Much Below Par Crab Beehoon Soup @ Uncle Leong Jurong East on 6May2016

crab beehoon

crab beehoon – S$68/kg add S$5 for soup

i arranged a 5pax lunch with my OPS primary school buddies at uncle leong jurong east on 6.5.2016. ^^

i had quite many excellent crab beehoon soup at uncle leong jurong east last year (2015).

& recently a OPS primary school buddy bought a very good lunch at red house, so i wanted to let them try the crab beehoon soup at uncle leong.

crab beehoon

crab beehoon – S$68/kg add S$5 for soup

price of crab has gone up from S$63/kg to S$68/kg. adding soup still S$5.

higher price is ok, but somehow the soup was not as intense & flavourful as every of the previous times i had???

crab beehoon soupcrab beehoon soup=1kg crab S$63

if you look at the 2 past photos above, the soup previously all had a deeper yellow colour. just by the look, it appeared more delicious than what we had today!

also, as one friend mentioned immediately, the crab was not as “strong” ie the meat texture is not as firm, and i felt also not sweet as a very fresh good crab should taste.

recently i made a 6-course dinner including crab beehoon soup for a very good friend’s birthday.

the crab beehoon soup i made using 2x250g small crab was very nice. i commented that uncle leong’s was much better, but if i were to c/w what we had today, i think mine was better both for the soup & the crab. my crabs were tiny but very sweet!

cereal prawns

cereal prawns – S$25

the cereal prawns was still good.

however for comparison, i just had cereal prawns at red house 2 days back for another friend’s 7pax bjrthday dinner, and red house cereal prawns were so much better.

seafood pot

seafood pot – S$30

the seafood pot was still very good.

many good ingredients including fish maw, sea cucumbers etc.

hotpot tofu

hotpot tofu – S$15

this hotpot tofu was the worst dish. no comparison at all with any zi char tofu dish say the likes of kok sen etc

hotpot tofu

3-egg tofu – S$15

i used to think this was the best 3-egg tofu.

my taste buds must be different today, but while it was still pretty ok, i thought the recent 3-egg spinach at red house was better.

longan sea coconut

longan sea coconut – complimentary

when we first tried the crab, immediately we told the server it was not so good.

i did not really expect anything, it was not so good but it was not like “bad”. anyhow the server arranged a complimentary longan sea coconut dessert for us.

the lunch came to S$176nett for 5pax like S$35pax. it was really quite below my expectations, much below par.

the last many times i came in 2015, i used a $51 for S$100 voucher so those meals were first super nice & second like super value-for-money. this time no discounts, but i was ok if only the food were as good, but they were not….

c.h.e.f andy


Uncle Leong (Jurong East)


262 Jurong East Street 24, #01-485, Singapore 600262


(+65) 6897 2881

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun: 11am – 11pm

Teriyaki Sutchi Fillet – 5th Newgate Learning Hub Community Lunch on 7May2016

teriyaki sutchi fillet

teriyaki sutchi fillet

made a teriyaki sutchi fillet this morning on 7.5.2016. ^^

this my 5th community lunch dish for bathesda community’s newgate learning hub (bread of life). ^^

my 1st for newgate community lunch was on 27.2.2016.:-)

teriyaki sutchi fillet

teriyaki sutchi fillet

i did the same teriyaki sutchi fillet for my 10th teban gardens community breakfast on 29.4.2016.

the fish was quite delicious! 🙂

the difference between HK steamed & this teriyaki sutchi fillet 日式红烧鲶鱼柳 just that instead of putting on a steaming tray in a steamer, the fillet is placed with the condiments etc in a non stick pan, turn fire on high to boil then cover & low to steam. in between turn over the fillet at 3mins.

basically the condiments is reduced & thickened & made the fillet quite flavourful. texture just a little firmer than the steamed version.

c.h.e.f andy