

seafood was good, & the soup was good too.

assorted pizza (medium)

assorted pizza (medium) 

daughter wanted to try the assorted pizza.

there were 4 different types. i could not remember them but they were all good.

assorted pizza (medium)

assorted pizza (medium) 

one thing i remember was that the salami was very good.

salami can be quite tiugh but this one was quite excellent.


ribeye – S$38

the size of the ribeye steal surprised us.

& it was very well done. though wife & family though my steak was better but really it was just the quality of the meat used.

if just consider the cooking technique, i think this steak was very well done, the standard of a top class steak restaurant, very charred outside & medium rare inside, and a very tasty meat even though it might not be a better quality meat. 🙂

dinner was S$298 for 7pax including 500ml table wine (wine not too bad actually). i guess it was quite ok.

c.h.e.f andy


IO Osteria


4 Hillview Rise, #02-01, Hillv2 Singapore 667979



Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 10am – 10pm daily